Why does that board even exist anymore? Why doesn't Hiro just nuke it? It would save bandwith anyways the kiddies will go back to /r/4chan. The entire board is a god damn shill shitfest

Why do you even know whether or not it still exists?

Lurking there for laughs at the idiotic posts

A buffer zone


buffer states, for content distillation

leftists larping as nazis and paid people as well as bots to post all kinds of brainwashing gibberish

That's is pisswater-jim's dream. A 4chan exodus is the only thing that would save his dying website and prevent an Holla Forums exodus.

If 4/pol/ is nuked, 8/pol/ will be overrun with refugees. Their would be little reason for them to assimilate as the current board culture becomes a minority on its own board. Then 8/pol/ becomes just like old 4/pol/ and also needs to be nuked. Is this what you want?

Glad you enjoy it. Go back and stay.



a thread died for this.

Then we move to a new site and the cycle starts again

If it were up to me, I would have several boards on cuckchan to act as several buffer zones so if that one tumbles out the cucks will trickle into the other containment boards.

He's 100% right about the red vs blue faggotery. And the reddit poofters are using 4/pol/ as a jumping point to get to this board and bringing that shit here as the dominate narrative.

Except normies probably found it through google, they can't find this if it's unlisted.

we need to crowdfund our own website that's just Holla Forums moderated by mods that the community can moderate back that are accountable to their actions and where we all set our own rules.

and host it somewhere where the jew has no influence

This meme needs to end. Any thread that gets killed off by another thread clearly wasn't going anywhere anyway.

Truthfully, 8/pol/ already has been overrun with refugees. We have been getting these types of threads weekly for years now. What does that tell you?

Fuck off faggot, this isn’t a meme. Shitty threads kill off good threads near the bottom of the catalog. If you want to have shit threads then 4cuck is one URL address change away.

This guy seems like one of those dunning kruger types.
>i'm the only one who really knows the truth
Sure you are, nigger.

As if the state of this board is any better. This place has long been cucked. Its not that board culture is getting destroyed or phased out it is being subverted.

There are havens like this once was… Find them

Just looks at the hundreds of #GreatAwakening #QAnon idiots who started following Holla Forums on twitter since the whole shit LARP started 2 or so months ago.
Boomers and soccer moms all over the place. These are the people we're dealing with here.

Well if the commercials on the talmudvision are right then we can expect a third of boomers to have HEP or another venereal disease from their degenerate lifestyles. Hopefully they'll start dropping like flies soon.

That's the price we pay for using imageboards, we have to deal with shills and subversion constantly.
If you'd rather join a forum and worship mods and circlejerk with autists and have no self awareness, go ahead.
Forums died out because they were awful and as the internet evolved their alternatives (like imageboards) became more enticing.

We don’t give a shit. Go back to your kike site.