Why are skeptics like this?

This is Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson vs skeptics Michael Shermer and some asshole on the Joe Rogan Podcast last May.
Graham and Randall present tons of compelling evidence and theory of a catastrophe that happened around 12,000 B.C. and wiped out a lot of the ice age species that faggots say humans sent to extinction, and also destroyed an ancient, lost, advanced civilization - the survivors of which assimilated with more primitive hunter-gatherer groups to survive while selectively passing on them some of the technology and knowledge from before the catastrophe, to help them develop. It is all very plausible and if nothing else suggests there's a lot more to the story of history than accepted by mainstream academia.

Defending mainstream academia we have Michael and his buttboy. They aren't here to actually learn anything or have a real debate, they just want to repeat these talking points:
The skeptics even have the audacity to suggest that the builders of Göbekli Tepe were hunter-gatherers - that even though they organized to move massive stones to construct geometric structures adorned with astronomical high reliefs, since there is not yet any evidence of tools or trash (site is

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I can boil all of this down into one word:

Cucks like Shermer are just as bad as a cult. Anything but their "truth" is heresy and must be destroyed, even if it is the ACTUAL truth. If's been this way for thousands of fucking years.
RIP Tesla. Stung by Edison.

Skeptics are, in the main, not scientists themselves, just I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE types. They also adopted an already questionable view of science itself simply because they're the wrong generation. You can see the same issue with feminists - It's all poststructuralist nonsense to a degree where "acting like a science man" means that you somehow become a science man.

Some of them have agendas and aren't arguing faithfully, some are small-minded or just dumb and don't want their worldviews to change, some just have ass personalities and are stubborn to the point of insanity. This is modern humanity; they're fucking crazy. It's why I don't really talk to people and certainly don't argue beyond one statement.

That said, I do think Graham is a liar, and they're both druggies.

This is how you know they're either stupid or disingenuous.

Yeah that's definitely the sense I got from Shermer: he's just in it so he can feel authorized to occupy this intellectual high chair by making appeals to the authority of some arbitrary community of scientists. "If you were right then these scientists I point to would agree with you. They disagree, therefore you are wrong. We can only base theories on evidence of tools and trash, sorry bro."
These are the same faggots who find a single shard of pottery or bone chip with a scratch in it and from this one piece assume that the scratch was made by a tool and is therefore evidence of civilization - and they get published in Nature…And their ideas become the accepted 'mainstream' wisdom even though they leave contradictions and gaps that are better explained by the alternative theory, which unfortunately can't be accepted because we can't proffer up any sharp rocks as examples of advanced tools…

I do not like Graham and this video is a prime example why.

Why us it a transfer
Why is it a transfer and not advanced hunter gatherer society?

Fucking hell hes a tweaker
Love Randall though

The stupid shit about skeptics is that gobekli tepe completely upturned the known history of civilization, yet "skeptics" are unwilling to be skeptical of our current understandings.

I can't call myself a hunter if I can't hunt.

Do you not understand what the Younger Dryas Event was or something?

Only a slight error, user; Gobekli Tepe completely disproved the jewish claim of the history of civilization. Non-jews had known about the true history for quite some time, they just don’t own the textbook publishing companies.

It doesn't matter though.
If take the position of "question everything" and fail to do so, you're as much of a fraud as the institutions you support.

I understand the younger dryas perfectly thank you. Randall can teach fine and hes actually sane.

I don't see how a meteor/comet/plasma bolt instanly teaches people how to civilization nor do i see how this has invent another civilization best known as Atlantis to run around the world teaching people to farm.

Maybe thats what happened but graham has zeroooooo evidence of anything. He keeps pushing for it without anything to back it up but his narrative and fanfiction.

Maybe hes right. Maybe the annunaki guys are right. Maybe they were kangzzz. Someone should find evidence before trying to push their favorite mythos as fact first.
They even said it in this video that gobeki tepe is barely escavated, why are they making more bullshit stories up before they even have hapf the picture uncovered? Graham essentially dumped a puzzle box out, completed the edge section and guessed it was a castle invented by Atlanteans instead of a teain depot

It collapsed civilization. Thank you for admitting you don’t know anything about the Younger Dryas Event.

It floodrd the world under 400ft of water.

There are zero ongoing digs underwater. There is 1 (1) one confirmed city underwater in india amd its off limits.

Push your fanfic theories elsewhere

oh really, that's interesting

Can you post more about that?

Am I missing something here? Shouldn't a "skeptic" by definition be the guys trying to shift the paradigm and arguing for the undiscovered?

Well written and thought out OP. What timeline is this?
These "skeptics" are sad wankers with no ability to contribute intellectually to society despite their desire to do so. That's why they just defend the status quo to appear smart (or possibly because they are paid to do so).
Also see the Youtube skeptic community for reference.

Humans did not evolve from monkeys.

I've read some books by Hancock in the past, and I used to think he's hot shit, but haven't really followed him in years.
I don't really trust Graham Hancock either. Most of his arguments certainly make sense, and there is lots of archeological evidence to suggest some sort of advanced civilization(s) did exist in the distant past, however Hancock seems to have his own narrative that he is pushing for whatever reason. Although his research has a lot of value to it, but ultimately he is not as much a scientist as a historical fiction writer than borrows heavily from fact. I still think his view of history makes more sense than main stream history though.

Most of the history we are taught is absolute bullshit. The further back we go, I wager it's just gets shittier. But what the truth is, I don't really have much of an idea about that.

Just out of curiosity, is anyone here familiar with Anatoly Fomenko's work and what do you think about it?

3 and a half fucking hours

Come on man. You could watch two lectures and do some practice sets in that time gaining real knowledge

What the fuck do you mean proof? Did you not watch any of the videos relevant to the topic?
Which collapsed civilization.
Blow your fucking brains out, you goddamn lunatic. What do you think The Flood in the Bible is referring to? Why do you think EVERY “pre-contact” tribe, everywhere on Earth, told a “myth” about a global flood? You don’t know a goddamn thing about this topic. Get out of the thread.

Videos related.

You boiled down it down pretty perfectly fam.
What skeptics refuse to investigate in a skeptical light tells you all you need to know about their bias.
- maybe race is real and multi culti is a lie?
- maybe whites were responsible for all ancient civilization?
- maybe women are biologically tuned to be lazy and manipulative?
- maybe Jews run the planet?

They reject you out of hand bro. That's judaism for you, argue until axiomatic points that threaten you existentially, then screech. Also lurk moar faggot.

Because self-described skeptics are cultists and the so-called skeptic community is a cult.

Yea, just another table turn by the kikes, same as "Antifa" when we are the anti to them, not the other way around.

yes goyim, listen to our (((lectures))) and be good tranny slaves instead cutting edge ideas in history and science

Now I see why Sam Hyde hates that guy.

Oh fuck off. I have read fingerprints of the gods. I am not listening to some faggots be faggots to knowledgeable men for three and half hours.

Why do they not entertain the possibility it could be true? Imagine who loses if it is true. All of a sudden the whole Jewish story is completely and utterly torn to shreds. The whole of the Old Testament is lost. It's now nothing more than plagerism of texts that existed earlier, and belonged to gentiles (read: not Arabic Semites who were fucking dirt farmers on a backwater desert peninsula). And there are also too many Christians who think the Old Testament (and the old covenant) matters as much if not even more than the New Testament.

So you don't have proof? Just more unproofed claims? Not even from respected fringe researchers? (I don't want your flat earth creationist bullshit)
Don't care about your death cult belief system. I already know Randall has good information backed up with research and data. This is about grahams bullshit transfer of tech claim.

stop moving the goalpost. Are you a jew or do you just like their shaddy tactics?

Its called Dwarka/Dvaraka. Its in the Vedas as one of seven sacred cities.

Its a (((Unesco))) world heritage site. Last i heard there were plans to do something but of course it has to go through all seven layers of hell in the Indian goverment.

The talmud is mostly just a lot of commentary from influential kikes over the ages. The stuff written in it is by random kikes, from different periods. Not god.
They still say it was written by the "living god" and imply man>god in the process.

Not to mention the Talmud is an over-glorified how-to-guide on circumnavigating god's commandments so they can live and do as they wish and avoid eternal punishment for it.

Just to show I am saying that in bona fide point me to something you find interesting and I will watch the whole thing. My only requirement is that it's something that contains real knowledge and not a loop of something like the pirates of the Caribbean theme song loop 10 hours

Reported. The proof has been posted. Your lack of knowledge is not our fault.
Learn how to read, shlomo.

They are, by definition, not Christian if they think that, but I understand your point.

Graham has some interesting ideas, but the important part of these podcasts is the geological evidence for a mass extinction event caused by a catastrophic event at the end of the Younger Dryas period, presented by Randall Carlson.

The episode OP posted contains a lot of bickering with the kike they let on, I'd recommend watching JRE #606 with Randall Carlson. #501, 725, 872, and 961 are also good.

Not that user but you could go on a wekk long trip watching the Thunderbolts project. Just avoid the videos talking about an alien sky and saturn being the sun ect, those are kinda fishy and rely solely on word of mouth myths and symbolism from wishy washy cultures.



Will keep to my wager and watch the entire thing though.

Will do those dubs tell me too. I have nothing to do until next week in any case.

Graham's theory is that there was an advanced civilization before the 13,000 B.C. catastrophe that wiped out a lot of species and caused a ton of flooding after a comet/asteroid impact (after the one that killed the dinosaurs), but there were also hunter gatherer tribes.
Civilization was wiped out due to inability to survive in the wild, but some members did manage to survive by finding and integrating with some hunter-gatherers.
These 'magicians of the gods' (not literal magicians) then passed on to the hunter-gatherers enough knowledge and technology to help them develop.
You have to understand that even a 15,000 year old AGRICULTURAL civilization (we're not necessarily talking about ancient civilizations with planes and telekinesis or whatever) wrecks the status quo historical narrative. Which is dumb because according to evolution human anatomy has been the way it is for some 200,000 years - so it isn't like we evolved brain mass to be able to farm and divide labor.
So your choice either has to be to suppose that in 200,000 years humans DID manage to develop decent civilizations and weren't just savages living hand to mouth, or delude yourself into thinking that 97% of human history was spent jerking off doing jack shit of value, then in the last 5-6,000 years (biblical age of the world) humans got bored and started making spaceships to go to the moon and shit. Yeah ok.

You see, the Hegelians/Marxists want to tell this story that what drove development of civilization was social dialectic and revolution/progress, that human society, even with fully developed brains, had to go through 190,000 years of shit hunting before it could figure out how to fucking farm. That ancient people were dumb and superstitious and worshiped and attributed divinity and agency to natural phenomena - but this nevertheless served to develop religion, which could then be used as the basis to form a civilization and divide labor and farm and give the production surplus to the priest class, and this eventually transitioned into capitalism and shit. But if humans (or at least aryans) were making civs much earlier than believed, then all this shit political philosophy that drives social dialectic and revolution can be committed to the flames.

skeptics = critical theory of Frankfurt School

Nailed it.

Cheers user.

Skeptards are just part of the long list of Jewish saboteurs, you got those Enlightenment faggots, then the Philanthropists, Civil Rights Activist, Feminists, Atheists, and now Skeptics who "question" all good that Western Civilization has ever produced.

Ha. You'd think that would be the case. And philosophical skepticism asserts ideas like "The sensory world is an illusion" meaning evidence wouldn't mean much to them.

But current skeptics are here to defend the established status quo, and they won't let you beat them until the established status quo all accept your theories as their own, which they'll never do of course if doing so would wreck their self-interests as a class. No need for a conspiracy theory, mind you, just a set of independent actors rationally acting unethically to coordinate the defense of mutual-interests.
"Sorry, we've been taking money from and giving degrees to tons of people for generations teaching what we now know is total bullshit" - yeah you might be able to get away with a switch up during or after a big war or revolution or big social mixup, but if they pulled that on the public right now normies in the West would lose their fucking minds.
They wouldn't believe anything the elite try to tell them anymore, and even the criteria for evidence and proof might evaporate. There'd be no more unity of thought and civilization would be fucked.

And this is precisely why the builders of Gobekli Tepe couldn't have been mere hunter-gatherers as we think of them. To motivate and coordinate a group to do work of that scale and creativity, you'd need a great deal of unity of thought already, whereas in hunting/gathering you can run a group just by gesturing at shit.

But to already have the unity of thought to complete a project like the Tepe you already have the social being and social consciousness necessary and sufficient to run a civilization. And if they are unable to identify anything like a prison or executions site at the Tepe, then the social quality of these peoples must no doubt have exceeded that of our modern 'developed' civilizations where the prison institution is a necessary element to motivate and control.
If Tepe was built that long ago with no slaves and no prison institutions, then a ton about the current West is just lies or at least deficient to the social formation and consciousness of the Tepe builders - SUGGESTING THAT MODERN DEVELOPMENTS HAVE DESTROYED OUR SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS, NOT IMPROVED IT.

I've been watching this thing.
~50 minutes in and the skeptic does exactly this.
The skeptic even defends his shit writer for his "skeptic magazine" for committing the exact acts that the "skeptic community" hates.
This retard can't even summarize what Graham is clearly stating in the conversation, because he doesn't even listen.
The faggot is only listening for keywords that he can use to segue into a talking point.

muh personal attacks
he's a faggot for his actions, and inactions

Yea I understand his theory (Even though he constantly makes claims hes not a scientist just a writer)

I do not doubt the younger dryas. I fully understand a flood did indeed happen 12000bc(ish)
I understand fully that there is/was a whole civilization of rather advanced people before this event. Be it Humans, Elongated head people, those Horned skulls, or ayyyys like some people claim. I get it. Plenty of megalithic sits just don't fit the (((narrative))) such as the Sphinx.
I only take offense at Graham in particular. He is an aggregate writer. He is taking work from other people, wrapping it into a book, and putting it out there. I've been researching all over the various "fringe" theories ever since taking the redpill years ago. I don't think Graham has the full picture but he will happily bang on his trump as if hes correct. Maybe a transfer of Atlantean to human did happen, theres just not enough proof AS OF RIGHT NOW to say that it is correct. What he calls an advanced civ other people call them "The Watchers" who worshipped birds, other people (Summerians) call them Annunaki and blatantly say they received it form the gods (who happen to be giants). They all have the same empirical evidence and are essentially arguing the same point using different source material interpreted differently. Putting his theory above the rest just locks your mind into that belief system where you constantly try and cram every new thing into that mold.
I don't mind this 200000 year fuck off timeline. It seems perfectly normal. There are jungle shitskins in 2018 who still haven't researched fire, the wheel, or anything else of value. There is ancient evidence of "human" (ie intelligent life) from a million or more years ago such as the artifacts excavated form under a mountain by gold miners (mcremo.com/california.html) which Micheal Cremo talked about in Forbidden Archaeology.
Frankly I'm open to the Aquatic Ape theory at this point (granted this was pre pre pre humans) because it has evidence that has been suppressed by an unknown agenda

sorry. that was supposed to be drum. maybe i shouldn't try and type when i'm watching the memo thread.

"Fast times at Hebrew High" - Joe Rogan on his high school experience

But it has already happened. It's enough to take a look at old Sumerian texts:

What's even better is the entire jewish creation story is an obedient inversion of the sumerian lore:
In sumerian, man is created by the gods (muh annunaki), with the purpose to dig out gold and serve the gods.
Just like in a functional prison the workers were fed, so they can work.
The god Enki decided to help mankind (a Promethean move, if you will), and ultimately the human race gained independence.

The jewish version?
God (the creators) is good, the prison is paradise (he gives as food, takes care of us), and the liberator is the devil (Enki repainted as Lucifer).
Read deeper into it, it's glorious.

Also, I find it sorta funny how the jews managed to twist the narrative, similarly what happened in egypt, when they invented "Good", as the one who suffers and is being treated badly, as a simple negaton to strength, valor and purity, simply because they were opressed and needed a way to glorify themselves. (if interested read up Nietzsche's Genealogy of morals, or simply Slave/master morality).

Yeah it is a big problem. What is 'rational' for the 'scientific community' to consider, publish, approve, and dismiss is determined by the people outside science who finance the the scientists' work.
Scientists certainly aren't immune from the seduction of money. And I'm sure even the ones with good-will find a way to rationalize the contradiction between their morals and compromising with the check-writers because some utility will come from your work.
Why the fuck are we expected to treat these faggots as if they have intrinsic authority over the interpretation of reality?

Yeah it is pretty sad. If they just adhered to the spirit of the law then they wouldn't need the Talmud and all the bullshit that pisses everyone else off. Nope, they have to insist on the letter of the law, as if the letter were anymore fixed than the spirit, as if the meaning of languages hasn't altered over time more than natural social spiritual intuition, as if the spirit wasn't fixed and eternal, known to all who witness and reflect.
Nope, instead they focus on the letter of the law, and this focus necessarily results in contradictions in the law that must then be considered and commented on by the rabbis whose opinions seem absurd just a few generations later, but are nevertheless treated as dogma because you know jews.

We don't have to worry about this if there are no more kikes.

Also related is a new study on the human brain becomming actually modern like we know it today about 40000 years ago. I don't know how legit or non kiked this is yet.

But 40000 years to go from stone age cavemen to modern humans (Aryans at least) doesn't seem as ludicrous. This also falls headfirst into the alien theory on genetic manipulation of humans though. I expect the waters to get very muddy soon.

Good posts. Fuck scientism is absolute cancer and almost certainly a Jewish phenomena.

Actually there are also Egyptian sites under the water and also sites under the water in Indonesia. (You'd know this if you weren't pretending to know about this subject lol). It's in Graham's book magicians of the gods which is a really interesting book.

What kind of proof would you accept? Use inductive reasoning. If hunter gatherer societies can produce high level architecture with understanding of carving and also of astronomy but there isn't a process where they make slightly better and better it's definitely plausible and worth suggesting that it could be a tech transfer. If you dick ride Randal that hard then consider that Randal considers it possible too. Hancock's drug use doesn't invalidate his theories. That's ad hom.

Grahams a cuck but his attempts to formulate ancient history with the understanding that they were far more advanced than we are now is commendable. If you're looking at it through the right lens, the Aryan lens, then it makes the picture that much clearer. Even more amazing is when you compare it to attempts made 100+ years by the same sorts of scientific minds then they come to the same conclusions or very similar ones to Hermann Wieland. The difference is Hermann Wieland aryanizes the historical model while people doing this work post 1960 intentionally generalize it as if these people, our ancestors, are some far distant fucking strangers that inhabited the earth and simply "disappeared".

Intrinsic authority stems from extrinsic control of real institutions. My law training is instructive here: do not think that an entire industry professing something is proof, an entire industry can be corrupted (Jews train themselves in anti jewing all the time if you know what to look for).

The call in guy is especially egregious. He just latches on to a word or introduces a new one and gets pedantic with it, never directly answers Randall's questions. Randall is a smart guy but comes off like what I think he is, an aging boomer autist who has no formal training in defense against the Snark Arts.

See, I really have to wonder if that all isn't a description of how Europoids created a new race (or rather, antirace) by mixing Negroids, Asians, and Caucasoid in order to establish a laboring caste. That is, the Semitic race are the "humanity" created by the Annunaki, who were simply the god-like bearers of the knowledge of civilization as is theorized to be the case for some other mythologies.

Randall's too much of a pragmatist. This lends itself beautifully to his autism concerning ancient cataclysms, but doesn't help him when it comes to shitstain kikes trying to twist words into a noose around his neck.

Michael Shermer was the "skeptic" who was notoriously dishonest in the televised holocaust revisionist debates of the 1980s. Everything out of that man's mouth is shilling.

Something that shows transferring tech? Hunter Gatherer societies i think is a false label. I don't think hunter gatherers would built large megalithic sites like gobeki tepe. Not that they couldn't build smaller ones just the luls.

Why does it have to be a transfer. Why couldn't it be this one group of people rolled hard on the science? Once you have agriculture down everything just speeds up exponentially. I think their hunter gatherer days were hundred of years behind them. I think the natural earth heating cycle was still in effect (since you know, ice age just ended) and the area they were was turning into desert so they had to migrate elsewhere to even into crops anymore. Of course nearby folks would of benefited by herds of people moving elsewhere looking for a new home. Of course they wouldn't all go the same direction. some went to the Euphrates and founded Sumeria, some went to the Nile and founded Egypt some went to the Indus valley and founded India. some more than likely went to Europe.

I'm not seeing a tech transfer. I just see them migrating from the growing desert (and possibly their main settlements being underwater now). Displacing or integrating the local tribes. and hence why the ancient Indian(Vedic) elites were white. Why the pharaohs were white, why the south american (olmec?) were red haired whities, and why the clovis people were white.

Grahams book is just a polite way to trying to integrate the shitskins into white culture by saying it was a transfer instead of white people basically everything. There no evidence of a link between some preflood race and the current narrative. We can speculate all day that white people were atlanteans and just washed ashore near gobeki tepe where they did fuck all until they got bored, burried the place and left teaching everyone the joy of farming.

Until we can remove kike, go to the azores/antarctica and all these other mythic places and actually look for evidence this is just a argument circle with no hard evidence. Nearly every date for mythic sites is unreliable at best.

Yeah he seems pretty thorough in citing his sources so I'm not worried about him stealing ideas and taking credit.
But if we look at history we see many different civilizations building shit like Terracotta army and Sphynx and big huge statues like the Colossus and so on. I really doubt these were merely tomb decorations and memorials or works of art, I think they had an actual utility.
I think for a long time humanity or analogues were divided, with some managing to band together a civilization but most just running around being savages - just as jungle tribes still exist even today. And these roving bands would also often attack the civs and steal their shit.
So some Civ people got smart and decided to build a bunch of statues to scare the savages away. Savages don't have any knowledge or skill to make a statue. They see Sphynx or Colossus or stone army off in distance they think it is a real monster or giant or army and keep migrating. Same happens to the next group that migrates through and sees that shit for the first time.
Statues I think were originally a defensive technology. Then over time (and as the savages learned the statues aren't threats) the practice became more of an art form done for pleasure.

But you see, there couldn't possibly be any evidence that proves that the terracottas and sphynx were intended to be defense assets. All that confronts us is the existence of these objects, and we have to come up with a story for them. And I don't think any of the accepted explanations like "Oh the King was vain and forced people to make those" or "Oh they had nothing else to do" or "Oh, slaves did it" or "Oh they built representations of their gods to worship" are rational at all to motivate and manage people to that sort of grind. But these explanations have in common with the dominant political ideology the juvenile belief that rulers of all political systems prior to democracy were evil, unjust bastards - so that is what is accepted as mainstream true despite evidence or contradictions. This facet of Marxism has crept in everywhere, and now people of all political spectrums pretty much assume that all decision makers are evil exploiters. They feel now they can only support a leader who is some sort of oppressed minority who wins leadership through takeover or accident or quota.

Really, for generations now we've seen some ancient structure and asked "Wow how did people so long ago build something like that?" and some academic responds "Some tyrannical king just through slaves at it until it happened." And we believed that shit lol.

Telsa was a quack though, Edision was just a money grubbing opportunist.

What's happening to this board?

No not really as human cities leave a very large inprint in the geologic record, larger than the most massive reefs every deposited in the case of modern cities. If they are saying there was an industrialized civilization prior to the last glaciation despite there being no evidence of it nor the preceding stages of technologic progression which would be preserved(proto-bronze age materials would be stable for over 1 million years in most soils for example) I don't know why you'd think this. Is there some pan of limonite and hematite mixed with calcium carbonate which would indicate a industrial city in the rock record. It would be very easy to find evidence of this so it is unlikely.

Now what Göbekli Tepe is could be an early attempt to create a citadel, which often formed around temples in known civilizations before become centers of state and military. But there is no way to really be certain. Also it doesn't seem to predate the last glaciation. If this is the case it would still be "stone age" civilization in the same sense that the Mayan and Aztec were, their primary tools would be stone, possibly shaping or cutting stone with abrasive dusted rope made of linen. Which is quite impressive assuming that is how it is done and would indicate some type of agricultural specialization.

"Skeptic" community is still a bunch of faggots who have no interest in making predictive models of natural phenomena but rather want to reinforce their libshit narratives but this shit is "Scott Eliot's Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria" tier if the argument is that there is a lost industrial empire and Göbekli Tepe is evidence of it. Now if you found a massive agglomeration of rust, ash, and limestone then you'd be onto something.

Also isn't this Theosophy II: Electric Boogaloo?

Apparently, African vs Non-African is a significant separation, up to 200,000 years. That number keeps increasing. Europeans have genes that are up to 600,000 years separated from Africans. The most generous view of Africans would be that they were the group left behind. An organism will not advance in a situation where those beneficial traits do not increase survival.

Why the fuck is rogan getting shilled here? This has happened before.

We were wiped out and have come back many times.

Jews are trying to deny white people their true history.

That's why this "skeptic" guy applies all this pedantic nit-picking to ideas around lost civilisation, rather than the much more obvious mainstream nonsense of racial egalitarianism, gender egalitarianism, and man-made climate change.


Don't you know? Rogan is /ourguy/ now that he's interviewed our lord an savior Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (pbuh).


Shermer was literally a minor-Christion sect cultist before becoming skeptical(tm).

Remember that to the masses, 'science' is simply modern magic. Few understand how their phones actually work, the physical laws of the universe, and real history. They don't even understand the difference between a Scientist and an Engineer. They are all Wizards to them as far as they are concerned, and they worship them as authority figures and as proof of their ideology just as barbarians of the past would worship idols as gods themselves.

His imagination may often get the better of him. Wouldn't it be the best kind of story if Atlantis and Mu and all the ancient legends were actually true in some sense? That is so exciting that when a scrap of potential seems to point that way, Graham declares it most likely is true! He's getting a bit ahead of himself with his fascination, but the evidence of ash-layers, water erosion beneath the Sphinx, and relief artwork on stone megaliths implies something of intelligent humans beyond mere hunter-gatherer types before 12,000 years ago.

'Historical Progress' is not necessarily refuted by this because the idea still present in your observation would be, "we are getting worse, not better." It still implies movement on a singular measure of 'progress'. For instance, was it 'progress' to go from the oral tradition to the written? On the level of information dispersal and physical preservation it is superior due to idea becoming independent of human minds, but on the level of idea cohesion and human memory it is inferior due to human minds no longer bearing that burden and thus weakening. We may have a metric that we want to improve like IQ or racial purity, but this is not 'progress' as it is evolution because the whole is simply something different rather than a unified 'better'. Thus 'Progress is a myth that implies a trajectory of history towards whatever end the bearer thinks, like a bland world without war, famine, death, or suffering. We are almost all afflicted by the reason of 'progress' just as we are very much infected with ideas of Utilitarianism and so forth. The Ubermenche has to take these ideas and reconstruct them into a new form, not 'progressing' but changing it into a more suitable form. It is fundamentally human to oppose 'progress' in favor of evolving himself and his domain.

As you should be. Aquatic Ape theory better explains our mostly hairless bodies to be hydrodynamic, upright posture to allow us to collect shoreline foods and resources, the wrinkling of out fingertips while underwater being a built-in reflex, the fact that humans can not only give birth in water but that newborns automatically swim and hold their breath, and our universal preference for a temperature that a semi-tropical shoreline would afford. But yes, it is a topic waaaaaay before the scope of this conversation.

Another interesting take on creation myths is the Greek version where humans are not actually the center of creation at all, but a novelty originally constructed by Prometheus to amuse the Gods. But Prometheus pitied the humans because they, being similar to the gods yet moral, suffered horribly while the other animals didn't, and so stole fire from the gods to give to humanity who took to it and began acting like the gods themselves in quick order. That got Prometheus eternally punished and Zeus tried to drown humanity before calming down and enjoying their worship and getting interested in their affairs instead. Notice that the gods whom the Greeks worshipped didn't create them, that their creator was dominated by them and didn't dominate his creations at all, and that there is no good or evil involved as understood by the Semetic stories. Greeks didn't bow when they praised to their gods either an absurdity if you think about a tiny human lowering himself to a god out of 'respect', like a worm flattening itself before a mountain so as not to be perceived as haughty, which was in part why they refused to submit to Xerxes and other Eastern god-kings. Yep, that's Nietzsche's observations about the poison of the Jewish tradition and its slave morality.

Does he really declare that rather than stating that there are lines of evidence worth pursuing (in opposition to the mainstream position that there is no evidence and the lines of inquiry are absurd)?

I don't find that his problem, what is, is he can do leaps to conclusions leaving me wondering how he got there from what he started with, and his woo woo humans are antennas poking into another dimension of morphing ghost spirits when you take a drugs that make you shit yourself for several hours given to you by the oh so more knowledge and wiser than you foolish White man, turd world "shamans" from the jungle. Don't get me wrong, he's done a lot of good and I think he's on the mark, far better than the official narrative of we were all nothing but hunter gatherers 12k years ago and then poof, we came up with everything needed to do something like gobeki tepi. Official narrative is as bad as christcucks' the world is 6k years old dogma.

You do realize all of the European cultures concurred with this view before the emergence of materialist rationalism and the degenerate influence of Christianity, right? Depending on how you want to look at certain myths related to the transfer of knowledge, it might even have been Europeans who taught those jungle shamans about contacting spirits.

groan. You do realize European cultures believed the sun revolved around the world before the emergence of materialist rationalism? But I get it, you're into the woo woo, antenna.

Are you denying that Europeans had shamanistic traditions and that modern research conducted under the rigors of the scientific method is proving the woo woo to be rooted in reality through the study of phenomena such as presentiment, remote viewing, telepathic intuition, and visionary experiences induced through DMT?

Totally what I'm saying and the point I'm trying to make, not a strawman at all. Good job.

No, I do not believe science has proven humans are antennas poking into another dimension of morphing ghost spirits.

Then you have no opinions on the work of individuals such as Rupert Sheldrake and Dean Radin?



Wow, you really are into quackery.

You're no better than >>11206802

You just posted a link to a page that not only has a section titled "Those wacky Nazis," but also acknowledges the holocaust as legitimate. Where the fuck did you come from and where the fuck do you think you are right now?

You might be interested in vid related, OP. Skeptics are usually not skeptics, they're people who have an emotional attachment to their ideology. Real, consistent skeptics are default nihilists like Nietzche.

Hey, don't look at me, I'm just an antenna, your beef is with alternate reality space ghosts.

i know you dont like half chan, but here is as much stuff on ancient history being covered up i could find. enjoy

Hey, don't look at me, I'm just an average user that can spot the uninitiated by their fag talk. :^)

You don't even understand the belief you're trying to defame. You aren't the antenna, the body is the antenna for the you that is non-physical consciousness. Of course, it seems that you're just here to shitpost anyway. Go back to reddit, or just kill yourself.

It's not misunderstanding, it's not caring. I listened to hancock, he made his case, unlike you I didn't bite. It's woo woo, you believe in woo woo.

Where's your evidence to support this contention? If you can't falsify experiments such as those showing the presentiment effect or the psychic intuition of dogs knowing when their owners decide to return home, you are no better than the shill Shermer. Even just your usage of the term woo identifies you as a faggot who doesn't actually look into these topics. It'd be like using the term conspiracy theorist and not expecting to get called a glow in the dark CIAnigger.

Hancock's case. Where's your evidence of alternate reality space ghosts?

I like this line a lot about the ingrained superiority complex, a pretty interesting / entertaining perspective.

moar liek

Talk about a fish out of water.

You haven't even touched PEAR.

The common experience of meeting "machine elves" during DMT trips, including those conducted in a clinical setting in which participants reported similar experiences despite, of course, not being in contact with each other about those experiences.

There's just too much in the way of research to touch on all of it.

In other words nowhere.

In other words, you don't have actual rebuttals when you can't rely on linking to a website that endorses the holocaust.

Don't have time to go through this whole thread atm, but basically the (((skeptics community))) is essentially the opposite of a skeptic. They are "skeptical" of the real skeptics and serve only to reinforce establishment narratives. Shermer's tenure as establishment tool goes way back to the talk show where he argues against David Cole on that talk show to signal against the real truth about the Holocaust. can't be bothered with a link, sorry.

You think your drug trip is a proof that has to be rebutted outside of it being a drug trip. The colors maaan, the colors!

it's human physiology/psychology. People have similar dreams too. Ever have a dream where you are a few days before final exams and never went to that class? Ever dream that you're falling? ever dream that you're being chased?

These are dreams common to almost everyone despite people not colluding with each other to have those dreams.

They are crazy and just trying to cater to a deteriorating audience. Main stream "Skeptics" are fucking idiots, Holla Forums is more skeptical than them!
If you've followed the drama around Kraut, you'd understand how "dead" this genre is.
Sargon and Jordan Peterson will be next to fall, they are trying to fight race realism at the moment.

After Race Realism is accepted, the next debate will be; the JQ………..


What part of the brain is responsible for creating a machine elf encounter? What you've put forward is an unproven theory resulting from the inability to explain such things in any way other than, "it must be an inherent coincidence." Similarity in dreamscapes can just as easily be explained by saying that we tap into a collective consciousness when we dream, until it's possible to map dream generation in the brain. The better argument for such things are the experiments which were done with non-abduction experiencers being put under hypnosis and producing abduction experience narratives that align with those reported by people who believe they've been abducted.

top kek.

Then perhaps you can answer. What parts of the brain and what mechanisms of its function are responsible for creating a machine elf encounter under the influence of DMT? If such an experience is intrinsic to the human condition, this question would be answerable.

your machine elf is unproven theory.

(((Individualism))) is literally, I shit you not, a Marxist product of the Frankfort school designed to atomize and disassociate people. Sarcuck isn't a fucking idiot. He knows what he's doing. Acting as a gatekeeper, being intellectually dishonest. He's literally the Jew. He's a Marxist Communist wrapped in a "neat" package.

Haven't had that experience, but I don't doubt it either

So are skinwalker stories. Doesn't change the fact they explain otherwise unexplained phenomenon and will be useful until better/more accurate ideas are presented.

And ultimately so is the fact that everything is merely a physiological byproduct of neurons firing in your brain.
If you do not have a slight agnostic inclination towards questioning these matters, then I am sorry to say, but you are a religious science believer.

What is the reason of people being so fond of haplogroups? It's merely or not even 1/23rd of the entire dna sequence, isnt it?
Does it change less in comparison to autosomal dna?

carlson looks similar to slobodan

>(((Michael Shermer)))

By the way, Graham Hancock's pretty based.
I especially enjoy his documentary on Ancient Civilisations and Astronomy.

Also, his buddy Rupert Sheldrake literally got BANNED from (((TED))) for giving a talk on what he called 'The Science Delusion' on the (((groupthink))) that goes on in modern Academia.

The "evidence" demand is so weird. I mean obviously there is evidence, just not the special sort you demand and need to justify the status quo's own shit theories; why should that same sort of evidence be necessary to prove any competing theory?
Graham/Randall are much closer to the real scientific practice of "Hey lets take everything we know and try to tell the best story we can accounting for everything." While these skeptics and mainstream are pushing for "Well we think this evidence justifies what we say, and we're going to disregard all this other evidence unless you can provide the same manner of evidence to justify a different theory." As if every form of theory must be justifiable by the same form of evidence…

The existence of the Tepe is a huge challenge. It wrecks all the prior timelines of social development. And Shermer's proposal that we should just "Accept that hunter-gatherers were more capable than we thought" doesn't resolve the conflict, since the whole category of hunter-gatherer was meant in the first place to signify a state of human development where people SPECIFICALLY COULD NOT produce sites like the Tepe. And if hunter-gatherer's could do this, then where are all the other Tepes?

Obviously someone built this; it isn't a natural occurrence. Obviously someone buried it in sand to cover it up. Who are these people burying these sites? What the hell possibly motivates hunter-gatherers to do so much work with no benefit to survival or increase in production? What the hell is the utility in this for these people? And the only answer the 'skeptics' respond here with is "derr evil tyrant king chief forced them too" like some naive Marxist…

Graham's interpretation of the evidence though transforms what would be from our view irrational into a perfectly rational version of events from within the context of the historical people in question. That seems perfectly valid. The skeptics want to pretend like the decision making processes and behaviors of ancient peoples are just inscrutable because we observers are so far removed from their culture. But it isn't inconceivable to examine the ecological conditions of the time evidenced by geological/physical analysis, the technological capabilities evidenced by the actual constructions (and not the presence of remnants of fucking tools that would have had to survive 20,000 years and be found harder than a needle in a haystack, buried under hundreds of feet of earth brought in from flooding), the writings, myths and allegories of historical people (where the fuck did they get their inspiration), and you bring all this to bear on the matter to determine scenarios that explain everything.

From their arguments and social behavior, it really does seem like these 'skeptics' suffer from a psychological inability to put themselves in the shoes of others…It is dogmatic.

it's called "theory of mind" and autists don't have it; dunno if they're autists but there you go

it's jew wordplay, they are the opposite of what they call themselves
they are not skeptical at all, they are certain because their is a narrative handed down to them and they will never deviate from it
that is why they were chosen for the position

Trolls or morons. Either way, lurkers stupid enough to buy into bullshit, well Darwin.

Well, enjoy your newtonian determinism Dawkins.

Really, more power to you, it's a good thing you wrangle retards into spinning their wheels on something like this than causing trouble.

Coincidentally, shit like deism and agnostic theism seem to be making a bit of a comeback in the scientific community. At least with physicists and mathematicians

Forgot pic:

These people view themselves as priests whose sole mission is to enforce orthodox scientific consensus, although they wouldn't dare to compare themselves with anything remotely religious. Scientism at its finest. They are midwits who suffer from the classic know-it-all syndrome. They are very insecure about their intelligence and feel they must always be the most informed person in the room. To them, it's not just the personal is political, but “science” is political. New facts, anomalies, and contradictory evidence all threaten not just their world view but their own sense of self-worth. They feel they have finally found satisfactory answers to all of life's questions and when new evidence shatters the illusion they've built, they lash out in anger. They are very scared of becoming lost.

Shermer, by his own admission, is notorious for following the group consensus of those he identifies with. In High School he became an evangelical Christian just because all his friend were doing it, in the 90s he dropped religion but was calling Atheists idiots, then when Dawkins got big he started calling himself an atheist and agnostics pussies, when atheism got SJW converged he went along with the convergence, although reluctantly. I think he pretty much got kick out of the movement for a bit because he is a lolberg. Pre-Sandy Vagina he was vehemently anti-gun control, then when the skeptic community pushed hard left polices, he started shill to pro-gun control. The list goes on. I actually like Shermer btw. He seems like a decent person, and his section on holohoax exposure in “Why People Believe Weird Things” was ironically what lead me to “denying” the Holocaust. (He rebutted the lampshade and soap myths and said “functionalism” was a respectable mainstream view.) But I wish he would just accept that he is a writer who showcases weird and interesting content rather than as some saint of science and skepticism.

Good info on Shermer, “Secular Humanism” and SJW converge from a dead NRx blog radishmag.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/reign-of-reason/

Hancock, for his part, can be an insufferable bleeding heart hippy, but he has helped innovative research in marine archaeology and has done more than anyone else to argue a reasonable case for lost ancient civilizations that doesn't appeal to tinfoil ayys or claims the world is less than 5000 years old. Graham and Randall have done more than any of their critics. They actually go out and look.

you can find Hancock's books on 8pol's /x/ in the library thread

occams razor, dreams that are common amongst people are more likely explained by all humans having similar fears and dealing with them subconsciously in the same ways. It's YOU who have some ridiculous unsubstantiated theory of "collective unconsciousness that we all tap into". If you can provide any evidence of this (you can't because it's not tangible, it's just druggie new-age claptrap), then feel free to post it.

That's not how Occam' s Razor works, and Occam's Razor is a glorified rule of thumb in the first place.

please lets touch it. that 2nd video was fascinating

You guys sound like religious nutcases.

Says the keyboard intellectual. Tesla was the embodiment of the term genius, its not a debate. .. unless you know absolutely nothing about him or are brainwashed by some jewish fairytales.

Telsa was a genius, he had significant success at developing new technology albeit much without practical application. He can be lauded for his accomplishments but I hate it when people suck his dick or for that matter many scientists, engineers, and tinkerers(the fact that some are kike plagarists or were aggrandized simply because they had kike "networking doesn't help). Most practical applications of predictive models are the result of hundreds of people working together and that needs to be recognized, geniuses are not as important as they seem.

Also Telsa was a quack about certain things, assuming he was not just feigning enthusiasm in order to get financial support which he really did need. For example transmitting power across the open air while possible is shitty but he could not have known that until he tried, trying something unlikely to work doesn't make him a quack. Pushing for electron gun weapons he knew wouldn't work from his own experiments is quack behavior, once agian assuming he didn't just want money for his other work. His greatest contribution was actually his research into the properties of insulators, which isn't flashing and thus those who jack off over him never bring it up.

I'm just a geologist who finds oil for a living, I discovered 2 species of trilobites when I was an undergraduate, and had a study about burrowing behavior of earhworms when contacting water saturated soil published in a journal dedicated to trace fossils. The model in question was concerned with the behavior of burrowing invertebrates in paleosols, specifically about the bioturbation of the redox horizons(paleo-water table) preserved in the records.

This sort of work is done by thousands and it is what actually matters because it produces actual predictive models. Its not flashy and it's little different from being a blacksmith, and that is why I hate the popular conception of scientists. It gives power and credence to kikes in universities aggrandized by other kikes who actually contribute nothing of substance.

Hell 95% of all atricles published in "peer reviewed" journals are non-replicatable. And as I'm sure you can guess pretty much all those shit publications are social science journals. Whereas a journal once meant something like the AAPG Bulletin which only publishes studies which have been confirmed by two outside sources because it is only interested in producing inside information for petroleum geologists and stratigraphers to use in practical applications now it just means anything any kike can claim.

Kikes ruin everything.

You mean, aside from genetic proof, fossils, protein decay, our taxonomic relationship, and skeletal structure?

This is why christcucks are a bane to our movement. They sound like tards and bring us down to their level.

A really interesting detail about the flood is that it was due to the 'great fountains of the deep' not working. In a hollow earth model, these are the flows that connect inner and outer seas, and a freezing of those flows would lead to the water level rising as it was no longer able to achieve a least energy state anmore (in density balance with the land masses, all extra inside)

If it's not replicable, it's not science.


Dr. Peterson isn't going anywhere, bucko.

He's the single most important figure in the fight to save western civilization and liberate the proud people of Kekistan.

Do you wish all the millions of young men he saved from the brink of suicide would have gone thru with it and killed themselves?

That's the real white genocide/western genocide.

Well goy we just haven't gotten around to confirming that eunuchs and faggots are just as good as anybody else you have to give us er… them the benefit of the doubt otherwise you're a bigot.

I don't normally like Joe Rogaine, and Graham has a TON of completely batshit ideas, but I do believe he's on to something when it comes to an idea of a lost civilization.

Michael Shermer isn't jewish, although he certainly acts like a talmudic kike with all his non-arguments here.

Basically this. The scientific method is sound, but it's still something being performed by humans, and humans are imperfect. We naturally hold on to dogmas in spite of evidence, and you'd think scientists would try to be more neutral on such things, but it's simply not the case.

Another example is the internet "skeptic community" like Sargon and Kraut and Tea, who spent the last year trying to debunk stuff like race being a biological reality, or intelligence being a hertiable trait. Despite all the massive amounts of overwhelming evidence, they STILL try to deny these things too.

Didn't know Shermer touched on the holohoax; that's neat. Still, I'll never understand the autism of the evangelical atheists. Even if you don't believe in anything, you have to at least recognize that religion is good for people and provides a concrete set of morals that help society function. Just look at your average atheist now and see the degenerate they revel in, or how they don't bother having children, or a ton of other metrics you could look at. So even if you don't believe, I don't see any reason to proselytize your disbelief when doing so will be detrimental to society.

As for Graham Hancock, I do like his work a lot and I've loved his archeological documentaries from over the years. I just wish he'd keep a lid on the more batshit ideas. Like how he has this habit of going off into the lolbertarian DUDE WEED DUDE AYAHUASCA LMAO DRUGS TAKE US TO THE SHADOW REALM bullshit. Not that I have a problem with him believing that stuff, but going off on that tangent provides an easy way for people to dismiss the archeological findings.

The theory is that the ruins of their cities are currently buried in the ocean, they would have been built along the shore, like our modern major cities and the sea levels have risen since they existed.
Too expensive and nearly impossible to dig them out, but they have been finding some evidence though last time I looked into this.