6-year graduation rates at historically black universities under 20%

>“Yes, there are some HBCUs that have low graduation rates,” said Marybeth Gasman, an education professor at the University of Pennsylvania who directs the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions, in an email to the AJC. “And some that are in the single digits. . . . This is problematic and a school must do better by having summer bridge programs, peer-to-peer mentoring, student success centers — all focused on increasing retention and graduation rates.”

Timed graduation rates are mostly about how many of the students are part time.

Fascinating. I never knew why institutions focused so much on 4 year graduation programs. Full time students nets them the most money, and keeps kids out of their parents' lives.

Took me 7 years to get a degree. I worked the whole time.

I also apparently type like I came from reddit.


Understand that these schools are not even teaching real classes. They are the equivalent of remedial high school work for the most part. They simply cant get their freeloading student body to even show up to get easy A's.

Any sauce on what the course studies actually are?
Black studies and sports medicene and sheeit?
Math dept Algebra I&II intro to Geometry?

The problem is their standards are too low for acceptance. The problem is they have geniuses not being educated, and niggers not passing the grade.


Shocking, how this is even possible?
This is fault of institutionalized racism! Call SPLC!

Of course, you're oppressing them by existing :^)

BUMP. Was going to post this. What a fucking joke. This proves all their claims are bullshit and niggers are just fucking retards.

Did you somehow feel the need for proof user?

5% graduation rate, 7%, 10%…This is absolutely damning.

And conclusively so.

Around 95% of niggers are literally functional, clinical retards JUST AS INDICATED BY THEIR IQ SCORES which we're told aren't applicable because of cultural reasons. Good joke, this proves they're perfectly applicable and above all accurate.

They should do what all multicultural colleges and high schools do and reduce the standards of education and pass the students even if they fail hard.

On a less sarcastic note, what this means is that less than 20% of the mulattos there are capable of graduating. The ones that did graduate won the mixed race lottery and had half a white brain. Mixed race blacks are that incapable, as if anyone needed a reminder.

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I am very surprised.

Not 95%, user. 50%. Their IQ gauss peaks at 85 which means half of them are below 85 and half of them are above 85. It's fine if you want to shit talk niggers but don't say things that are not true.

박근혜 불륜설-정홍원 전 총통의 세월호 소식

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IQ is a measure of distribution among a population; its not designed to average out at anything, its designed to average out at the actual average intelligence of a population. Are you retarded user? Do you actually believe Ashkenazi jewish IQ is meant to average out at 100 and they're all genius tier?

There is literally nothing wrong with line breaks between short paragraphs. The only people who freak out about that are underage spergs and D&C shills.

We aren't writing novels. We aren't drafting long-form articles. Shitposting has its own cadence.

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So they're essentially a money laundering scheme or something similar?

I think what he meant was the fact that by definition, an IQ of 100 is the average.

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Schools don't give a fuck about their graduation rates, they care about making the most amount of money so they can spread the wealth around their friends. Those remedial classes and 100/200 level courses are held in large lecture halls where there is no more variable cost to the college in having 100 students attend the class or 400. This makes those lecture hall classes BIG TIME money makers for all universities.

So the universities pile as many Tyrones and Shaniquas into those large lecture courses as possible. They use a combination of grant money, state funding and good ol' non-dischargible debt to get the tuition fees collected. Maximum Shekels. It is most ideal for the college if the students attend big lecture hall courses for 4-5 semesters and drop out before getting to more specific upper level courses that can require one professor per 15 students.


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That is for the USA where they can get first world education. In parts of Africa average IQ scores of 65-75 are reported.

Can you fill up a degree in the United States with high school level courses? That would devalue a Bsc quite a lot.

In my country they're reduced to 3 years and government gives free public travel to students. You already get the general stuff from first year in your high school education so you only need 3.

Since travel is fee, financially it's the best move to stay with parents. A room is expensive + added costs of food and living makes it more expensive. In this way your study can easily cost you 20-30k in living expenses over 3 years time which would be debt, instead of it costing only 6k over 3 years.

I didn't pay more than 3k overall and studied in northern europe and my university is top notch. Many U.S. university are completely overpriced for what they offer, probably because kikes deliberately search for people who are stupid and subvertible enough to pay such crazy amounts and make mad dosh in the process.

This fucking faggotry about "earlobe spacing" is really annoying, and has been annoying since the time when T_D was in any way relevant.

It actually is - you could design any score to be IQ-like by asking questions on a sample group, and making it a value from 0 to 200 that averages out at 100. Also worthy of note is that the higher (or lower) from 100, the harder it is to go further. Those nigger countries with average IQ of 60 are astonishing in that they can muster enough intellect for breathing and walking.

Niggers also have substantial white admixture in the US. Education doesn't raise adult IQ.


If less than 10% are graduating doesn't it mean the course load is super hard and demanding?

We wuz prestigious.

Isn't it 100 because that's the avg white IQ? It's even close to 100 if you just average out the other groups like US black and hispanic with asian and ashkenazi jews.

Then it is a faulty measure of analysis for the group. You cannot factually state that a bunch of niggers should have an avg iq of 100 because the test was made to average at 100. You also don't average it at 100 because of a possible point score. If we did that for a high school exam with a range of 0-100 it would mean the average score would be 50 and thus anyone above that is an above average student which is clearly erroneous as the actual average of the group will be based on their scores on that scale.
Whats truly astonishing is when you realize pigeons can still manage to do complex tasks (think carrier pigeons) while niggers are incapable of the most basic of tasks. The current state of the negro is so awful it is preferable to instead invite fucking birds to live in our civilization rather than another race of "human", if you can even call them that.

I work at a community college. tons of nogs take the assessment test and get placed into algebra 1 level shit. That alone adds a year to their graduation assuming they wont fuck up and get a D in a remedial class

"Because an education is a terrible thing to waste on a nigger's mind."

That is nice in theory, however with most "quality" IQ tests you can increase the test score by specifically training for taking these kind of tests. Which should of course not be the case.

The question you need to ask is what are you measuring., or more precisely what is the external validity of an IQ test as way to measure the concept of innate intelligence.

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