I work on Capitol Hill and I managed to read the memo. It's as bad as you think and even worse...

I work on Capitol Hill and I managed to read the memo. It's as bad as you think and even worse. While I can't release too much, expect the following information tomorrow:

– Foreign intelligence agencies from the EU actively collaborated with the FBI in spying on Trump.
– Trump was sent anonymous messages of damning items that had been spied on him and was told to drop out or else.
– The agencies were shit scared Trump was going to scale them back. One agent said: "No way that orange retard is going to jeopardize my salary."
– Evidence that Hillary was going to use supposed Russian meddling in the election to escalate tensions with Russia, using the dossier as a basis.

You've been warned.

Larp until proven otherwise. Your 1st, 3rd, and 4th points have been speculated about for almost a year now, at least since Trump tweeted about getting wiretapped in Trump tower. The 2nd, however, is new to me. Should that come about I might be inclined to believe you.

Where do Obamanigga fit in this ?

dad Nintendo etc

The buildup makes me think nothing is going to come of it even if it were revealed hillary, obama and the rest of democrats were in a pedo cannibal orgy together.

reported for LARP

My same thoughts exactly.
So wed. will tell the tale we have been waiting to hear.
Until then to larp or not.

Of congress is allowed to read it
tally so far 190 R's have read 10 D's
D's no wanna release it

When and where were these items then released?

Big if true.

My dad has confirmed that Super Mario 4 is going to come out soon, and it blows the past three out of the water.

There are lots of congressional aides and researchers that work for members. They saw it. I'll believe you, for now.

Q-LARP is more believable, queer.
That’s proof you know nothing.
We already know that.
We already know that (re: past FBI/CIA ops)
We already know that, given that Trump has openly said this will happen.
We already know that.
You literally read our board for the last few months and are trying to spin information you got here as news to us.
Let’s recap:
Kill yourself before we get our hands on you or you’re going to WISH the holocaust had happened.

Your dad’s an idiot. Super Mario 65 is the next one! My uncle works for Steam; he said so.

I work on Capitol Hill as well! I've also read the memo! It says that you're a faggot

I don't know, you guys are getting awfully worked up over a larp….

I hate attention-whoring lying faggots like you so much.

How many threads, cocksucker?


fuck off you piece of shit. everybody already knows literally everything you said. the point of the memo is that it is compiled by nunez and has within it classified information that proves these points beyond a shadow of a doubt. if you can't prove who you are/won't dump the classified info then fuck off and die and don't come back. so tired of larpers claiming inside baseball

Seriously doubt OP is anything other than a shill trying to seed the meme that there's dirt to be found on Trump. The most well funded intelligence agencies on Earth have been trying to find dirt on him for years with every reason to use it, if there were any it would be out by now.

This isn't cuckchan, faggot.

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this is fake news by Democrats scrounging to confuse the narrative.