Did Israel just try to start WW3?

Did Israel just try to start WW3?

Why isn't anybody posting about this?

First of all, some background.

TLDR; (((THEY))) are saying that the false missile alarm in Hawaii was due to ONE guy fucking up and pressing the wrong button.

Does anyone really believe that you could send out a false alarm just by pressing the wrong button? The first pic is from this pdf: dod.hawaii.gov/hiema/files/2016/03/2003-EAS-plan-with-Change-2.pdf. So they set up such a complex system and it's undone by one guy pressing the wrong button?

Here's what some alt-media sources have to say about it.


And here's additional video evidence for the claims above.
youtube.com/watch?v=3J16mRv9Yyw Something is WRONG in Hawaii. Note: Skip everything after 7 minutes. Irrelevant nonsense regarding his channel.
youtube.com/watch?v=zpQGGFeAUF Note: This IS NOT footage of the missile from two weeks ago. It's footage from the Keck(wew.) Observatory showcasing a possible missile test in September. Check the comments too.
youtube.com/watch?v=5I6PP6fRJQ0&feature=youtu.be Missing Sub from Israel. Just a rumor as of now.

AGAIN, the above about the missile sighting is mostly anecdotal evidence. However, it doesn't change the fact that the NBC crew was in the bunker and lied about swimming during the time of the alarm. It doesn't change that it took 38 entire minutes for Hawaii to stop the emergency broadcast. And it doesn't change that you need two people to simultaneously trigger the alert. The guy that supposedly "pressed the wrong button" didn't even get fired. He got 'relocated'.

I wouldn't be surprised if (((they))) wanted to false flag an attack from North Korea. Exonews.org has an opinion that this was an attack from the Deep State/CIA, from their private army. CIA is basically Mossad. So same people, different names. So what do you think Holla Forums? I'm going to keep digging and see if I find more info.

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I'd normally be the first person to scream "conspiracy" "inside job" "false flag" etc - but I was stationed in HI while in the military and there's something I can say about people living in HI: they're stoned all day every day.
The story they are giving about a guy selecting the wrong option (something like "MISSILE ALLERT" instead of "MISSILE ALERT - TEST") from a dropdown GUI element is perfectly reasonable. The fucking stoner might have even said he did it on accident and chuckled as he selected it. It very likely was just one guy.

I don't see where this connects jews to it, but jews are definitely behind it. Find the link. It's either in the coverup, the launch, the non-launch, who pressed the button, w/e. The night of long knives will happen again.

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That's my thought as well. USS Liberty all over again. If we can just get confirmation of the missing sub from Israel.

Can you disprove this: "There are five fail safe procedures in the Hawaiian Emergency Alert Management System, the last being a two key system such as are present in US missile silos and on US nuclear missile submarines. Two keys, eight feet apart, requiring two different individuals to simultaneously and positively trigger the alert."

Also, if anyone has information on the Japan false missile alert that would be welcome as well. It could tie into this.

Listen, if Israel wants to start WW3 they have to know they'll be turned to ash and in the chaos every jew will be persecuted. Seems like an incredibly stupid thing to do, which is why I think they might just do it.

How will the dumb boomers, mud loving euros, and millenials be woken up that the jew is behind all evils.

Oh I hope so, tired of this waiting around bullshit.

Come on Israel start the war already.

Problem is that they're crafty. They wouldn't be dumb enough to say 'We did it!', they'd pin the blame on the norks. If this IS CIA then the conflict would shift the eyes off of the 'Deep State'. Even if it doesn't escalate into WW3 by some miracle.

Chain of command and other checks stop one individual from doing anything relating to nukes. US systems might be operated by potheads (although it's less likely in those positions) aren't going to allow for one person to make a mistake like that.

The whole Hawaii story sounds like bullshit. Something happened.

The bottom line truth behind all of pol is jews control the finance that controls us government. In the end, everything comes down to what the jews want. But it's hard to trace specific acts because you literally have to trace all the way back to the very origins.

That's why the Panama/Paradise papers are so massive. Look at stuff like that. Soros. Och Ziff. The admirals club with giustra, mellon optima, ivy funds. when you trace all that shit back, the answer is yes, all evil is really the jews. all deep state/MIC, everybody going after trump, you name it. but trying to nail down nitpick stuff is waste, because you are basically looking at deconstructing the entire world to get to the kikes.

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also, be ready for some bullshit if they actually release the fucking memo. could be chaos.

shit may legit start popping off via their terrorist useful idiots if memo gets released

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Think of the actual use case in practice:

You aren't talking about a missile system of any kind, you're talking about the emergency alert thing. They fire that off for real when it rains too hard. Imagine a bureaucratic drone combined with a stoner combined with a fat meth addicted Samoan - that's the type of person in charge of every step of the operation.

I lol'd. Possible.


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That's too convenient regarding the timing. We already know they're trying to drag us into a war. Remember the Russian ambassador that was killed?


Hawaii alert was three days before. Three days between each other there was a false missile alarm.

Jej, didn't mean to post that pic.

Personally I am convinced that it wasn't an accident and that it was a real missile drill. And that the folks down at the Pentagon are testing out our reaction times - probably not so they can plan around us surviving Nukes but for some other nefarious purpose.

I'd put my wager on a hack m8. Especially since the okay message got delayed so long.


>I wouldn't be surprised if (((they))) wanted to false flag an attack from North Korea.

They've been trying to nuke us.

Because there is waning interest in the constant "secret war behind the scenes but nobody can say anything cuz opsec" narrative.


Sorry, Q-cocksucker. You need to go back to reddit. We deal in fact on Holla Forums, not speculation (read: what a kike paid shill LARPer told you is "true").

If they are trying to nuke people and start a huge war, why not just expose it in a national address by the president?

This is worth digging into. Why? To review what we know:

So, assuming the anecdote is true. How could it have really gone down?

>Something goes wrong on (((their))) end. Either they were supposed to strike and hit Hawaii and fucked up there. Or they fucked up in pinning the blame on the Norks somehow and the plan went kaput. Maybe they got backstabbed.

Honestly if the best (((they))) can muster is scaring some Samoans with a civilian-controlled alert system and no military impact it's more a sign of how weak (((they))) are than anything else. Realistically it was probably just a retarded stoner who didn't give a shit about his job who selected the wrong dropdown option and a bunch of other retarded stoners who didn't bother checking his work. This is Hawaii we're talking about, it's only a state instead of a third world tropical shithole because we wanted to put a naval base there.

Thanks for the article. express.co.uk/news/world/904378/World-War-3-North-Korea-Kim-Jong-un-Donald-Trump-Hawaii-nuclear-war-Pyongyang-David-Ige

Look at this shit. It's supposed to be a false alert on Hawaii's part. But they're using it to bitch about the norks anyways. Governor of Hawaii is pushing the narrative of course.

OP, where was the video for that gif taken? That morning? Where the hell is that from?

Countries like russia and China both have satellites, it wouldn't be hard to prove there was an IBCM launch. The jewish media would have to go all out on their conspiracy to kill headlines like that, and if the data was solid even that might not be enough. In other words, if this was true, there would be people ready to blow this whole thing out of the water.


And I work for Nintendo, I can say for sure that it was a israeli attack, you can trust me without evidence because I work at Nintendo

The US Missile Command doesn't run the Emergency Alert System, you idiot.

Israel is fucked.

Yeah yeah. ID card, shoe on head, timestamp or gtfo.


My thoughts exactly.
If you find yourself too easily convinced, take more time off the Internet.

Hilly fucking shit it's happening

Let's touch upon the plausible motives of the suspects.
US deep state

Copy pasting from my other thread before I noticed this one.

Was doing up some checking until this came out.

Some videos on this:




This is clear evidence. If we'd only have more information on that missing Israeli sub, then we could go further.

Who does?

The locals of a given area.

So… Why Hawaii?
It seems like a really bad target if you want to blame NK, seeing that they don't have sub based missiles and everything able to reach HW is also able to reach mainland US.
Does Hawaii have anything that makes it a unique target?

Something doesn't add up here. If there's really something larger at play we should focus on why Hawaii would be important to them

It's isolated from the mainland. Easier to control information flow from it.
Plus its position as a major refueling, resupply and marshaling port for the US Navy makes it an important military target.

while im impressed by the CIAs willingness to get a war going so fast, that probably wasnt the right time

That went off half-snipcocked

Duh, it's step one of establishing Greater Israel.
To make Israel the one and only superpower in the world, they have to get rid of the US, China and Russia.
How else are they going to do that without WW3?

But information flow wasn't controlled, since everyone knew about it as soon as it happened.
And yes, Hawaii has value as a military target, but why would anyone lob a single missile at it with no followup? Even if if was a nuke, worst case it would have limited the USs reach in the pacific for a few weeks if even that since it's far from the only US controlled port.
The only proper reason I can think of is someone trying to probe the US missile defense with the smallest chance of being detected.

Actually taking out Hawaii would drastically limit the USAs ability to move vessels between the US west coast and Asia.
It would be limited to larger vessels and nuclear vessels (which are typically large) only.
Which for China would be an ideal situation as those are the vessels they're best equipped to deal with and thus present the smallest threat to them. A US carrier isn't an issue for them but a US carrier escorted by a load of smaller ships is a problem.

And you have to remember on the info control front.
We learned what we were supposed to know until after it had been declared a mistake.
At which point infosec degraded massively.

Back in modern day modern era +0 in the /sudpol/ breads we considered the actual purchase of a sub with fuel costs and time needed. It's fucking feasible for our merry band of fuckers to do it
State funded pisssrael could EASILY have a yid boomer parked a couple hundred miles from Hawaii anywhere. Or chink or wherever. It matters (( (who)) ) in the end but not that much right this second. Missile launched , intercepted , taken down , say your prayers kiddos, oh haha just joking. All good now. Cue japan. Same. It's the fucking jews man. Every god damned time. Jews or chinks trying to kick it off in earnest. I get the impression (like a lot here do) that this was supposed to be the cunts' stage to act on. Hence the four minutes to respond and blah blah blah pisssssssssssssss

Q foretold of this:

Dec 22 2017 11:12:55
ID: 42a0eb

nsa data farm in hawaii


nsa data farm

argentina conveniently has a (((missing sub)))

Q foretold of this:
Dec 22 2017 11:12:55
ID: 42a0eb

argentina is missing a sub…

look in that direction

I actually think our biggest clues to the issue here may be what has been taking place in the South Pacific for nearly two years now in terms of crashes and collisions. There have been nine ship crashes with seven either ramming or being rammed by larger ships and two of them being rammed into land and being marooned. There have been thirteen helicopter crashes in the South Pacific ranging from ten in Hawaii to one at Guam to another two around Australia/New Zealand. All of this only includes what America has dealt with as I have no idea what the other countries in the South Pacific have experienced but I imagine they are dealing with it as well.

Now we have this issue with this emergency coming up. When I was in the service several decades ago there were whispers about a program that would allow another user to take control of vehicles through a type of (no idea how it works) hijacking system. People spoke about how they could take over planes, cars, etc. Very few believed it. Now, all these years later, we know it was actually true.

My point? What if these issues are all connected to a new weapon developed that allows for control over systems that nothing we currently have can override? Through this the attacker has caused airplanes/choppers to crash, controlled ships and crashed them into other ships and even has the ability to completely take control of local systems to send out warnings.

Now to do this you would likely need to have a signal and to cover a large amount of area and to do that you would need to have these signal producers spread out across large areas to assure an entire area is covered. Well, with that said, what about China? They have shown, time and time again, to be very involved with computer oriented attacks ranging from hacking to learn secrets to infiltrating systems at just about every level to, most recently, being directly connected to the "chips" that caused the recall of over fifty thousand drones because the chips allowed them control over the drone. Even more recently was the "chip" issue reported that Intel provided China with the means to obtain massive amounts of data from numerous companies and agencies due to Intel reporting the issue to China and not to Homeland security.

Point here is, is it out of the realm of possible that China is directly connected here given that they have publicly stated they would support North Korea if America attacks them first but wouldn't intervene if NK attacks America first. A false flag pushing America to attack North Korea would allow for them to attack the US through their satellite country of NK and, through that, attempt to consolidate their power in the South Pacific while the US deals with that. Just seems the most plausible explanation given all we know about that region and all the events that have taken place over the past year.

search for the missing argentinian sub

China's not aggressive in its military planning. It's defensive and reactive.
It'd be pretty unusual for them to do something like goading the USA into a conflict that can easily be avoided.

Huh. NBC WAS in the bunker when (supposedly before) the "false" missle alert. Seems to me like this could be one of two things. Either NBC is simply another arm of the deep state and they were playing their role while another arm, probably CIA/North Korea (who is probably run by the U.N. rather than the CIA, but whatever), and NBC was simply there to amp up the panic to escalate for war. OR: someone in NBC fucked with the controls and did the alert on purpose. I don't know how easy it would be to set this alarm off, but I wouldn't put it past those faggots to start fucking with important controls. I'm leaning towards it being an actual missile attack designed to start a war, and that NBC is just as corrupt as we know they are. I don't happen to be foolish enough to believe they were in that bunker by chance.

You're pretty obsessed with that.
But it's unlikely.

The Argentinian navy much like the rest of the Argentinian military is underfunded and incapable of maintaining a lot of its aging equipment and vessels.
It's more likely that the sub suffered a crippling mechanical or structural failure due to a lack of maintenance/exceeding the vessels limits/life.

Or it went too close to the Falklands and the British sunk it to prove a point.

I agree with you to a point but, at the same time, they have been aggressive about territorial expansion as they are currently in disputes with something like, what, nine other countries about territory including the South Pacific Islands, India, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, hell even Russia. So while I agree that they have been historically defensive they also, the past few decades, have been the opposite in terms of land acquisition and consolidating it not to mention they have been very offensive in terms of their digital hacking of western companies.

Here's an interesting idea: don't missiles use GPS? Would that GPS show up on the "heat map" thing that's been posted about lately?

If we can spot tunnels under the border based on their angles and other patterns, I would bet that missiles using GPS would have unique signatures as well.

Since Eric Schmidt was in North Korea, I wouldn't put it past NK to be using Google based GPS.

Guys, we can probably locate this missile, if it was real. Whether or not it was motivated by NK, or someone using NK as a puppet, I don't know, but we might be able to place it on a map.

I think you are correct and think that if we want to do this we better get on it very fast before they catch what we are doing and begin to alter the records on those heat tracking sites.

For what it's worth, a bunch of electronic in my house just turned off then on again. I'll do what I can but I suggest others start on this as well. You can probably find the NK nuke subs using this heat map (GPS) tracking methodology as well. Fuck Eric Schmidt, but damn if he isn't useful to us now. What a retard.

I remember there are airplane tracking sites, and I would imagine there are the same for boats in the ocean. Simply overlay the heat map with the boat tracking and you can at least spot the routes that "Dark" vessels take. This probably has implications for drug runner catching as well, but right now lets fuck over North Korea and whoever holds their strings.

GPS systems are entirely passive. They don't send any signals at all.

So how do they orient themselves? Can you elaborate? Based on your claim I don't see how the "heat map" could exist.

Sadly you're probably right. Watch the video where the media went to the exact bunker where the alert came from (perfectly normal, right?) And the whole place is laughably incompetent. They literally show the nuclear warning codes on national television. Gets juicy at 1:29


What did (((Einstein))) say about (((coincedences))), goyim?

The chinese perceive the disputes in the China sea as defensive and not acquisitive.
Defending their territorial claims from foreign aggressors and ensuring their control over their sphere of influence.

If it's published by the MSM, then it is automatically false by default. I give that excuse zero credibility, it sounds like it was just invented by an intern cover-up artist.

Yup just a stoned guy who is refusing to talk to the FBI about yup and that kid who "hacked the CIA" and hasn't been punished is just what they told us too.

GPS satellites contain a synchronized time base (atomic clock) and broadcast that very, very accurate time reference. GPS receivers take the time signal from 3 or more satellites and compares (triangulates) the difference between the times reported by each satellite. Since the time base of each satellite is nominally synchronized, the differences in the time signal received by the GPS receiver correspond to the distance between the receiver and the satellite. The time signal can't go faster than the speed of light so there will be a substantial difference in the time signal between the satellites located hundreds of miles away out in orbit. Perform some trigonometry with the differences in time and you get your exact position in space within a couple of feet.

Holy shit. The Air Force owns and operates all GPS satellites. This means that if another country were to use GPS guidance for rockets, they would either need to use the Air Force's. Now, if we're talking about a country that had to develop its own missile tracking system on a budget, it would make a lot of sense to outsource. Who could develop something like this the cheapest based on their size and tech production capacity? Fucking Google. Google is doing the missile guidance systems for North Korea. Look into it for yourself if you want proof. I'm out. It's getting weird.

the heat map from the other thread ( ) is from a exercise app (play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.strava&hl=en), that means, users will use their GPS, and the smartphone will send the coordinates to the app server. It's not that they detect the GPS being used, it's the smartphone that sends the GPS coordinates to the servers

GPS servers don't know who uses them.
You could build a GPS with an Arduíno in your house and you need no one's permission to use. Unless the GPS satélites are sending the time encrypted, then you would need the keys, and even then, the satélites would not know who uses it


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Are you sure there's no way for GPS servers to know which units are using it?

Is there any correlation with the release of this GPS heat map and the GPS blackout on the wet coast? Interesting timing. If NK nukes use GPS, a GPS blackout would weaken their accuracy and likely slow them down also.

if you send out a wave, you can't know who detected your wave.
this is not like ecolocalização where you can measure the echo waves, the GPS satellites can't know who 'read' the waves and who didn't, or even if anyone did, it's a one way thing.

Where do they show the codes?

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Nobody would blame israel, and the facts wouldn't come out before we retaliate against who we're told is responsible. This has happen before you know.

There were multiple unmarked, large vessels, according to GPS color coding, at sea several days before missile alert in Hawaii. Didn’t think to screenshot it. Not larp but also can’t say how I know. Sorry.


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So, that's what this is all about: MAD is actually dead now and they're/we're scrambling to hide the body?

There's a coverup in effect because if MAD is dead, then Europe is toast. MAD being dead means that the world is actually uni-polar when it comes to nukes and everybody outside of the US is vulnerable to an American first strike. Russia has repeatedly expressed that it would go batshit in such a case, and with good reason. China's military wing also likely wouldn't take it too well.

I was wondering why Russia was just threatening to take the UK. I always figured they'd try to leverage the easy steamrolling of Europe against a missile defense shield. Maybe they figured we didn't give any shits about the EU anymore and the UK was the only adequate pressure-point. Alas, poor Poland.

It's really implausible, especially without a threat by the Norks first. They like to wave their little dicks. And that's assuming the Chinese would back them up in that case. Without Chinese support (and thus Russia's by dint of their debt-leash) it'd just be a one-sided curb stomping. Which could be the goal all along, of course.

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The Alaska Quake prediction was too uncanny.
I'm guessing Zuma is not a ordinance weapon but AI, and its been warning us of attacks, or warning of our attacks maybe.


CIA has a secret sub fleet. Pheonix class. CIA hired ex Mossad and Californian Jews into their cabal. They went rogue and launched a cruise missile to coincide with the Alarm. Clintons Obama, Huma were all wanting to go underground into the DUMBs. Plan failed. Baja had a quake, then the Alaska quake was predicted to the very day. Sounds like the cabal is rogue Jewish CIA. Maybe not Israel, but just Israelis in the CIA?

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They dont need to. Moreover, there is ZERO reason that a gps device on the ground needs to communicate with a satellite in orbit to obtain an exact position. Everything in existence is the result of electromagnetic waves of various frequencies interacting with each other. If only science werent kiked to hell and back…

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I made a new infographic today. Seems like Israel has tried to nuke us at least 4 times since Vegas.

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Are you sure you couldn't be confusing the actual response part of the Hawaiian Emergency Alert Management System with the warning part? All that happened was a text was sent out to everyone in the state, that two key part is to actually respond to an attack by firing nukes back. There was no mention of any of this during the alert, and considering that the entire purpose of an early warning system is to alert the public as quickly as possible I think it is distinctively possible it may be just a few guys.

Just Say No…


Pearl Harbor
Destruction of Evidence
Plausible deniability

They need 'living space', and play Go. If it's profitable enough and opens freedom of mvoement, they'll do the same thing we saw in Korea and Vietnam.

SpaceX is kiked

Recent talk about Chinese/Russian anti-satellite measures in news.

Assloads of rare earth metals.

Destroy the material (human) evidence, or an opportunity to fake their deaths and avoid prosecution.

Sure it was a dumb stoner

Bump. Any new evidence Holla Forums? This still has potential to hugely expose the judes.

The world really needs to understand that there won't be a WW3 until WW1 ended. The world's been burning eversince Lord Balfour signed the Balfour Declaration 1917. Enemy state clause is still active. Only peace-treaties with Germany can end the world war which has become a total and global war.

Thank you for showing me this!

The Hollywood-Vegas connection pincering Netanyahu's current corruption scandals are coming to a head, – Perhaps the German submarine(s) they were bribed into ….

Also, Billary/Obongo allegedly being in the island raises the issues:

Submarines are the only realistic first strike option in general, let alone for a tinpot dictatorshithole like NK. Plausible at least

Few know this

Nobody knows the UN were founded as enemy state organisation against Deutsches Reich. In the moment a peace-treaty is signed, the UN would have to terminate itself. 52 nations are still at war with Germany, more precisely: at war with Deutsches Reich.

It was Reichsbürger-tier