The Germans Are At It Again

German carmakers tested diesel emissions on monkeys

The laboratory study involved a 2013 VW Beetle and an older Ford F-250 pick-up truck running on a dynamometer — a sort of treadmill for cars used in emission tests — with its exhaust fumes directed through a series of tubes into airtight gas chambers. In the original proposal, a human subject on a stationary bicycle was to be tested, but this was amended to 10 monkeys.

“APPALLING,” tweeted Transport & Environment, a Brussels-based organisation lobbying for sustainable transport. “10 MONKEYS squatted in airtight chambers, WATCHING CARTOONS for entertainment as they INHALED FUMES from a rigged diesel Volkswagen Beetle.”

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Why bigger fines for rigging emissions than the fines for the wrongful deaths of 174 people?

Because they challenged the worldwide religion. They were heretics. They were also German.

Its like another bananacaust.

kek. I am very strong for animal rights and ethical treatment of animals and slaughtering methods. But monkeys are bestial demon creatures.

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next try it on those alien Xenos called kikes.

I can't wait for next week's finding, where VW is discovered to have added a supply of Zyklon B to their motors, so they could secretly gas 6 gorillion more.


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Because that's always what happens, when an US judge get his hand on a EU company case?

I think the silliest fine in history is still the one that big french bank whose one of their middle east subsidiaries (among countless) was working with Sudan and was investing their money in Iran and Cuban and whatnot (places that had no problem with Sudanese investment)…
None of which was illegal under the EU or french laws since no one but the US are backing the Israel/KSA sponsored insurgency in South-Sudan.
Except they did in dollar because duh (oil making country)…
So the U.S. judges said "well since you're using dollars you're a subject to all US laws" (presidential decree in that case IIRC) and gave them a $10 billions fine (nearly as much as JP Morgan… for systematically lying on everything and collapsing the world's economy).
Which is insane. Hey ever used Paypal? You're now subjected to US federal laws! Did you bought booze when under 21 (since it's 18 pretty much anywhere in Europe and most people probably use paypal, or Patreon or Ebay once)? Jail.

In ten-fifteen years this will be seen as the decision that shattered the USD global domination for international transactions.

Cheating the kikes and government vs. killing goyim.

That's completely insane, US law isn't supposed to be applicable to the entire planet.

Goyim! Don't disrespect the 6 million! My very own sister was gassed in the cartoonacaust! Forced to watch old SpaceGhost coast-to-coast re-runs! They had special trains with video screens that dumped you right into the gas chambers! Mengele himself picked her off the train 9 times right before she was gassed!

Damn, I wish I had remember all those car deaths the last time I was in a discussion with hopping mad liberals over that whole VW debacle. I would have enjoyed watching them contort over justifying that line of logic.

FUCK YOU KIKES>>11201642

Why not 6 gorillion?

I thought the Germans had finally decided to gas the kikes and start the race war. But no, they gassed actual monkeys. Really cruel, to be honest

with the help of decisions like that, soon, it won't


Were they watching the gorilla channel?


they wanted a more accurrate assessment of the effect on humans.

I'm much more worried about cartoons having enough power to override danger behavior like that.

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mfw Germans are testing gas chambers for the first time


So VW's benchmark for their modern "clean" diesels is an old v8 F250 powerchoke? kek

So this is why they want the migrants, its cheaper than buying monkeys.

Gas the chimps, physic war now!

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