Founder of RT got drunk and klutzed himself to death

Damn, Mikhail Lesin was the biggest klutz of all time. He got drunk one day and caused trauma all over his body by falling. What a way to commit suicide, I mean accident, I mean, uhh… Lesin Part 01 of 01/view

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We redacted the entire autopsy. 'cause we don't want people to learn our secret autopsy secrets!

Good, RT pushes radical marxist horseshit 24/7. Chris Hedges, Thom Hartmann, Abbey Martin, Lee Camp.. Ed Schultz, the whole staff are anti-white.

He clearly felt bad about that and pummeled himself in an alcoholic fit

The question is how do we turn this to our advantage, possibly intimidating anti-whites.

why do spooks do this? Might as well just go out and say "hey conspiratards watch this"

It was a FOIA request. They are required to release something even if it's pic related

why don't they just fucking redact everything they ever release to the public you know, like a prank, bro

Yeah when I read an article about this I thought to myself, "Why not just a few hits with the ol' nail gun to the back of the head?" So much more efficient method of suicide. He must have been REALLY drunk. Frikken Vodka-niggers.


How did he fall on the stairs?
If he was making saltos over his head wouldn't he break his spine and ribs?
How the fuck can you have so much head injuries but little torso ones?

she getting runed over by her car when she's not driving it
zomg !!1!11!one!1!

so this is some sort of legal loophole abuse?

freedom of information my ass, there is literally 0 information in your pic

She purposefully parked it there and waited for the crash
Everyone moved away but somehow she was only one that got "ran over by her own car" ?

Crisis actor spelled across her forehead in that nervous smile picture of before

I thought you meant RoosterTeeth and got excited for a second.

is that Yuri Lowenthal?

What are you saying? People fall over and die all the time, user.
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first i'm hearing that

Read a book dipshit

Sounds like par for the course Russian thuggery. This is why no one will stop to help you if you get injured in Russia. The authorities will show up and haul away anyone present, regardless of the circumstances. Then they will beat to death a portion of these innocent people just to keep the proles in line.

We really have a lot to learn about corruption in the U.S. We are amateurs.

Only a matter of time before mainstream media in general starts having accidents.

So, it's a natural cause of death for vodkaniggers. Look at Stalin.

RT does push a lot of liberal horse shit. But that's obviously because liberal horse shit is societally destructive, and RT is a foreign propaganda outlet.


Some slapstick artists are just really, really dedicated to their craft I guess. At least he kept from accidentallying the back of his head 18 times.


Ed Schulz has become pretty much a centrist leaning to the right if anything, and your list is EVRYONE that is left leaning on the show barring new arrivals although you did miss the three hawkshits pretty much everyone else is centrist or leaning way right.


Read them from the mindset of a person trying to cause disarray in the US, and you'll see what they're up to. At first it seems quite good because they report on news that leftist CNN will ignore, but eventually you realize that it's mostly agitprop.

You're dumb if you don't think RT tries to exploit fracture points in America. Not that I am complaining, since that is ultimately good for us and bad for ZOG.

Uhhh didn't he get backstabbed? Or was that Lenin? All commies deserve the knife or rope.

Only as much as the BBC, which is an informal arm of the MI5.

It can happen.

A friend of mine nearly died by tripping over while walking. On a flat road. While sober.
He hit his head and got brain hemmorage.

Granted, it's pretty rare, but it's all a matter of right variables - if you hit your head under a specific angle in a specific place, etc..

heh, fairly extensive list of 'contributing factors' apart from the obvious baseball bats, etc to his death in this case.

Good riddance

That was Trotsky, some beaner secret agent planted an ice pick into his back. Lenin likely died from syphilis.

Stalin drank himself until he either had a stroke or he fell down hard and had a stroke. Either way, not one of his guards or aides were willing to check up on him because waking up hungover and grumpy is an understatement when it regards Stalin, and only felt it odd the boss hasn't gotten up a few days later.

So basically, the greatest leader of communism died in a pool of his own days old vomit and shit because he scared his help too much for them to actually give a damn.

More than likely, the sanitization was handled by a GS-09 or something and the dude just didn't give a fuck or feel like parsing out what was actually unclassified versus U//FOUO. Medical records may be handled weird and since it was an FBI file, over classification likely occurred.
pic unrelated

The way they do it is by promoting people like Trump. They promote nationalists in France, too.

I'll change my opinion on their actions once it has been established that truth isn't the most effective weapon against our (mutual) enemies.

That would be the case if people were treated equally. They are not, and any cases of VIPs will be handled by suits in a manner dictated by 'national interest'.

Yeah jews aren't white.

Why would an autopsy on a closed investigation ever be deemed 'classified'?
It's literally a confession of guilty

Anti-gun, pro-blm, complaining about white supremacy, laughing about white privilege, bringing on blatant trannies to talk about rad feminism and how blacks are victims of cops. Calais is an atrocity! Let the niggers in Australia! Gay marriage! etc etc.
Reported, youre either anti-white or so stupid you might as well be. Try actually watching it. Go ahead, find an episode of Redacted Tonight that doesnt promote marxism, and Ill find you a bullet.

Yes, radical feminist killallwhitemen AbbyMartin went to Israel so promoting trannies on daytime TV is totally fine.
I sent a message to a website where complaints can be read to or by Putin himself, about her, and 2 weeks later she was gone. She promotes things that are ILLEGAL IN RUSSIA - IN THE US. That says enough.

Heres a lesson for the cuckchan retards who never actually learned anything in 2 years of lurking. Some people oppose Israel because they are anti-nationalists. Who are those people? Communists.
Some people support Israel and oppose globalism. Who are those people? Zionists.
Russia doesnt like zionists. Russia has no problem with Jews. Russia is behind pouring gas on the SJW fire, and thats evident within a few minutes of watching RT.
If you cant tell RT is radical leftist propaganda, you must have an empty space between your ears, or you dont actually watch it.

Class warfare, totally not marxism. Report people who deny RT is marxist.

2 minutes in
Totally our friends, yep, Russia is BASED.

You could probably take it to court if you really cared enough, you might even stand a decent change of winning. You'd be risking yourself to being suicided, though.

The fact they source themselves in their own article means it's horse shit. Lurk two years before posting anywhere on the internet.

what mix of news sources would you recommend for a better perspective on what's really happening?

What's a klutz and what's klutzing yourself to death ?

no one is that drunk

Checkin those dub dubs
Precisely. If one were that drunk they would just stay down and pass the fuck out
Wow that's the first I've heard of that. Too lazy to read the bullshit """"""evidence""""""" released. It's laughable really. If one were that drunk and you fell down some stairs you'd say "me, we're too drunk. Better go home" or whatever. You're not going to waste all that awesome forward momentum to go ALL THE WAY BACK UP SOME STAIRS TO FALL DOWN AGAIN
I'm calling it consensus (obviously)
(( (suicide) )) ( ((assasination)) )

The thing with retards (it's not even good enough to be shilling ITT) is that every ideology with any real power at least claims to be egalitarian on the surface. This is a Marxist value. And yes, they could look at literally any thought process used being Marxist, and virtually 100% Marxist outcomes. I don't know why some people actually bother trying to mentally jump through hoops and imagine it's something else. Maybe it's just because of how long I've been against this shit, but it's far too sickening to me not to notice that it's all the same. It's part of why I don't like it and never did, originally.

I think everyone gets it based on the dozens of follow up jokes, lel.


There is are slim chance that he felt from teh stairs. But yeah, this smells assisted suicide so much.

wouldn't the airbag have deployed?

FOIA is a total scam.

Since I don't see a good summery here, for those who don't know, this RT founder was found dead in a hotel in Washington DC, in 2015.


Nigger what

first i'm hearing that
Once is always the first time

Mikhail Lesin was a jew

How about you, reading what RT writes?

Anti-Semitic tirade on western pro-Kremlin site betrays ignorance of Russia — RT Op-Edge

Black comedy ‘The Death of Stalin’ pulled from Russian cinemas after backlash — The film “insults our historic symbols – the Soviet anthem, orders and medals

Russian children’s camp to re-enact Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals

Reichstag stormed’ as Battle of Berlin reenacted near Moscow

US & Ukraine are alone in rejecting Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution at UN