Goys will be Goys

People are noticing and being more brash about speaking about jews. Mind you this seems to be a brit or canadian so a video like this has legal risk to doing it.

Isn't it soon to be a crime for bongs to view vids like that?

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lol, but put it in the webm thread.

doctorrandomercam is a mad autistic genius.

Streisand effect.

I'm pretty sure here in Cucknada you can go to jail just for publicly questioning Religion of Cuck™.


It's funny that people don't realize this is an invasion. And they only reason they don't realize it is because they expect other people to tell them when that's happening, and to fight it for them.

Yes goy - I mean guys! We only need to worry about the muslim shock troops and not the jews who spread their taint across society!


Don't post the words "white nationalism" or "DACAryan" on Holla Forums or you'll get permbanned.

This is one of the ugliest kikes I've ever seen.


Peterson is against a lot of things. He's well spoken and well educated. He's worth listening to, if you don't like what he says then come up with counter arguments to what he's saying. Your memes a shit.
Listening to someone doesn't mean you agree with them, btw.

Interesting you should say that since Peterson refuses to debate White nationalists, aka hear the counter argument.

I'm aware of that, I've watched vids of him flat out refuse to answer questions about jews also.
However, this can be taken multiple ways. His refusal to answer certain questions, raises more questions, it's an oppurtunity to redpill. If he were to answer honestly he'd be blacklisted and lose all credibility. His refusal to answer is different then him blatantly lying, He has options, so why does he refuse instead of lie? Of course the answers as to why would be obvious here from just a token glance, also not saying the guy is a saint, don't get me wrong.

Go clean your room.

Upholding the White Race is paramount for the continued existence of complex Western Society, since jews stand at the forefront of preventing this process from continuing, Peterson by first not mentioning the usefulness of the White race itself and the jewish influence to contrary leaves any platitude he could say vapid and so abstract that implementation can never happen. If Peterson becomes installed into the normalfag mind as a heroic figure it will only add on years before whitey sees how bad a deal he is getting. That is why Peterson is an enemy.


Dude is pretty funny and he can always claim artistic licence to escape prosecution. That won't help when jewtube shuts him down though.

Where he's at they've jailed people for less; I don't think that argument would save him.

Show me someone in his country who has been jailed for a song.

If he's English not long at all since the guy was murdered in jail for putting bacon on the sidewalk in front of a mosque.

Are there niggers on this board? I swear I'm communicating with a nigger… Putting bacon on a sidewalk in front of a mosque is neither a song or an artistic statement of any kind. Now, I do agree with defiling mosques but not getting caught is a requirement and nigger please, at least try to hide your niggerness in the future.

I think he's ignorant, honestly. Fortunately someone just put him on the spot publicly and then gave him a copy of 200 Years Together. So we'll see if his intellectual honesty is worth respecting or not. I don't expect it to be a quick change, either way.

Mike is a funny autist but he isn't /ourguy/ . You retards aren't getting the gag - he's doing the old replace X (men) with Y (protected class) to show the stupidity of feminists.
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the bippity-bopping at the end was choice

eh, if he were only doing that, would he really have included a chart of the sexual harassment accused and listed their ethnicities?

Guy actually articulates the jewish condition pretty well I thought.

Has it really been almost four years?

Also, I always did like his rendition of Big Red.

This society is so fucked in so many ways that when you say this it almost sounds as if the jews preventing it's continuance is a good thing. There are things that do need to change in this society, where the jews are leading it being top priority. It's complexity is a hindrance when it forces the average joe into complacency and bread and circuses.

I disagree. I don't think that's something that can be known.
By implementing himself as a father figure to so many he already has in a lot of ways. Thank you for helping my point here.
Viewing him as such is unwise. He isn't a target to take-down.

I'm not disagreeing with the bottom line of your post, I don't agree with your entire line of thought though. Thank you for the excellent response.


That was a great musical burn.




Oh come on, there are far uglier kikes. Forced to choose between plugging this jewess or Wasserman-Schultz,I know which way I'd go…

Every white man will eventually accept the truth and feel compelled to share it, even if the ideology he subscribes to isn't in line with Holla Forums. No one accidentally names the Jew.

I am seriously wondering if this guy might actually be a jew - self-hating or crypto type.
Jews are going to rely upon self-criticism in order to wind their towering personal-risk in right now. They’ve really transgressed every boundary, tbh.
If anyone has arguments otherwise, I’d be happy to revise, but I’m just laying it out - mostly because he’s allowed to post and goys in Bongistan usually get their doors kicked in for merely thinking Juden might be bad news and posting about it on social media..

Ok. As if your only response to any criticism of your posts in the other thread being "this poster is a kike" wasn't enough of a clue, you posting some shit-tier leftypol-ish Meme about Peterson in a thread that has nothing to do with him is now enough.
Nice try fit.

That's not strictly true, if you stay within the confines of the law you will not get your door kicked in and arrested at all, however you're going to be on the anti-terrorism watch list. The ones that were publicly arrested for their twitter exchanges are most likely propaganda/ warning to not do it.
I'm not going to say he is or isn't jewish at this stage. Funny, good intellect, good guitarist. Agenda may just be surviving without working for (((the system))).