FBI deputy director McCabe steps down

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This is just foreplay. I've got a good feeling about this week.






Why doesn't the president just declassify it? There doesn't need to be any kind of vote.



1. Because the memo has nothing in it.
2. Because no one will be executed, imprisoned, arrested, or even fired from it, anyway.

took a while for the jews to get to this thread

Good goy, I guess you're trying to earn as many shill-kels before your employers get gassed. I can't say I blame you.


with mccabe resigned and rosenjew getting heat, today might get pretty comfy


The fuck will still get that cushy pension.

Not if he goes to jail

Hahaha nice, but I would have preferred a suicide tbh.

Foxjews hyping it thusly:

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe 'removed' from the bureau


You can't hide among Fellow White People here, Shlomo.

Rosenstein seems fucked as well

Shit, that's even better. I was getting worried nothing was going to happen to these fucks, but I'm glad to be wrong.

Once you start taking any of them down, the entire web is going to go with it, they're all very directly connected, Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Clinton, Obama, they're all gonna burn together.

Possibly so, but we'll have to see
Of course not. Anyone who thinks that any of these fucks at the level of Capitol Hill actually mean one another HARM, has no idea how the American political system works. Still I'd like to see some chaos come from this.

yeah right, sage it people

Probably same reason why he doesn't do many other things directly: propagandized outrage.
The media wouldn't shut up on how he is "abusing" his power or whatever. Never mind that's basically how Obama run the US all the time.
But its still infuriating to see "leaders" being held down due to outside pressure. Not even public pressure, but jewish pressure.


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

>not on (((cnn)))
>not on (((Google)))
That means it's the real deal, kike

Oh boy, you're a jew for saying that nothing will happen, even though the last 70 years of Western civilization has been characterized by nothing ever happening.

The pattern of voting on things that have no basis being voted on isn't unique to the Trump administration or the respective Congress that has been voted in during his time in office. I'm asking more of a root question here.

literally nothing

oh boy, I can't wait for the next NOTHING HAPPENS dud of a (((breaking story)))

:^) go back go reddit.

maybe, just maybe, because he is not the king of the united states and can't just do whatever he wishes

Declassifying the document is absolutely within his presidential powers. Are you retarded?

Here's some headline jewjitsu. Very 90's Clintonian style.

NYT: Andrew McCabe Steps Down at F.B.I. in Widely Expected Move


CHECK that typo

do you have any evidence backing this statement?

Ruh roh, more official deep staters stepping down in shame with their reputations in shambles. Not looking good shillary criminal syndicate…

To the desperate and delusional, yeah, I probably am for saying that
I never thought of it that way, but it's true. There's less space for things to happen in really, as governments have grown more hegemonic and economies have grown more… well, fake. If you step back you can see how fragile the house of cards is, but it's not THAT fragile. Especially at the high levels of power where they know exactly what to do, if someone challenges them for that power.


Which side will get openly violent first?

Aww, is the little leftist upset that his feelings got hurt? Facts don't care about your feelings.

You need to all go back to reddit.
Q-LARP awaits you.

We've covered this already.
They're not. The "right" (lol i bet you think there are two parties, redditor) is also being "obstructionist" about its contents. Trump could declassify it right now. Any Republican could read it on the floor of the house or senate immediately.
You realize that Twitter bans anything that actual right-wingers get their hands on, right? #mybordersmychoice isn't directly damaging to anyone in the administration, either.
Do you need your hand held, you fucking retarded subhuman? Are you seriously incapable of critical thinking?

1. Memo has something in it.
1A. Memo exposes Democrats
1Ai. Democrats fight to keep memo secret (we see this)
1Aii. Republicans fight to release memo (we see this)
1Aiii. Media covers up memo talk (we see this)

1B. Memo exposes Republicans
1Bi. Democrats fight to release memo (we don't see this)
1Bii. Republicans fight to keep memo secret (we don't see this)
1Biii. Media demands memo released (we don't see this)

1C. Memo exposes "both" parties
1Bi. Democrats fight to keep memo secret (we see this)
1Bii. Republicans fight to keep memo secret (we don't see this)
1Biii. Media covers up memo talk (we see this)

Looks pretty clear cut, right? But that's just 1.

2. Memo has nothing in it.
2A. Democrats created it
2Ai. Republicans discredited by its release
2Aii. Democrats release another memo exposing Republicans
2Aiii. Republican leadership forced to step down, Dems take house or senate

2B. Republicans created it
2Bi. Republicans discredited by its release (because they're just a foil)
2Bii. Democrats get an optics victory without doing anything
2Biii. Democrats take house or senate in November

And this doesn't even get into the backlash from "if it's real" ADDED TO "what you claim is actually correct." Say it's real. Say it exposes dems. Okay. So the republicans release it and… then the democrats release another memo that exposes republicans in the same way. Because THEY HAVE ALL COMMITTED TREASON, YOU (((PARTY POLITICS)))-FOLLOWING FAGGOT. So now two legitimate memos are released, one from D, one from R. The FBI and CIA are implicated in both of them, too. So what happens now? A special session of congress is called. Someone gets up and says, "There are too many people implicated to arrest them all. The government would collapse. We are pardoning everyone on both sides of the aisle. This is a bipartisan deal. This is the parties coming together to create a better America. We have put aside our differences and are now moving forward."

And what will you do then? Say it's real. Say there's something. Say that only one "side" is implicated. Or both; it doesn't matter.
Trump is not Q-LARP. He will not institute martial law. He will not order the military to arrest both parties' leadership and the media which would paint the legal execution of law as a coup. What will YOU do when Trump is the one whose hand signs the mass pardon? Whether he's "forced" to under "threat" of assassination or does it willingly is completely irrelevant to US, the PEOPLE, against whom the whole establishment fights. What will YOU do when no arrests happen?

You will do nothing. And if I call on you, my fellow Holla Forumsacks, to actually do something, I will be called FBI. And I will be ignored. You know I'm telling the truth. The truth just hurts your feelings. So you scream like a fucking LIBERAL and act on your emotions rather than logic.


you have me convinced

criminally underchecked dubs

uh-oh, a thought out post.. you're going to trigger the schizophrenic white-pillers



For the hype would be my guess. He wants people talking about this memo, so he added a cliffhanger.

TRUMP DID DECLAISSFY THE MEMO! “Obama been wiretapping me” in a tweet like last March. It doesn’t matter if he said it was classified or not, he already knew, he already told the American people.

Half of America doesn’t want to believe

So you think they are sperging out this badly over a bank piece of paper?

You motherfucking jew.

Rosenstein has been at the center of a whole fucking lot of suspicious things.

Rosenstein is at the center of all this, I don't think he's the kingpin but he's looking the conductor right now


Not a bad post. The only quibble I have is in 1B. I think we would see the Democrats fighting to release the memo (under the assumption it would damage republicans) because it would allow the Dems to grandstand as crusaders for justice a bit.

Thanks user.


Hannity seems to be threatening to release the memo today…

wait, he says "more tick tock" The fuck is "more tick tock"?!

It means "same bat time, same bat channel, buy a pillow, user".

Learn how to read, yid.

Could you read the whole post? Whether it has anything in it is IRRELEVANT to the actions taken after. Personally, I imagine that it IS real and DOES personally implicate Obama in something that even the MEDIA won't be able to excuse as anything other than TREASON. It won't be as bad as Uranium One, whatever it is, but the memo is just one bullet point, after all. But it doesn't even matter. There will be pardons, user. You know it. I know it. And it fucking HURTS.

Thanks for admitting that you are either too mentally defective to refute what was written or that you can't refute what was written because it's true.

Translation: "Watch my show, goyim! I have to remain a source of authority in your mind for long enough that you listen to me when I say, 'We have to go to war with Iran for Israel!'"

Yeah, if this memo were ambiguous or not damaging to R's, we'd have seen the D's preemptively counter attacking the thing for the last week. They've been ignoring it completley, and at the same time FBI is going full retard saying they want to get Trump on obstruction. AND, the memo hasn't been leaked.
All of this together tells me the memo is YUGE.

OFFICIALLY, Hannity plays the "good goy". But there was that time he told (((Colmes))) he didn't know if (((democrats))) went to heaven. Holmes turned on the crocodile tears too. Holmes told him it was OK, and that some democrats can go to heaven.

He's the one who said "It was Osama Bin Laden." Stop fucking trying to cover for someone who has been a zionist for his entire goddamn life.

Yeah why would he think it was muslims?
They never attack the innocent population of countries they hate. Its never happened once throughout history.

There are more "bombs" ready to take out the jews, infidel.

Another example. He doesn't wear the kippah. A shrewd goy indeed. Lip service where necessary, yet, coincidentally chooses targets well.

The aborted? kek

keek I'll check to that!


Dub dubs , nice

Kill yourself.
Holy fucking christ, we're talking about (((9/11))), dumbass. An actual journalist wouldn't have said the kikes' talking points on the fucking night of the disaster.

If one of Holla Forums had studied and joined the bureau 10 years ago, they might be in line for a serious position by now, as others move up the ranks.
Not too late to start now, these agencies are relatively small, I think the fbi is a few thousand if that. If you join, you can over time influence the agency, as more of us are inside, it becomes guided by us. In 10 years you can move up, become a recruiter and choose like-minded people.
Same applies to other agencies. It is how we can take back control of our countries.

Hannity has been very ballsy. See here:

Don't forget his role in the hatchet job against American patriot Scott Ritter. I seem to recall Hannity getting into a hissy fit with American patriot James Trafficant when he exposed the kikes.

He had no role. He played the good goy, minimally.


Correct. Controlled ZOG disinformation limited boomer hangout. Softening the blows for cuck faggots maybe?

Oy no wonda JC Penny's is falling flat the bastid!


>Holy fucking christ, we're talking about (((9/11))), dumbass

So was I.
Mudslimes actually attacked the towers in 1993 as well.

Holy shit, same video. Nice.



Fucking thank you, was just about to say something.

Please be aware that sucking Hannity's cock won't endear you to us. No one allowed to be on jewish media is in any way "ourguy."


keek & checked

Suck his cock on Reddit.

Very interesting point!

< moving goalposts

sod yourself CIA agent

Yeah no shit, that's what happens when you get caught being a fucking crook. You lose support from people who aren't criminals. Are they actually this fucking stupid?

Yes Hannity is evil and / or the best guy ever.

Now that is settled lets get back on topic please?

Never happened. Thanks for admitting you're a hannity shill.
Kill yourself, redditor.

Please be advised that pretending that mainstream normie society is going to in any way reflect National Socialist or anti-ZOG policy is absolutely retarded.

There's no topic until the memo is(n't) released, though. The next "event" will be the WH press briefing later today.

Thanks for asserting something no one questioned and which isn't relevant to the post you quoted.

CIA agent (implanting thoughts of suicide in the subconscious of WN):

There is certainly no shortage of viable places to talk about mainstream narratives. You don't need to do it here.

Ban evading redditor confirmed.
Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

Im not the guy you are replying to but I like it here.
I like your company specifically user.

Scared schlomo?


I don't think it was a typo, aren't they just disallowing posting on that hashtag now/'just looking out for you, lots of Russian hackers been posting that hashtag so we can't let you do it goy :^3' shit?


Fair point..

But we can still speculate what was in the memo about McCabe that has caused him to step down?
I thought the whole point of these democrat appointees was to dig their heels in and disrupt Trump at every turn. It must look really bad for him to quit.

Someone give me the basic gestalt

I have no idea what this means for our President, especially a day before he gives the state of the union. (((the news))) has been saying President Trump fired him, but he's retiring with paid leave now & was basically fired without any Trump involvement right? It kills their narrative, but is there more to this?

Thats like midnight UK time?

Shills are all over this thread, we have a confirmed happening here

There's still a 5 day wait if the vote is successful, correct?


That's funny; it's like the waiting period for buying a gun so that you don't go kill someone in anger, except it's so American citizens don't kill Congress in anger. If they DO vote to release it, expect all discussion of it to be shut down HARD in that interim. Attention spans are only a few seconds now. I'm not kidding; they've done scientific studies and shown that no one can pay attention to anything anymore. Thanks, Internet.

Probably to (((black out))) higly sensitive material.

I know a guy whose twitter account was featured in a list of 'Russian bots' on the BBC website.
Hes an American from Michigan who has never left the USA or met a Russian person. Hes real, Ive stayed at his house.

Im sure the Russians have bots its just that most news outlets have way more.

I believe Trump has five days to veto the release, I think he can sign off and release it immediately but I'm not positive.

Didn't you hear? We're ALL Russian bots. Holla Forums is just three real people posting back & forth.

We need to help people keep their anger levels at 100% throughout the 5 day waiting period.

The fuck?

Oh right, this is a sticky and I'm retarded as usual.

I think that sentencing Hillary to spending the rest of her days as a Wal-Mart greeter might actually be a worse punishment for her than jail. It's pretty well known she has nothing but utter contempt for anyone with a net worth south of nine digits. Having her life fizzle down to nothing surrounded by people she considers less than worthless and dying alone in obscurity is the most fitting punishment I can think of.



Update: According to Fox News, McCabe was “removed.” A source told the news outlet that this was the earliest date possible for the FBI to remove him and still leave him fully eligible for his pension. A CNN reporter has also shared this version of events.

Him resigning would be more of a smoking gun than him being removed.
But Im still glad he has been drained from the swamp.

I'm not quite satisfied since he will leave with a pension.

The user in question already blew the topic out of the water here and it was this user who started trying to defend Hannity here

Make your own thread about Hannity if you love / hate him so much.

You came to an image board hoping to find a Ted Kaczynski or even a Timothy McVeigh, but all you found was a board of peaceful anime loving anons who larp as natsoc for fun and profit.

It must be so frustrating.



You obviously weren't here in 2014-15.

I was here in 2001 when the towers went down. We were like 'lol epic tower fail'.

Sorry New York timeS, I don't think people will MoveOn about this one.

Best post I've seen here in months.

I feel neither. I was pointing out that the first user made a great point as to why getting excited over this memo is silly given the nature of the American political system, and that the fools who allow themselves to "get hyped" over mundane political procedures can't see the forest from the trees. Then the conversation got sidetracked when a bunch of said fools jumped all over him, and everyone started arguing about Hannity.

he rode the 220v lightening the stove had

Requesting provision of related live stream.

as usual a thread regarding the memo has devolved into idiots arguing about Hannity as opposed to accepting him as a limited hangout Trump tapped to spread this message.

You're joking, current fbiniggers would flag any Holla Forumsack in the screening


You'd be surprised at how long some have been around user, and how good they are at hiding it.

The forgotten men are especially good at it.

I think, if you read the last sentence, his point was that we should take matters in to our own hands. Like we should march on Washington and perform citizens arrests on people based on stuff we figured out on a messageboard.
That is perhaps why people are criticizing it.

We all need to read our messages before posting and ask 'am I responding to a shill'.
Dont even respond calling them a shill that is what they want.

So you remember it too huh?

They're either really stupid or the turnover rate at Mr. Sheckleburgstein's office is nearly as high as the interest rate.

They didn't flag my friend.

Trump's first salvo.

Robert Mueller and John Kerry were classmates in prep school.


We do it for free, user.

Have her clean the toilets.


What the fuck ever happened to Debbie and the Awans ?!

kek. Well that confirms the memo is going to be something. The self-defeating tendencies of the jews never fail to entertain.

lol, you believed Q-LARP

Thanks for confirming, dipshit. Try again: (Ban evading kike)

Thought you could switch IDs and nobody would notice?

He's been allowed to go on terminal leave, which is government-speak for using all your accumulated vacation days to check out before your official separation/retirement date.

If he's fired for cause during the time he's on leave he could potentially lose all his retirement benefits.

It's possible a deal has been struck that will let him keep his gibs in exchange for cooperation of some kind.


You first cunt.

That is an extremely sub-optimal desk layout.

In actual on-topic discussion, the Awan brothers investigation is being continued "behind closed doors". AKA "we're waiting for the public to forget it about it."

Am I the only one with problems trying to visit 8ch.net/qresearch/index.html ?

Have you ever been here before?

Nigger, we ALTER timelines, we don't travel in time.
The only "here" in 2001 was the proto-jew-goo in your mom's panties. You were a load she should have swallowed when SHE went down on 911.

I think everyone trying to research Q has problems


Your problem is you're talking about it here instead of just going there kike.

Dickhead! The site appears to be down. I'm asking if any other anons experience the same when they try to visit!

No. She should be stripped, beaten and crucified.

Her mind is already rotten, let her carcass be used to dissuade treason.

That expression proves the memo will hang the Dems

You're not factoring in the collateral damage. Not even Wal-Mart shoppers deserve that.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will join the annual State of the Net conference for "a fireside chat"

he didnt have to step down,
he couldve give Trump a bj and stayed,
suck dick is patrotic

Fucking kill yourself. Q-LARPers belong on reddit. We don’t give a shit about your board.


Media blackout by order of the kikes. It's progressing though, but good luck finding info on it without digging into court records or knowing someone in the DoJ/FBI.


That was after Kerry changed his name from Kohn, isn't it?

Time's running out for the Dems to run distraction.

They don't know how to distract, because they don't know what is in the memo. Their tactic has been to just call it talking points written from a known liar Nunes.

…and this is NOT as preferred as coasting till last day and getting a huge payout check as a bonus sendoff for all accumulated PTO/Sick days accrued.
Most people who spend banked days like this have 1+ YEARS and shave off considerable time. Spending 2 months of time is stupid, you'd coast and take the check normally.

Sounds about right for bureaucrats. A couple months of terminal leave is normal in the military, as they don't allow you to accumulate more than a few months worth anyway.

All about the sick days, they can't be capped. Bob over in the corner hasn't missed a day of work in 20 years is retiring a year early

video was taken down, anyone got a webm?

The media mocked him then but it will be impossible soon, all according to plan.

Part of Trump's mission is to utterly destroy the fake news.

To be fair, that's partly the the reason the alphabet browses around here, and why Q even exists; free labor.

He doesn't want to be labeled as "Obstructing justice" in the mueller fraud investigation.

What a good start to the week!
So comfy right now

More like, it's a matter of national security. You can see hints of it though, especially in how Trump has been hating on Pakistan lately.

Cleaning staff at Trump Tower. With the ankle tag and a Haitian supervisor.



Fucking looooool


Your retarded premise has never been accepted here.

No but it's good to see what the shills say, they have the same messaging as the fake news media but often advance their little points ahead of scheduled broadcasts.

You can tell what the evening news is going to say by what the shills are pushing in the morning.

Not at all what I said. I said Rosenstein is at the center of all this. Didn't say anything about him being "next." Learn to read faggot.

Chan format and customs tend to minimize constructive dialectic while maximizing unproductive rhetoric. Thus, yes, we all need as much "hand-holding" as possible, in the form of formal argument; this is not due to personal infirmity, but rather due to the limitations of the communications format. Your outline is a good start.

so was it released or not?

lol fucking no

We can go to literally every single other website on the entire Internet for that. We don’t need to allow it here, and yet it’s allowed here.

They were meeting at 5pm EST to hold a vote - no word yet.

Its not about the memo. Its the meme that needs to be released.

If you need a hugbox go make a reddit page

Fucking savage


Funny how you’re the only one talking about hugboxes and you can’t even read what was written, huh, yid? Holla Forums is a board of truth. Liberal posters are not telling the truth. You have no place here.

Oh yeah.

holy shit my sides i can't fucking breath


So Saturday’s the day unless Trump says no.

Sorry for no archive

He can sign off and release it sooner if he wishes…five days is just the waiting period if he doesn't do anything.

are whites finally going to riot?

nice to know

They created the counter memo because of the Nunes memo. Can you say DESPERATE?

lol no, and if you try you’ll be called FBI

If the memo actually has anything damaging to the dems, the dems will simply release something equally damaging to the reps and they’ll both give each other pardons, user.

Reported for FBI

They tried that with a "counter memo." Intel committee voted it down.

I didn’t try yet. Hang on.

No, that’s not at all what the “counter memo” was. That was simply a fabricated document to discredit the memo. Or do you think no one on the “right” (lol calling republicans “right”) has committed the exact same treason as the democrats?

That's my point, if they had anything really damaging it would've been put in the counter memo. (((They))) don't have anything legitimate that can counter the Nunes memo, which is why they fabricated one.

Just my theory, but every move from the left lately has been screaming desperation

No he didn't.

Yes he fucking did


meant for

You’re delusional. You didn’t read what I said.

I stand corrected. Sorry user.

Their desperation smells fucking delicious

Yes I did, you just didn't understand the reply. I'm saying that IF they had that kind of damaging info you speak of, then it WOULD HAVE been in the counter memo.

Now all trump needs to do is slowly pull out the highlights tomorrow and say something to the effect of "America , its fucking story time" and read it and then laugh and laugh and prepare for the salt intake

Your statement, twice now, was already refuted. You’re completely delusional. You have no fucking idea how Washington works. You’re fucking admitting to thinking that the Republican Party isn’t just a foil for the democrats, isn’t controlled by jews, and hasn’t committed the exact same treason the Democrats have! Fuck the hell off.

please be digits of truth. He could make this speech the best fucking state of the union in centuries, or he could keep dragging everyone along by their blue balls.

Except, you know, your continual masturbatory fantasies about Q-LARP and the “struggle” that you have artificially inflated serve no one any good but to demoralize and diminish the effect of real releases that actually happen.

I'm seeing conflicting reports on the counter memo. Some are saying that is was a unanimous vote to release it, but SCHIFF never said so → twitter.com/brithume/status/958123029405593600

What in the exact fuck are you saying to me you little cock bitch? I never said a god damned thing about any q larp bullshit
I pray to almighty Kek that a nigger rapes your mom tonight , films it , and then emails it to you

Literally never said anything about the Republican party, you are imaging that. Not saying they aren't also guilty of certain things, only that there's no PROOF that they can be blackmailed with. Use your brain you relentless faggot.

Yes, we’re done here. Thank you for exposing yourself.

Are you fucking kidding me, user. I can, off the TOP OF MY HEAD, without looking anything up, personally think of ten fucking instances of treason by Republican Party officials in the last decade ALONE. Much less the fact that the whole party is staffed by people WHO ANSWER TO THE LEADERS OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. You’re seriously trying to fucking claim that jews don’t have PROOF of the things they themselves orchestrated?

that's classified information, maybe, since I am not allowed to confirm or deny if a piece of information is classified :^)

I heard the vote passed. It's out in 5 days unless the Don says "No".
The Don, he say "Yes" already.

If Trump doesn't act, it goes back to the full House for a vote on its release.

checking that savage typo

mini satan knows his ZOG.

Unless he's an absolute madman and reads it out in the SOTU.

Please this.

So what's proof do you have of a crime that a republican committed that won't ALSO simultaneously implicate a Democrat? You're a larping faggot, kill yourself.

What in the hell is wrong with you. Why did you come here if you want to defend one of the ZOG’s parties. They will pardon each other, you dipshit.

Literally not defending anyone. Filtered, should've done that before.

Okeedoke, eat shit then. You’re incapable of reading or replying to what was written.

Not if its proven that during his time in office that he violated federal law he will lose every single penny that he was promised AND he would owe back anything that was touched form the wrongfully allotted pension iirc

McCabe Couldn't Take The 5th While A Federal Employee

While both removal internally, and resignation are the other half of the win-win, it seems the biggest bait wasn't taken (10k sealed indictments . . .) –bare minimum: it's a concession of wrong doing optics-wise and lends credence to the glowing iridescence of alphabet coonery in the FISA memo.

The private school photo of Mueller and Kerry is juiciest in the context of how sweeping the remit for conspiracy charges are, mere association can suffice.

the dont taze me bro guy was right all along

McCabe is a multiple murderer implicated in the Magnitsky and Seth Rich killings. McCabe was tied into the CIA/FBI dropbox, which was an internal spy ring helping usurp Trump. Prior to that, he was involved in the uranium and classified info for cash scheme.

There are maybe a dozen or so others directly implicated for directly calling shots and running shit. McCabe is just one of those. Then you had hundreds of others involved in classified info theft and various players in the nuclear weapons material/cashdrugs/human smuggling components, and then the and ancillary players further out in the web, and then probably thousands blackmailed by the Awans etc.

THEN you have a lot of kike private fund barons moving the money around. The investors in those funds (and that includes some deep state people). All the mining operations.

LOTS of people need to hang. McCabe is definitely one but certainly a linchpin, but he needs to HANG and nothing else. The only conceivable reason he is being allowed to skate is tactical–it's a show/delay tactic, or it's possible he's talking and cut a deal to rat out a lot of people.

This is too big and the crimes he and others committed, and McCabe being a ringleader–this doesn't make sense at all unless there is something else going on here.

▶Contents of The Memo!

This is the reason McCabe stepped-down and will be THE END of the Mueller probe, based upon lies.


i need more pop corn

Sorry to post this here am new to Pol, but soon can re-create these threads here-


Connected to this and to uranium crimes -

▶ PROJECT PELICAN – Larger crime then Uranium One!!


▶ Release the memo!


▶ Loop capital funds the global crime syndicates. This is the Q message decoded.




great now we got 2 larpers

▶ Mueller, Trump, Mnuchin collusion with the banking cartel exposed here.


Trump could go either way with the banking cartel and so Mueller wants to remove him before he might do something to the banking cartel and before Trump goes after Mueller for his crimes.

Larper? I am just an average person exposing the truth.

Do not forger the crimes of Mueller.


Expand your thinking. Think McCabe, Mueller, Wray, Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions, many members of Congress acting as protectors of The Uranium Crime Syndicate and of Project Pelican crimes. Reason why Jeff Sessions makes it look like little Uranium One only, when in reality it has been going-on for 18 years.

Think Mueller protecting his terrorist Uzbekistan truckers.

Think Jeff Sessions covering for Rosenstein, should he be removed. Think massive collusion.

▶ The scumbags of the NWO defined.


(Mod of cbts is one of them).

▶ The Hunt for Red October cracked


▶ The Power Structure of the New World Order Exposed.


I don't know if you're legitimately retarded or baiting, but I needed that laugh. Goddamn.


Be ahead of the crowd and get the content now.

Would it be better if he said he was only figuratively defending him? You better have some hot shit up your sleeves to make me not believe you are just a (((1))) sock puppet of the iridescent faggot he was replying to that I already filtered.


① Covered up investigation into Miami family connected to 9-11 terrorists.

② Projects his terrorists Uzbeki trukers. One of them ran over people on the streets recently.

③ Is the leader of The Uraniumn Crime Syndicate.

④ Protects Jihadist terrorists.



Which is connected to this

▶ PROJECT PELICAN – Larger crime then Uranium One!!


⑤ These criminals hide their money in Bitcoin.

⑥ Sessions, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Obama, Hillary, the CIA, members of Congress, the State Department, the AWAN brothers crime syndicate, ALL URANIUM CRIME SYNDICATE ENABLERS.

▶ The scumbags of the NWO defined.


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Since this is a hot thread and presumably there's fresh meat in here, I was pointing out the language. The only people left using 'literally' as an intensifier… Well they aren't from here, or if they are they're undisciplined and need to be remediated in the use of language.

also, filtering the shills? How do you know when you are heating up?

Dear Kekkus Maximus. I am throughly convinced now you will keep this up even while the rope is being put around your neck.

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DISA director announced retirement as well. Not sure if there's a connection.


disregard that link im an idiot

oddly enough more DISA people retired when looking into this


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Why is Comey sticking his neck out for McCabe? I don't get it.

Proof: >>11204238


Real Seth e Memo


Reminder that this redditor has personally admitted that he likes jews.



Why wouldn't Comey STFU

What the fuck is so confusing about this?



Comey has nothing to gain by sticking up for McCabe. McCabe is in no position of power


It's what power play politics people like them do

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If these people were bright they would not be in the deep shit that they are in now. Being high off of their own bullshit will do that too.

It would have been a pure (((accidentally))) though user.

That's a ripe one, user. Also news we can get literally anywhere outside of a cave. Please try again. And try harder next time.
Saged and probably should report too

can confirm its on the front page of the physical wall street journal

박근혜 불륜설-정홍원 전 총통님의 조루증

Can you gooks shitpost in a comprehensible manner?

Remember the previous shit head potus's attending that hurricane fundraiser bullshit in TX. You think they or esp. old shit head Bush in a fucking wheel chair really wanted to be there? They have their marching orders. So does Comey. "Oh vey Comey goy, tweet something!" "Um, ok sir jew"

what did they mean by this?

You won't have to call on me user, you know I'll be doing the same goddamn thing you will just in my own style. If a bi-partisan pardon comes down the isle america 1.0 is officially dead and it'll be time for a reboot.
In a quantum universe user we never know an answer is absolute until it's observation. We can not know zog will not arrest zog until facts are laid bare TO THE PUBLIC and no action takes place. Until then it's folly to forget about all those indictments, because if you think there is a 50/50 split on them idk what to say. Stop being a defeatist for just another week or two, after that I don't care if you sperg out on the board, but user cmon just hold that autism back a bit until it's really time.

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James Munder is dead … Suicide!



With commentary, lots of gets.

Definetly going to be better than just fox news!!

Also thanks to you "Russian bots" the ((mainstream)) media talks about … for getting the Memo released!!!

Tune in 8:30pm est to see the stream where there IS NO
and there IS
and much much more

Tune in to ALLchans favorite Information Broker B.Sampler
And have some fun in the chat….
Don't terrify the normies too much wait till we win the civil war that the media has created

What did he mean by this? Who's McCabe's wife and why is she a loser?

Nice post in general, but
You really have no idea how this works. This isn't a conspiracy in which all ZOGbots in Congress meet up in a room and decide how they're going to uphold Barack Obama's masters' Moloch-worshipping agenda. The people in the loop of the DOJ conspiracy are as follows: Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Rod Rosenstein and no doubt some of their less significant cronies. There may also been some direction from above such as Loretta Lynch or even Barack Obama. These kinds of conspiracies prosper on keeping a very small circle of very powerful/influential people in the loop. Some Republicans are involved in this conspiracy, for example, James Comey. But because this particular conspiracy was organized for Democrat partisan purposes under a Democrat administration (with continuity in countering its target during his Republican administration), the purpose of it is unmistakably to the benefit of the Democratic Party, or at least the counter-Trumpian wing of the GOP. You cannot find a Republican conspiracy against the American people that can be spun as a treasonous conspiracy (working as Israel's puppets doesn't count, they'd never expose that) on a similar scale or a similar composition. Democrats have not even imagined such a conspiracy without citing foreign actors who have little rational interest to involve themselves in such matters. There is nothing they could do to sink the GOP under Trump or they would have already used it to swing things back in a direction they'd be more comfortable with.


Your reasoning relies on assumptions your making that run counter to observed behavior. Democrats have been in full meltdown since election day and haven't stopped. They are constantly making unforced errors such as their absurd failed government shutdown and they've made literally every attempt possible to attempt (in vain) to discredit the memo. This is not behavior they do as play acting. They are not winking and nudging and never Trumpers who are not winking and nudging at Trump. These are competing groups whose interests align in a number of ways, but their corruption is not totally equal and even if it is, they are not equally positioned.

Your evidence that this isn’t theater, then?
Don’t underestimate jews.

The burden of proof is on your shoulders, my friend.

Kill yourself, you fucking faggot. 70 years of history backs me up. Prove it isn’t theater. By the way, they’ve done worse as theater before.

You're the one making absurd assumptions that fly in the face of observable behavior. It's our duty to prove your assumption that goes against the norms, not mine to assert the norms.

For him.

Good evening user's.

I was on the Q research 8 chan board late last night as usual, every day since we started the CBTS, the Storm, the great awakening boards. I and other user's started having issues with our tablets and laptops after a larp shill posted anti Geotus crap. My tablet is now fried. I only used that one device to work the Q research board.

I have a request. I'm trying to get back on the 8 Chan q research board on my phone now. I can't find a link that works. Does anyone know if my Q research board was deleted? Is there a safe link to that board? I'm really ticked off because I had just researched Q's post on Apache. I found a system software virus the Clowns In Action had developed. …then bam! My tablet shut off. It will not restart or come back on. The plane fags were also having issues using laptops at the same time.

Does anyone have the direct link to get back on my favorite board? I've tried everything to link back up on my phone. What a pain in the ass. Especially on the SOTU night. So pissed here! The deep state have been busy today.

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Seventy years of history laugh in your fucking face, dipshit. Read a goddamn book.
It's not my assumption. It's yours. They're behaving exactly as they always have. It's your job to prove this is different. It's your job to prove this is something. You don't know and you can't know.

Nihilism is impossible to argue against when I don't know what you would accept as evidence of something not being theater. Any example I will give, you will say is theater ad nauseum. It should first be established that everything is actually theater then discussion can resume.

Translation: If you look you will turn into a pillar of salt, goy

Does anyone remember this.

Schiff saw Obama's Daily briefs. In those briefs were updates on Trumps wiretap. Thats what set off this whole investigation by Nunes and now memo. Nunes got info leaked to him that gave him access to look at them in a Scif.

Nope, but thanks for admitting you can’t justify any of your claims because you don’t even know the history of the relevant groups’ behaviors.

Bannon and Ledeen may be wary of talking about Cohen-Watnick after his first, and thus far only, turn in the national spotlight. Washington got its first real look at Cohen-Watnick when he was identified as one of two White House sources who provided House Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes with evidence that former national security adviser Susan Rice requested the “unmasking” of the names of Trump associates in intelligence documents. In the intelligence world, incidental collection refers to intelligence agencies obtaining, in the course of monitoring foreigners, communications that either refer to or involve Americans, whose names are typically “masked” unless officials request that they be “unmasked.”

"Nothing I could see today warranted a departure from the normal review procedures, and these materials should now be provided to the full membership of both committees," Schiff said. "The White House has yet to explain why senior White House staff apparently shared these materials with but one member of either committee, only for their contents to be briefed back to the White House."

So he admits its not fake but it should be taken up by the comity.