Calling All Greek Anons (or anyone knowledgeable on this subject)

As we all know, Golden Dawn is a powerful force in Greek politics. They are the closest thing to a "legitimate" national socialist political party in any White nation. They have MPs and more importantly, they are able to control territory and provide services to the local people. This is the most critical thing. Being in control of territory, even if only small areas and providing services that the Greek government will not provide to the People makes the legitimate in the eyes of many Greeks who are ignored by their treasonous government.

What is not so well known or understood is their origins. ITT, knowledgeable anons explain how this organization succeeded where others failed. And what can be learned and adapted to our own nations.

Here is my incomplete understanding of Golden Dawn.
Nikolaos Michaloliakos, seen in the above image stabbing some negro in parliament began his political career by producing a relatively popular third position magazine. He later joined the Greek National Political Union and took command of the youth division from which he launched the Golden Dawn Party. Somehow he managed to build up a powerful base of real activists who took control of the streets in certain areas. Giving psychotic anti-White antfags the treatment they deserve. More importantly, they provide real support networks for Patriotic Greeks in need of aid. In an attempt to separate the violent wing from politics, another organization was formed known as the Patriotic Alliance. However there is basically no distinction in anyone's eyes between the two organizations. In recent elections, they received more than 300,000 votes, demonstrating the effect of their organization. The Greek government is notoriously corrupt and partisan. This leads to massive waste and poverty in Greece and Golden Dawn is able to provide a stable support base for impoverished Greeks. In addition, the ineffective police are often unable to defend the People from migrant crime. A task that some Golden Dawn members are happy to provide.

If we intend to become more than an internet annoyance to the kikes, we will eventually need to become a boots on the ground political force. I believe that Golden Dawn has many provide an example of how to do it. I make no claim that we should try to copy them entirely, nor do I claim that the situation in Greece is identical to the situation in America, Great Britain, or Germany. However they are among the greatest examples of a militant pro-White political force engaging in practical politics in a hostile world. Let's learn from them.

Greek Anons or just knowledgeable Anons please share any useful information you have on the subject. In particular, I am interested in what kinds of things did the Chrysi Avgi talk about?

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That's where you're wrong kiddo. He began as a member of a youth movement supporting the based Junta in the 70s, who helped facilitate the infiltration of and informing on cucked leftist "student movements" so that troublemakers could be "interrogated" by secret police. He is part of the youth who were left over after post-junta purges and likely had help from stay-behind networks who supported the Junta and its ideals. "Muh magazine" came like a decade after he began getting involved in politics under the Junta, and the return of the Junta would be preferable to anything else in greece.

Hmmmm…Do I really have to say it?

The magazine is regarded as the start of Golden Dawn, not the start of his political career/activism.

So what do you suggest? Having David Duke lead us? Fuck him. We need a leader. A voice. These TRS faggots aren't even worth the carbon that they are made of. Youtubers are shit-tier reddit faggots. This is where I personally, am stuck. We need someone litereally in politics - the closest thing we have so far is that pajeet running for governor in California where he says, "Nigger Nigger Nigger." (I literally cannot find that thread anymore!)

Found It


I want a leader like Commander Rockwell. A guy who inspires you to self-improve, do better and was never afraid of naming the Jew, never afraid of standing up to the kike or niggers. Police actually sided with him, and many Congressmen I believe. Like Commander Rockwell, and the Fuhrer we need a man with a military background and incorruptible character.

Weighing everything on a single someone - a living someone giving order especially - simply gives an avenue of attack. Our enemies are chiefly subverters. We need something incorruptible and immune to subversion. Leaders have proven time and time again not to be so.
Interestingly martyrs seem to only grow in power after their death rather than dwindle.


They're whiter than you, Chaim.
sage negated.

I bet a commie jew drew that. Who gives a fuck about shitskin immigrants? Why make our genetics more brown than they already are? Our ancestors would smile upon the killers of the invaders.

I'd love to make that happen. Trouble is that the circumstances that led to it are no longer present. ZOG would have America bomb Greeks for "rejecting democracy" today. Another problem is that although the junta was based, they did not name the jew (as far as I know and correct me if I'm wrong) and they did not secure their own existence as a political power. They fell and they fell to a fake democracy controlled by America of all things.
I stand corrected in any case.

This means that Michaloliakos already had experience in fighting leftist traitors before he created Golden Dawn. Obviously, having military or political experience is a boon for anyone who wishes to create their own political party.

David Duke is a fine man. He encourages physical and mental self improvement among his followers. As well, he is very knowledgeable on the JQ, a great speaker, and a friendly but physically fit old man. He'd make a great leader who I'd be proud to follow… IF he chose to do so. And that is his problem. He doesn't seem to know how to go from stage one; being a radio host to stage two; building a Right Wing Death Squad and purging our nation of traitors and subhumans. There may be a few minor steps in between.
As suggests, we could use a leader like GLR and I agree. The trouble is that "should" "want" "and "wish for" are not the same as "we have."
Rockwell was a great man. And in his time police weren't afraid of being called racist, politicians weren't afraid of saying nigger, and the jewish media was still learning how to handle opposition. Rockwell lived in a much Whiter and less degenerate world than we do. And while I certainly would want him to be teleported to the present so he can lead us to victory or death, no one is suprised that congressmen are traitors and police are cowards.
Also, waiting for the messiah is an act in futility. Maybe GLR will be reborn but maybe he won't. Or maybe it'll be decades before another man like him rises spontaniously. I'd rather focus on creating a situation than makes the rise of men like GLR more likely than waiting on the internet for someone else to do everything. That is a cowardly act.

So far as I am aware, there is no modern GLR. Is that an excuse to remain idle cowards? No. We do not have the luxury of decades of time to wait around like sheep waiting for orders. Unless you believe that president Trump will somehow reverse decades of White decline in the next 2 years (if he even has that much longer before they impeach him) our race wil soon become a minority in our own nations. The so called conservative government of the UK is importing record numbers of non-Whites, France and Germany are being subsumed, and White children may already be a minority in America.

Obviously. It's a political cartoon from an online (((magazine))). Though I cannot locate the author to confirm it.


Great thread.


I support /GR/ threads.

Im an olivenigger and i still dunno how to feel about them.
Sometimes they feel so over the top and extravagant that they could as well be controlled opposition to demonize right wingers.
Their second in command just stood and slapped a commie on live tv a few years back for fucks sake.
I want to like them but honestly i cant make up my mind.
In addition to that, we have a lot, LOT of commie presence here, and antifa has been controlling territory like Exarheia way before they got popular in burgerland


You don't need to feel about them, just vote for them.

Burgers did not vote for Trump thinking he'd be the new Hitler, we just need to move the overtone window towards the right and a bit out of the marxist cesspool Greece is since the metapoliteusi.

Exarhia may have some nice apartments and houses but it's also full of niggers and leftyfaggots, they can have it.
As for the communist presence, it's a fucking joke. The KKE ceased being a lolcow decades ago although that never stopped them from acting as backwards retarded as possible. Anyone who supports them was lost to us ages ago and/or never had any worth as a human to begin with.
The biggest leftist political organization left with some hold over actual people is SYRIZA but they never did do well and will most likely just end up proving that leftist policies are fucking useless.

Its a shame cause exarcheia are a comfy neighborhood and i live close.
As for the commies, yeah, the KKE is a joke but there are a hundred different organisations. Its no secret that they basically run the universities.
Makes it fucking impossible to walk without getting approached by a dozen of them

Actually good /adv/. They should be more of a message than an actual viable solution, thanks

They THINK they run them.
Having their little anarcho-communist meetups and parties for gathering crowds isn't half as much as they think.
When I used to be in uni even among our over hundred people class of mostly women Panteion the girls who actually took part in anything the KNE did was in the single digits.
Most students ignore them and just enjoy the parties when they happen without ever giving the commies anything back.

Yup. Most people straight up ignore them here too (ekpa) but everybody is too much of a pussy to step up. They just stormed in one day and claimed the amphitheatron for a meetup without any beforehand notice and our cuck prof just dissolved the class.
Its shameful that the closest thing to a right wing youth in uni's are the DAP neocons

They don't fight because it's just not worth it. They think they are in charge will start a shitflinging the moment they don't get their way and most people want to avoid that.
The solution in that case would be to find the right people to rough them up and make them realize they are nothing. However most unis are simply not worth the trouble.
It's something we have to keep in our minds to do later when the time is right. For now let them shittalk a few girls into doing stupid shit.
Despite everything greek girls are still relatively conservative and only the useless ones fall for the shit the reds are selling.
You are alos forgetting how incredibly fucking devided the commies are.
They are feuding all the fucking time over specific rules or beliefs regarding either Lenin, Stalin and all the others in between.
Back in the day it was the funniest shit to see them graffitying over eachothers paroles like a poor mans Holla Forums.

Instead of making it some physical person as the embodiment why not personify the movement itself through characterization as was done with Pepe but to do it in an insurmountable manner as to which it can't be hijacked by the main media because of its blatant esoteric properties we can input into it that it couldn't possibly be misconstrued as anything else and serves to inform immediately. Sort of like Hitler or Rockwell but in character, letter, symbol, saying, non-living thing that can't be killed or taken. More like an idea I guess but I suppose now I'm just reiterating.

Thats how martyrs work. People care about them the more and more they understand what happened.

As a Greek NS, Golden Dawn is over, for a good 5-6 years at least. Most legit Nationalists have left them a long time ago. They exist only in parliament or in their local chapters. 0 street presence and all they care about is votes, votes votes.

Local chapters are closing and members who are there since the 80s are leaving one by one.

This is the sad reality, only Periandros Androutsopoulos can save Greek Nationalism.

I love attempted murder. We going full fucking varg eh?

We don't need a leader. The chan platform is perfect for what we want and hope to achieve minus the fact Jim is likely CIA

Thats a shame, sounds like a coordinated propaganda demoralization campaign targeted at their members or something. You didnt all get tricked by the "golden eggs" shill did you?

Never seen a greek shill before. Thought it might be something like that though, the guy tries too hard. I recognize the blackpill.

So are we

We need to remember that we are pro white first. Everything else is secondary to race and survival

Theres too much time spent on who is white and drama at the time when we are struggling, under constant attacks and fringe-r than fringe.
We can short that out after we can secure some footing at least

He is a fucking traitor, leftist subhuman larping as NatSoc. An absolute PUSSY who is scared of "extremism". Same goes for every other "right wing" leftist subhuman who called "only hope of Greek Nationalism" in the previous Golden Dawn threads. And you still haven't told me where you live, dipshit. Asked you 5 months ago and I've been asking ever since. You never reply, faggot

They were on cuckchan a few years back now, before the election. "Golden eggs" is one shill line, "thugs and gangsters" is another.

Να τους βιάσουν οι νέγροι.

Yea this sounds more likely.

I dont even live in Europe.

The true right already has an audience in Greece. If you think that westerners' generation Zyklon has redpilling potential then the Greek youth is by comparison a boiling cauldron of fascism, due to the unique extent indebtment they were burdened with by their uniquely reckless boomer parents.

What we need to do is find a localized broadcasting platform, similar to the so called "alt-right", to contribute to and accelerate the apomythopoeisis of the left that is already spontaneously happening due to the conditions that force disfranchised young Greeks to wake up to reality.

>υπονοείν ότι δύναται βιάσειν τους θέλοντες

TRS might be fags, but Dr. Duke is the man.
Any Normie's who actually get curious and listen to what he says will probably end up coming over to our side. He is well-spoken and is a genuinely good and honest man, which juxtaposes sharply with the media's version of him as an 'evil racist Klan leader'.

The irony in trying to find a complete history of GD is that you'll most easily find it in lefty books. They always extensively go on documenting all the juicy parts on Michaloliakos and GD, like tons of NS material, articles, cooperations with influential NS people from other countries, GD members organizing beat-up trips on nigs and Pakis etc.

I have a book like that. If you're interested, I'll try to organize the photos of it and upload it somewhere convenient. You'll be easily able to filter out the lies and go into the core information you're interested in.

Shut the f up before another Libertatia firebombing happens. I'm sick and tired of encountering your demoralization BS and lies in each thread while you respond to none of the anons BTFOing you.

Forgot to say, GD is vehemently trying to hide these exact parts of its history from the public for PR reasons. But any fellow NS that reads it knows that the only political party that will accept him fully nowadays is GD.

Upload the pictures if you can lad

I won't today, but I hopefully will some time soon. Be sure to check >>>/eoe/ to find them when I do.

GD has one real problem and that it has no charismatic leadership.
Michaloliakos is a fat buffoon without vision while Kasidiaris is an angry meathead. GD could go full mainstream in Greece easily if they had a charismatic visionary at the helm.
Greeks aren't inclined to be politically correct and are not afraid to say stuff, the problem is that they need leadership.
The current leadership of GD is not what is needed. Still voted for them because at this point all the other parties are between marxist, liberals and traitors.

Dukes the only one who can actually provoke a legitimate 2 sided debate, because he does a lot of good, but hes also too close with cancer anti-whites only pretending to be our friends, but who are more concerned with anti-racism and such. Or posting the 56% meme at NatSocs.

How about the name, if its in English Id like to read the whole thing.

Wow, this is literally my first time on a GD thread. Calling me antifa is beyond retarded, I know more about the Greek NS scene than you ever will, autistic GD leftover! Are you denying local chapters close one after another? That LOADS of legit NS have left your 'shop'? Antonis Gregos is the next one to go, screencap this. Many more will follow, GD won't exist in 5 years max and when the rebirth of real natsoc happens, fags like you will get the boot.
Periandros a LEFTIST larping as NATSOC? You're on drugs. On hard ones.

It's pretty simple. A good chuck of Holla Forums larps as natsoc, yet is unable to take care of themselves, let alone other like-minded individuals..

The other big chuck of Holla Forums only takes care of their own families, and doesn't have the resources to care for or help any like-minded people, because they expect them to be self sufficient.

The Greeks that I've seen are different, they treat their friends like family, and are very hospitable even to tourists.

But, let's make a distinction here, they are most definitely pro-Greek, and not necessarily pro-White.

be a leader

I also hope for GD to succeed or another organization with similar morals. I was able to visit Athens for a week about 20 years ago. It was dirty but there was much kindness and such excellent food. Seeing the Parthenon in person was such an amazing experience.


This is not how you build a brotherhood especially with the threats that we are facing.

It really is a damn shame that these days most people feel that they should be PERFECT or it's pretty much pointless to even try and hate to say they are sort of right atleast if they hope to get any votes when they say run for parliament or such but still…

It's not like anyone's perfect or doesnt have some skeletons in their closet however minor they are, i'm a fucking 170cm manlet working low-paid dead-end shitjob and overall sad sack of shit yet i try to make a difference on my part however small that is instead of quietly resigning to the inevitable.

That's my problem. I would love to read your book.

It is understandable. There must be a wall of separation between "legitimate" political activities and "illegal" violent activities. Any bleed over allows the System every justification to shut it down.

I agree and this is a problem for us everywhere. It seems there just aren't any more Hitlers around.
I presume that the fact that GD has MPs is normalized in Greek society. What is the Greek normie opinion of Golden Dawn?

I doubt that.

This is true, however I suspect that Golden Dawn would help out their kinsmen in our collective struggle against the jew. I have read that Golden Dawn sent members to fight during the Yugoslav Wars.

If you are doing your part for your race, you are not a useless sack of shit. You are doing your ancestors proud.
Make sure to radicalize your workforce if the opportunity to do so is present. I once worked with an electric crew for a few months and in that time I radicalized all the younger White ones. Now I work in a shop and am beginning to introduce mantra talking points. It's stop and go though as now I have to deal with bobo middle class liberals. God.

Still, you should work out. Just in case you aren't doing so yet no idea why you wouldn't

I went to Greece not long ago and was surprised at the amount of antifa graffiti around the place, even in tiny towns there would be sheds with "ANTIFA ZONE" sprayed on them

Graffiti is a huge problem everywhere in greece because as it takes is a couple of nigs with a can to ruin a wall and we are collectively too poorfags to paint it over.
Nobody gives a shit, the police let anarchists in free zones and they burn and stir shit up every second day while nobody steps up

Right Wing Painting Squads when?

Collectively, how much territory do you think the various pseudo-anarchist faggots control vs how much land Golden Dawn and other Patriotic groups control?

You have it kinda overblown. Its not civil war tier, nobody 'controls' territory.
Just places like Exarcheia have a lot of druggies and pretentious hippie bars and they hang out there for decades.
You'll come across them there, on most of the center of Athens and in universities.
GD doesnt control territory either and like on the rest of europe? their presence is much stronger on the countryside and the islands than in the cities

Go fuck yourself you fucking subhuman. Parasites like you will either follow us or we will wipe you all out. Golden Dawn is Europe's only hope and you fucking filth will never change that.
He is an absolute pussy who got assblasted the moment Golden Dawn accused him for his crimes. He turned from a NatSoc into an absolute scared pussy in a matter of a few days.

Now fuck off, you are not welcome here.

Checked and understood. I guess I've fallen for a meme. I have heard from many sources that these groups "controlled territory" and have been searching for evidence and specifics and haven't found any. I guess I've been chasing a unicorn.

Until you realize people started burning literal wood in a city to get heating in the winter, you won't realize how poor the greeks have gotten in some areas. That is their success, people are woke the fuck up when its eat food or starve by pretending to be PC.

Please filter these D&C astroturfing shill nigger kikes who will soon be ashes

This is a good thread that deserves attention and thought. I don't have anything else to contribute at this point. But for once, OP is not a faggot.


There is literally nothing wrong with Dr. Duke. I'm actually surprised he isn't spoken of more here. He has gone on many national TV shows and called out the kikes. He has stood for and won elected office. His biggest problem is he has been portrayed as the most ebil gnatzi ever by the (((media))) and he doesn't have the fuck you money to overcome that. They have made him into the ultimate meme caricature of evil huwhite supreeeeeemacy when little do they know that he is Holla Forums-lite compared to the average right wing gen z or gen A coming up.

The thing about Dr David Duke is that he is a gentleman. I remember once he was interviewed by the Young Turks and Chenk immediately started mouthing off and yelling at him, shouting about how ebil raysis nat-see he is and David Duke appeared so moderate and so polite. I used that interview as an introduction for my GF to David Duke and it went a long way to dispel any mass media lies about him as some sort of radical "hater."

Chenk is just a rude, fat slob yelling at a polite old gentleman for talking about America handing 5 billion dollars every year to a genocidal police state that controls our media corporations.

I fucking love that shit

greece no

This thread was derailed by "my political daddy is stronger than yours" arguments.
Olivebros, remember, our country is in need
Stop the infighting and let's discuss ways to move forward.

The fact Golden Dawn exists in Greece is not out of luck, Greeks are the most antisemitic people in Europe:

We need to come up with an operation similar to "its ok to be white", but about Greeks being ok with being antisemitic.
I've got nothing at the moment, all ideas welcome.

GD is literally a honeypot as proven by this document. This is the payroll of ΚΥΠ (Εθνική Υπηρεσία Πληροφοριών) aka National Inteligence Agency. In this payroll we see the name of Mihaloliakos and also Konstantinos Plevris a well known right wing writer/ex-politician.

I know its hard to believe the great robust Aryan leader of GD is a plant to datamine good nationalists. btw this was released by the wikileaks in 2013 and has never been disproven as a fake by the ΚΥΠ.

This is not to attack GD members in any way; i just want them to know the truth.