Well lads, talk me out of weed

well lads, talk me out of weed
its being shilled in my country and im curious what u guys think
also specially wanna talk to dutch, how its going, what effects it gave and if its true it got shit ton of teens hooked on harder drugs

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NYPA, lurk 2 years before posting.

Hint: Jews own the cannibis industry, so

well, if joos are in industry, why are they trying to legalize it

Wasting your fucking life causes depression. FACT.
Except all the depressed, waste-of-space stoners who offed themselves.
Bone-idle non-producing hippies cost the economy TRILLIONS.
You belong in the bog you waste of oxygen.

nigger i picked that one for lulz

any dutch bros?
really wanna hear whats habbening there sice i read somewhere about hard drug abuse in teens

Weed makes you gay

Holla Forums, the only place that is skeptical about the government's absolute power except when it comes to weed

great thread op

1. Is as addictive as tobacco
2. Causes lung cancer, emphysema and peripheral vascular disease
3. Long-time use decreases a persons IQ by as many as 10 points
4. Kills sperm cells causing impotence.

I'm not in favor of legalizing anything which has long term behavior modifying effects so powerful that it has spawned an entire subculture. The behavioral dependencies that these kinds of drugs foster are much more damaging than many known physically addictive substances. Cocaine, like Marijuana, creates no physical dependency yet if you replaced cannabis with it in OP's chart, it would be mocked like the propaganda piece it is.

Do you want to forget what you were saying half way through a sentence? Do you want to struggle to maintain a coherent thought pattern and feel like the thought is going to slip right out of your head while youre trying to remember it, because someone else is talking? Do you want to be a non-motivated slug of a human, with higher than average estrogen levels and a whole list of other negative effects?

shoop it already


You wot, equating a bit of sleeplessness with full on nicotine withdrawals. I stopped cannabis after 7 years of daily smoking without any adverse effects.
Source required, as far as the literature ive read all of this is false.
Undoubtedly false, it promotes neurogenesis. I wonder if the study that found this long term association controlled for the bad habits that invariably occur due to hedonistic use, aka bad food, sedentary lifestyle, poor quality of sleep, prolific porn consumption and masturbation etc etc
Would like source for this as this is something ive not come across before, but would again be subject to the same conjecture as point 3.

The negative effects I have personally encountered are all to to do with personal issues already existing prior to smoking the herbaljew, ie no motivation, chronic procrastination, poor sleep and impulse control, amplifying hedonistic behaviors. The only chemical issue that affected me relates to sleep again, where it inhibits REM sleep, which is easily mitigated provided you can self control enough to not smoke at least 2hrs before bed.

"Grit-Weed" will fucking kill you or slowly damage your lungs if it's micro-grit. Perhaps this is why Israel has now vowed to become the largest exporter of weed, go figure. Grow your own if you insist on smoking it. It lowers your IQ though, that's already proven. Not to mention there's that thing now about long-term users having a disorder where cannaboids clog up parts of your brain and cause an untreatable vomit-disorder. They've been seeing more cases of this in Colorado. Look it up.

Let the niggers and other shitskins smoke weed, keep a straight head, drink green tea and further the 1488.

If you have some sort of issue with dependency, invest in going to the netherlands and take part in an ayahuasca ceremony. Once you reach that point, you'll see how pointless and petty all other chemicals are, especially if you know your path in life, you'll see those things do not contribute to any positive goals. Don't smoke DMT though unless it's completely white, if it has color that's the impurities from the extraction process. The extraction process involves industrial solvents, that's why I advise against smoking and stick with ingesting. Other than that are mushrooms (which are in a related class since they're both tryptamines) I'm about as anti-drug as Duterte.

I should add once upon a time it was instrumental to breaking my conditioning, a vector for me to start questioning the official narrative and thusly falling down a rabbit hole that has landed me here. These days though I recognize that its served its purpose and I no longer wish to consume it like I once did, recognizing how it exacerbated my manchild traits and put me on cruise control. I think it has merit as a tool for potentially waking up normies so they can start taking steps to rinse their mind of years of indoctrination, but should not be something you identify with or pursue long term.

OP is a weed smoking faggot.

Well then if its so great, why hasn't its most fervent users done anything with their lives?

Its a mental addiction, and smokes have a thousand different chemicals added in on top of the actual tobacco you can get in indian smokes without that shit. You might not have noticed it but you will have some minor withdrawl effects, irritability etc.

Even entertaining that idea is degenerate. gtfo

Here's the deal, OP. I live in a state where cannabis is legal. It hasn't led to increases in cannabis usage in any age group and it has led to slight reductions in drinking and hard-drug related deaths and abuse. Legalization is not really going to change drug usage in your country much, except for maybe cause some people to shift from alcohol to cannabis. With respect to teens getting hooked on harder drugs, I imagine it has a slight opposite effect, since they're less likely to go to underground dealers for weed. Either way, legalization doesn't really change much other than freeing up some space in prison and generating more tax shekels.
I used to use cannabis regularly in my early 20's, primarily to help manage a medical condition, but haven't consumed it in a number of years. I don't think of cannabis users as being much different from users of other common drugs like alcohol. The real question is why you feel the need to alter your thoughts. Sometimes people use drugs because they can't stand being with their thoughts and need constant stimulation and distraction. To this end, you'll always be chasing your own tail and will only make yourself more and more miserable as you experience rapidly diminishing returns. This is also true for people addicted to social media, imageboards, tv, etc. Needing something to drown out your thoughts and natural state is not healthy. Mindfulness meditation is a much healthier way of managing your thoughts and emotions. That being said, it really does work better than almost any pharmajew product for managing some health conditions, so i judge usage on a person-by-person basis. If you're going to consume cannabis, there are a few rules
1. Never smoke cannabis. smoking is very damaging to your lungs and is a very inefficient way to consume. Vaporizing gets rid of 99% of these health issues and you won't smell like skunk shit.
2. Keep your consumption to the weekends, and treat it like someone who casually has a drink or two with buddies at a bar. Smoking every day will fuck up your concentration and memory in the short term. Furthermore, you reach a plateau of tolerance where you can only get "so high" even if you smoke all day. The returns diminish super fast with regular use, so always give yourself multiple days in between consumption.
3. It's not cool to smoke weed. Don't think it's an edgy or adult thing to do. It's fucking gay, just like drinking. If you consume cannabis, be discrete about it and feel bad for being a faggot.
4. Before you consume, ask yourself why you need to get high right now. 99% of the time, if you don't use it medicinally, the reason is "i'm bored". Getting high makes being bored and doing nothing fun, which is the exact opposite of what it's supposed to be. Boredom is supposed to motivate action and cannabis negates that motivation.

Check this blog out as a warning. I was smoking 84% THC vapes (TKO cartridges) to ease the pain and inflammation from a serious back injury. I started using it habitually for around a year to the point where I would barely feel high at all when using them. It worked ok for my back and helped the healing and PT, but holy fucking shit I fucked up really bad stopping cold turkey. For literally two weeks I was having nearly every symptom of a major heart attack ongoing from waking to sleep, non-stop panic attacks, and levels of physical anxiety that I did not even dream possible and wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. If you continually rape your brain chemistry for long enough, here are the symptoms caused by the anxiety alone:
intense irrational/primal fear of death, nausea, sweating, chills/shivering, no appetite, chest pain/pressure that causes even more anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, heart fluttering and palpitations, burning skin sensation (feels like sunburn), constant lightheadedness, mild dizziness, physical weakness, diarrhea, strange tastes in mouth.

I knew it would only last a few weeks, but at times I seriously thought about how nice it would feel to blow my brains out with some 00. Basically it will cause indirect dopamine agonist withdrawal if you smoke daily for years and quit. It's kind of neat though because the first initial panic attacks came out of nowhere and gave me a taste of what imminent certain death feels like. Not fun, but now I know how I will react when I have minutes left to live.

Sage this shit.
Drugs are a NO-NO.

Marijuana is associated with Saturn worship. There are many strains, some of which are helpful medicine or tolerable vices on occasion, but the drug industry and the black market are both controlled by (((them))) and the so called (((pot culture))) on TV is designed to incept poor behavior in marijuana users. There's nothing overly wrong with smoking a bit of hash and playing an instrument in your garage, but there's a lot wrong with wasting your life away watching (((their))) conditioning and eating cereal.

consider this OP
doing recreational drugs in the first place, even if they don't do anything good OR bad, is degenerate


sage for shit thread, but in case you're honestly curious:

weed is a phenomenal tool for dealing with the surplus population. unless you think everyone, and that includes the sub-100 IQ mongrels, have a part to play in our 21st century economy, then weed is an integral component of social cohesion. /ourguy/ ted kaczynski noted that the greatest threat to industrial society was the bulk of the population being denied the power process. marijuana simulates the power process. useless people can achieve the same sense of self worth as the truly accomplished with regular application of this affordable medication. alcohol does not achieve the same result. alcohol only makes you temporarily not care that you're useless. when you sober up, the deprivation manifests. stoners are convinced they are somehow contributing, whether it be through their shitty music or art or delusional conspiracy theories, they manifest the power process and are thus content.

this is the true power of the devil's lettuce. on top of this, stoners can be put to work with trivial, repetitive tasks like light assembly. they can still contribute to the industrial economy.

I lost friends to weed duude! obsession "lifestyle." Everything about their existence became weed, scoring weed, consistency, taste, smell, bands, smoking, buzz, waxing on and on about weed 24/7, but it's no addictive..

s/bands/brands aka stupid names they give to xyz "styles" of weed/

If you even consider any kind of literal poison you should leave this place or lurk for at least 2 years.

this is such a loaded term, i really wish people would stop using it. Caffeine is super physically addicting, but it doesn't ruin friendships. Tv is not physically addicting at all, but my lifelong-tv-watching boomer parients fucking flip their shit when they have to sit in my house with no tv for more than 30 minutes. It's not about addiction per se, it's about how much of your personality and life revolves around your hobbies.

it's my personal opinion that marijuana makes you momentarily retarded and more open to suggestion. hence when you watch TV high your subconscious mind is more easily manipulated. It might also lower testosterone levels the more a subject abuses it.

Just like it's not good for you to drink too much or sit around watching tv, smoking too much weed isn't good for you. I personally only make edibles, and normally avoid weed altogether in favor of red wine or ahahyasca.

Avoid most alkaloids (especially opiods) or amphetamines, and treat all substances with respect. Otherwise you'll wind up like pic related.

Nice post user

Every problem you think weed is going to make go away, will still be there when you sober up, and you could have spent the money on something else. That being said, I'd rather see people smoke weed rather than drink, if I had to choose.

There's nothing to weed, and people go ga ga over it like there's some vast deep woo woo to wax about it nonstop. How is something so nothing get turned into 24/7 consuming existence if not addictive? I suppose you could say it's a placebo that just reveals the nothing that those people are to begin with.

Yeah, many people I know (or rather, used to know) who smoke weed are into nothing else.

Hell of a musician though.

That pic is a pack of lies.
Weed is tremendously addictive. It's a simplification to call it a gateway drug, but tons of meth and opiate users turned to that stuff when their weed stopped working.
Exactly the opposite.
Haha, no.
Except for the DUI fatalities, people killed by Scythians (who inhaled fumes from burning plants before battle), people who mixed their cannabis with other drugs, etc.
You smoke a small part of the plant, which has to be grown like space tomatoes in a hydro bay to get a good THC concentration.
True for weed by itself, but easy to do with cannabis oil, pills, brownies, etc.
Wrong. Cannabis smoke is more toxic than tobacco smoke. That's why you get that characteristic wheezy laugh – the squamous cells in your trachea are dead.
Maybe. But you could keep a normal schedule and exercise, degenerate.
Why aren't you training for race war? Really, why not find constructive recreation like listening to Classical music and lifting?
It shouldn't have to. Control your nigger impulses, and we wouldn't need laws at all.

I hope this helps.

well op here again my dudes
ive been shitposting on half chan for decades ill admit, mostly /o/ and /fit/(no homo), so much time to waste
also ill admit i did smoke some weed, but once i realised it was fucking me up, yeah that user is right, my sleep schedule went upside down, got weak and lazy af, i was doing labor job back then. many shit happend said in this thread in short and said fuck it and havent smoked for long time, dont even want to.
but that thing is being shilled 24/7 on tv right now and literal dude weed lmaos are talking about it all the time

nah mysleep went to shit when i started to smoke

Everyone else seems to have run through you like a 22 year old girl in college, but I guess I will take a few shots also.

2 claims here. 1 has to do with physical withdraw symptoms. I am only going off my own experiences but I have definitely had mental withdraw symptoms from cannabis. used to smoke a lot, like a lot a lot, and it would be between a week and a month of stopping before I had could do almost anything without thinking about how much I wanted to smoke pot. I am probably closing in on a year out now and hardly ever think about it.

healing: citations needed. notice the S at the end of that word.

ANTI-depressant. From what I remember cannabis was in its own category/was placed in many since it had such widely varied effects on different people.

Cures cancer. Citations needed. again, I have heard/seen anecdotal evidence of this but as far as I know there isn't a medical study that says this. mostly because of how absurdly legalistic the language is and if you claim something is a cure you will get hammered by the FDA.

ZERO deaths. yea, from overdose maybe, but not from people who have other problems that get exacerbated by the effects. someone who might have otherwise not have committed a murder, even if only drunk. you can't separate the drugs in a persons system and say "well clearly only the angle dust is what caused him to do 105 on the country road and hit the telephone pole" with any sense of accuracy.

SAVES Billions. means nothing. you haven't defined it in any serious way. If you factor in wasted man power hours, or reduced drive towards innovation or other non-obvious draw backs this makes the claim tacitly untrue. Yes, artists "get high and are inspired" but very few other professions are.

Overdose, acceptable claim. assuming there aren't tremendous amounts of pesticides or other stuff on the drug.

Protects… Citations needed. Like all the other claims that come without supporting medical evidence, imagine if I replaced the word cannabis with the acronym MDMA or the word cocaine. You would not accept those claims based on my word alone for those drugs, why should I accept yours?

Intentionally combustible, not a positive trait. just a happenstance of cured plant life. In the same way the drawback of alcohol being flammable is a happenstance of the chemical composition of the alcohol. In fact, the best ways to ingest cannabis don't involve its flammability (vaporizer or edibles) so this isn't really even a point.

Reparative. citations needed.

restful sleep. I don't have dreams, or at least can't remember them, when I smoke cannabis. That suggests to me that I might not be entering REM sleep and not getting restful sleep. I need citations for this claim, ALSO hangover/pain have nothing to do with sleep so this is a false dichotomy, like many of these claims.

Laughter and the munchies. Unless you smoke so much that you feel like a robot without a program inserted. Or eat so many edibles that you have an anxiety attack. Or are the kind of person that gets incredibly paranoid after a single hit.

Causes DVD rentals/Pizza Orders. or domestic violence/public violence for some people. Again this is ignoring large populations who don't handle this drug like you do. You can't just assume that if something works one way on you it works that way on all others, for example I can consume large amounts of caffeine and still go to sleep.

Prohibition doesn't work today. Maybe one of the few legitimate points. and that is just maybe. The way we go about it doesn't work, and that might have a large amount to do with popular culture pushing the idea that cannabis is "totally harmless and in fact enhances your life in every way imaginable!"

very convincing. Shows exactly how loose you are with words and what level of "listen and believe" you want others to engage in.

So it's being shilled on TelAvivision, and you're wondering whether it has an upside for goyim?

Go back and look at the horrid grammar in your last post. The smoky Jew has eaten your cortex, weed-user.

Eat right. Sleep well. Lift. See a doctor for biennial cognitive testing to see if you're making progress. Force yourself to acquire a new skill to stretch your brain (e.g. CPR, new language, ham radio, etc.).

And for god's sake, take some pride in yourself and plan a family for when you're not stupid anymore. We've got enough niggers.

i not saying its fucking good
what the fuck am i supposed to do to shill against it
i have a damn 12yo brother who i dont want to become wigger

im from caucasus georgia nothing to do with ur nigger statistics

That's another thing, the friends that became weed dudes used to do things before they transformed.

im from caucasus georgia nothing to do with ur nigger statistics

im doing it lad, grammar is shit cuz murican isnt my ,,mother'' language and fuckall english i know is learnt from internet


Like a few others in this thread, I too was a daily user for several years. I will say that smoking weed helped me become more social, become more inspired to lose weight and eventually find my wife, but being a pothead is degenerate as fuck. Weed isn't the worst thing in the world, and honestly is better for you than booze, but to be the Supreme Patriarch that you should be, you should not be consuming drugs with any regularity if at all. As far as addiction goes, the first time I tried to quit I failed nearly immediately, but I was also surrounded by other potheads and like 19 years old. Most recently, I stopped smoking weed one day and just never started again. That was a year ago. I think a bit more clearly, my dreams are much more vivid, and my lungs are much healthier.
OP, if you really do intend to smoke weed, just keep it to weekends and occasional weeknights. Never smoke when you have something important to do later, and don't allow yourself to get to the point where you feel like you need to be high to enjoy things. You should face life sober, and dedicate your time to studying, lifting, practicing martial skills and finding a woman to impregnate.

Apart from showing him what weed has done to you?

Seriously though, the way forward is to instill in him the pride Holla Forums has been trying to cultivate in whites since the First Exodus. Inspire him with a sense of his destiny as a white man, his duty to his people, and the challenging times we live in. He must not want to try that filth, or else there's no level of supervision that will work.

Why not take up some sport, like track and field, where you have to be alert and clean or your results will slip? That way, he can be focused on shaving Olympic seconds off his time, and whatever slows him down will not be attractive because it's for losers.

As for being a wigger, what's wrong with your arms? Smack the shit out of him the first time he calls you "dawg." That's what older brothers are for.

When I stopped smoking my dreams felt realer than being awake the first week. They were so clear and coherent that instead of thinking I had multiple dreams after waking up, I could see how it was all just one dream and I was walking from scene to scene. Pretty cool, except for the ones where I dreamed I was laying in my bed in an exact copy of my room having a seizure.


h-how about attacking tooj like madman? i-im /o/tist after all should i take that little cunt with me sometimes? im nervious about crashing

My apologies. I figured you were a typical Florida man with cognition issues from weed. God knows we have plenty of those.

You're not a Gypsy, are you?

How long did this lucid dreaming transformation take?

look mom i maymayd again


Kill yourself.

They weren't fully lucid. In fact, they were so immersive and real feeling that I probably wouldn't have been able to accept/realize that I was in a dream. About three days after stopping is when it peaked. Around two weeks and my dreams are back to normal.

Budget savings in the prison system are reason alone to legalize weed.
Other than that you should stay away from it because it leads to degeneracy.

I'm in the same questioning boat OP. I've gone to the dudeweed store a few times. I've never smoked it but I've done the edibles. They seem a lot more user friendly, longer lasting, and generally healthier than the instant gratification smoke.

However I have my doubts. Its the liberal shitholes that all have it legally as recreation. Many states allow it now for medicinal use and only a small handful have it 100% illegal.
I cannot imagine a scenario where the jews would allow such a beneficial plant to be used unless they out jewed the other jews simply for tax dollars.

As I am able to tell weed isn't a gateway drug or even /x/ tier for usage. Its just an enhancement drug for the creative minded, namely artists, musicians and the like. It can enhance your feels aswell. If you're happy the effect will make you happier, if you're sad or worried you will get anxiety and maybe a bad trip. It has other benefits for healing and fighting cancer though. From personal use I cannot recommend constant every day use, it seems like the correct way to use this plant is to get fucking wasted every other week. Letting the body metabolize and fully detox between uses.

I am not very experienced with it though, I haven't done enough to be an expert and i haven't found a friendly place to discuss it outside of /x/. I've avoided plebbit for obvious reasons.

shit ton prisioners got released but things turned out worse here…

You are a class A fucking retard. Absolutely none of your points are at all factual, all of your pathetic points are easily rebuked with minimal effort. And your gigantic fat nose is poking through my screen. Fuck off you filthy yid

OP, if you want some actual help. I highly recommend Jack Herer’s book “the emperor wears no clothes” it perfectly depicts the jewish take down of this plant for ridiculous reasons based on no evidence, all passed through courts of law with fake testimonials and a barely co-operative WHO. All done to create the DEA which kept natural medicine out of the hands of the goys, forcing us to go down the path of Big Pharma for medical aid. Dont take this thread at its face value. Jews will shill against weed because the last thing they want is for you to educate yourself as to why the plant was made illegal so many decades ago, and why all of a sudden they are spear heading the legalization. Im not going to sit here and write you a novel when Jack Herer already did. Educate yourself, read books, jews couldnt synthasize the thc as good as the plant can, so this was their best problem reaction solution. They created the problem by banning it based on pathetic proof such as refer madness and that waste of time Lancet Report journal where the tested asphyxiation in monkeys not if weed is damaging. Linked it to brain cell loss and thats all she wrote.
As your shitty googled meme states, its non-addictive, its medicinal to say the very least.

from my experience it is opposite. i didnt get to that point and tank god quit before it was too late, but i know people who literally smoke it daily, and when they are out of ,,supply'' they start biting their nails and lips would kill for it lol
its highly addictive

You are from The Netherlands?
What happened that made it worse?

Ok, it is beyond me why you try to be funny in your bullshit reply, but I absolutely vehemently disagree with your baseless claim. Seeing as though you want to throw some bullshit, heres my experience (if you dare believe any bullshit opinion on this website)
I have been smoking for years, daily, infact since I was 19, I am 28 now. everyday without stopping. Two weeks ago I took a two week holiday up north to warmer climate, and absolutely no adverse reactions. I slept well every night. I didnt miss it, I didnt jitter about like you claim people do. In fact it was lovely. People just get too caught up in their own bullshit to realise how powerful they are as a being, and what they are capable of. Stop making excuses for these faggots they will survive without weed. Its not that big of a deal.

Do you feel dumber at all after a decade of smoking?

i can swear up and down im brutally honest and not maymaing



Cannabis, alcohol and tobacco all have beneficial effects if used properly. Of these the first is surely the most helpful. I have proven it to increase mental insight and penetration especially.

Prove that, show me your source. And if he was, he was still a conservative republican, not an A-typical leftist Jew. Maybe its you that needs to take a trip to the zyklon-b rooms. Faggot

I know this feel. It is so jarring when it first happens, it takes you by complete surprise. It really is wonderful. Dreams are a great tool for introspection.

About a week after quitting, I started having intense dreams. If you are looking to lucid dream, there are plenty of resources on the subject. Keep a dream journal and look into the Wake Into Lucid-Dream technique.

9/10. Really got my pistachios pumping.

Pssst, hey jew boy, you forgot to provide them sources. So … cool story sniffy.

Ok, regardless, we have two oposing views on this subject with the apparent same time frame of smoking. Why then did I not suffer any negetive effects yet you did? Maybe I am a more resilient effecient human being than you. Maybe your friends have deeper issues and scape goat their own shortcomings on the lowest common denominator? Thanks to my habitual smoking I have opened my eyes to the lie that is this world, perhaps you all shouldnt be such closed minded judgemental cunts and think somewhat positively. All of us on our own journeys made it to this website. Thanks to our collective hatred of the bigger problem at hand, the jews, not this bullshit divide and conquer rubbish. Weed helped me, just because the jews convinced you its degenerate doesnt make it so. Infact being so argumentative or closed off in my mind is degenerate. So if you wanna sit their on your throne making up absolute wank, go for it. You arent winning any favours.

No, if anything my intellegence has improved, my memory is amazing, and I have no problems thinking critacally and being alone with my thoughts unlike 99% of the sheep in the world. Thanks to weed I stopped social media use, I grow my own weed and vegetables, I read books constantly including the recently recommended culture of critique which I too recommend along with Jack herers book. People are fucking stupid and believe anything, I happily put my money where my mouth is and try shit. Everyone told me weed is bad hmmmmk, then I got high and couldnt believe how lovely it was. I then stopped smoking and read up all I could until my mind was clear and made up. Then I started smoking more and more. Till I hit my peak a few years ago, and now smoke less and less. Its a beautiful natural thing and I aliken it to having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.


1. Marijuana is as addictive as tobacco
Source: archive.is/8zaaR
2. Marijuana causes lung cancer, emphysema and peripheral vascular disease
Source: archive.is/ZSzvR
Source: archive.is/DT9BH
3. Long-time use decreases a persons IQ by as many as 10 points
Source: archive.is/X4c5J
4. Kills sperm cells causing impotence.
Source: archive.is/KD5Kl

Sage because this thread is shit.


The jews are trying to convince you that it's good you fucking retard. Jack Herer is a New York Jew, a simple fucking search proved this, he was fond of Kosher OG. I knew this before I was red pilled and it's made quitting easier.

ITT. Nerd vrigins never tokked some grass

If I stop, can I ever gain those lost 10 IQ points back? Phoneposting, I feel exposed

Dutch here..Weed is harmless and stupid… smoked for many years but not these days as am i work in hanging countries…where the locals ironically smoke more than in Dutchlands.
the problem with whats going on in usa is the fact that an entire industry of kikes will get rich on people spending their money on some shit that should be free or almost free… is a symptom of kile capitalism and not a bad issue with marijuana per se. Holland is a fucking socialist pit in most things…but i like the system of not making drugs either totally a hanging offense nor a profitable industry. If u can do your duty and still smoke something u grew on your farm so night so be it… snopp dog should not be making a fucking weed brand

It's totally harmless as long as you have a good source that doesn't use pesticides and don't buy it off of (((professional growers))). The best thing to do is grow your own and the worst thing that'll happen to you is you might get hungry, assuming you aren't one of the very rare people who are allergic to it.

I'm going to get shat all over for saying this, but there is some truth to this statement. Cannabis destroys people with poor mental fortitude and a lack of curiosity about the world around them, but for people who are "rigorous thinkers" and have a certain cognitive pedigree, cannabis can expand one's level of awareness and mental landscape.
Like psychs, the drug absolutely destroys people who don't have a strong empirical framework for thinking about the world (i.e., people who are not "strongly grounded in reality"), but if you have the mental fortitude to wrestle the beast, you can come out much stronger in so many ways.

If you are a brainlet, weed will make you lazy, stupid and paranoid, but if you are Carl Sagan-tier like pic related there is no denying the potential for cognitive enhancement with occasional, light use.