Because nobody seems to want to make the second thread, let's keep the high energy bantz coming

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It's a full moon tonight. Let's see what it brings us.


t. some stupid cunt

All hail χάος!

So when does the memo actually come out?

Supposedly this Saturday.

Trump will object day 4.99 citing muh national security. He's probably just seeing who he can flush out.


Trump will read the memo, spoken-word, during State of the Union.

Και ολοκαύτωμα στούς εβραίους.

What the fuck do you mean why? This isn’t reddit.

Since when did the government ever do things on a Saturday?

surely you have a reasoning for your claim

He'll also be looking deadpan into the cameras with a smile on his face.
The real question is what music will be quietly playing in the background?
I vote vid-related but a slower and more gloom and doom voiced version.


I honestly wonder how many of these retarded faggots actually went to a (((psychologist))) or started taking meds because of Trumpian trolling.

Surely you’re literate and not a t_d redditor.

That I'd like to see. Turning this SOTU into an all-out attack against (((them))).


Checkin them digits
If I had a nickel for everytime someone said "Trump won't __" I'd be at least half as rich as him.

I don't think he will, I think he wants his hands clean of the whole thing so D's can't go all "muh obstruction." My money is on a release after the five day veto period.

since "mass media news cycle" became a thing.

Morning Joe is experiencing frustrations

My favorite thing about this secret memo: Democrats telling us what it contains without having read it

Amazing how he seems to know the entire memo is full of lies when he himself has not seen the memo. I would almost call it a preemptive attempt at damage control, but they would surely have nothing to fear if the truth actually was on their side. Surely they haven't actually done anything wrong and thus have nothing to fear from a "fake" memo being made public.


I'm not nervous I just know that it's a possibility. I'd enjoy seeing him actually do something transparent for the benefit of Americans and the world.
Like get rid of those people first hour I'm in office.
Or find out what really happened on 9/11.
Instead not a brick has been laid, and the dancing israelis became dancing saudis, and Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel.
So I'm going to entertain the thought that rather than anyone getting exposed, locked up, or even mildly inconvenienced the exact opposite may well happen. Given the evidence.

Sweating bullets i see. Good thing they cut out all of his 'ums' and 'uhs' out of the quotes, that dopey motherfucker cant go two seconds with out slippin in that mealy mouthed bullshit. Even more shocking than that though, is his shitty show only averages 40 to 80 thousand in key demos and his opinion is still considered relevant. What a joke.

I would laugh about how fucking obvious it is if I didn't check out the political subreddits.
They are chugging the koolaid over there non stop.
I can't wait for their mental breakdown.


didn't that guy murder his intern or something?


At any rate, this will show if Trump is for real. If he stops the release, we can forget all hopes we've had for him.

Pretty much.
Maybe there is a memo on that too.

There you: that's their counter play.
Release a pile of bullshit and overload the public with so the Fisa memo doesn't look important.

What we can do: dismiss it. Engagin with other memes is a bad idea. It's essentially trolling and baiting. Try to argue with them means taling the bait.
Just casually dismiss and tell people you know that''s an irrelevant attempt to save face (because it is).

And like a chan newfag, they fail.

And then Trump will bait them hard with the Sotu monopolizing their attention and realising the fisa memo,when they have a mouthfull of bait. Hilarious.

I think Trump reads it on TV tonight, the one way he guarantees the words on the memo go across major network airwaves without any spin.

If he does that his hard earned and important SotU will be overshadowed.
It makes sense for him to wait a few days.

Quick question to burgers: since the memo was voted to be released… couldn't we fill a FOIA request to read it earlier?

The process of a FOIA request usually takes months or even years.

What could be more well and hard earned than a proper reason to shoot glowing traitors on national TV?

Well shit.
Guess we gotta wait.
It's been a long time since I've felt our live in the hands of the Emperor. I hope he protects. I'm on the other side of the big pond and I'm still worried.

Raped her to death like a goat.
Nigger tier.

Next time make it not exceed the max width you dummy. I think it's a 256px square. You almost got me

All traitors shall be punished.

If you're in the U.K. or some similarly cucked nation I'd focus more on improving your own political situation rather than living vicariously though the god emperor.

Terrible idea. Requires external pressure to destroy them - otherwise we're hopelessly outmatched.

The UK govt is treading very carefully right now; if it "cracks down on le right wing" with the USA breathing down their neck, then they may find themselves out on their arses.

You say that as though “the US” is controlled by the right-wing or has any desire to see them grow…

But that's more reason why you should press against it. Don't stop attacking.


Shut the fuck up and get the fuck out, LARPer.


the easiest way to find shills is to point out that they have no reasoning to their claims

Enjoy your false hype, yid. We’re not falling for it.


>Trump bitched out (((Saudis))) over 911
So I'm going to entertain the proof that rather than you being an honest user, looking to inform, be informed, or work with the white race, that you're just a filthy yid scared of Trump. Given the evidence.

This is what happens when you are a bi-polar lefty and you don't take your meds. How long before he kills himself?


I've only heard of "murdering joe" but none of the circumstances surrounding it.

What's that from?


I would never eat tide pods

Kek, I'm watching the Pelosi interview. The one some anons put online was removed but somebody mirrored it.

She's literally shaking and shitting her pants live on the air. I also think she accidentally spilled her spaghetti when she said "WE HAVE TO PROTECT OUR SOURCES AND METHODS because who will share intelligence with us otherwise?"

She basically admitted that Obama got the British to spy on Trump, which we already know. The big news isn't just that a British spy wrote up some 4chan fanfic, it's not even that the libtards in our IC used it to get wiretaps, it's that before any of this happened Obama called up the British and had them spy on Trump because they have access to our raw data and we do theirs. He circumvented US law.

Remember when Trump and May came out of their little initial meeting holding hands? Trump was sending us all a signal.

Anyway the video is here:

From ol rapin' Joe this morning
You know these people are scared to death if they're telling their audience the memo is full of lies, even though they themselves have never read it.

Why does it sound like all these media CIA clowns already saw both memos? This is the thing they're implying.


There's tape of the incident I guarantee you, this was probably Joe's initiation into The Cabal.

I liken the Democrats behavior to a cheating spouse who is about to have all their text messages and DMs released. First, act smug like "idgaf i have nothing to hide in there", but when your gf gets your phone and asks for the passcode the story changes "that's an invasion of my privacy, don't". Then she figures out the passcode and is looking for your messaging app - "stop! that's private and it's damaging to our relationship you don't trust me". Now, she's scrolling through your messages while you're screaming "THIS IS OUT OF CONTEXT, THESE ARE ALL HALF TRUTHS AND WHOLE LIES, STOOOOPPPP". Pathetic.

Trump is releasing the memo right after his State of the Union Address.


Funniest thing is that the people who screech against releasing the memo, were all in full support of Trump releasing his tax returns for "transparency".

Is it happening?




I knew he'd do this. IT'S HAPPENING.

He is going to BTFO the shit out of them. Happening watch DEFCON 5, the deep state will stop at nothing to protect themselves.

Animatrix. Pretty wild shit. It's a good watch if you liked any of the matrix movies.

Actually that's tomorrow. Tonight is a supermoon. Tomorrow is a blue blood moon. The last time that happened was 1866.

Never forget the blissful night of the elections

Has something happened?
Then fuck the hell off. We’re at HAPCON 3 at best.

Thinking the same.

For reference to our white brothers across the pond, on the European Scale of Happenings this is currently a You Asked For It.

And in 1866 we had this travesty.

I don't think so. It'll be "on his hands" whether he releases it tonight or in a few days. He knows this so why not just blitz them?

“Why isn’t it a You Could Have Stopped This on the ESH, too?” Because HAPCON doesn’t have as many gradations and it rounds down, that’s all. Americans have smaller increments on our temperature scale; Europeans have smaller increments on their happening scale. It balances out.

For future reference, when the SOTU starts, it will be upgraded to a You Can’t Stop It and when it’s finished (and the memo is released), it will be an It’s Too Late. If the memo actually contains anything damaging to Democrats, it will finally, genuinely, be an It’s Happening and we will upgrade to HAPCON 2 back in America.

this could be true. one of the responses to that tweet made the case that no one will watch the democrat response because they will be too busy with the memo.

They also went after Alexander II a LOT. Indians, feather not dot, kicked the shit out of the US pretty bad and the US had to go slap a few Irish around in Ontario.
Might have to do some looking into correlation of other blood moons and jew tricks throughout history.


That is what "you could have prevented this" means.


who the fuck is this guy?
is he actually connected to the white house? i cant find anything on him. and source is himself?

oy vey body cams are racist, the footage could influence public or juries against innocent criminals boys dindunuffin

Are you worried?

I'm hoping for another Red Dinner.

i don't want to get blueballed because some rando on twitter said something
it would be great if he released the memo right after his address but i'd like for it to be actually confirmed


You forgot it is also a total lunar eclipse and the totality of the eclipse will last for exactly 77 minutes.

Not entirely related to the memo but never the less


Don't worry, you won't get blueballed. Even if Trump doesn't release the memo tonight it's a guaranteed happening regardless.

Last night when they voted to release the memo, the happening began. It's too late to stop it now. Heck the head of DISA just stepped down too.

He should just read it during the address. And then we can watch all the rats scurry away to the exits.

Buckle up!

This is hilarious. They were all going to rush the stage I'm sure anyway, why would we let MS-13 members into the SOTU? It's a security nightmare.

And by "tomorrow" I meant early tomorrow morning. So tonight/tomorrow morning it will be a super blue blood moon.

Another term for lunar eclipse is blood moon. Blue moon is the second full moon of the month. Super moon is when the moon appears largest in the sky, up to 14% larger.

How do you know he won't?


And your evidence of that is what?

pay attention before you go making retarded comments like that.

So where’s your evidence of your claim? You’ve shown that it’s not being released today, sure, but the other part.

It's up to Trump to release it now and he's said on multiple occasions he wants it released.
Could you really not figure that out on your own? Lurk more faggot.

you posted no reason, you called him a redditor

Listen to this butt fucking shill.

It's over, you should be packing your shekels into a bag and fleeing for Tel Aviv you dumb kike.

These guys are like those violin players on the Titanic.

If Trump doesn't release it tonight it's because he has a giant line of intelligence community members and former Presidents waiting outside his door with their hats in their hands all ready to beg him not to BTFO them, and he is enjoying telling them all one at a time that "YOU'RE FIRED."

This memo will expose the literal East German style intelligence operation which targeted not just Trump, but the broader American public, probably many of us posting here because they decided to call us Russians for posting photos of Putin once on Twitter. Cyber Phrenology with In-Q-Tel running the show, feeding into the actual intelligence process through shady contractors like the one Reality Winner worked for.

Remember Obama transferred the NSA's raw data to 17 intelligence agencies on the way out the door? This was so the Gestapo could continue to work against the public and Trump.

Take your Q-LARP bullshit somewhere else. Holla Forums is a board of truth. Either substantiate your claim or suck kike cock on your own time.

Oy fucking vey, you’re shaking in your boots aren’t you?

He could reveal the major points of the memo during the Address and then have the memo itself released immediately afterwards. I think that's actual;y the most likely scenario at this point. Reading the memo verbatim would have less impact on normalfags than paraphrasing it, and leaving the (((media))) to reveal it would give them a chance to try to downplay it. But speaking about the contents of the memo in his own words during the Address would ensure that the country hears what it needs to hear.

Plus, it would make this SOTU especially historically significant.


filtered, you really are a bot aren't you?

It's the beginning of the day of the rope anons

Really important for you guys to realize. Kikes have jumped the gun and realized this, they are using their plethora of controlled opposition and other positions to slow down the damage they have done because of the people's reaction. What this means is that they will continue to censor and gain more control and then open the borders once again, even in easter europe. I mean really, are you guys so idiotic to believe a jewish leader will actually keep the borders closed? Trump is confirmed controlled opposition and he's a release valve, he makes you feel relaxed and comfy that everything is ok because he's doing all the work when he's not. Wake the fuck up already and get prepared for a collapse becasue t he chances of a race war starting or DOTR or fucking anything you guys talk about is very unlikely. Mostl ikely scenario is kikes win and you have to somehow survive in zimbabwe 2.0, prepare for SHTF niggers.

You smell like one of those "nothing ever happens" shills.

The happening already started user, no amount of fake news will stop it.

So it is written.

There's an important connection everyone is missing.
Do you realize what this means?
That in and of itself is fucking YUGE

Nice strawman, you cocksucking faggot. Way to show your reading comprehension.

Why does this guy talk like the FBI and Justice Department can do no wrong? There is no transparency for these departments; why would any sane person assume that that these organizations operate according to law when nothing (sometimes not even the government) will hold them accountable? Then when the government actually does step in to hold these people accountable for their actions, it's suddenly all lies and slander. If that doesn't activate the public's almonds I don't know what will.

Yeah the IG's been watching all the Never Trump idiots in government, and quietly taking notes and sucking down all their personal communications under 702's because they're working with foreigners.

The memo is the first domino to fall right where the public can see it.

A jew hoping to be put into a cage rather than a trap?

I suppose I would be desperate in your position as well. That noose must be looking more real every day.

That better not be reference to that jewish propaganda movie.

Brilliant, now absolutely zero people will pay attention to the Democrat response to the SOTU

It's one that they've used since Trump was elected, the sanctity of the entire IC and the premise that they can do no wrong. It's a myth they need to keep their schemes going, and a way to divert away from accountability as you say.

I've been reading what the Lamestream media has to say about the Sotu thing and found something curious:
Colbert insulting Hannity.
I found a couple more articles like this in smaller publications.
Hannity might not be aware of the JQ, but I'm starting to think he'll find out on his own pretty soon.
And then commit suicide with two shots to the back of the head while falling down a flight of stairs.

I was just fucking waiting to hear exactly this sort of news.
gunnna b breddy guuud


Every goy with a lick of power and the ability to thrive in the Jewish-run media is aware of the JQ. They are just smart enough to conceal it. It's what you have to do, become the Jew and get sneaky.

But Colbert has insulted Hannity before, it's his job to try to mock anybody not on Team Deep State.

You're a fucking shit turd rolling down a shit mountain into a shit river.




The famous Jewish 'verbal IQ' at work, our shill poster is a mess.

They know they're fucked, the memo is coming out, imagine the pants shitting that must be happening behind closed doors right now across the world.

Head count so far SINCE YESTERDAY:
Am I missing anybody? It's been a bloodbath and the memo isn't even out yet. Sword of Damocles' string broke.

No one working in media is unaware.

Yeah, he's an unfunny propaganda Jew. I got some people who liked him to stop watching the faggot by simply asking: "as he ever mocked a Democrat?".
Funny thing: he has indeed. But when you ask this and get people to search for it, they'll first have to wade through hours upon hours of Republican bashing to find something. They usually end up concluding that something is weird there.
And that's the moment you ask them if they know who's paying him.

Another thing I found, this time from our BEST ALLIES at BBC:

Kek, they're trying to paint this as Watergate 2.0.
That's gonna go well.

Interesting note at the end:

Anyone knows who it is? If Trump is assassinated today, this person would replace him (atleast temporarily) and if it's some crypto Jew that infiltrated the system, America is fucked.

Serious question, are you guys autistic?

Why not invite those who're in the Memo to the state of the union,and then have trump read the memo to the cameras?

Wouldn't it be great if folks like Obama were rounded up during the SotU, or once the memo is released? May be far fetched, but a man can dream. Also, I saw a (possible LARP) video on jewtube the other night about Delta Force raiding an "Obama connected" compound in Thailand a few weeks back

If trump is assassinated then not even the Jews would be safe from criticism. The country would lurch pretty hard to the right.

Serious question: reported for obvious ban evasion.



They were talking like this after he was inaugurated, "What if DC is nuked?"

Anyway I don't think Trump has anything to fear beyond the usual, it's clear they've been going nuts trying to get him any way they can. Mattis has been slithering around slitting throats and will continue to keep Trump safe. Remember video?

Lurk more cunt.

They've been trying to reference and paint President Trump as Nixon and watergate since he became president….They act like 99% of people were alive when watergate happened and that being called "Nixon" has the same impact it might have 30 years ago this is so out of touch its amusing.

It's because whoever the Cabal is that gives the shills and media their talking points are boomers.


Concerning his recent talks on the Middle East, I'm not too fond of Mr. Mattis' work.

Pic related is the line of succession. I'm betting Pence and Ryan will be there so my guess is either Hatch or Tillerson.

I'm hoping Mattis so there'll be hell to pay if there are any shenanigans.

at around 12:34+ mark Trump talks about planes and drugs (border control) and shit head DEM Hoyer, to Trumps left, seems to have memories about planes with drugs on them. Just an interesting insight from a body language expert. All her video are interesting. Hoyer came up with Pelosi. sorry its a jewtube link:


My boomer mom still calls it "communist Russia" so most likely. It's telling the two boogiemen the dinosaur media are using are "Watergate" and "Russia" - two things that hold historical significance for boomers, but basically no one else.

Keep pointing her to how the liberals and their anitfa lapdogs are communists in disguise.


Why isn't the 9 year old being deported as well?

inb4 they start pushing Vietnam and woodstock references.

While we're waiting for our "29 pages," enjoy this TOP SECRET DOCUMENT.pdf

…received anonymously in the mail by FBI informant/American patriot Hal Turner.


probably because ICE isn't paid enough to challenge the de facto jus soli citizenship but not de jure of the children of illegals

Memo probably won't get released tonight. It is State of the Union tonight. Trump will hold it off off so he can dominate the news cycle longer.

post screencaps, i'm not downloading that shit



I have long since stopped trying to tell her anything about politics. She has a "i'm older than you so I know better, you just sit and listen to the adults here who know whats going on" attitude about history and politics. Even though she literally only gets her news and info from CNN and local news. And im guessing whatever fake news her friends chain email to her like it's fucking 1994

post caps of the document, not the link you retard

Just a reminder: what's in the IG report is what matters. The memo is just the tip of the iceberg. You can bet that the memo will be corroborated by the IG report that will inevitably follow.



I don't know if this is somehow related but i've been having a lot of problems connecting to YouTube, Twitter and other sites, is anyone else having this problem?


You could have posted a screencap with less information if you really tried.

No, as far as I can tell. Maybe your internet is just shit at the moment.

no, use Chrome.

Maybe go to the Library to ditch the CIA surveillance you're probably receiving now.

This is the fakest and gayest shit I've seen in a long time.

What do you want, a U.S. Army Modern Guillotine Operation manual?

He's literally retarded, user. Anyone who uses Windows 10 and Google Chrome while peddling basic-bitch conspiracies should be ignored. Don't let him derail the thread like the clownposter in the last one.

sorry, i'm filtering the ID+ now


Hi, CIA.

Oh, the CIA plays Holla Forums like a cheap fiddle.

Using Google products is insanity.

I hope you're ready to get your ass raped

Yeah, well you too.

8ch Secret Datamining Botnet Files

Why even bother? You can't unring a bell.

when is the SOTU shitposting thread starting? Its going to be /comfy/ tonight.

lol oh noes we bein' haxxorz'd

Kill yourself. We aren’t using Google products.


It starts in 4 hours.

Four hours from now. Make a thread in two hours imo, unless you want to just shitpost the fuck out of it.

Trump has done it before, where he’s said stuff should be released, then backed out. We’ll see.

Prove it

The same fucking guy has been spamming his and honeypot links for a few years now. What a fucking glow-in-the-dark LOSER.


you forgot

Here, have a good fucking look at this retard.

for those with an iron gut, enjoy this leftist attempt at memeing away the inevitable collapse of their narrative

That’s racist. That’s cultural appropriation. You’d better tell him off.


Yeah this is old Obama shit. There were several reports leaked during his term where they basically callrf anyone who voted Republican or talked about the Constitution a domestic terrorist. Not to mention the FEMA death camp shit.


That's because you're a turkroach.

Really butters the biscuit


Is anyone else starting to hear cracks forming in the dam?

Checked. Soon enough, we are so very close.


Thanks user, very underrated post. As a body language expert - do you think Trump genuinely cares about MAGA? I obviously do, just curious on an experts scientific analysis.

Any idea on when we can actually read it for ourselves?

what kind of shit is it? because the safe assumption is considering everyone in gov a traitor.

oh wait speaking of traitors


She does indeed like Trump. Thanks. On a side note, she said if Obama hadn't been in politics he might have been a cool guy to hang out with. lol

Trump has to sign off on releasing the memo, since it's technically classified info, so whenever he does, it will be released. He has 4 days left to do it, and there's rumblings he will release it after his SOTU speech tonight.


Don Jr retweeted this

dubs confirm Don Jr is trying to tell us something


I should've stayed a NEET.

It's three hours until the SOTU, which isn't really a habbening, it's just a speech. The memo won't be released until tomorrow, most likely, so get some sleep and check in tomorrow morning before work

There are rumors that it is set to be release immediately after SOTU. If true we should expect some choice excerpts from the memo quoted during SOTU.
As far as I know this is all just from the rumor mill so don't get your hopes up.

SHIT, I just realized I didn't get CNN's permission to read that article. Sorry fags, cancel the habbening

You are who you were always meant to be.

Don't worry, if it's a happening with any substance you won't be able to 'miss' it.

Go to bed like it is Christmas eve for Holla Forumsacks.

Nah that's riot nights.

I'm feeling a bit sleepy, aren't you guys? So tired. I think it's time for a nap, don't you? We could all use a nap.

Obama has been quiet as a snake on this one.

The user I was addressing is a eurofag rather than a burger, I was just suggesting to him get some sleep we gots tons more shit coming soon.

Checked. I know user, just saw an opportunity to post the sleepy meme

I've figured out the jews' plan

We won't ever be tired of winning, but the constant smiling is exhausting. Then, while we're recovering our sides, they strike!

I swear a nigger made that image,text and everything. It smells niggerish.

It also has a spelling error and says "dasssit" at the bottom so I think that's a safe assumption



Gee Jim, finally back on the 8chin eh

Is that a chick or a dude? I legitimately can't tell

That’s a spick. They look like that.


Probably a soyboy


Edward "Emily" Gorcenski.


Another Jew run (((White Nationalist))) rally.

They can be motivated into our goals with minimal effort. Quit being so shortsighted.



I just looked up "savage" in a dictionary and found a link for this video embed.


It'd be nice if cuckflare started doing it's one job.

Designated Survivor is in case the entire cabinet and government is wiped out in case of attack during SOTU. Chain of succession still operates under any other circumstance.

We have yet to see that ideal in action (((friend)))

The New Right, ladies and gents.

That's boomers for you


forgot to delete also, but I was gonna mention; how many americans in america would be sleeping at this hour?

I hope he does.

kek is truly upon us

Incredibly old people and small children. It's only 7pm EST (4pm PST). So not many.

If Hillary does end up going to prison will retards scream SEE IT'S A COUP!

I hope he sings "I Feel Good"



The White House has released SOTU excerpts and Trump will not be talking about the memo or Russia in any capacity.

We are living in historic times.

It is entertaining watching the guilty parties test the porosity of their undergarments.

I like her and her voice is very sexy.

Protip: they won't listen to anyone who plopped out of them.

And how would you know that from excerpts?

Because that user just knows things and stuff.

That scene isn’t from the Animatrix.

What part of “the White House released it” was unclear? Holy fuck.

Referring to Trump not talking about memo or Russia. Thus user just knows things.

They didn't release his speech, blackpill shill. Make with a link or you stink.


It's not on the bullet points at least. It wouldn't be out of character for him to let his enemies twist in the wind and embarrass themselves for a few days before dropping the hammer. Of course then we'll be hearing (((THEY))) GOT TO HIM NOTHING WILL HAPPEN until then.

She's having a hard time.

These don't appear to be genuine excerpts, they're what he's "expected to say" based on, apparently, no sources whatsoever. It reads like a list of what anonymous sources familiary with his thinking expect him to say.

The implication that these unsourced statements somehow prove that he won't talk about anything else like an user says smells of blackpill shill nonsense.

You might as well just stick to one ID instead of generating a new one and using it 1-3 times, fool.

Kill yourself, faggot. Go back to reddit and fellate your ego.

You're doing something wrong if that's the case. I've taken mine (couple of years shy of being a true boomer) all the way from hippie libtard to full natsoc. Female relatives are the easiest to redpill, since they're inherently predisposed to following your lead.

just heard of faux news some fucker close to trump stated that Trump hasn't seen the memo yet. They are trying to keep his head focused on the SOTU, and didn't want him to just start tweeting about it. Stated a source told him that the clock is ticking and it wouldn't be til thursday or friday til we see. He stated the memo was in the hands of Trumps lawyers.

Hoping both fox analyst is full of shit, and that the Don gets a green light from his lawyers after the SOTU.

It was delivered directly to Trump last night to great fanfare, there were even photos of the courier bringing it to him.

Sounds like fake news.

go back like 20 minutes from this time stamp. Eventually you'll see a blonde and a dude talking about it


That's why it's fake news.


She likes you, too.

Nice Trips
Been asleep at the wheel. Thanks for catch user.


I'm looking forward to seeing what President Trump can achieve this year.

If anything untoward happens to him vengeance must be taken against the media and the results must be so violent no-one will want to risk working for the corrupt media conglomerates again.

Okey Doke.

mfw they reveal how the R vs D is all a dog and pony show themselves.

Nope. The moon is definitely full. Go fucking outside and see for yourself.

What part of the word "excerpts" do you not comprehend?

The part where you were blown the fuck out.

Do I actually need to get a dictionary out to explain to you the meaning of the word?

You cannot know what is not in a speech from short extracts. Only some things that are in it.

Enjoy being wrong.

Are those DEMS not standing or clapping? fucking faggots.

Did the retard dems bring the illegal aliens as their "guest"?

pawns, more like.

pawns that vote.

Bernie after Trump states we can lift out citizens from welfare to the workforce

well well well looks like SOMEBODY owes us all a little apology


wtf how tall is that guy

The guys on the right are up on an elevated ledge or platform you dingus.

You know damn well this is the bottom of the bucket guys that don't have the responsibilites that restrict such behavior nor the intelligence to realise its it was a honey-trap for dumb-asses. The worst of these fags could still do well up against a normal antifafag and the best would demolish any leftyshithead, and these are the bottom of the barrel for the New Right. Remember that stickman was one of these fags and he still kicked ass, imagine what we could do. RWDS is only a dream as long as you don't meme it.

Where is memo?

Is this video at all relevant?

Fellas, go to 1:42:00

I don't know why you got shit on so much, that was perfectly reasonable to assume he wouldn't talk about the memo. I'm honestly glad he didn't, that speech was perfect.


It seems to me like shills are the ones saying Trump was going to talk about the memo, and now they're trying to get us to be angry that he didn't…they're so fucking obvious.

That speech was great, wouldn't have changed it one bit. Ride the press wave from this then drop the memo. The day of the rope is fast approaching.


that NK gook was very powerful weaponry

The brown shirts weren't the intellectuals nor the wealthy of society. If they were, they wouldn't get involved with the SA. Rohm also was gay, didn't hinder him from becoming Hitler's best friend. This didn't help the NSDAP much to have the highest rank in the SA held by someone who was homosexual. Christians hated it, they hated homosexuality. So after the night of the long knives the nazi party used it to say the SA was having a homosexual orgy where they were gathered and conspired against NSDAP. After this the nazi party took on a heavy anti gay stance to appeal to the christians in society which back then was ~95% of the population.

It is quite surprising that the nazi party kept Rohm around for so long, despite him making the SA grow much faster than anyone else could he made for bad PR to society as a whole.


This happens every time Trump makes a speech; either shills or anons who don't know better claim he's going to talk about some specific topic even though we usually know in advance what he's going to say.

I congratulate trump on his excellent speech to america just moments ago.

my message stays the same:

We the people.

when someone drives a car and strives to be the fastest and make first place and win, are they attacked and shamed for being racist for wanting to win the race?
when someone lifts a heavy weight and struggles to be the strongest, do people demand they be weaker so that they may be more fair to everyone else?
when someone gives their sweat, blood, and tears to protect their own family, their own people, and their own country, must they apologize for wanting to be free and safe?
when someone states that they have pride and love for their own people, must they apologize for others misinterpretation of their pride and love for their own people as hate for other peoples and races and cultures?

loving your own people and your own country does not mean that you hate everyone else. it's okay to be white. you are not guilty of a crime for being the best you can be. you are not a monster for wanting a better world for your grandchildren. you are not a disease for spreading good ideas to your countrymen. you are you. do the best you can to be the best you can. help those around you be the best they can too.

We are often told that Holla Forums is always right, but to be truly honest we must give credit where credit is due. God is always right, and it is God who has chosen us to drink memes from the breast of life. it is God who guides us through this maze of darkness and deception, and it is God who will save us from those who hate the innocent.

it is highly unlikely that the board owner and mods on Holla Forums and similarly named boards on similar chan sites are not working for shareblue/another shill agency linked to the dnc and the un/eu/globalists.

Holla Forums mods are compromised globalist shills who censor you if you get too close to the truth. if you post anything they disagree with, even if it's a commonly accepted opinion on Holla Forums or anything else that gets them assblasted (((like calling out shills that are literally in every single thread))), or for no real reason at all just to piss you off, they will delete all your posts and all your threads and then ban you.

question everyone until you find out who you are not allowed to question.

we are being targeted and subverted by multiple disinformation terrorist globalist shill cells who hate us for telling the truth, and simply being who we are.

if it's the same for (((them))) then the Holla Forums mods are (((them))). eventually you will post something or start a thread and you will be censored and banned even if you did not break a single rule on Holla Forums. the ban reason will always be some fake fucking reason like "spam" or "unspecified reason". if you are in doubt, it isn't because this can't happen to you. it only means that it has not yet happened to you.

I am one of you, so don't bitch that you're being raided. all it takes is a look at /polmeta/ and /sudo/ to see just how many of us are being censored and banned every day by corrupt mods. the very founding reasons for Holla Forums "politically incorrect" "freedom of speech" are being torn down from above by the corrupt moderators and undermined from below by shills. because of our corrupt mods who are the biggest censorship loving sellout cucks in the entire world, Holla Forums is being ruined.

all that has been struggled for will be lost as Holla Forums can not function the way things are.

/polk/ is the same mods pretending to be different people. past migration efforts have all failed because we don't have the hivemind and the unity to make the move all at once. I don't care what new Holla Forums type board we all choose to migrate to but we need to make a good choice and then just make the move all together. the reason why everyone is getting banned all the time is because we have been subverted and manipulated.

who would have guessed that the very mods in charge of the board with the most freedom of speech on the entire internet that gives NO SHITS about political correctness would be some of the most CUCKED mods we have ever experienced?

this bullshit-banning has to fucking stop. we need the freedom to post the truth without being punished.

Impeach the cucked Holla Forums mods.

God bless donald trump. God bless america.

never forget the connection that Holla Forums has to /x/ and Holla Forums, not for their board owners, but for the concepts and ideas that the good members of those boards carry in their minds and uphold with their sprits.

i could see no way he could try to fit that into his speech. how would he go from, trying to unite the country, then dive right into public lynchings. there was no sense in that narative.

Any word on how many Dreamers got ICED at the speech?

I thought I recognized that guy from somewhere. He was warning about something? I didn't really listen



The amount of spam and salt on those boards makes me think you're full of shit



100% don't worry.


That's a check

fuck, '80s jap funk speaks straight to my soul
absolutely the best sound

Sorry to ask, but what's this memo everybody's talking about?
I tried it looking up but none of the articles I found explained it.

Just don’t worry about it. You won’t have to be disappointed that way.

You are not even trying, rabbi.
Shove that blackpill up your ass because you are going to get in the oven, FOR REAL THIS TIME AROUND.

You have absolutely no evidence of your claim even being partially true in any respect. The last 70 years have led in one direction only. Thanks for proving how much of a fucking kike your are by spreading lies and demoralization.


However I fully expect all these tards to continue worshipping their "god emperor" .

People who genuinely wake up to the JQ no longer participate in a Jew controlled and rigged political system as everytime a person votes they just give this Jew controlled system ever more credibility.

This is why the Jews push their "get out and vote" camaigns so strongly every election cycle on Jew owned MTV and everywhere else.

Holla Forums tards will never understand why voting in a rigged game is wrong and accomplishes nothing.

They think its actually "doing something" and now that (((their guy))) is (((in charge))) everything's going to be a-ok.

What a laugh.

No, you’re thinking of redditors. You should probably lurk more if you’re going to be using kike insults against us without knowing how to differentiate between Holla Forumsacks and people from civnat sites just spamming their brainwashing propaganda.



Aww shucks.

I really want to see our very intelligent friend Mandy Bombard analyze this interview, I think it'd be great.

He didn't actually say what TIME said he'd say though, although he did talk on subjects like immigration and jobs as expected.

You have an easily sated soul or $20,000 speakers.

You should half kill yourself.

I'm partial to the odd Phantasy Star tune myself.


Tonight just got maximum comfy.

This will exercise your speakers.

I'm on ATH-M50s. Sufficient?

Man, this is taking me back to Jets'n'Guns.



>he doesn't know Brazil was the ground zero were (((they))) tested nation-scale race-mixing

t. not uma delicia

I had to say goodbye to the series once it went online. I can't locate the tune I liked the most but might persevere, I'm coming to the end of a circa 2000 hour project and have been wondering what to do with my time when I'm done. I might use some of those game soundtracks as a background for some webm ideas I'm considering.

Listening to the Ninja soundtrack posted by another user while typing this drizzle, I could let that keep playing all night but could only handle 5 minutes of President Trump's speech today due to the constant applause.

You should make a thread, I never knew this.

Stop voting, goys!!

Fuck lads did I miss it?

25 minutes too late if you live in the Rockies.


Digits confirm Joe for being a rapy nigger

Checked. My body and mind are ready.

Great job, moishe. Way to falsify that hype.

we're witnessing an end of an era, a dying political party


Happening! GOP Congress members en route to retreat involved in train collision.

I love the idea of those people just having spawned out of nowhere the moment Trump got into office.

What’s your evidence of that?

is deep state massive treasonous blackmail surveillance usurping syndicate

is just one of those niggers named mccabe

pencil whips some 302s to manipulate some investigations

slips out using some bullshit retirement procedure

succeeds putting massive pressure not to release fisa report

dozen people selling nukes and classified info. thousands blackmailed covering it up. surveils everybody illegally including candidate and then president.

everybody gets away. our system continues like this forever. we are the soviet union, no really literally, except worse because massive surveillance better than anything kgb/nkvd ever had



Could you just go the fuck back to reddit? Right now?

I think we may want to look into this fellas given the location of the crash, our previous investigation into Amtrak and who the passengers were in this instance:


seems about right

Go back to reddit.

Say, “There are no good jews.”
Say, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”


So you can’t say it, then?

is deep state massive treasonous blackmail surveillance usurping syndicate

is just one of those niggers named mccabe

pencil whips some 302s to manipulate some investigations

slips out using some bullshit retirement procedure

succeeds putting massive pressure not to release fisa report

dozen people selling nukes and classified info. thousands blackmailed covering it up. surveils everybody illegally including candidate and then president.

everybody gets away. our system continues like this forever. we are the soviet union, no really literally, except worse because massive surveillance better than anything kgb/nkvd ever had



This is just a chatbot, isn’t it?

Fuck you. Fuck every asshole on here.

You motherfuckers will not get away. McCabe will not get away

is deep state massive treasonous blackmail surveillance usurping syndicate

is just one of those niggers named mccabe

pencil whips some 302s to manipulate some investigations

slips out using some bullshit retirement procedure

succeeds putting massive pressure not to release fisa report

dozen people selling nukes and classified info. thousands blackmailed covering it up. surveils everybody illegally including candidate and then president.

everybody gets away. our system continues like this forever. we are the soviet union, no really literally, except worse because massive surveillance better than anything kgb/nkvd ever had



Watch, it’s triggered by the use of that word.
You are a chatbot.

Really makes you think.


Reported for not belonging here.

The mass of my epenis far surpasses that of yours.
Now put your phone away.

is deep state massive treasonous blackmail surveillance usurping syndicate

is just one of those niggers named mccabe

pencil whips some 302s to manipulate some investigations

slips out using some bullshit retirement procedure

succeeds putting massive pressure not to release fisa report

dozen people selling nukes and classified info. thousands blackmailed covering it up. surveils everybody illegally including candidate and then president.

everybody gets away. our system continues like this forever. we are the soviet union, no really literally, except worse because massive surveillance better than anything kgb/nkvd ever had



How did no one check double dubs for a literal giant confirming the memo's release with The Big Don?

Cry more, zionist, anti-racist redditor.


Cry more, zionist, anti-racist redditor.


Saturday, dipshit. Stop hyping things you know nothing about.

Look, faget. You've got what, maybe one to three years of this under your belt?
Turn off IDs and follow the board that way. You'll eventually get better at this.
We'll teach you to fly, young one.

Cry more, zionist, anti-racist redditor.

is deep state massive treasonous blackmail surveillance usurping syndicate

is just one of those niggers named mccabe

pencil whips some 302s to manipulate some investigations

slips out using some bullshit retirement procedure

succeeds putting massive pressure not to release fisa report

dozen people selling nukes and classified info. thousands blackmailed covering it up. surveils everybody illegally including candidate and then president.

everybody gets away. our system continues like this forever. we are the soviet union, no really literally, except worse because massive surveillance better than anything kgb/nkvd ever had



it's just not getting old
phonepost more for me, kid

You hate whites and loves jews. You openly admit this. Go home, redditor.

reported for being a newfriend, a phonefag, and a run-of-the-mill internet tough guy

Just kidding. Only faggots report shit.
We both still know what you are though.

You hate whites and loves jews. You openly admit this. Go home, redditor.

Total derail going on at moment.

It's a thread with a strong topic.
It'll survive and this shit will be buried as soon as something happens.

Just having a little fun with the angry phonefag at present.
About done with it though.

This is how mentally defective liberals actually are. This is what subjectivism leads the brain to believe.
Yes, you are about done, since you’re a self-admitted anti-racist and jew lover.

The train crash issue that just happened legitimately looks very suspicious given the garbage truck was on the tracks, today isn't even garbage day, and the fact it took place in Charlottesville which is where that other bullshit happened.

you should probably report all that

interesting development
will shut up now
am afraid you'll still have that other kid who's just gonna call everyone a dickhead and a shill without contributing anything
can't do much about him as he refuses to lurk

enjoy, user

Yep, the source of problem in the world. Hopefully Trump dismantle them too.

Can confirm.
Goebbels was right when he said to lie to your enemies, but not your people.

A mother is sub-human if she doesn't listen to her sons.

Downloaded the Goverment Traitors Directory pdf,

please name 1 person so I can look it up.

Wrong. Saturday IF Trump doesn't drop sooner. I'm betting he will.

Tick tock.

You hate whites and love jews. You openly admit this. Go home, redditor.

The Goverment Traitors Directory is snapshot of website below and stuff about 911.

Where are the nudes?

will this do ?

ShitStain LLC


I got book of q up to date 11/20/17

got latest ?

url ?

Go the fuck away. We have never, EVER, wanted your LARPer here. We kicked him out in the first week, THREE MONTHS AGO. By the way, when’s his martial law going to happen, you filthy fucking goy? Where are the arrests? Where is anything he claimed?

Checked and capped. The only mistake I saw was forgetting to call it genocide. So, White genocide is not merely current, nor is it a future plan of theirs. They have already killed multiple entire countries of Whites. You should make a thread.

Kek wills it

Wow slow down there, any links ?

What, for Q’s claims? Or something else? All you get is the runaround from his mindless followers, but the one thing they’re decent about is cataloging and recording his statements. Here’s a basic rundown of the premise of Q-LARP. This is the initial reason why people started to follow him.

* Claims Trump is magically insulated during what will be painted internationally as a soft coup, and that he will not be addressing the nation on what is supposedly the biggest mass-arrest in national history.
* Claims there are more patriots than traitors in the government (LOL, so why did they let the last 70 years happen).
* Claims something is in the works to make the Democrat Party lose the nigger vote entirely.
* Claims martial law inbound.
* Claims mass arrests of the government are inbound.
* Claims the EBS will be invoked.
* Claims no one will have to lift a finger and that the government will arrest itself, with all trials dispensing actual justice.
* Claims Obama went to North Korea and may be there right now.
* Claims Trump would leave an important message on Twitter before leaving for Asia (proven false).
* Claims Twitter, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us…”
* Claims the CIA/alphabet agencies were responsible for the 11 minute Twitter takedown of POTUS account.
* Claimed that martial law and the arrests will be made during Trump’s Asia trip (proven false).
* Claims false flag attacks at right-wing gatherings (cities, sporting events).
* Claims elections no longer matter.

These were his claims in the first few weeks of his posting. Of course, something so obviously drastic causes a problem–several problems–in letting anyone know about it. Not the least of which the complete lack of evidence that any of the claims are actually happening. And so, if you go to Q’s board here (not the one where they post, because that’s locked to every single user except Q–in violation of Holla Forums rules, by the way–but the “research” board) and ask any of the members of his cult of personality any of the following questions, you get banned and called a goon.

If there is something, why is nothing happening? Where’s the Emergency Broadcast System announcement? Where’s Trump using Obama’s emergency television override to speak to the people? Where’s the martial law? Where are the riots he talked about? Antifa couldn’t even get off their asses for a completely unrelated outing. Why, given the massive flight risk all globalists are, would anyone want to leak the proceedings of such an event in advance? Why would someone ostensibly leaking the proceedings not actually leak any information? Why would someone who claims to be on our side not give us a playbook for how to operate during the event? Why isn’t he telling us how to become leaders of our community to calm the terrified millions around us–who will inevitably exist once the media starts reporting on the “Trump coup”, or when they see their favorite media reporters arrested by the military live on air? Where’s the Huma arrest? Where are the Podesta arrests? They were supposed to be in custody by now; no one has any information on that beyond your continued shilling campaign. Why is he a CIVIC NATIONALIST? Nothing he said has happened.

Filter and move on guys

I do agree with some of your listing, however if its LARP, its playing well with whats already happened. I didn't look in to the research (just a bit), still trying to understand things, and saw a bit of progress. Still stuck on that date, nvmind I'll look myself.

Yes, I agree, so far as I read, Q seems doesnt give any order/playbook except MAGA and Awakening campaign, pretty much a celeb update only "I'll act in a new movie - secret!". Probably its for the best of everyone or maybe LARP roadblock, I'm betting on the former :).

Sating nothing happened is untrue, Saudi happened.
Now we wait the memo and for mean time, I need to catch up with the messages..

jews news all day trashing the memo. kikes shilling all over twatter. pretty much the daily recap so far.
release the fucking thing already

Reported. Kill yourself.



Look up HVSC user. High Voltage SID Collection.

If you conservative Republicans a.k.a what Holla Forums actually is comprised of ever get smart that is exactly what you will do.

Voting in a Jew rigged game is the height of stupidity and "doing nothing" to directly quote you tards.