ITT: We dox our enemies

Gazi Kodzo aka "Black Hitler"

Real name: Augustus C. Romain II
Age:25 - 29
Address: 1289 Golf Link Dr.
City/State: Stone Mountain, Georgia

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Or you can fuck off back to half.

Are you mad because he dumped you?

Black Hitler? Fuck off, faggot. Don't compare that fucking crazy nigger fag to Hitler.


Lol. This is nigger larping taken to the extreme.

Imagine meeting a talking monkey named "Augustus".

He's also a spastic nigger who pretends to be an oppressed gangsta who grew up in the hood, but 'educated' himself to the woke reality of what's happening to niggers. If the dox are accurate, he's living in a pretty wealthy neighborhood and his parents probably paid for his entire college education where he got some bullshit black studies degree in between getting Marx's ideological dick rammed up his ass.

He'd look better as road kill.

No, we make him popular, don't dox him or take him serious



We've got IDs here m80. I thought this was a little fishy to begin with, but it's obvious that someone is trying to astroturf drama, because Holla Forums doesn't actually care about this screeching, retarded niggerfaggot.

I was away yesterday but did anyone dox Harry Shukman, the guy who blogs on who doxed that 17 year old reddit poster from the_donald?

ain't gon b doxxan Yung Kang homie

Gazi's a fool, and he's doing his own movement more damage than we ever could. Let him continue "helping" his people. That'll be profoundly more satisfying to his enemies.

Makes sense that he has a Roman forename since Marcus is a popular nog first name.

Hi Gazi. Want attention?

Why am I getting the feeling that you are the nigger in that picture?

what is the point in going after nobodies like this?

Stike fear in enemy's ranks, making they know that nobody is safe, even the smallest bee.

I took one look in his eyes and knew he was a Georgia nigger.

Hey ~~rabbi~ gazi, whatcha doin'?

you don't paralyze an army by striking a soldier, you do it be striking the general

How dare he bare the name of the fuhrer
oh wait I don't care

You think that faggot is our enemy? Not only is he foolish and powerless, he manages to accidentally redpill people on blacks AND fags. He's one of our greatest allies.

This is fake photo… this guy has noseberg name and claims he has been livingand working in the near east while positing a photo of acandian blondie… all bulkshites…these low tier sites are usuing auto editors and fake public facing accounts, mostly cause no shekles to pay for anyone and also cause easier to lack acountability

….your ebonics is showing

"This post doesn't smell (((fishy))) at all" says user facetiously.

One off with nigger speech, unsurprising.

these shills seem to think that they can derail Holla Forums by simply spamming, trying to D&C with weak-ass ideological fractures, and now by trying to get us to get all charged up over some halfwit nigger youtube eceleb that most people here have never even heard of. my only guess as to what is going on is that they know shit is about to hit the fan, so they had to pull some of the shills off of their usual cuckchan assignment and reassign them here. and they didnt have time to actually brief them on how this board is different.

there is simply no other explanation for how incompetent this new batch of shills is.

i, nor anyone else on this board, gives a shit about some idiot fucking redditor who boasted about getting his classmates deported by posting HIS FUCKING STUPID MUG AS THE START IF THE THREAD.

havent had a chance to say this in a while, but…



Updates in

I appreciate what you're trying to do, but niggers don't have jobs to be fired from.

There's a dedicated thread on baph for doxing lefties.

We are also getting ready to focus some of our efforts on the lefties within google (OP GOOLAG)

Things are getting to the point where going full-CoIntelPro on the left is becoming a necessity for our own survival.

Oh, and also, make sure to dump dox on darkweb-pol. (I2P network)


Once new a nigger named Robsley. Nice kid, but Robsley? A nigger is a nigger, no matter how fancy the name.


oompa, loompa, mooncrickety-doo
I've got a nigger of a story for you
Augustus "Coon" Junior Romain
was a yard ape with a tiny ass brain
oompa, loompa, niggotry-doo
saddest part was, his dick was small too

Lol I looked up his address. Look at the aerial view. It is a former country club and or golfing neighborhood. Back when I lived in Atlanta I remember hearing about all the country clubs/golf courses shutting down. His neighborhood is clearly one of the ones where nigs moved in, did their nigger bullshit thus nobody wanted to play golf there anymore so the golf course shut down. You can see the paved golf cart paths are all cracking and have weeds growing out of them now.

isnt that the monkey's name from planet of the apes?

The world needs a black Hitler so blacks can peacefully leave White countries and become absolute Kangz in their homeland, free from White oppression.


What the actual fuck is that thing…


I don't like monkeys.

NYPA faggot

Since I can't make a new thread and since it is semi-related, allow me to use this one for it:

Just thought to let you know that the developer of Subnautica, "Unknown Worlds Entertainment", has recently fired a guy because he was stating on his private twitter account that basically when you import nignogs, you end up with a shithole country in accordance with the laws of nature, and he also said he identified as an attack helicopter with regards to a (((youtube))) survey on "Which gender do you most identify as?"

Some sources: