Hawaii False alarm was potentially not a false alarm

Was doing up some checking until this came out.

Some videos on this:


Possible theory is that this might have been a false flag to get the US to go to war with North Korea or Iran and blame it on them.

While most of us already know how bullshit the story of it being an "accidental button push" is, the fact that there was a potentially real bomb sent might be similar to USS Liberty on getting the country to war.

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This was obviously a psyop to gague reactions and response times to a real event. This is evident mostly because they waited 38 minutes before acknowledging that is was false. Whoever "messed up" could have made one phone call and it would have been resolved in minutes, but that would fuck up the window for usable data points to be generated during the scare.

Israel did it.

It was a false alarm

Are you guys so autistically desperate to know some non-existent "TRUTH" that you're going to buy into an obvious bullshit conspiracy theory? When the outside world sees us buy into this retardation it allows them to dismiss us without thought.

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Wow, 5 minutes of research and I just debunked your fucking retarded theory, this video referenced in your second video was uploaded September 1, 2017. The Hawaii incident occurred January 13, 2018.

Here is the source video: youtube.com/watch?v=_7w12JpXALA

The mongoloid that uploaded it, changed the title for more views and you ate it up like the 80-IQ degenerate you are.

Did you even watch the video completely or read the description? He knows that video is from 2017, he is trying to explain and understand some of the aspects to the first one linked.

You fucking retard have less thinking capability than I do. This is worth atleast checking up on or keeping it on the backtrail thought considering what the fuck the kikes are doing and their past history of creating false flags.

Ment for

Just found out there is a similar thread here that i missed

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That absolute butchering of the English language indicates otherwise autist.
Maybe if you had one single fucking piece of evidence pointing towards your theory being true.

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You still fucking ignored the fact that with all the shit going on and reality being worse than fiction, you are going to ignore the probability of the theory having some credibility?
Go check up where others are also discussing this theory.

Woops, I forgot you are Oy veying so hard right now, you only want (((facts))) and (((evidence))) from (((credible sources)))

I pointed out your atrocious English, because of the irony of you embarrassing yourself while insulting my intelligence.

Yeah negroid, I don't give credence to every autistic whim people on the internet have until they've provided some justification for it. And neither should you, it only serves to demonstrate your previously mentioned lack of intelligence.
It of course could be true, but I don't see you providing any evidence.

>Woops, I forgot you are Oy veying so hard right now, you only want (((facts))) and (((evidence))) from (((credible sources)))
As I mentioned way up here calling me a jew isn't an argument, nigger. Remove those parentheses and I'd agree.

How many children do you think were conceived in that 38 minutes?

This is the most likely explanation, it's entirely believable that politicians would consider the risk of people being hurt or killed to be acceptable in exchange for this knowledge. I still give it about a 33% chance of being caused by spectacular non-white incompetence, though.

I think the most interesting part of this was the agency where the alert came from stated that it was based upon an "error" by an individual.

However, recent revelations and what has been being reported on nearly every major news source is that the individual in question "refuses to speak to federal authorities".

So my question is how can they come out and claim it was an "error" on the individuals part while, at the same time, also stating he refuses to speak with federal investigators and, also at the same time, the individual has retained their employment despite both the error and despite the fact they aren't cooperating with a federal investigation into their very agency.

In other words, for them to come out and claim it was an "error" would that not mean that he/she told them as much? If that is the case, and that is the only possible conclusion we can draw (unless they are lying of course and covering something bigger up), then wouldn't it mean he just told them "I made an error" and if that is so than what would prevent him from merely saying the same thing to the feds?

This issue is strange and doesn't feel right. As someone who worked in a military equivalent of such things I can tell you that such warnings are serious business and must be confirmed by several different methods before they are released to the public to assure the public doesn't fall into mass hysteria. The only conclusions of this that I can draw is:

1) It truly was an error but that would also have to mean that the agency either is set up so that one person has the power to send out such warnings without any sort of coordination or confirmation. If this is the case than that agency is utterly ripe for corruption if they employ even one single scumbag who could effectively cause a shitstorm.

2) It wasn't an error and the systems truly did pick up an object incoming which was, afterwards, swatted by the American missile defense network (which are far more advanced than the public realizes), and since then it has been covered up to assure the public doesn't catch wind of an attack. I don't like this option as I really just don't see Trump of all people sitting and waiting if a missile attack against the US took place. Doesn't seem likely.

3) The individual was/is, like the air tower controller in Hawaii, and like four others who have been nailed in the past six months, not to mention the numerous individuals who were in the service that were discovered and removed from key positions… an infiltrated position by someone who was allowed into country during the Obama administration without proper background checks and proceeded to get a high end/crucial position and, from there, caused a rash of shit. I honestly think this is the most likely scenario given all we are seeing, time and time again, about people who the Obama admin let in, failed to properly vet due to them falling under "cultural needs" for the country, and have since caused a bunch of shit. A prime example is the Somali asshole in Minnesota who they allowed to become a cop without even graduating the academy and, after that, shot and killed a woman and, since then…. we have heard absolutely not a SINGLE thing about it outside of he refuses to speak to federal authorities (much like this issue here).

you don't even need a flashlight at night you glow so bright. do you really think that things like this are really just oopsies?…. this was meant to gauge reaction or to set a tone in the populace, nothing like this is accidental anymoar

Do you know how to follow replies nigger?


Read the posts and get back to me. I'm not claiming that this being intentional is an impossibility, only that you nogs need to provide one fucking piece of evidence for why it is.

At least one incest baby, if that greentext screenshot is of any truth

The most likely explanations are:

1. It was an attempt at a political hitjob. Some unhinged liberal trying to "start a conversation" about how dangerous Trump is because he's threatening NK. Don't forget HI is well within NK range and washington DC is not, so that adds to their rage. I can see this being the motivation and them realizing it didn't work and wanting to keep their pension.

2. Cover story for a test to see how the population would react to a massive attack. We haven't had a drill for that in a long, long time and haven't had a real … example … since 9/11


You had one thread already that died. Now the second one. And all with unproven data and unrpoven sources.
Bring me some actual proof or fuck off with your psyop.

I swear that this israeli nuke sub attack psyop is exactly the same as that "isntant muzzle flash/bang on the top of the pyramid" that was propagated in some 3 threads, 2 or 3 weeks after Las Vegas.
And it's been two weeks since.

There were several rumors out at the time the dude was a massive liberal. Not a bad bet being HI and then leaking his passwords on national TV

This has been happening a lot lately where social media company employees have been the cause of several initially reported "hacks" but were in actuality employees using their control of profiles and systems. Considering every single social network and, frankly, seemingly every single network controlling group is massively connected to groups such as ANTIFA and considering how much they are have been censoring people, blocking them, and in some cases even trying to rewrite history I don't think it is at all out of the line of plausible this is just another liberal issue.

Something has to change and oversight really is needed at these liberal controlled information controlling companies as what is to stop them at blackmailing or selling the information on people to foreign countries? Nothing, nothing at all and I would bet they already do this given they have no oversight while having a very anti-west agenda and are primarily owned by foreign investors.

Alternatively my suspicion is that they in fact did detect a launch but the launch detection was incorrect.
They would not want to say to the American people;
"Hey we detected a Nuclear strike but we got it wrong OOPS"
Better to say the fault was in the message getting sent out and not in detection. Better to have people think that it is possible to shoot down ICBMs too LOL.



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Tbf they retracted almost immediately on Tulsi Gubbards twitter. Not that many people in Hawaii know who she is or check her twitter

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It was extraterrestrial craft
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If something happens and it is on the news and it is being repeated by all the other kike outlets then it is by default not true. Not sometimes, not most of the time, every time. Even if it seems like something that is provable there is guaranteed to be a more central theme of the article which is horse shit.

Holla Forums think tanks up the most likely actual scenarios. Then Holla Forums shitchecks the theories posted until it can be said to be fact.

And you were a fool

Well said.
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You mean the non-argument that was shot down just a post later, Schlomo?



Oh good, this slide again.

No, just don't buy into obvious bullshit so hard.

I addressed the post then
The reason for me not addressing claims of "flashing light in the sky on a clear blue day" is because it's quite obviously not credible evidence. In times of panic, when being told that you are about to die, it's not unlikely that a bunch of stressed out normies mis-remembers/ fabricates memories of an event that didn't happen. It's certainly possible that they saw flashes in the sky, but at this point the whole theory hinges on that circumstance and that isn't enough to convince me of such an extraordinary claim.


You've now addressed one example of three given, countering his faulty argument. An argument which I should add, spoke in absolutes. Meaning that you aren't countering me, but him.

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The quality of this board has steeply declined ever since the election. Making shit up and blindly believing everything that hasn't been disproven (or is the diametric opposite of what has been claimed by your political opponent) is not what Holla Forums does, it's what 90IQ mongrels who failed high school algebra do.

If you want others to accept your claims, make a compelling case. Not compelling in the sense that "it would be cool if it were true", but compelling in the "probability that this is true is high" sense.

What is worse? Tentatively believing something because it hasn't yet been disproven, or unquestioningly believing the perspective of the world that was educated into you?

Babby's first red pill is that the kikes are deceitful as shit and have been fucking with society since world war 2. The truth, however, is that they have been going at this shit since the first time whites had the misfortune of bumping into a fucking kike. Elsevier is a kike run publishing company, THE publishing company that controls all academic works. If they dont own a scientific journal they control it through subsidiaries. This publishing company has been publishing books since fucking before the god damned war of 1066 and in 2014 they grossed more fucking revenue that mother fucking apple.


How the fuck dare you say things that are true. Where do you think you are?

What’s worse is thinking your false dichotomy won’t be seen right through. Fuck off.

Either you question what the kikes sell or you do not. That is the only true dichotomy that there is, something is either true or it is false, if it can not be proven true then it must be false until proven true. As long as shit like 'goyvitational anomalies' and other GAPING fucking holes in the kiked up sciences exist then everything must be shitchecked.

Your false how do you do has been seen through.


Bill/Hill/Obongo were in Hawaii a few Islands away.

A tactical blast wouldn't reach them if it wasn't on their doorstep. A full blown one wouldn't reach if they were on the opposite end of the island chain.


Thankfully, /our/ DACAryans were away from all this

maybe it was just to scare obongo and the clintons

My assumption was that the NORKs actually did launch a nuke, but it fizzled or was shot down and the admin covered it up for whatever reason. As long as Kim is a rogue state, he makes a great distraction/bargaining chip for our continuing negotiations with China. The instant we're forced to steamroll them, that goes away.

박근혜 불륜설-정홍원 전 총리님의 행복한 한때

You do know libshits and DNC started to blame trump the very moment of the false alarm, right?

Not an Israeli built sub. A CIA funded sub full of Israeli/Californians. Obama/Clinton/Huma were planning to go underground into HI. DUMB bunker and close the door forever. IC busted the plan. Secret base in Baja had a quake, and the Alaskan quake was predicted as a sub running home for safety. No tsunami from Alaska quake and the directed energy traveled straight through the planet to Florida.