Ironing out the timeline of the "Pissgate" dossier

Okay I am trying to get my shit straight regarding the pissgate dossier because there's a lot of contradictory information out there. Was it one us that made it? I recall at the time the claim was that some Holla Forumsack gaslit rick wilson into believing his fanfiction and he gave it to evan mcmuffin who gave it to the IAs. The mainstream narrative is that the DNC commissioned opposition research from FusionGPS who purchased the dossier authored by Christopher Steele using two anonymous Russian sources for the information which was then used to justify surveillance on the Trump Administration before the election. How do these stories fit together and has anyone autistic enough developed a timeline or something? I figure this is extremely relevant to the FISA memo, and I really want to believe that some shitposter's fanfiction ended up nuking the DNC.

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iirc the dossier is an amalgamation and the waterworks is user's creation, according to the mythos anyways.

How did that information get to this Christopher Steele? Did this user larp as a Russian?

as a CIA whistleblower iirc

I believe the initial user reputed to have given the dirty dossier to Kurt Eichenwald of tentacle hentai fame through one of his twitter sock puppets. Kurt then possibly handed it off to one of his kike compatriots and it somehow wound up on the desk of Fusion GPS. All I know is a fervent user swore to this being the case.

Steele's claim was that his sources came from Russian nationals. If the information came from the CIA why would they even go through FusionGPS? I really am trying to lock this shit down, I haven't been satisfied with the conclusions of my own research.

paraphrasing. surely there's a screencap in some humble archivists personal library.

Kurt referenced some kind of dirt on trump in the lead up to buzzfeed's initial publishing of the dossie, iirc he called it "the thing", I also recall several tweets where he disparaged trump as nasty, dirty, perverted etc. while refrencing "the thing". Sorry I can't be of more help, maybe dig through his twitter?

afaik these 2 were the halfchan user's contributions spun via hillbot. sauce doc = ?

Pic related #3 is an explanatory graphic, not mine.

Tip top Kek

AH, fuck my bad. Getting my pundit cucks mixed up. Rick Wilson, not Kurt Eichenwald.

example of rick referencing the possible peepee dossier

Was that first pic actually in the document?

Also how does Christopher Steele and FusionGPS fit into that alleged chain of custody in the 3rd pic:
(Anonymous→Rick Wilson→Evan McMullin→John McCain→IA), and if he doesn't why is he part of this story at all?

Seems unbelievable but the timeline backs it up. So user just said there's a video in existence, described the racist pissing sex games, and they added the source being Russian to back up the narrative. Pretty sure there was a bit in the document about this all taking place at a Russian hotel where the Obongos stayed and Trump requesting the exact room so he could do all this on the same bed that the Kenyan and his husband slept in.

Maybe he is a wannabe hero, the one who brings down orange hitler, has picked up the story like it's his and the other people are happy to let him run with it.

Just went back and read the doc and neither of those two pictures were in it. Just people making memes (Have to link the actual site instead of an archive because it breaks their stupid document reader, sorry)

Also nothing provided so far explains the focus on Christopher Steele and FusionGPS.

I'm lamely catching myself up due to pending events. Snagged the graphics in passing a month or so ago: only now digesting. I can only find the published dossier listing the Ritz Carlton Presidential Suite golden shower scene, but not the poop & big guy pasta. A line at the top of Big Guy looks to recount TRUMP threatening to crash a plane. And's Poop is detail/note #22 - so where are the other pages worth?

Sry I can't speak to any chain of custody/info, but I'm also seeking whatever is closest to original

Is there some larger, maybe even page-numbered, dossier, I'm not finding?

No those pictures are just fake what I linked was the real source document.

Likelihood for fake is great.

That said, the Big Guy pic text isn't justified, yet shares (and lacks) some after-period, after-comma spacing characteristics with the ones you linked, which url is clearly labelled 'full document' - and the Reports are clearly missing numbers from their sequence, despite the hand-written page numbers, elsewhere in the document.

And Source F is described as a 'female hotel staffer' in CIR 080 note 4, though Source E (later quoted) is oddly gender blanked (tranny?kek).

Just sayin oddities abound, not all of them Spacey. Might not the Big Guy pic I snagged somechan be sourced from another CIR, exonerated by whomever at Buzzfeed stupid the hand numbering.

Agree it's all bullshit larp. But which parts when and by whom?

I'm not all that interested in the contents of the document than where they actually came from, and the chain of events that lead to its release.

Agree, my curiosity went to specious. As does the dossier's carefully *expurgated release to the public, leaving out the parts that screamed "this is all bullshit!", and would have discredited it's utility, for FISA & otherwise.

sry for any added noise

Wilson toesteps around saying he gave the info to /his/ candidate for president, McMullin; and he doesn't release any non-journalists from anything. He also called the halfchan traffic "spin". Not "lies". Quite the epistemologist.

And pic related is McNeverTrump's spin on FusionGPS

Forgot pic


I cant find my cap showing everyone laughing about the dossier being picked up on cuckchan. It was invented by halfchan Holla Forumsacks ay

you're right, news orgs talked about 'salacious' details being removed from the document. dunno what was removed but if these details (big guy 4u) were in the original, this is clearly a grab by fusion and dems to get anything possible on trump proven or unproven. The text showing the big guy comments has a similar style and all-caps bullshit. Either way it's a hit piece with not much to back it up. Timeline is fucked anyway from misinfo but there was absolutely a post on half ~2 days before it released that claimed "they took the bait". Later after the document released supposedly the same person posting the same image of a rageface said "they took what I gave them and added a russian spy angle to it". It released through buzzfeed for fucks sake and it is NOT legitimately an intelligence document its style is informal and contains many errors. Steele seems to have been a proxy to legitimise the claims from fusion. This is the best timeline ITT

Maybe a kind user has the caps I'm talking about and can share them.

I don't think there is any hard proof other than Rick wilson being trolled on twatter and claiming damaging info he and others referred to as "the thing". I think it's pretty well substantiated that "the thing" is the dossier. The fact that Rick wilson knew about it well before others suggests that the half chan user feeding piss stories to Rick was taken as real evidence.

The "john mccain gives to intelligence agencies" is probably where Steele fits in. The intel clique is pretty incestuous and since wilson is friends with ex intel Mcmuffin it kind of makes sense that they would use Steele to try to substantiate this nonsense, regardless of whether or not the information was at all legitimate. Remember, he was using money from fusion to pay for evidence so the incentive to substantiate any nonsense they might have gotten from Wilson was as large as the checks Fusion was willing to sign. Again, just my speculation on how this fits together, no hard proofs, but Wilson definitely got trolled.

Some of you guys are fucking dank so I’m gonna tell you the real truth of the matter:

Yes, it was first posted about on Holla Forums and, yes, it was sent by an user to eichenwald, who took the bait and ran with it. And, yes, they really fell for this ruse. But, here’s the part that hasn’t been known…. His name was John Miller.

it was rick wilson, not eichenwald newfriend

We don’t need ‘hard proof’. We wield the memes. We create the proof.

No shit, I’m memeing echenwald to be dragged into this too.

/r/ing the full fanfic so I don't have to dig for it




Steele didn't even write the dossier. It was written by Russians if you look at the writing/grammar.

He admitted to not speaking to a single Russian or verifying any of it. He was added in later on to make the story sound more legit.

We need more ppl making this clearer through memes/images with #memogate coming today.

Dems are abso-fucking-lutely screwed.

The most incredible thing about this whole story is that the democraps actually believed it. They actually believed a multi-billionaire would engage in compromising acts at a location where cameras could be easily planted. I guess the fantasies about Trump being an incompetent idiot are indeed real in their mind, and not just propaganda for their retarded supporters.

No, those passages are obviously fake. When the "dossier" came out anons made a bunch of parody/hoax images in a similar style.

Here's the best rundown of the case so far:

must've been one hell of an implicit dicking