All of the allied forces supreme leaders in ww jew were kikes

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That's a myth. He did speak yiddish growing up I believe, but there's no evidence he was a heeb himself.

The layout looks like shit, but the information is pretty well researched.
I don't think all of it is true, but I guess I'll spend a few minutes crossreferencing stuff.
On the other hand, even if half of that is true, it paints Patton's story in another light. And the whole of WW2.

Yeah cause everyone learns how to speak jewish growing up.

My first thoughts…

Interesting enough. Looking for the translations and roots of "Djuga" and get back. You never know what someone may have missed.

'Djuga' means, steel, not Jew. The Georgians call Jews 'ებრაელი,' or 'ebraeli' (roughly Hebrew), and they call Judaism 'იუდაიზმი,' or 'iudaizmi'

Upon some further examination, it appears Stalin's real surname may also be derived from an Ossetian root with the Georgian '-shvili' suffix: 'Дзугатæm' for 'Herd [of sheep]'

Winston Churchill was not a kike, even if he worked for them

Churchill was a kike and he acted as a cryptokike puppet!

Churchill when he became useless in his old age he died living poor in social housing and died in a hospital alone.

Well of the four major allied leaders:
FDR: Apparently had some jewish ancestors far back.
Stalin: Who knows…
Churchill: Possibly from his mother Jennie Jerome. The evidence is lacking, but I don't trust anything written about her early life.
Claiming your dark looks were from Indian ancestry and shopping around Europe for an aristocratic husband so you could break into American blue-blood/wasp society is what late 19th century jewish women did, and so did Jennie. Churchill is claimed to have written two anti-Semitic articles, but they aren't really. The one in 1920 simply says that there are three types of jews: jews who assimilate, communist jews, and Zionist jews.
He then praises Zionists and those who assimilate, while condemning bolshevik jews.
The other one in 1937 was never published. It says that people often regard jewish moneylenders as 'Bloodsuckers' and asks jews to be more mindful of the negative image they sometimes cause. This is nothing different to what Churchill's rich jewish friends such as zionist Joseph Sieff or Shell oil founder Marcus Samuel would have said about poorer jews during private meetings at the Savoy or Cecil Hotel.
Chiang Kai-Shek of China. Often forgotten about as one of the important allied leaders. Not jewish.
He was Chinese though, unfortunately.

Slightly warms my heart but he deserved much worse.

Except Patton.

I can sympathize with how in denial boomers are about their favorite chosen people when they were forced to kill for them, or face execution for desertion.

Checked, I didn't knew this.

Boomers' parents are the ones that fought WWJew

Proof is in the pudding. Did they act like kikes? Did they hate the white race? Were all their actions in line with Jewry?

Yes, yes, yes.

Yeah, but it was truly an era of kike murder. Nuremberg trials.

100% fabricated evidence,
murdered for confessions coerced from torture.

Stalin was a jew probably. He was born with the name Ioseb Jughashvili in Georgia, so that is one point towards him being a kike already, as kikes frequently change their names to blend in. The big one to me though, is this:
Stalin was the first "AntiFa"

How many ethnic Georgians adept at yiddish have you heard of?

It still isn't proof he has jewish ancestry, and the thing about his last name is made-up. Calling people kikes without having the proper evidence hurts our case, especially when there's more than enough proof that WWII was fought on behalf of world jewry.

The purges were aimed primarily at kikes, hence why there is butthurt about that in History™.

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Georgian here, let me clarify a couple of things.
1. Yiddish is nonexistent in Georgia, it was never present here in the first place. Local heebs speak Kivruli, a bastardized version of Georgian, and even this language has been hanging on for dear life for almost a century now. There is very little chance that Stalin could have learned Yiddish anywhere, let alone spoken it.
2. Stalin's last name is of Ossetian origin, but Georgified. The trick here is that Georgian last names are translateable and meaningful - for example, "Berishvili" translates as "son of a monk". The word "juga", meaning "steel" is no longer used in everyday Georgian, but is found occassionally in 17th-18th century texts. So it's legit.
The only suspicious member of Stalin's family is his maternal grandmother, Melania Homezurashvili. Virtually nothing is known about her, but Melania is a very rare name not only for Georgia, but for the entire Caucasus region. "Homezurashvili" does not translate to anything - the word "homezur", if it is a word, is not encountered anywhere in Georgian literature. No such or similar names are found, either. So there is a chance that Stalin's grandma was a Jewess under a fake last name.
3. While kikes have their kids baptised from time to time to maximize infiltration, I doubt a kike family would enroll their child into a Georgian Orthodox school, considering the overall attitude to kikes that was and is prevalent there.
That's pretty much it.

Of course they would enroll their kids in a Christian school. What do you think Moronos and Converso Jews did?

That explains a lot.

You misunderstand. A Christian school in the West and a Christian school in the Caucasus are two different things. When a Georgian sends his kid to a "Christian school", it means that the kid will become an Orthodox priest. All of these schools were destroyed when commies took over Georgia, along with the majority of churches. Would have been counterproductive if they were intended to be used as vehicles of kike infiltration, wouldn't it?

The communist bulldozed churches but left synagogues untouched, and gave the jews their own chunk of soviet land.

Fuck Patton. A couple of regrets don't make him based. He was a traitor to the White Race like every other fucker from the "greatest generation". If you want some role models, better choose Robert Mathews or George Lincoln Rockwell.


A general does not have the option to be a renegade in time of a world war because of rumors of a ZOG.

That doesn't change the fact that his life was a major contribution to the advancement of World Jewry. Every time this worthless man is mentioned should be considered as a wasted opportunity to mention more worthy individuals. There is so much Aryan awesomeness in the American history, but it gets constantly buried.

Patton wanted to run for president. He was killed because he realized that the war was a setup to destroy the German people and he wanted to gain power to expose that fact. Hate Eisenhower, hate MacArthur, but don’t just blindly hate Patton without knowing all of the facts.

Where did he learn yiddish growing up?

Way to be a faggot low energy op. Patton was not a Jew, he was Jew wise. I already knew this myself from his lineage, but if you'd read the site it just mentioned Eisenhower Churchill and stalin.

Stalins jewishness and all other Russian commies jewishness is old hat here. Communism was a thin veil for the real work of systematic murder of anyone carrying a heavy load of Aryan genetics in eastern Europe. The heavy lifting was done by slavic mongrels (based Slav a myth, they are mongrel curs and Hitler was right to want to kill them all and renew the genetic border between us and asiatics), the organizing by Jews. Churchill being Jewish by way of his mother is also old hat, although the father mystery was new.

But the problem with all this is that it's written like a livejournal post, citations missing everywhere. Then the author talks about private gay sex shows with Churchill, which probably true but fucked if we're going to get a source. Add this to the conjecture about Eisenhower's reception by his peers and it all reads like discreditation. State the truth in a slapdash manner, make it unbelievable to normies.

Kys for not collating/fact checking op.

Btw Patton traces his lineage back to Charlemagne's, kikes hated him and his line

Wanting was all he did. I won't waste my time on him when there's better people worthy of remembering and studying.



Churchill was also a huge faggot. Poor Clementine.


Patton and JFK are two examples of "don't wait for later". Had any of those just spoken their minds in public before being assassinated…

Here's hoping reincarnation is real

>not knowing how the (((catholic church))) was subverted
pro-tip, the vatican is kike city.

Do not confuse the Cucktholic Church (which was subverted since early Middle Ages) with Eastern Orthodoxy. Especially of Georgian/Armenian kind.

Also fuck JFK. What good did he do? Stupid civil right acts and dicking around in Turkey with his rockets, almost provoking WW3.

they were also basically 'all' funded by new york kikes. except for the britbongs, they were funded by britbong kikes.


Check the flag

It's ok, God is the biggest Nazi of all - even if everything the Jews said the Nazis did was true it all pales in comparison to what God does to them after they're dead.

Holy shit you're fucking retarded. Your great grandfather probably fought in the war too, is he a worthless cunt for being a "kike shill"? Learn to control your autism.


Don't get emotional on me. This is the cold hard truth. Being duped doesn't make one blameless.

I all honesty, they were. They had much more anti-semitism back in the day, it would be 10x easier to cut the ZOG by the roots then, than what we do now. They let it go, got lazy and slow in the head, and forced their granchildren to work 10x harder for the preservation of our race, because what? There is no excuse, only weakness.