Making WV great again

Seeing that Manchin has decidied to run for re-election I decided to cook up ways to make his state not shit. Looking on the whole, WV suffers from a basic lack of infrastuture, especially mass transit which happens despite it being relatviely close (400 miles) from the capital. Given the recent move to build a Southeast High(er) Speed Rail corridor (between DC and Atlanta) as a complement to the existing NorthEast Corridor (between Boston and DC), WV is uniquely suited to tie into this system as part of a larger national infrastruture plan.

Specifically, WV is a part of Amtrak's Capitol Limited route, which runs between America's fourth largest metro area (Chicago) and it's eigth (DC). The potential for growth here is massive, and one which can be realized by President Trump specifically moving to desginate the Capitol Limited's route into an HSR corridor as USDOT has already done with the NEC and SE . Doing this would build upon the existing MARC route that runs into WV. This route also hits Pittsburgh and Cleveland, two rust belt cities that can also use a modern connection.

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Currently the Capitol Limited operates at about 35 mph, much slower than what most people will tolerate as it makes the 700-mile trip into a 24 hour ride. But at 125 mph (the maximum possible with diesel locomotives), this would only be about five and a half hours, making it a serious contender against Chicago's congested airports. It also positions northern West Virginia at DC's perhiphary, the exact sweet spot companies looking to escape DC's high rents will look for.

The same is true in the southern part of the state, where most of the poverty is. This is "coal country", the massive postindustrial wasteland that we left over from the last generation. Here we have the Cardinal, which also runs to Chicago but through Cincinatti and Indianapolis. Here it makes sense to truncate the Cardinal at DC (rather than running it all the way up to NY, space that is better used for other trains) and have it utilize the same tracks as future SEHSR service plans to build, which it will wye off from and be it's own corridor. This would be about 830 miles, about six and a half hours at 125 mph. This is better than driving, and is far better than the existing service.

Additionally, it would make sense to build a new train track from Hinton, WV to Bluefield, WV along tracks utilized for discountined their Mountaineer service. This would allow Amtrak to run a "southern" Cardinal route as well, hitting up the poorest parts of the state, connecting them into DC proper. Trains would still through-run all the way to Cincinatti, Indianapolis then terminate in Chicago. Likewise, in the northern part of the state WV would stand to benefit from restarting the West Virginian service, which used to run to Parkersville and was proposed to run all the way to Cincinatti.

Before anyone accuses me of being a cuck, the GOP and Trump have both promoted most of this but in other states. SEHSR itself has the blessing of Republicans in VA, NC, SC, and GA because it's an upgrade of existing trackage, not Obama-style HSR. Ditto for Indiana, where (former) Governor Pence presided over various improvements that made Amtrak's Michegan services (Wolverine and Blue Water) attain their currrent 110 mph speeds. Some info:

General NEC info:
General SEHSR info:
SC (see page eight):

So there's at least bipartisan support for this.

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On that topic, here's some ancillary maps. See the last one, that's WVDOT's High-Speed Rail Investment Act of 2000 mandated study. Notice how utterly pointless it is, like most of America's HSR studies are. This is notable because when Obama went to go fund high-speed rail in 2008 through the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act, the bill was written such that money could only be spent inside designated HSR corridors and not general Amtrak routes. This is a stupid fucking idea because outside of California (whose rail situation is particularly nasty and warrants a totally new system) the rest of the country isn't going to be building totally new corridors, especially not in random places like Milwaukee to Madison when they could expand existing Empire Builder service (this is a battle Scott Walker fought and lost against Obama's USDOT).

All the big Amtrak projects over the past decade existed in spite of retarded Democratic policies, which attempted to graft new systems out of thin air onto the old. The ones that survived did the opposite, and worked from the ground up because individual states wanted them because they could see the benefit. Which brings us to West Virginia: as Manchin himself noted in comments made when he filed for reelection, if Democrats abandon him they're abandoning blue collar workers and will cause the GOP to obtain an unbreakable majority over the national government. Which is useful to note, because the more Democrats try to force idiotic top-down policies onto people the more pushback they will get, which can be entirely avoided by doing things regular Americans want. For example, improving the existing Amtrak services they know and love rather than trying to do something completely different that doesn't fit.

Stay mad, I'm permabanned from Holla Forums because the BO is a faggot and can't tolerate someone telling him national socialism is still socialism.


We do not want better Amtrak connections, they just bring in shitspanics which we have so far kept out. We already have all the cheap unskilled labor from south of the border we need, they are called west virginians.

Better rail can come when there's better demographics. Doing it now just spreads democrats into red states like NOVA.

spics don't survive in the cold and pittburgh's nigger problem is way worse

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Not all Democrats are bad. Then again Democrats like these have a hard time getting elected these days because their party doesn't fully support them. Again, that's why I mention Manchin's comments about him being abandoned. He's one of the few legs Democrats have left with normal people, if he can't win then Dems are going to have a very hard time in 2020 (a redistricting year). Which is why I bring up Amtrak, because that's a thing Democrats should be able to promote without fucking it all up.

I'm not exactly optimistic about Democrats, as you can probably tell.

Even if they aren't all bad (I disagree), they vote in lock-step with each other, and that only means poor outcomes for white interests.

people like him should cut all ties with the dems and join Trump.

Manchin is one of two Democrats expected to break ranks for Birdenstine (Trump's NASA appointee). Manchin also voted for Sessions' appointment to AG.

You must be confused, Pittsburgh is 75% non-shitspanic White. The metro area is more like 95%.

Based upon his comments he's only going for reelection again because Hietkamp didn't want to be the lone red state Democrat running for reelection. To get an idea of how bad the damage is, even Franken's vacated seat is expected to be a close race, it is fully conceivable that Dems could be down -3 seats despite getting Jones through in Alabama. This would put the Senate at 54-46 after 2018, a very weak hand for 2020 (again, a redistricting year where the GOP will completely slaughter the DNC if they don't fix their situation downballot).

The only Hispanics worth a damn are the white ones which hardly exist in the Americas.

The problem is, it feels like civilization hasn't come to some damn areas, especially in the Appalachian mountains.

Manchin isn't going to make it. Everyone hates him, his daughter maxxing out the price of epi-pens isn;t doing him any favors , WV is about 20 or so years behind the rest of the country, so heroin is the huge problem nowadays. WV will flip.

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That's a blessing. They are actually ahead of the happening-curve. Already suited for living outside the kike controlled economy.

Mono-Rail, this town needs a Mono-Rail, que The Simpsons - Monorail Town Hall Meeting & Song
OP needs to do a quick search on; Hawaii Train to nowhere, as well as the little know; California Train to nowhere.

He's basically a Dixiecrat. Living fossil, in a good way. Reminds one of a time before pure socialism infected the party.

tfw family settled in extreme rural parts of the appalachia mountains in WV & PA

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Manchin along with Pat toomey

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naw. it needs to be vacuum-tube maglev.

It's current-year. Vactrain could do that in fifteen minutes.

Seattle has a monorail.

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I'm aware, I don't think Hietkamp will make it either. But in such an environment they have to go for broke, because if they drop then the Democrats loose that part of their base and quickly become a permanent minority party, Republicans will control everything. Considering that there is a different path forward (remember Jim Webb?), this isn't the best outcome. When it comes to un-fucking WV and making it blue, at this point Amtrak is the last thing they got.

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Interesting thread. Rail is an under-utilized technology for passenger transport. Very efficient with the modern german and japanese designs.

Atlanta and Charlotte are doing very well economically, a high-speed train connecting them to DC would out-compete air travel as long as the TSA stays the fuck away from train travel.

We don't even need Axis designs, since Pence and Snyder proved that it's possible to make Amtrak's existing equipment serviceable with the right improvements. Same applies to Pennsylvania's Keystone Corridor, and NYDOT's (recent) attempts at building a proper Empire Corridor. Also one of the nice things about Trump being President is that he stands to benefit financially from these sorts of projects, since he owns real estate in Manhattan. In particular, rebuilding Penn Station (the original Penn Station was demolished for the existing basketball arena, the existing Amtrak station is crammed underneath).

Just need to do something about the stupid ass drivers always coming into stations and taking curves at 85 mph…

Look man, I get that we want to advance white causes and white peoples, but the main benefit of WV being where it is and what it is is that it's effectively the most isolated area east of the Mississippi. Talking about development of any area that isn't already filled with imported (((diversity))), even at this point in the Trump era, is asking spics and mudskins to move in to provide labor or ancillary services. If not that, then commiefornians or other assorted assbags.

I'm not totally against improvements in that region, but ask folks further south how the TVA is working out for them. I'm sure many will say it's good, many will say it's bad. Many, many people in WV are there seeking isolation without the associated (((cost))). I fail to see how transit projects are going to better the lives of anyone when all it's effectively going to do for folks along that route right now is import what we're trying to get rid of.


WV is the second whitest state in the U.S. and would be destroyed by non-white garbage without isolation. It's already been impacted to an extent by Obama-era white genocide policies. The only aspect that may be holding it off a bit is most niggers and sand niggers seem to have a fear of imposing mountains, dense forests and well-armed white men. However, since browning the population isn't having as much of an impact as (((malicious anti-whites))) wanted they seem to be instead quadrupling down on efforts to flood the state with opiates.

West Virginia is really a tragedy. It absolutely should not be as poor as it is. So many died bringing the coal that fueled our nation from the earth, they deserve more.

If people want isolation they can move to Alaska. I'm serious, 100% white purist ethnostate has little chance to survive if it is located between America's two biggest trade corridors (the Heartland corridor from Chicago to New Orleans and the Crescent from Boston also to New Orleans). WV itself sits less than 500 miles from the nation's capital, the northern parts of the state are close enough where people commute there through MARC. Which is to say this battle isn't won or lost based on infrastructure, but national immigration policy that affects everyone. In this boat, we really are all together. Although even then Mississippi is only 45% white yet votes hard -R.

Alaska doesn't have these problems because it's so remote, and nonwhites are stupid so they freeze to death that far north.


I'm from WV. It's never been great. Ever. It's just a rape baby of various corporations(gas, coal and pills).

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I thought the last good Democrat was based Jim Traficant.
Too bad the Kikes got to him and he died due to a (((farming accident))) in the end.

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Monorails are travel for poor people to vote in other elections they shouldnt be in.

Fuck off, nigger. Alaska is full of spics. Stop trying to ruin West Virginia.

If you want to make West Virginia great again, pull these drug pushers in big pharma and the CIA out of their high towers and execute them for crimes against humanity.

Seriously, pal, fuck off. No one here is going to back this, it provides effectively no value to the state other than ancillary services jobs related to maintenance, and what's that really net you? It's not a net benefit for the state.

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The crucifixes help; the media have somewhat successfully associated the public display of Christian religious symbols with cult behavior. They should put up more by the interstates. Works better than 'NIGGERS OUT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'.

The train and truck crash is giving a vibe of just as planned with this WV development

It's interesting you posted these maps of the train crossings in VA a day before a truck slams into a train in Virginia….

Planning something were you?