Assad: 'Attack again, and I'll launch a missile at Ben Gurion airport'

'Syrian honor is above all else.'

say it with me
"Syrian President Bashar al-Assad today sent a threat to Israel through Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that if Israel attacked targets in the country again, Syria would respond by firing Scud missiles at Ben-Gurion Airport. "Syrian honor is above all else," Assad told Putin, who replied that he would convey the message to Israel.
About three weeks ago, the Syrian army announced that Israel had carried out a series of attacks on an Assad army base in the eastern Kalmon Mountains, north of Damascus, confirming reports by media outlets close to the regime and as reported by Mako news. According to the army's announcement, Israel carried out three attacks with fighter jets and missiles. "The air defense forces opened fire at the sources of the fire and hit aircraft," the statement said. In Israel no confirmation was forthcoming regarding the damaging of aircraft.

According to the official Syrian report, the series of attacks began at 2:40 am when planes fired missiles from Lebanon's airspace towards the Al-Katifa area. Then, at 3:40 am, another attack was carried out using surface-to-surface missiles launched from the Golan Heights. At 4:15 a third attack was carried out by four missiles fired from the Tiberias area. The Syrian army also claims that in response, its air defense forces opened fire at the aircraft and the missiles, and succeeded in intercepting or destroying some of them.
Syria repeatedly warns of the dangerous consequences of Israel's attacks and promises to continue fighting the rebel groups, which are called "Israel's terrorist affiliates". Media outlets belonging to the Syrian opposition and rebels reported that the targets of the attack were ammunition depots in which long-range missiles were stored. The Syrian Center for Human Rights said that weapons warehouses belonging to Hezbollah and the Syrian army were damaged in the attack and that there was a fire and damage to the buildings. It also said that no injuries were reported as a result of the attacks.

About a month ago, foreign media reported an attack on the Jamariya area on the outskirts of Damascus. According to reports on the Russian television network RT and Syrian television, at around 23:30, Israel attacked a Syrian military post located on the outskirts of Damascus with missiles.

Syria's state television reported that local anti-aircraft forces had intercepted three missiles fired by Israel while they were still in the air: "Air defense forces were hit by an Israeli missile attack," the official SANA news agency reported, "The target was a military site in the suburbs of Damascus." Other media outlets in the country reported that Israeli aircraft were shot at."

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Why wait Assad?


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I wish him luck, but I also wish he'd try to reclaim Golen Heights. That would seriously trigger those yids into another attack and give them proper causus bellis to attack Israel. Would be pretty funny to have Vlad descend upon Israel.

What, the jews like glass airport buildings, so he'll give them a glassed airport building.

Trump won't allow that to happen.

But I bet the ZOG emperor would be very mad at that, as well as cuckchan.

took your sweet time chaim

Not good. Whether the rockets hit the airport or most likely not kikes are going to start kvetching about anuda shoah and international (((community))) is going to call for Assad's removal once and for all.

kvick someone call Ivanka, we need her crying in the Oval Office stat!

>Trump's (((advisers))) can't do shit since Israel attacked first, U.S. only gives supplies

Best timeline.

Dubs worth checking.

>Trump's (((advisers))) can't do shit since Israel attacked first
Stopped reading right there. You do know logic doesn't apply to US politics. Right?

CIA agent (attempting to implant in WN thoughts of suicide. It's a massive push they've been undertaking. Note how it's not a real meme):

In the scenario I described they would just spin it and say Hezbollah attacked for no reason. The reason I say Trump's advisers and not Trump is because there are so many shills that even pointing out Trump's zionist inclination is seen as D&C. Making it look like Trump doesn't care about Israel prevents people from interpreting my post as D&C, but it's also the best timeline.

Get the fuck outta here.

CIA agents use multiple accounts to create the illusion of popularity of opinion. Here a sockpuppet CIA IP address pops out of the woodwork:

Syria has a slight advantage in one particular area, which is that the whole country is like a half wrecked wasteland. Its like throwing a rock through the window of a home that already has 7 windows blown out. I dont think its going to make a big difference.

Now if Assad smashes Israels big bay-view window with a missile, thats going to be a BIG problem.

It is a plot, but telling us so we think about it is also part of the plot. Look at the glow in the dark nigger explain basic bitch wordsmithing to us like we're apprentice meme mages.

Damascus has largely been unit.


From what I recall they were mortared etc. for a while, light artillery at least.

A clever CIA device is being used:

< warning people makes hypnotic messages more effective


You CIA are fucking LIGHTWEIGHTS!

checked. Good info.

Nice earlobe spacing bud. You tell em.

For calling me CIA I will now psychically kill another Mossad rabbi.

CIA confirmed I have my methods:

why are you waiting?

He just died. Go check.




< I'm a tough guy.



tbh the question is why he didn't retaliate sooner…

I misread it as Ben Garrison airport. Although that should be the new name when Assad finishes the kikes off in Israel.

The CIA isn't the alphabet that would be shilling. The FBI and NSA are more likely, and the Navy is used for serious cyber warfare attacks. Most shilling you see will be from either random redditor, Holla Forums types, and the more organized ones are from NGOs run as philanthropy. That said, the FBI, which runs cointelpro, and they once wrote a letter to MLK urging him to commit suicide. That makes me kind of curious about what tactics (((they))) use to blackpill, and possibly even drive anons to suicide. It would certainly be interesting to look closely at shills to identify what subnarratives they use, but going around calling people shills degrades board quality. Try and just observe for a bit, and refrain from accusations unless you have very good reason to call someone out. Now stop being a faggot or else I'll shoot you and throw you off my plane.

sage for off-topic


Meanwhile, back in the USA…

We've been invaded and our systems of government, education, health, science and military, among others, are all under foreign control. The current administration has consistently declined to move against them.

It's time, We The People.

He had more and tougher enemies before, at least that's an assumption of mine. Now that ISIS and co. have been officially BTFO, Israel is now the biggest threat.

A CIA agent. Faked "get" (lulz - remember the rules of Jumanji):

< the CIA doesn't do that, user. Trust the CIA. They are your friend.

So for those unaware, the CIA's "secret" top-level goal is to kill all whites. Their controllers are the kikes.

Another possibility is that he's luring them to a trap :^)

israel will probably still be pushing with random small attacks that will dare the SAA to either escalate or do nothing.
in case of escalation ofcourse IDF and US will try to push further into syria.

i dont really care if retards are fucking autistic, but the fact that they feel the need to go to threads on which they dont know shit about and shitpost their bullshit there just because theyre insecure pisses me off.
atleast when we had /sg/ we could point them and bully them out in no time. but now its just redit carpet bombing everywhere

And, as you can see, he vanished. That's because, at the CIA, they have too much work to do. Increase the cognitive load, break them.

What plane is that?

its an IDF plane that got shot down a year or two ago during a raid on Damascus. the jews ofcourse denied it and said a fuel tank that was dropped was hit or something.

I might get called shill for this but….


The mass of right-leaning voters have woken up.
We do not support war
Not when we have so many issues to fix at home

Daily reminder anti Israel is code for anti republican, anti Trump and anti American.

what was a jewish plane doing in Syria?

What plane, though?

Fuck you mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker over 70 percent of the GOP supports Israel

Look at this faggot
Do you know where you are?

lulz. That guy is idf. Here he is again:

This is a Trumpist board now you Nazi's are the ones lost lol

are you joking or are you new?

no it isnt.

make up your mind

I read that as Ben Garrison airport.

If Trump takes us into war for israeli interests, even Holla Forums will drop his ass


lol it crossed my mind too

Meanwhile in the USA…
Trump constantly getting ass-fucked by 9th circuit because he'd rather suck Israel cock than get them mad at him

Meanwhile in the USA…
Trump constantly getting ass-fucked by 9th circuit because he'd rather suck Israel cock than get them mad at him

the bot broke again



He will do the same as always when it comes to the middle east, first he will say some PR shit like "I'm totally israels bro, for real this time guys", give israel some scraps they don't need, provoke israels enemies, bomb another empty syrian airfield and then enjoys the shitshow unfolding.

if war happens it will be going on in Lebanon and Iraq. Syria will be calm because of the massive russian presence there. SDF will serve as a political diversion and buffer for damascus to keep them from moving forces to aid Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Iraq will be divided between iran backed shia central govt and US backed sunni and kurd insurgents.
The US and Israel will also constantly strike the Iran-iraq-syria-lebanon axis highway to weaken hezbollah and syria.
The US will offer aircover to IDF and will only send regular troops to lebanon if IDF gets bogged down. Troop numbers in iraq and syria will also increase, together with sanctions against iran and russia.
saudi arabia will not get involved and will instead support salafists in iraq, lebanon and syria while fully invading yemen.
turkey will also try to make the best of it by invading more of northern syria and iraq.

whos gonna be the president when that happens doesent really matter as a US president is just a fucking puppet with no real authority.

also screencap this, you heard it here first

Why would this happen? Is this not something that is well know in Saudi Arabia?

That would be fine.

I admit I got worked up within the first 24 hours following the airfield bombing.

But between all the shills going overtime (they don't understand subtlety) and fellow anons assuring reason and patience, I calmed myself.

best strategy with Trump

no, it actually isnt.
KSA still pretends to support palestine etc, because the majority of the pleb population is still arab anti-israeli religious folks.

I appreciate the info but damn, that blackpill is bitter

I didn't know that. If most Saudis actually believe that now, maybe they would still believe it no matter what happened as long as the rhetoric was the same.

So in other words SA populace are on the same level as dumbass boomers

Saudis are the purest Arabs, aka the lowest IQ most inbred sandniggers, of course they're going to swallow whole whatever their kike handlers feed them.

Yes, they will believe what they are told. Except, Boomers love Israel.

no, a civil war would happen. theres alot of shias in KSA, especially in oil producing areas. Theres plenty of sheiks that want power, from irans friends to radical alqaeda guys.
thats why this big purge happened recently.
the coronation of the new king would give those guys a brief moment to strike.

prettymuch yes. theyre literally NK tier, but they think theyre better because they have 1 more party to vote.

Not exactly. Imagine boomers with a 15 points lower median IQ, 1400 years of strict cousin marriage in their genome and radical pisslam savagery in place of secular christcuckery.

They almost reach being worse than turkroaches.

arab isnt really an ethnicity. its like "european". a made up category to categorise a specific collective of peoples.
the arab race consists of many beduin tribes and local nations just like the european race consists of various nations (germanic, slavic, romantic…). and neither have a clearly defined border (which country is still X and which is the most X)

CIA. Note how it's incoherent stupid shit that literally doesn't mean anything:

first of all, you reddit newfag, if you reply to a post but write the text above the post number the OP can still see you.
second of all nice earlobe spacing.
third of all, hes making a good point at calling out your retarded burger worldwiev autism
fourth of all, the CIA is a foregein matters agency, and if anyone would be shilling here it would be one of the internal federal agencies, or even more likely, a private contrctor that couldnt be linked to the govt.

so can you now take your pathetic burger decadence and fuck off back to reddit?

thats great, why not just change JIDF to "based" too huh?

IDF soldiers are cowards who shit themselves when they’re fighting anything that isn’t a rock chucking child. Jews can only attack civs.


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Just launch everything you have at Israel. Enough is enough

filtered for being disgusting homosexuals

Oy vey, we dindu nuffin, filthy goyim!

It's a CIA agent. Note the imagery:

That's one of their classic subliminals lel

goy we need a buffer zone for our buffer zone. ask not of the settlements we build in the buffer zone. ask nothing of the missiles we launch from the buffer zone - why do you persecute us so??

Another thing to note is the lack of a "self" to them. This is incredibly funny, actually, because they pride themselves for their acting skills, and they ain't fo shit.

Wouldn't surprise me if this was meant unironically tbh

filtered for being a disgusting jew

bump :^)

Reminder that this is a redditor who has been mass spamming every single thread on the board.
Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

Wait, so now Syria is openly acknowledging that israel is at war with them, even though israel has openly claimed thus far that they aren't involved in syria?

i mean WE all knew from hillary's emails and from the pictures of israel munitions being possessed by syrian revolutionary groups.

does assad browse Holla Forums?

But user, why do you want to kill white people?

Checked, thanks


How, you're such an insensitive misogynistic shitlord!


We have 3 kinds of operatives monitoring this thread:
1. CIA (duh)
2. IDF (also duh)
3. Syrian army (ok, duh too)

But the question is always "which one is it?!"

Oh, and FSB.


israel/assad was a proxy war last i checked. wait, did you actually believe it was a totally natural civil war?

Time for (jew) to die.

You better empty your israelian diapers before the next load arrive Moshe.

first day? kill yourself in the corner quietly for two years

i was pissing (((him))) off

syrian airforce intelligence concernes with such matters
also its FBI and NSA, not CIA. this place is nowhere nearly important enough to have them on this, but its still under monitoring by domestic agencies for dissidents

yeah so
no, i just didnt know what you meant by assad browsing pol. the post seemed a bit long to be sarcastic

why? atleast im not a disgusting redit immigrant

< The CIA is muh waifu
screw yourself

re-read my post. it's not complicated user…

You're obviously a redditor.

Commit suicide, redditor.

Fucking nuke them Assad! Fucking do it!

Actual CIA agent:


Wrong, its all JIDF hasbara squads.


Clarifying: some, not all. Most, in some areas (esp. re. kike MONEY).

Daily reminder the CIA is actively engaged in implanting thoughts of suicide in the WN movement.

unfortunately this
with jose you lose.
with jews you lews
burn the cole pay the tole
burn the col burn the toll
none of these faggoted slogans work.

The reason he spoke to Russia is because Russia has interest in preventing ww3. Israel is demented, the US is Israel controlled.
What Assad should have said is "if Israel encroaches on Syria in order to make greater Israel, I will blow up their airports".

I doubt Syria has resources to spare or the kind of jew mentality required to think of doing it.
Most countries are fairly sane, despite what the (((media))) wants you to think.

< Syria can't

:^) They do it for free

I'm sick of kikes and the (((US))) doing shit that only a hundred years ago would have meant all out war, and getting away with it. The Jew cries out as he strikes you. Jews really are the ultimate cowards

this shit is getting spammed in multiple threads. Subliminals are being used but this kike faggot is trying to distract attention away from something that some anons have been noticing with the 'subliminals' that runs to the core concept of what memetics is. The kikes are imitators they can not create shit, all they can do is imitate and thats all their propaganda and subliminal subversion is, them trying to imitated memes to destroy them. You can not kill what you did not create, chaim. The goyim know.



that doesent even make any sense


Then what the fuck are you doing not knowing about imkikey's filters? Did you abandon cuckchan recently?


i know about that fags filters, but i didnt see the reddit one yet

earlobe spacing
earlobe spacing
REDDlT spacing

apparently it only works when you write REDDlT SPACING

We can only wish.


In 2006 Israels war doctrine was halted due to a lack of heavy munitions. They needed the US to send cargo ships of munitions to keep it going.

All Trump has to do is stop aid to Israel when it goes to war and ignore every kike in his office.
Isis will be at a crossroads when its goyim realize they don't want to fight israel.

2011, 2018, it's all the same

Assad is smoking.
I suspect he'll end up dying of lung cancer.


its a bot



FPBP Poster here. I cant believe glow in the dark origami ninjas have ruined what could have been a real white meet up website

I can't believe you think you're fooling anyone.
Here's your 0.02 cents

smh you need to go back tbh


Don't correct them, spotting them is easy.

Its unironic. Take a look at 4cuck. They openly promote the Holocaust lie with counter infographs all while attacking muslims to appeal to the based israel right.
The same greenhorn shills are directed here

Fuck outta here cuckchan roody poo.

This is israeli history 101

Do you even CIA psychic team 10?

Stick a barrel bomb right up shlomo's nose

You can't derail the thread if you're filtered, shill-kun.

Hey thanks for the reaction pic!
sage for off topic

Why is this fag in every thread.

Because it’s a reddit exodus. Shareblue was permanently banned from all boards there, so they come here.

Oh, im not CIA. i like my little pony, and alex jones. Just like you guys!

Assad + Turkey + Iran + Iraq + whoever else they can get on board.

Only reason why I don't think Assad has taken them on so far is he's still busy cleaning up the rebels and has been doing a good job so far. Will he be able to get the Kurds on board?

He might as well drop a shekel outside the synagogue. Deep state will take him up on his generous offer inside of the month to distract from the shit storm they are in State side.



Blackpilling shill kike, youre forgetting russian troops stationed in syria. Trump wouldnt risk ww3 for a kike airport no matter how hard they kvetch

COULD ISRAEL BLOCK AN ATACK FROM ROCKETS ? and what if you shoot multiple dummy rockets first then a real rocket would their SYSTEMS CATCH ALL ROCKETS ?


why not shoot multiple real rockets?

They still have to clean that Idlib province and it takes a lot of resources.

If Assad fires any rockets Israel will nuke Syria and blame it on Iran.

Go out on a limb and predict something that’s not so fucking likely.

What's the alternative? Do nothing and let them murder your people and take your land without a fight? Better to go down swinging.

Is Turkey still cooperating with the terrorists? I seem to recall they had backtracked on that to some degree, in that case Idlib would seem surrounded and with no easy access to supplies.

Yep. That there's a faggot alright.

Whatever did Ben Garrison do to piss off Assad?

This retard calls everyone CIA but it points out the absurdity of the "oh my goyd ur


>Not good. Whether the rockets hit the airport or most likely not kikes are going to start kvetching about anuda shoah and international (((community))) is going to call for Assad's removal once and for all.

I desperately want to believe in copy pasta-related, but I fear it's just a syrian user's baseless dreams.

Probably, if it wasn't the US and by extension Israel would have most likely found out about this capability at some point and Israel would just give up on deposing Assad before they got wrecked by someone else's Samson.

I came to endorse your timeline. I stayed to admire your dubs.

I just heard Turkey has sent in an invasion force into Syria. Anybody have any word on this?

Now that the american/jewish drug army of ISIL is gone due to russian influence and their soldiers becoming addicted to drugs the free iraqi and syrian oil turkey got from them is drying up. They will invade for what reasons and the answer is not oil nor are they allied with Israel through the US connection? Assad beat Erdogan at CS 1.6?

I would also like to add that Assad is a meme lord and there is no word in existence for how much I admire Hitler.

Yeah not considering this source credible

The purpose for Erdogans invasion was to destroy the Kurds and starting in Afrin blocks any coastal/sea connection the Kurds have and economically cripples him, the Turks also agreed that all territory belongs to the Syrian government and will be returned to the Syrian army
The SAA and Russia told the Kurds they would save them and prevent the Turkish invasion if the areas were handed over to the SAA and put under government control but the Kurds refused and are now getting roached, pic related

Glass The Kikes, Border War Now

This pleases me.

good ridence those communist shitstains deserve the rope

Assad never said this, it's only kike lies, they will 911 themselves to start another war in which cuck goys are ready to obey

forgot pic

Details of the deal offered

The Turks and several Turkish backed Syrian opposition groups which have previously refused to participate in Sochi peace negotiations in Russia are now participating as well

Also i dont see it being discussed here but big shit is going down in Yemen right now, Hadi (Saudi backed "president" in the South) just got overthrown by pro-UAE forces in a coup and the Houthis who are friendly to neither made large advances in the past few days

Still rebuilding from the war effort. Syria needs to recover quickly if they want to survive.

Is that Syrian Girl?

Death to the jews


pretty ducks
Great news in Yemen. More people fed up with this Saudi puppet government in exile.
KSA too busy to help genocide more Palestinians?

forgot another pic related, sage this cia kike thread


I have no fucking clue who is a cianiggerkike here, but that post made me shadilay internally.

Why wait? And why only one missile? Israel is never going to leave the guy alone. He should just squish them. How hard a target can they be? They can't even properly operate the weapons they extort out of the US.

Uh huh, okay torpedo. I've got my funs and a list, but I think like all other legitimate anons around here we're gonna go ahead and keep on waiting a while before it's time to face to bloodshed. Gotta see what those sealed indictments are all about, wouldn't be any fun if the people didn't know why we were doing what we were doing would it? lol, like you faggots could really get whites to jump the gun….you really think we're like a bunch of niggers that just had their gibs taken away? Bitch, we have the blood flowing through us of the men that built the society you seem so happy to help destroy….and we're not going to go gently in to the night.

What is this like InfoWars for Jews?
Sage for extremist orthodox propaganda.

is that where the spic pic poster came from?



Please attack again

The Star Will Gorge Itself On Clay

Is this Israel trying to eat up all the land around itself.

We need more memes with Israel expanding into neighboring country's, Anyone able to do a map where Israel has a shaded area of itself over turkey and egypt, maybe up to russia for good measure. Then send it to all the neighboring countries with the palestinian map and wait for it.

Why isn't Israel a giant smoking crater?


Make a map with northern syria labeled as New Golan Heights. That will make some almonds itch.

Horey shet! ==BASED ASSAD==

I shot a horse named israel.



It means Syria is now at war with Israel directly, we want this.

Can't mossad the assad.

oy vey!



The absolute state of reddit occupied Holla Forums

See this post linked below? Screencap it and remember to view it time and time again so you remember that shills are behind the various "eternal anglo" posts, which are in essence versions of, "it's not the jews" type shilling. Shills have used other countries as the scapegoat for what the jews in charge did.


You went so far off script so you could clumsily forge a connection to the UK in this. How desperate must you feel right now. Thanks for offering everyone a case example of your shilling.


You two are a stupid.

Can you post something other than retarded LARPing?

What's the matter moshe? Does the Macedonian bull fucking your bitch make your tiny uncircumcised prick hard?

Pick one.

Yeah we do. Things only get worse before they get better.
It's not like that was the point of the post he made though… Kike.

So many room temperature idiots on a white board. Then again I don't expect much from Trump cultists.

you anglos are the shills dumbass.
it is, but the anglos are usually their golem

and just because you write the text above the post number doesent mean the OP cant see you, you REDDIT NEWFAG

the UK declared war on germany when it saw the USSR and germany wouldnt wipe eachother out as (((planned))), which gave germany the chance to go after the (((empire))).
youd know this if you werent a fucking newfag immigrant from reddit

dou you even know what the macedonian empire was burger?

Not Slavic for sure.

Reminder that the Jews are trying to exploit historic Anglo-European hostility. They always did this, but since the Anglo world started to wake up (Brexit, Trump, significant resistance to immigration and rising nationalism) they have been going all out to increase tensions between the two. That's not to say there are no cucked Anglos, of course there are - but there are also cucked Europeans of every variety, a disturbingly large amount of them. Right now the Anglo world is looking like its finding its spine again, so they are going all out to make sure that Anglos hate Europeans and Europeans hate Anglos. The last thing they want is another Rome, another Christendom, another united white coalition that opposes foreign intervention.

On topic:
Israel, if they were sane, would not rise to this challenge, although Israel are known for their insane measures. It is beyond obvious to everyone that Syria is a proxy war between Russia/Iran/Syria, and Israel/Saudi Arabia/USA - with China now showing up as an opportunistic wildcard hell bent on taking the position of world super power.

Europe and America are facing civil war in the long-term, there are deep divisions that make them an unreliable ally for Israel and Saudi Arabia in the future. Yemen have been waging a hidden war against the Saudis, and the various Saudi princes are now squabbling (like always) but the divisions are deepening which means that they are not the stable ally that they historically were to Israel. Israel is in very real danger in the long-term - short-term the US and NATO would instantly come to their aid, but give it another 5-20 years and we might be looking at a very different Europe and America, and perhaps even Saudi Arabia. If they do not act now, Israel might find themselves alone against Syrian/Iranian retribution. This should scare them. This desperation could cause Israel to act, which would kick-start World War 3 and instantly put an end to any possibility of an anti-Jew Nationalist Europe/America. For this reason I would not be at all surprised if Israel do escalate things.

Remember that WW2 was started when it was in part because the kikes were terrified that Britain and America were going fascist. Expect them to try to start the war early again for the same reasons.

so this most recent attack assad is blaming on israel was done via a (((sneaky )))proxy, correct?

if that is the case, then why did assad choose to call them out now? he's known for quite some time that israel has been responsible, but likely didnt say anything because of a lack of convincing evidence. has that changed? does he have some kind of evidence now that gave him the confidence to call them out?

Reported. Get off our website.

Well if he was in fact able to down any of their aircraft in his territory then he may have evidence from the wreckage. Perhaps a tail or wing section with a jew star on it.

he should invest in a camcorder.

I hope Assad can fight them off if true. If Russia then attacks Trukey that will put the US in a position in which we are “supposed” to help them which would be fucking gay.

I hope all the Isis drug addicts go through horrible withdrawals for what they’ve done and lose their will to fight. Then when the victims get their hands on them they will wish they had never been born.

Im still surprised there is no word on this however. From what I heard it was an actual large scael invasion force.

It is quite a study in CIA tactics to observe the responses to this:

Perhaps not all the responses are CIA. Yet through careful study we may gain an understanding of their tactics in memetic warfare. Chiefly, note how they play too quickly on a "we".

Reported for ban evasion. Kill yourself, redditor.

Can you like remove the wishful thinking and go for an actual post.

You are blackpilling if you do not instantly agree with the most outlandish delusions.

That's a CIA troll bot, apparently.

I'll test it out. It should bark at this one for being "rXddit". Some text here, so on.

And more text, you see, gotta add the lines

And I'll find yet another line here.

This is what the script should describe as being rXddit.

I'll test it out. It should bark at this one for being "rXddit". Some text here, so on.

And more text, you see, gotta add the lines

And I'll find yet another line here.

This is what the script should describe as being rXddit.

This is a test of the bXXt's capabilities.

OK, it may be that it was triggered to silence for me saying bXXXt. oops. But also quite sophisticated. The CIA can't afford cognitive resources here. :^)

Anyhow, does anybody know of a video example of the IDF fighting well? I have seen numerous unimpressive videos, simply no examples of pros.

Global report. Kill yourself, redditor.

Very astute analysis.
That is why right now we must forge alliances with Nationalists and Nationalist movements in other nations, such as Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Argentina, etc. … In addition to Syria, Iran, and Russia.
Of course, it's nice to coordinate with groups in the Anglosphere, but Britain, Canada, and even Australia are unfortunately likely to be puppets of ZOG when conflict arrives.

We need to make sure we aren't isolated when the time for action comes.

user's don't let the retard/shill derail the thread accusing everyone of being CIA, IDF, etc. For fucks sake there is a filter for a reason.

The report button is there for a reason, too. It’s supposed to get rid of things like that.

< shills are the ones who alert us to the existence of the CIA, and their operations, in opposition to the WN movement, and to matters pertaining to the welfare of the White People, and their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations, and their rights.

True, but it doesn't work nearly as well as the filter since it takes a miracle for the mods to do something right. The thread cleans up a lot just filtering and allows conversation to continue. As for the topic at hand, has anyone found any pictures or claims of the downed aircraft? I suppose I'm going to go comb liveleaks and other places. Perhaps some fighter caught something on camera. Seems like a lot of them have go-pros.

Sock puppet 1:

Sock puppet 2:

Global report. Kill yourself, redditor.

Ponder this point:

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No, we won’t be doing what you say, jew. We’ll be doing what we say.

Is it permitted to be against every shitskin down/over there? All Asians must go back. Kikes are Asians. Is not Assad a kike too?

Every one down there manipulates every last piece of media, truth, record, etc. If the kikes loose, we still have to gas all the kikes. If Assad wins, we still have to kill Assad's merry migrant men, and Assad too. And Soros. And Brussels EU.

Take out the UN, cut off all global 'relief' funding and distribution of central bank currency shits, and then when Jewstan and Assadstan are forced to rely on their own for their own, let them fucking kill each other, please.

Can anyone kill any body down there? Just sent waves of Mexicans at them – I'm past caring what fucking happens, just so long as the USA doesn't go kike-eyed. My god.

What if those oil fields were just a meme that some prospector corp threw down just to shill some stock? Like those miner people in Asia that laced the return samples with gold that got sent to 'independent' sample labs, sending stock to the moon, only to be discovered after extensive mining finally threw in the towel? What if the only thing is Russia and its gas? What then? Do I still have to care about Assad babies? Will Kikestan -and- Syria -and- Saudia -and- all the kike cross bred mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Asians-by-any-other-name finally be allowed to kill each other -without- me caring about it?

Blow up a radio tower or something. Just do it.

arey ou retarded? we nuke the US east coast and theres world peace. everything thats wrong with the middle east can be blamed on the US, especially the immigrants.
its US wars that created them, and its US liberalism that welcomed them in europe.

tough luck then. the rest of the world doesent need you, get nuked.

Kill yourself, kike. No one is falling for your shit.

They're back to using tag team methods a lot lately.

He isn't really wrong, at least from the 80's to this day

And the kike shows itself. Why not nuke the middle east, starting with Mecca and Tel Aviv?

To be fair the main difference between Tel Aviv and New York is the niggers and the Trump tower.

tell me one single reason why the zenith of ZOG rule and degeneracy shouldnt be nuked?
because you live there?
too bad, youre fucking collateral. 100% worth it.


So… nuking Israel, then. Got it. Not nuking the US. Because that’s what kikes want.

>the (((free world))) is run from telaviv, not washington DC
youre fucking pathetic
they wanna destroy their golem? their muscle? their defender?
are you sure?

where is the lie, though?

Back to cuckchan.

where is the lie, though?

Found the roach. BASED Assad, right?

Kill yourself

Do it

It is undesirable for Assad to attack Israel while the tiger forces are operating in Idlib, once all offensives are over only then is it remotely sane to attack Israel. Really Lebanon and Hezbollah would have to do the heavy lifting, and even then Israel is still very strong compared to them. Syria cannot attack Israel for at least another 5-10 years of nation rebuilding for it to stand a chance. It's more realistic for Saudi Arabia / Jordan to be attacked before Israel can be attacked, since while there have been big victories for Shia's all across the middle east, they need to rebuild their armies for the next war.

China is on the Russia-Iran-Syria coalition, Turkey is the true third position for being a US ally and then also attacking other US allies, while funding other terrorists that nobody even likes. But it all makes sense once you realize that all they care about is that there is no kurdish state in Syria. Other than that they are basically complicit with everything ISIS/FSA is and was doing except without the convenient alignment with israeli interests.

Time to pray boys. The more thought that dwells upon this, the more likely it is to happen.

It's true, collective thought holds power. Meme magic is real magic.

Is the archive page not working for anyone else? It's ((funny))) the only newspapers that covered this were Israeli papers, worldwide blackout otherwise. Washington Examiner wrote an article that looks like it was deleted, not a single other paper wrote about.

ASSAD the ultimate bad guy, via PUTIN the other ultimate bad guy, threatened ISRAEL the ultimate victim, this should be prime material for the Pro Westling media, hmmm, maybe the facts make the victim look like the aggressor.

Maybe this is a sign that Israel is losing heir good public image.

They should start building gigantic autonomous landships to turn it'snotrael into a parking lot.

That's interesting you say that about China, I was thinking they'd be on that side of things, but I forgot since they're close with Russia that they would probably support Russia's allies.

I think there's a few things I'd like to add to that that support the case. I know I've seen some evidence about jewish influence in the early days of communism in China, but now that they've changed over the years and emphasize "communism with Chinese attributes" (Chinese Nationalism, and now even social-capitalism, not quite unlike what was pioneered by the NSDAP). The Chinese always pride themselves on "pragmatism" so I have some hope for them. I imagine during their history there was a lot of inner party struggles as they started realizing what was going on with the JQ. I think a lot of them might know about it but they keep quiet about it. Sort of like an Asian form of Taqiya, but even more discreet.

1. In the long-game, I think Africa is going to be own by the Chinese and China won't allow Greater Israel to expand into Northern Africa. They also want to maintain the one-road one-belt system and they would probably prefer israel don't jew them out of owning the middle east.

2. Chine is heavily invested in bringing about the ubermenschen with their biotech, and that conflicts with the ZOG plan to have a jewish master race that looks over a completly mixed goyim autist-class that they want asians absorbed into. Chinese designer baby procedures will circumvent this, and possibly even do things like edit the alanine to threonine in SLC24A5 that would basically convert blacks into whites (who would be less aggressive and have a higher IQ) as well eye color, hair, facial structure via hoxgenes. I think China would agree more to the Duginist idea of a Eurosian master race than a hasidic one. Supposedly a big thing over in China is getting plastic surgery, a lot of them go to South Korea to get it done and a lot of them have a desire for thinner faces and more angular, one could even say more aryan, features. Only a matter of time before they get to make it more than a surface detail by editing their genomes so they can pass these traits on to their children. plastic surgery&t=brave&ia=web


The US is a sinking ship due to over a century of being drained from the federal reserve and the last thing the (((elites))) will do is keep america intact after they are done with it, even if its a shell of a country. Expect a fuckton of attacks and small proxy wars resulting in severe balkanisation.
Otherwise the ironic posting is 100% correct, the final plan is to make Israel the new and last super-power and even now they in alliance with the big nine and other (((elites))) control the majority of the (((free world))) from proxy candidates, goons like hillary and actual jews.

(Reich Dubs Checked)
I dunno why your post had no replies since your post makes sense and speaks volumes about the fuckery that alphabet soup agencies do.

IMO its unfortunately the other way around, Israel is a sinking ship with increasingly strong enemies growing closer to its borders and a world image that continues to tarnish. I think Israel itself will be destroyed first or made unstable to the point that the majority of the population emigrates and the rats flee the sinking ship of Israel to New York, a major conflict involving Iran, Syria, Iraq, Russia and Israel/Saudi Arabia is more likely to happen faster than the US collapsing economically or balkanizing through proxy conflicts/civil war.

Make it a 25MT warhead and also a air detonation

I congratulate trump on his excellent speech to america just moments ago.

my message stays the same:

We the people.

when someone drives a car and strives to be the fastest and make first place and win, are they attacked and shamed for being racist for wanting to win the race?
when someone lifts a heavy weight and struggles to be the strongest, do people demand they be weaker so that they may be more fair to everyone else?
when someone gives their sweat, blood, and tears to protect their own family, their own people, and their own country, must they apologize for wanting to be free and safe?
when someone states that they have pride and love for their own people, must they apologize for others misinterpretation of their pride and love for their own people as hate for other peoples and races and cultures?

loving your own people and your own country does not mean that you hate everyone else. it's okay to be white. you are not guilty of a crime for being the best you can be. you are not a monster for wanting a better world for your grandchildren. you are not a disease for spreading good ideas to your countrymen. you are you. do the best you can to be the best you can. help those around you be the best they can too.

We are often told that Holla Forums is always right, but to be truly honest we must give credit where credit is due. God is always right, and it is God who has chosen us to drink memes from the breast of life. it is God who guides us through this maze of darkness and deception, and it is God who will save us from those who hate the innocent.

it is highly unlikely that the board owner and mods on Holla Forums and similarly named boards on similar chan sites are not working for shareblue/another shill agency linked to the dnc and the un/eu/globalists.

Holla Forums mods are compromised globalist shills who censor you if you get too close to the truth. if you post anything they disagree with, even if it's a commonly accepted opinion on Holla Forums or anything else that gets them assblasted (((like calling out shills that are literally in every single thread))), or for no real reason at all just to piss you off, they will delete all your posts and all your threads and then ban you.

question everyone until you find out who you are not allowed to question.

we are being targeted and subverted by multiple disinformation terrorist globalist shill cells who hate us for telling the truth, and simply being who we are.

if it's the same for (((them))) then the Holla Forums mods are (((them))). eventually you will post something or start a thread and you will be censored and banned even if you did not break a single rule on Holla Forums. the ban reason will always be some fake fucking reason like "spam" or "unspecified reason". if you are in doubt, it isn't because this can't happen to you. it only means that it has not yet happened to you.

I am one of you, so don't bitch that you're being raided. all it takes is a look at /polmeta/ and /sudo/ to see just how many of us are being censored and banned every day by corrupt mods. the very founding reasons for Holla Forums "politically incorrect" "freedom of speech" are being torn down from above by the corrupt moderators and undermined from below by shills. because of our corrupt mods who are the biggest censorship loving sellout cucks in the entire world, Holla Forums is being ruined.

all that has been struggled for will be lost as Holla Forums can not function the way things are.

/polk/ is the same mods pretending to be different people. past migration efforts have all failed because we don't have the hivemind and the unity to make the move all at once. I don't care what new Holla Forums type board we all choose to migrate to but we need to make a good choice and then just make the move all together. the reason why everyone is getting banned all the time is because we have been subverted and manipulated.

who would have guessed that the very mods in charge of the board with the most freedom of speech on the entire internet that gives NO SHITS about political correctness would be some of the most CUCKED mods we have ever experienced?

this bullshit-banning has to fucking stop. we need the freedom to post the truth without being punished.

Impeach the cucked Holla Forums mods.

God bless donald trump. God bless america.

never forget the connection that Holla Forums has to /x/ and Holla Forums, not for their board owners, but for the concepts and ideas that the good members of those boards carry in their minds and uphold with their sprits.

Not based, he needs to stop talking and start launching. I'm getting blue balls not seeing kikes and mudshits killing each other.



israel is protected by the US made bought and paid for with US tax dollars Iron Dome system.

so nothing will happen.

notice the kikes cannot survive without the US and German gibs. Fucking welfare queens.

Call This Man a Kike Holla Forums Come on! DO IT. DO IT FAGGOT. FUCKING DO IT!



Hey Holla Forums

Let's Play Gas the Kike.

Door number 1!

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Call in to Cast Your Vote! Gas-The-Kike (427) 843-5453 or Race-War-Now (722) 392 7669

88th caller gets a free Helicopter Ride With a Jew or Muslim of his choosing!



At this point in time the term ZOG is now a buzzword used by /leftycuck/s and di/sg/usting tunnelvision morons alike with a common denominator, aka;

"Haha, arab filth? Honor? We´ll see about that!"
"Oy veeeeeey!"
"America! White Pepole! Halp!"

a roach means burger you dumbass redditor.
and Assad is more based than all US presidents since Kennedy combined

typo correction
*a roach means TURK

the only reason /sg/ got banned is because it was to redpilled and made fun of any redditfag that came there with his chesscuck bullshit and america apologism.
thats why redditors on here organised raids on /sg/ and when they got BTFOd the m0ds just came and banned everyone.

redditors need to fuck off back to their containment zone

/sg/ was always anti israel and anti (((america))).
the only thing that burgerstan got a new president and the some dumb fucking idiots tought that this changes everything. it was literally nigger tier

There's actually an extremely high likelyhood of that middle-east scenario playing out, the parts relating to the U.S. are definitely wishful thinking, though.


more like

thats just western europe.
the rest of europe didnt accept your degenerate american liberalism and western values.
(((US))) back at it again


It would've been fine if it's just to redpill abour Syria and Iraq if it weren't for shill garbage like;

It did you dumbass niggers, why do you think the MSM keeps on spamming their anti-trump bullshit 24/7? you di/sg/usting brainlets just want to circlejerk your anti-american 90s bush-era bullshit mentality on CY+3

It's nice that Syria and friends are winning, but framing the state dept goon and cianigger OPs in Syria as 'drumpf's zoggy work' is plain old pants on head retarded bullshit no different from leftypol, suicide bomb yourselves di/sg/raceful morons.

Mr. Assad, Mr Assad,
I have an idea, sir. Please hear me out. *Chad-shaped bombs*
*Thank you for your time, sir. Please feel free not to credit me*

there were literally fag shills coming to /sg/ with no other reason to shill for the (((US))).
no, im sure him being a (((US))) president after the """democratic representative"""" (((elections))) is just (((pure coincidence)))
literally reported for JIDF
exactly. now do it.

no it didnt. the only thing that changed was that under obama burger right wing was chimping out, now under trump burger left wing is chimping out.
because western democracy works on D&C
a US president is a symbolic status with no real function whatsoever. everything is decided and signed in anywhere from the pentagon to wallstreet before the president gets it on his table
suicide bombings are what the terrorists that the (((US))) funds do.

88D chess is real, user.

Unfortunately it is only for small-scale, cable news worthy politicking, not the most pozzed / controlled nation in the world gassing kikes overnight.


US-led coalition strikes kill pro-regime forces in Syria

By Barbara Starr and Ryan Browne, CNN
Updated 1826 GMT (0226 HKT) February 8, 2018

Washington (CNN)The US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria conducted air and artillery strikes against pro-regime forces in Syria on Wednesday, killing an estimated 100 pro-regime fighters, according to a coalition statement.

The coalition described its action – which if confirmed could represent the largest number of pro-regime casualties inflicted by the US-led coalition – as carried out in "self defense."

Syrian state news agency SANA described the action as an "aggression" by the coalition against "popular forces" who were fighting ISIS and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. The attack had left "scores of persons dead and others injured" and caused "huge damage" to the area, SANA added.

According to a coalition statement, its strikes were carried out after forces allied with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "initiated an unprovoked attack" against a well-established Syrian Democratic Forces headquarters where coalition advisers were working with US-backed Syrian fighters.

Some 500 pro-regime troops carried out the attack using artillery, mortar fire and Russian-made tanks "in what appears to be a coordinated attack on Syrian Democratic Forces," US Army Col. Thomas Veale, a spokesman for the US-led coalition told CNN.

Veale said that about "20 to 30 artillery and tank rounds landed within 500 meters" of the Syrian Democratic Forces headquarters before the US-backed fighters and coalition forces "targeted the aggressors with a combination of air and artillery strikes."

The US strikes were carried out by manned and unmanned aircraft as well as a US High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), two US military officials told CNN.

US F-22 stealth jets, F-15 fighters, and MQ-9 drones were involved in the counterattack according to US Air Forces Central Command.

"Along with ground based fire support, these aircraft released multiple precision fire munitions and conducted strafing runs against the aggressor force, stopping their advance and destroying multiple artillery pieces and tanks," Lt. Col. Damien Pickart told CNN.

"We estimate more than 100 Syrian pro-regime forces were killed while engaging (Syrian Democratic Forces) and Coalition forces," a US military official told CNN.

"This action was taken in self-defense," Veale said, adding that pro-regime forces that returned across the river had not been targeted.

Veale said no coalition or US personnel had been killed or wounded in the engagement but that one member of the Syrian Democratic Forces was wounded.

The coalition said the attack took place in Khusham in the Middle Euphrates River Valley, five miles east of the agreed-on "de-confliction" line designed to separate Russian-backed regime troops and US-backed forces in Syria.

Veale said the coalition suspected that pro-regime forces were attempting to seize territory, including lucrative oil fields, that the Syrian Democratic Forces had liberated from ISIS in September.

They "were likely seeking to seize oilfields in Khusham that had been a major source of revenue for Daesh from 2014 to 2017," he said, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

U.S. dismisses fears of wider war after deadly Syria clashes

Phil Stewart, Lisa Barrington

WASHINGTON/BEIRUT (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis dismissed concerns on Thursday that the United States was being dragged into a broader conflict in Syria, after a major clash with pro-Syrian government forces overnight that may have left 100 or more of them dead.

The U.S.-led coalition said it repelled an unprovoked attack near the Euphrates River by hundreds of troops aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who were backed by artillery, tanks, multiple-launch rocket systems and mortars.

The incident underscored the potential for further conflict in Syria’s oil-rich east, where the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias holds swathes of land after its offensive against Religion of Cuck™ic State.

Assad, who is supported by Russia and by Shi‘ite militias backed by Iran, has said he wants to take back every inch of Syria.

The pro-government forces were “likely seeking to seize oilfields in Khusham” east of the Euphrates in Deir al-Zor province, said a U.S. official on condition of anonymity.

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, who sits on Senate foreign relations and military oversight committees, said the episode raised serious concerns about the open-ended U.S. military presence in Syria.

“I am gravely concerned that the Trump administration is purposefully stumbling into a broader conflict, without a vote of Congress or clear objectives,” Kaine said.

Mattis described the attack on the U.S.-backed fighters, who were accompanied by U.S. special operations forces, as “perplexing.” But he described the retaliatory U.S.-led coalition strikes as defensive and limited in nature.

Asked whether the U.S. military was stumbling into Syria’s broader conflict, Mattis said: “No. This is self-defense.”

“If we were getting involved in a broader conflict, then it would have had an initiative on our part,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon.

No U.S. or U.S.-backed forces died but the U.S. official who spoke anonymously estimated that more than 100 pro-Syrian government forces were killed in the counter-attack.

Syrian state television reported that the coalition had caused “dozens of dead and wounded” by bombing pro-government forces. But a commander in the military alliance supporting Assad disputed the death toll, saying seven members of the pro-government forces were killed and 27 injured.

In a letter to the United Nations, Syria’s foreign ministry described the strike as a “war crime” and called for the coalition to be dismantled, Syrian state news agency SANA said. “We demand (that the international community) condemn this massacre and hold the coalition responsible for it.”


The U.S.-led coalition was set up in 2014 to battle Religion of Cuck™ic State fighters in both Syria and Iraq, who were largely defeated last year. Some 2,000 U.S. forces remain on the ground in Syria, allied to the Kurdish-led SDF alliance, which holds the largest swathe of territory still outside the control of the government.

The Syrian civil war, now entering its eighth year, has killed hundreds of thousands of people and driven more than 11 million from their homes, while drawing in regional countries and global powers supporting client factions on the ground.

U.S. forces in Syria have already faced direct threats from Syrian and Iranian-backed forces, leading to the shoot-down of Iranian drones and a Syrian jet last year, as well as to tensions with Russia. But this may have been the largest single assault on a U.S.-accompanied position to date.

Still, these episodes have been sporadic. U.S.-backed SDF and the pro-Syrian forces had largely avoided direct confrontation while both were fighting the common Religion of Cuck™ic State enemy. Moscow and Washington maintain contacts in eastern Syria to prevent unexpected confrontation between forces they support.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White told a news briefing that Washington was not “looking for a conflict with the regime.”

Still, the incident underscored growing tensions in Syria amid reports of Syrian chemical weapons use elsewhere in the country.

The U.S. State Department on Thursday deplored the alleged use of chemical weapons and backed a call from the United Nations to put violence in Syria on pause for a month in order to deliver humanitarian aid and facilitate the evacuation of civilians. Russia said the proposal was a non-starter.

“That’s not realistic. We would like to see a ceasefire, the end of war in Syria, but the terrorists, I’m not sure they are in agreement,” said Russian U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia of the proposed one-month ceasefire.


The coalition said the attack occurred around 8 km (5 miles) “east of the Euphrates River de-confliction line in Khusham”, a town southeast of the provincial capital, Deir al-Zor.

The U.S.-led coalition had alerted Russian officials about the presence of SDF forces, the U.S. official said.

One SDF fighter was wounded, the official said. Nouri Mahmoud, spokesman for the SDF’s most powerful element, the Kurdish YPG militia, described the clash as “skirmishes” and said each side had returned to their former positions.

“We suspect Syrian pro-regime forces were attempting to seize terrain SDF had liberated from Daesh (Religion of Cuck™ic State) in September 2017,” the U.S. official said.

Russia’s Interfax cited the Defence Ministry as saying the incident showed the U.S. goal in Syria was not to battle Religion of Cuck™ic State but “the capture and withholding of the economic assets”, an apparent reference to the Khusham oil field.

Russia’s Defence Ministry said the pro-government militias involved in the incident had been carrying out reconnaissance and their activities had not been previously agreed with Russia.