Damn shame

Okay Holla Forums I've been watching conspiracy theory videos on the JewTube for about 2 hours. I'm not sure what's going on with that so called community. Besides schizophrenia and retardation. These morons have went off the deep end!!!

Back when the conspiracy community first started on JewTube. There was some decent videos about conspiracy theories that I could and still am behind. Like for example the Cunts In Action killing John Lennon and that Brittany Spears constructed meltdown to cover up the heat that was on Bush at the time.

Now all you see on JewTube is retards researching the Q Larp, flat earth and people saying the government puts chips in our heads and has the kill switch to take out the masses and they complain about being followed, all while screaming god will save us.

Holy fucking shit this has gotten out of hand and probably will never come back the way it used to be. RIP

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You do realize yt made an algorithm that pushes you towards certain type of thinking by promoting to you videos ?

Seriously, you have fallen for the jewish AI algorithm.

Go look for TOS for example, unappreciated channel with little view count I found by going through public playlists of channels in comment section of youtube videos I liked.


Stop being kiked by jewish AI, adapt with the kiked system.

Pretty sure people realized conspiracy vids are a gold mine around 2010 or so and tons of people started pumping out video after video of the most insane shit you can imagine in order to get views. There's almost certainly a healthy supply of cianigger disinfo agents helping them along as well.

OP is a ball-earth CIAnigger who came here to demoralize us.

What? It's always been that way. For every legitimate research attempt, there's two cianiggers talking out their asses. Remember Ben Fulford? Sorcha Faal? And those are only recent examples.

Britneys meltdown was a strategy to make herself undesirable to the public, so she would be free of the kikes control. The conspiracy community is a whole lot of disinformation blaming everything except kikes, and mentally ill autists etc who are so deep into it that its all they care about.
Cant find the meme where its wojak smoking a cigarette in front of a bunch of linked charts with thumb tacs, and it says like
Cant find it though.

I wouldn't say I totally fell for the kike AI. Because I never click on the recommended videos and just search by what I'm looking for. I don't disagree with you about JewTube thinking for people though. I agree with that 100%.

Yeah that's also true people getting view and money hungry feeding off stupid people. There's this one chick called beanz or something like that. She's getting people to pay her for researching the Q larp. She thinks she's top shit because she's friends of mods on cbts or the storm. Anyways, I'm pretty sure she's working for the cunts in action.

Why do I even try anymore?

That's cool and all, but you posted a variation of (((the Demonic versionf of Pepe))) so I must sage.


jeez man, you think youtube recommends you "most viewed videos" or "most liked"? Both of those metrics can be changed easily by them, but HUMANS with HUMAN INCLINATIONS, they can't change that.

Next time do what I do and just go through channels of people you like and are same minded.

Why do you think that is? Alphabet was all over it with organized shilling precisely because the people are disorganized. I would think you would know that if you were here. The whole point was to discredit anyone independent from ever having an opinion, investigation, or even so much as a thought.

You should have already seen this about 6 to 9 months after 9/11 when they brought out the shills. That was the first time I had seen an alphabet derailment like that.

And you know it was them. Those dirty fuckers did not want word spreading of how fucked up they were. Sage because you should know this shit if you found this place.

Yeah it's been like this from the start. But something has changed. As a user said disinformation agents.

That could also be a realistic possibility. But hasn't she just got back into the spot light recently?

After 9/11, the investigation community went to shit and all became assets; they helped covered the truth up about 9/11 and the zionist wars with massive amount of disinformation. The very fact you call them conspiracy theorists is proof of how effective they were at controlling the narrative with counter intelligence.

., schizoprenia is from a curse involving the schizocarp plant , there are multiple nations going outside the united nations plans , including england hoisting ' the united kingdom ' which is a planetary system for the army olives and more discrepancies that must be edited , the internet is being restarted again and yet to be in complete meridial unity , you must learn to comprehend the media you interact with and be honest about how much any single human can do , a limited amount , existence is at the metaphysical leasts and heights one single being , The Divine Infinite Unity , The Difinity , Θε Δελτα-Διφινιτυ , so when life is more of a pain than you can endure please pray for help from The Difinity , Θε Δελτα-Διφινιτυ ,.

Finding out who is behind the curtain is nice, but that's only one aspect of conspiracy theory.

Knowing who robbed you is secondary to making sure that it never happens again.

Conspiracy theories help us make sense of events and incidents that involve the power structure.

About a year and a half ago I started getting into this almost on a daily basis. Before then I was just surffing and not really doing research. Also, I was way to young to see that stuff a few months after 9/11 I was 6 or 7 at the time.

I'll admit I was kiked by the AI.

The only one I have Atm

Can't you just make an example out of the guy that robbed you, therefore making sure that it never happens again?

Retards no longer have any natural predators to keep them in check.

What about trolls?

Check out that Tracy Beanz channel on YT. I'm pretty sure she's a disinformation agent. She puts together hour plus videos that are fairly clean looking like she knows how to use a computer very well. The other things that really make me think she's no good is her computer set up. Why does she need that much computer for just what she's doing? That's a lot of money for just online research. I might just be paranoid though.

Reminder that the only retards that actually believe in the flat-earth LARP are those that have never travelled anywhere in their life

Go back to reddit.

Go back to reddit.

I've never used Reddit. I was on halfchan for awhile until I was banned for calling someone a nigger.


Only ones to be trusted are the ones that name the jew, eg RedIce. It has been interesting to track conspiracy sites over the last five years, there's those who have figured out white genocide by the kikes, those who skirt around the issue - Joseph Farrell I'm looking at you, if only he realised Adolf was the good guy, and the shills/disinfo.

It's called disinfo.

>not believing in (((govt))) rfid tag kill switches

I watch RedIce and I used to watch this black dude that spoke the truth and they kept attacking his video's and kept taking his channel down, he lost his channel and I haven't seen him since.

Earth is flat you niggerkike

Nigger i've been to thailand, costa rica, and hawaii… ive never seen a curve.
I repeat, NIGGER.


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do you want a matzah cookie?
am i supposed to care? whats going on with these kikes
boy i tell ya hwat

There's some interesting research on the microchip thing which seems to indicate that they've been mass produced in commiefornia where they are currently being field tested on poor fucks that piss off deep state/cartel groups under the cover of "alien" abductions/MilAbs/Gangstalking. Hard to say that it's not happening when they don't even bother keeping production lines under black budget cover. The entire West Coast seems to be a spook playground for everything ranging from optical camouflage to psychotronic weapons. It was also pretty central to a lot of the MKUltra stuff, and anyone who cares to know what that is pretty much just assumes that they're still continuing with the same type of research under a new shell.

This. Bonus points for being so concise. Fucking kikes.

There's weird shit going on there for sure. I lived in commiefornia for a little over a decade, near the Travis AFB.
I've never had any experience remotely like the one im going to describe, but at one point i witnessed what people call the "california triangles" or whatever, i saw a black triangular craft over Fairfield, CA.
Explained this to a friend of mine, he showed me a newspaper article where he was interviewed by local reporters for our newspaper 10 years earlier and he and several other people had saw the exact same thing but during the day.
There was also an incident right next to where i lived where two airmen from the base were found murdered in a vehicle sitting in the driver/passenger seat and nothing ever came of it. Seemed like a cover up to me at the time.

Red Ice named the jew as our ally, that's a big a red flag as anything OP mentioned.



A lot of conspiracy theories are denial and deception seeded by various IC niggers. The idea is to flood so much bullshit out there that nobody can find the truth.

I lived near a navy base in southern california and this happened in 2013 or so:

How is that naming the jew as our ally?

The Jews purposely pushed the "conspiracy theory" narrative, the CIA actually admitted to this. Basically the idea is to create a bunch of "weirdos" who question the government, and use the fact that they question the government to correlate them with any true conspiracies going on. An example is how those congressmen recently said that there was a secret society within the FBI, and people were associating them with conspiracy theorists, rather than using it to say that these "conspiracy theorists" are actually justified. Basically it is designed to bring down reality to the level of an eccentric; though, most "conspiracy theorists" would like to imagine themselves bringing conspiracies to reality.

Also I've recently found a channel called Brian Ruhe, and he seems pretty okay. He's a Buddhist, so there isn't much of the christcuckery (not trying to D&C) that tends to turn all conspiracy theories into the antichrist and demons. He's also friends with David Duke, who I trust, but some anons dislike him, so just be aware of that. Have any of you guys heard of him; if so, what do you think about him?

They said that so-called "nationalist" jews were our allies, and Lana did a podcast with Nadav Salomon about our need to form an alliance with them. It was one of the longest she ever recorded, and was meant to be the first in a serious of many, until the backlash and his doxing. TRSodomites coming here to defend it is what led to the jimpact.

The only people who think that Christianity should be tolerated are the shitposters who use it as a cover for their trolling. All the actual Christians left to their containment board or remain silent on the matter because they have no rebuttals to the truth about their Semitic cult and the official National Socialist policy of Kirchenkampf, the suppression of Christianity in preparation for the establishment of an Aryan religion with swastikas in the place of crosses and Mein Kampf replacing every bible.

Christianity itself is the tool of division which allowed Semites to conquer Europe. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't deserve to post here.

Damn, ill expand on mine.
I'm stunned just like them at this point. Cannot fucking explain this. I've seen airshows, stealth bombers, been aboard c130s and shit. This was space age, something different. I watched it for several minutes, it stood up on the flat end of the triangle, there were 3 lights on that end. It was thick, more like a slice of cake than a piece of paper. I watched it go straight into the sky, like into space. I couldnt believe it, still to this day it seems like complete bullshit when i remember it, but i swear to fucking god it happened.

But when she says 'our need', wouldn't she be referring to the alt-right? Who cares who it is they decide to form alliances with.

Hitler never struck me as being so egocentric that he'd want a thing like this to be the case.

Cool story, bro. Pics or it didn't happen.

It was Rosenberg's idea, not his. Apparently he wasn't egocentric enough to plan on putting The Myth of the Twentieth Century in the place of those bibles. It's sort of understandable though, Mein Kampf is a much more personal work which doesn't build on all sorts of prior books and ideas like The Myth does. Who knows, maybe Hitler would have vetoed the idea, but we'll never find out since global Jewry mobilized the golem world order to destroy the Reich.

She said "European Nationalists". Semantic arguments aside, anybody who defends jews and calls them allies is an enemy.

wanna hear another cool part? When my friend saw it, 10 years earlier, it was during the day. He and the other witnesses reported that it looked the same color as the sky, and had what looked like 3 engines on the flat side, and it was silent and almost impossible to see.
I'm completely convinced i saw some type of ridiculously stealth aircraft, if it wasnt some completely new tech, it could have been some type of strange stealth zepelin.
Ive thought about this a lot, kek.

I see, thanks.

Can you go post this on 4chan? It's more their thing to talk about stupid fucking bullshit.

Alex Jones happened, JIDF happened and three letter agency disinfo happened as well

Was that the guy who delivered his own children at home and wouldn't let them watch tv or listen to nigger music?

Someone else who was a regular guest on RedIce before who has and does name the jew regularly is the gnostic John Lash Lamb. I wouldn't recommend his channel if you're not familiar with his work but the handful of interviews he's done on RedIce are really worth listening to. His call to arms, so to speak, for white people against the anti-human agenda of jews was especially inspiring when I first heard it.
It's been interesting having listened to RedIce for such a long time, their transition into what it is today. I suppose it was an inevitable outcome of probing conspiracy from all angles for so long that they would finally discover (((who))) is behind all of it. I honestly don't like that Lana chick however. I can't help but feel the difference in the show since he brought her in. Feels.. more like propaganda than an honest exploration down the rabbit hole I guess. Can't be arsed to give a fuck about the state of the alt-right either. Shit is cringey af so I don't listen much anymore. Oh well. The old shows are still great though and worth revisiting from time to time.

It's only bad when idiots allow themselves to be pigeon holed into yet another prescribed set of thoughts which "are to be held as above questioning".

Until you can say that you've proven theories yourself everything must be shitchecked to the point of extreme abstraction. Autistic pattern recognition is the Path of Light.

Wouldnt necessarily be a bad thing. The truth plays through any good works. Any creation made with the full passion of the creator will have the metaphors within them, whether it was intentful or not, because the truth art in heaven.

This is much closer to the truth than you think. If only you knew how bad things really are.

< complains that videos on youtube are retarded

No, it was the identity of a young man forcibly transgendered and made to act like a woman starting to wake up, rage and break through the front end that normalfags like you view as a "real person."
They soon got him back in line however.
You can rage all you like but the biometrics numbers just don't work. It can only be a man.

fucking kek. I never noticed that fucking dead give away navel right there

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