Robinhood is getting crypto. This is politically relevant

Crypto is coming to the normiesphere even more than it already is.

Crypto is going to be traded on the app robinhood in February

Why is this important?
Robinhood has absolutely no fees
This is going to kill Binance, huobi, coinbase and all the fee based exchanges.

This is going to cause cryptos to skyrocket into the normie sphere that even boomers are going to buy in

Get the fuck in the ship because we mooning niggas. Or get left behind with the Clintons
get a free stock while your at it faggots

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Only the Fuhrerprocess will free us from international Jewry. Only through work are you set free. Stop chasing after the next big get-rich-quick gamble and start mining Adolfcoin.

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thanks OP going to start up Metasploit now

I suppose we should just stick to print out money then lad :^)

Only for Americans, OP?


adolfcoin is a crypto too, I'm not sure what your argument here?

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Seems legit

Wait, so how do I get crypto-rich so I can donate to nationalist organizations, pour money into /ourguy/'s next election campaign without (((the feds))) fucking with me or the campaign I donaendeavors. ost bail for guys like James Fields, and buy a Japanese sexbot?

Will this robin hood thing make me (and/or many of us) rich so we'll actually have the means to start influencing things directly, outside of meme magic? As powerful as our wizardry is, it will not last forever on its own. We'll eventually need the finances to support our endeavors.

So how do I get rich off this new crypto bread?

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Who runs it? I would definitely choose adolfcoin if I knew it wasn't a lying jew.

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