The German candy company Katjes started a big campaign for their sweets beeing fag, halal and enriching.

You know what to do.

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Is that a guy in drag?

Can Germany get anymore despicable?

They are very pupolar among German muds because they dont use any animal (pig) ingriedients for their products.

(Unless Haribo which has some piggy bone gelantine in their gummibears)

Dislike the video en masse? What a productive use of time.

You mean unlike.

Maybe it's a good thing and the muds will boycott them on the basis of their hate of open faggotry.

You guys should have memed more responsibly.

Eating sugar lowers your testosterone by 25%. Stop eating candy and stop drinking soda unless you wanna be a soyboy.,-study-finds-99746064.html

Those top-comments are something else:

They feel as if the same shill wrote most of them and that shill is really in love with emojis. There are some nice comments further down, though.

This thread has gay kike written all over it.

Trap disarmed

That's a tranny.


Remember when mudshill tried taqqiya on us saying muds actually based for hating fags?

Don't feel to bad Deutschland a few hours ago I saw this on the television. Got into a big fight with the gf who probably wanted to start something when she saw the raw emotional hatred I had in me, watching it, and wanted some of it for herself.


I can't wait for this to backfire on them when all the muslims stop buying their shit because they hate gays

If you wonder why they do this, it's not because they're anti-white specifically, but because they prepare their future majority consumers.

that's weird

Homosexuality is rampant in mudville.

So a simple braindead propaganda campaign is enough to make you hate Germany? Kikes are playing you like a fiddle. You readily ignore that the city of Cottbus implemented an immigration ban because more and more refugees are getting beaten up, but this fucking ad that is completely out of the control of the German population gets your whole attention. We have probably more control about this ad because every single one of the big German companies is controlled by kikes and they all operation from the US.

oh well, fuck it

If they're sweden then fuck it who cares, there are 2 million pure Germans in the USA and they can repopulate the German homeland if genetic extinction takes place in the old world.

If this is just another Sweden then I'd rather not even hear about this bullshit news and ignore it until the inevitable backlash

(backlash = DNA test based citizenship)

Germans won't go extinct in Europe during your lifetime. Maybe you should study elementary math a bit more.

There are just targeting the german demography.

It's a Muslim woman, so close enough.

What, you don't like capitalism?

Bong here, I've seen Halal Haribo which uses cow gelatine instead


is this the real reason that sperm counts are plummeting? the soy hypothesis doesn't really fly with me because, as some have pointed out, soy is a phytoestrogen and actually can displace estrogen but not agonize the receptors as strongly as endogenous estrogen does. but the trends in diabetes and ballooning BMI is undeniable and would definitely explain the change in reproductive propensity of the american public and others in the western world who have turned into fat fucks

It could be. I've done a lot of research on diet and nutrition in the past year and I know that sugar causes testosterone drops as well as dehydration.
Another major problem is that there aren't many alternatives to energy drinks, which are loaded with caffeine and sugar. A lot of people rely on those and hence you could say stuff like that causes more testosterone drops.
I find it weird there aren't many low sugar drinks with B vitamins and no caffeine, but there are lots of drinks with caffeine and sugar and B vitamins.

Never heard of this before. Would you mind posting a source or at least keywords?




I tend to take after my own body effects for more 'evidence' than online articles, but this goes together with doing other things to boost health.

In the worst case that is decades away.
Advertising fags are not used to look in the future, their horizon is the budget of next year. They are fixated about the latest fad, they are chasing to stay “relevant”.
Those soy-boys do it simply to totally unironically virtue signal to their little “just milieu”. They don’t want to appeal at the “haters” in Dunkeldeutschland” dark Germany, the “fly-over-country”.
This sounds counter intuitive for a job description, alleged pandering to the masses, but in reality the whole advertising industry is just propaganda; see Edward Bernays.
They don‘t want to attract the most people but to promote the message of their bosses, (((the regime they serve))).

They are, but they wouldn‘t speak it out not even concede it to their own lily white ass, such big is their cognitive dissonance.
They are lackeys of the (((ruling class))) and try to cover that up by dressing-up as the ruling class, looking down on normal people who didn’t prostitute themselves.

Hi Shlomo, how is the weather in TelAviv?

Ssssh, why do you try to derail black-pilling and anti-German propaganda with facts?

OP, you got it wrong. Individual companies have not paid independent advertising afencies to come up with an adviertising scheme. What you are seeing is a co-ordinated effort to desensitise and aclimatise us to our invaders, and soften our hearts to them, speeding up the prociess of normalisation and conformity.

What are we constantly seeing every day as we go about our daily lives? Adverts not for products but for foreigners. Happy smiling, friendly, non-threatening warm brown faced. pear;y whites flashing niggers and mudslimes on lovely bright backgrounds. In this example, pink (see for the effect that the wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum that we perceive as "pink" has on us. "Pink can sap a man's strength,,, Meanwhile, an experiment in the For instance, the study into the psychological effects of pink, mentioned above, was carried out by Alexander Schauss in the Seventies. It showed that of 153 male prisoners put in cells painted pink, 98.7 per cent were weaker after being in the pink cells for only 15 minutes".

Look around you, all of what is going on is not random, it is a co-ordinated attack from many vectors without a dissenting voice being heard. The repetition and the consistency of this screams propaganda.

From chapter one, page one, paragraph one of Edward Bernay's "Propaganda" 1928:-

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic societies, Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes are formed, our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of. "

Full book and a must read for user's everywhere:

Look around you, and if you see an advert for smiley niggers masquerading as a billboard for some product or other, take a picture of it, so we can share it here, and if we all do the same we will see the pattern emerge.

Ok, here's what you do. start this commercial off with the pink muslim lady, then cut to the muslim cleric talking about how men without beards make him horny, then cut back to the muslim lady eating candy and roll in the brand name. End commercial. That's a wrap.

Actually we call them the Amish, but yeah, they are so pure they speak old-fashioned German.

Jetzt auch in Lakritz!

Don't take my caffeine bro
Don't make caffeine the next evil i have to give up

what is water?


Floridated depopulation poison in many areas. Bottled water is often laced with the shit as well because its just tap water with a label and packaged in plastic which has dubious health records

At least brewing or cooking it seems to reduce it before being bottled.
I question the safety nof aluminum containers as well though as aluminum is a neurotoxin

Disgusting. I swore off popcorn. It's trash tier food that serves no purpose but to make you unhealthy.
Their popcorn is also some of the worst I've ever had the misfortune of trying.

Faggot, the Kalergi plan is in effect, these traitors are all complicit.

he is now

We could really use a whitepill thread on Cottbus
this could be the spark that sets europe ablaze

omg this inherently brings mirth to anyone thats had the redpill

clearly they dont want to see all the likes

lad this is about as unscientific as it gets

I could really use a whitepill thread on anything in Germany, this country seems just as hopeless as Sweden and the UK atm..

Hope doesn't change anything.
Action does.

Of course it is. Half of them were used as sex toys when they were children so women could preserve their virginity for marriage.