The Year of the Earth Dog officially starts on February 4th. Boy is it going to be a good year for everything. The kikes 'control' of everything is really going to the dogs this year! And the kikification of science… Will be a thing of the past. Our best wizards have been working tirelessly and kike physics is going to be blown the fuck out any day now. Pic related is just a taste of what is to come.

If you aren't initiated in the esoteric it would be wise to read up on some of it because reality is so much stranger than fiction that it WILL drive the unprepared insane

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Was the Earth Dog the one that likes justice or was that a different one?

yup, as well as being loyal, stubbornly uncompromising.

Prepare for maximum /comfy/

Sieg Heil

Get out.



Yes, its astrology, yet the initial fire cock threads found the chinks dug into some farmer's almanac tier "don't know how it works but here's some correlation" bullshit over the past 6k years they've been at it.
That and the generational and 240 year empire cycles means there is something going on. Don't know what, but it's there.

And if I recall correctly, 'water rat', Israel's, looked suspiciously like a merchant. God possibly plays jokes that take a millennia to appreciate.

Can't get much cringier than OP though. This thread may be a wash.

Not everyone cares about your silly time-waster nonsense. Magical thinking is nigger-tier, as is your IQ.

If you don't care then why are you posting in this thread?

Uranus (instability, revolution) goes into Taurus (financial systems) this year for around nine years; last time this happened was c. 1933 to 1942. Should be a wild ride (crypto, possible crash of fiat) financially. Neptune is currently in Pisces (dissolution of boundaries) until 2024, when it enters Aries for fifteen years or so. When Neptune (dreams, prophecy) enters Aries (pioneers, warriors) the race war shall commence. In Mundane Astrology, i.e., the astrology of history, Neptune in Aries indicates extreme Nationalism. Last time Neptune entered Aries was April 14th, 1861.

I am not opposed at all to allies with the Northeast Asian races. – D. S. Roof

t. astrologyfag

Just as our little Zyklons come of age. I can't wait to see what those pups are going to do.

Prost to that. Speaking of dogs, here's the bitch Pakman.

Year of the awoo

I apologize for this insensitive remark. Mr. Pakman is a powerhouse of guts, intellect and passion –one minute staring down the audience like a tough but sensitive street hoodlum; the next, nostrils flaring in indignation at the sheer injustice in the world.. I wish him all the best.


Watch me swooce right in.


Protip: You're being exposed to concentrated sorcery every time you visit an imageboard.

so have you, personally, ever used one of these thoughtforms to actual effect?

they say, every dog has his day

Where do you think you are?

Not >>>/x/ that's for sure

/x/ is for dweebs that have no idea how magic actually works. You would know that if you were an actual Holla Forumsack

Yep, so go back to >>>/x/

Go back to the bugman sphere, if you don’t like it. Meme magic is integral to Holla Forums

What frightens me is that reality keeps repeating on a scale that no individual can oversee. Your 240 year cycle for example.

Jews continue to breed and exist despite millenia of history telling them to fuck off. Jews have failed to remove redheads despite centuries of trying. Empires rise and fall, experiencing the same waves again and again and again.

Both of those people completly misunderstand tulpas, but if I must use the termonology of the idiot's image, my own is at the level of the Egregore. I hope that this board doesn't fall pray to thinking that Tulpamancy is just another idiotic passtime for the degenerate simply because the estranged and insane have adopted it, along with Otherkin. Only the idiot engages in such sourcery and proudly makes it "who they are." I yell in the face of those whom proudly proclaim "I am a tulpamancer, hear me roar!" and think this makes them SPECIAL

I haven't laughed internally so hard in a long time.
That old ytp shit hahaaaa

I want to believe

I'm ready

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Niggers hate dogs so do Hajis. Long live the year of the dog!

Are animals our servitors?

Fun fact:
Just as the old Greeks called Jews vampires - for them the word blood included money and life energy and time -, they called Slaves wolfmen (lycanthropos) because during a sacred day in a sacred grove they wore wolf skins, similar to the Viking berserkr bear skins during battle, to commemorate their gods.
Slavs were traditionally defined as blond and green-eyed.

This is basically the year of the Slav.

My bad.

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