The Destruction of Words and Language Pt.2

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A while ago, we had a good thread discussing the subversion and destruction of languages, words, and particularly, the English language. This included moments in history where certain languages dominated over others, certain words were either socially or legally prohibited, and words that have lost their meaning and now serve to help influence and subvert thought.I'd like to continue that discussion here, so we can continue to post examples of language being controlled, limited, or subverted for partisan use.

Archive of the thread in question is here. Give it a good read if you didn't see it before.

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The kike press loves saying “X SLAMMED Y for Z” Slammed? They love that word, not just criticize or counter, but slam.

Literally just repeating the same fucking slide topics every fucking week.

This might be anchored but I never get to post these so I might as well.

By overusing a superlative, all weight behind the word is lost. Therefore when large things do happen, no one can adequately describe their import (and then the kike media just doesn’t report on them anyway).

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How the fuck is language subversion a slide topic

It's sliding language

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Hah, every creative writing class I've attended said anyone who replaces 'said' with another word is a purple prose faggot in more PC terms, of course. The reason you use 'said' is because it is ignored by the reader who is interested mainly in what is being said most of the time. It's the same thing with the use of adverbs: Better to just use a stronger verb than to enhance your boring verb with a whole new word. But I digress…

Best ones I can remember from prior threads of this:

He who controls the vocabulary controls the language.

Let's make it a good one before it gets shut down

This is why you should always visualize everything and never think in your native tongue, because it is difficult, if not impossible to think about that for which there is no word.

Let’s take it back to Franz Boas and Edward Sapir. These kikes were instrumental in linguistic sciences in America and the thrust to use language to engineer social meaning and change.

A common tactic the kikes and the lugenpress use is to switch words when one word has accumulated too many negative associations.
global warming -> climate change
whore -> prostitute -> sex worker
rebel -> insurgent -> freedom fighter
fast-food -> comfort food
retard -> mentally challenged ->mentally handicapped->mentally disabled
nigger -> negro -> black -> colored person -> african-american
It never ends this shit.

Sapir fostered the program to admit to (((American))) institutions jews from Europe who decamped to teach/study in linguistics and anthropology after 1933. These were the ones who became ascendant in the institutions in the postwar period.

They're afraid.

English has the most words and the best words. If it can't be said properly in English, it really can't be said properly at all.

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Let us not forget burgerlands emminent genius noam chomsky

German is the superior language of science though

English is superior for at least Computer Science.

Well computers ought to have their shit standardized with one language or it's just cause confusion. It also definitely couldn't work with a non-alphabetic language like Chinese.


And why is that? One answer could be Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis that insinuates that the language you speak, and even the way you speak your language, affects how you think. Basic idea of it is that some African languages lack the future tense, and therefore that African has literally no concept of the future. Another example is that bureaucrats have a tendency to speak in the passive voice and yet attribute no actor doing the actions, and thereby is a verbal means of absolving themselves of responsibility for making decisions.

How does German differ from English? One way is that German words are often combinations of smaller words that, when added together, create emergent concepts in the same way that Latin does. Another facet is that German requires strict word-placement in order to make sense in the same way English does The dog bit the mailman is different than the mailman bit the dog and in a way that Latin has no problem with each word has its grammatical function built into it in a regimented fashion, which creates weird cases where you can know exactly how a word is acting in the sentence as object or subject or whatever and yet not know what the word actually is!. These features could contribute to the classically Germanic mind that can fit together all kinds of weird ideas to philosophic and scientific brilliance, and yet has an obsession with orderliness. In theory at least.

I think this is disinfo tbh

Look here

Seems this might be correct


Stop reposting false information.

sorry i meant hydrogen

tfw your attempt at cynical sarcasm just makes you look like an idiot

If it is disinfo, it is our disinfo. Who uses the word racist? Communists. Who benefits from the word? Communists, Maybe Trotsky did not invent it, but he should have.

They really love euphemisms which pol started using ironically like culturally enriched or undocumented migrants.

You have horse before the cart. Did the german language invent germans or did germans invent the german language? The german language is logical and orderly because germans are logical and orderly, not the other way around.

There are legal and PR reasons for using euphemisms. Right-wing safety squads sounds less ominous than right-wing undocumented assisted suicide squads.

Ah, but does the German language encourage the development of the Germanic mind, and vice versa? Living languages are the products of people using the language and evolving with it, so it isn't that one simply makes the other so much as they are two gravitational bodies that influence one another. How much one influences the other is a matter of debate, but learning Latin fundamentally changed the way I understand English and probably got me more orderly just by itself.


Language, accounting, math - they're all the same in their basics. The destruction of language is thus predictable. Including the declaration of discussion on it, with people who are unfit to discuss it, and are actually just destroying discussion itself.

An account uses an artificial protocol, specifically designed to mirror the natural world, advance when it does so, and destruct when it doesn't. To do this, the natural world is unseen by the protocol abstraction, and requires a mapping. Outside this unseen physical pairing / coupling of the protocol to the physical, there is of course the mathematics of 'traveling without moving', which is also governed by the protocol itself. To be effective, the protocol has its own symbols, which are serialized to make up its own targets, and its own operations/instructions to compute past and predicted firstly, and then move wisely in the present/current. In accounting specifically, these symbols are 0123456789 and operators expressively.

Language does the same thing. This is not new. This is natural. A given language uses abcdefghijk… . From these abstract symbols, physical phonetics, their rules, and their exception/edge cases are paired / coupled. From these abstraction-physical coupling symbols, the mathematics of serializing them are created, both to convey tokens of physicals and to convey destinations of those physicals. That is, the name-destination is made up of the abstract symbols of abcdefghij.. as well as the transactions are also literalized out by the same abstract symbols of abcdefghij.. . From this physicals are assigned, casted, negotiated, settled, refuted, weighed against the rules, etc.

Regardless of the implementation of account or language, the mathematics of a given protocol exist in both symbols, statements, and operators -and- are all designed to continuously and iteratively map to some physical actuals and physical actions. These must be continuously re-discovered and re-innovated, which must be satisfied before reaching new-discovery and new-innovation in all cases, else deletion, corruption, misallocation, or otherwise imaginary coupling occur. No one has a problem with this.

Unless, after all the math is in, you are left with just your self, and your self is wanting. Then there are many options and paths available when reaching this point, provided that you can see past and present, having both time-space and memory-space, remembered with as much completeness, correctness, and consistent consequence as possible. To the degree that you don't meet this provision, and your wanting still wants, and the net of the two together form a remaining balance, you act. What is coming to light is: (((some))) first target language that has built up a worth of physicals, they then exploit the physical and subsequently have already altered the coupling of serialized symbol accounted to actuals, and then that debt is discovered. When that debt is discovered, the language, priorly built up, is now agreed destroyed.

That is to say, the destruction of accounted abstractions to actuals occurs before they are visible, because the abstraction/words were never the target anyway. This event sequence happens with children, which are reprimanded for violations of accountability, which only works because the children eventually reach system-provision self-providence mastery (ie the dependent improves to autocratic, and necessarily past that, in order to iterate and now fund another dependent). This event sequence is violated, with perpetual children defined by not-able to improve further (eg any Asian or any African in a White system) or crucially also by perpetual systemics not-able to attain system providence further (eg misappropriated too many dependents, depletion of physicals/actuals). It is when failure has already occurred, and correction is disputed, that language eventually registers that the serialization of a set of symbols is now bankrupt, and the meaning is destroyed.




Distinction is made between sequences that mirror the above, and the separate act of creating new symbol-serial-sets with the provision of worth/meaning into them. Distinction is also made with the exploration and clarification of operation and worth edges of existing definitions in relation to other existing accounted linguistics. Both of these acts will appear identical to destruction, with only time and might proving the worth to those who were not present for witness.

Distinction is also made when a language-abstraction set is pair with another, such as between spoken/written/language of the commoner and that of the Commons of Law. A coupled-coupling is then formed, which permits the exchange of one into the other. If the exchange of one current into the other current is matched in underwritten worth, nothing happens (aside: how is an apple worth an orange? add numbers of apples to numbers of oranges and quality metrics, etc). If it is not, or is deliberately exchanged to be not, the debt event from one language passes into the other. This can cause forced destruction of actuals that are currently coupled, until either those couples are hidden to re-emerge elsewhere, or cessation of either the debt on one side of exchange stops being casted/declared-owed or production of worth stops being answered on the other side of the exchange.

Legal doctrine which attempts to misappropriate speech doctrine will thus attain variations of destruction, sequestration, etc.

tldr: The destruction of language -follows- the already destroyed physicals of wealth, which by context of within White Civilization, is necessarily the result of too many Asians and too many Africans, who are serially mining prior underwritten language accountability. Get the Asians back to the back of the line, or the Africans and lesser asiatics will stay enslaved by them to compete against Whites, -and- their debts will still come down onto them. Fail this, and language will not be restored. Fail this long enough, and the absence of language proxy will result in direct physical action.

None of this is new.

Cool post, user. I love etymology

That’s how it’s supposed to be, lad. You’ve got your idiom about backwardness backwards

Maybe user is just saying I'm double-backwards in my thinking.

Here's a suggestion: Instead of using the word "Europa" or saying "Our Homeland" we should bring back the words "Motherland" and "Fatherland". People in the colonies should also bring back the term "Mother-country".

Noam Chomsky is like one of those old commie fartbag kikes that has pretty much memorized everything Marx and the Soviet kikes have been saying over the century to the point where he actually becomes against Israel and support commie parties who type in #FreePalestine or #FreeGaza on Faceberg and Twatter. However just like any kike, nigger, shitskin, commie or any race traitor would think, they all hate White people and want (((diversity))) to be a thing. I've seen a lot of commies talking about how the kikes occupying Palestine is just like what we Whites "did" to the feather niggers, basically saying "Muh stolen Injun land! Fuck ebil Whitey muh dick!", as if said feather niggers ever had any concept of actually owning land. They all mostly died of new diseases that their poorly developed immune systems weren't prepared for anyway, but they don't know that and if someone calls them out on their retarded bullshit they will still call you a "racist", anything a White man does is considered "racist" when it comes to their deranged minds.

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Here, here!

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Mono"theists" changed the meaning of the word "God" to mean "lynch mob" instead of "superhuman." And they changed the meaning of the word "King/Emperor/Pharaoh" to mean "slaver" instead of "divine ruler."

For that they burn and that which is God remains eternally holy.

I'm an Anglo colonial and I use mother-country. It doesn't come up frequently though.

It's never meant either. If anything, Jews changed god to mean Superman, in the comic book and movie industries.


Used to mean person of a foreign nation. Now it means E.T. monster.

"Our country is run by aliens."
"Alien races."
"He prefers to work with aliens to lower costs."
"I don't like alien food."

Also Hebrew is the last language in the world where you can say anything. English is second best. If you can't speak one of these, then you should learn.


This is such a fucking pet peeve of mine, I hate it so much. People who use that word don't even know what it means, not even slightly. I used to think it was just an alternate of homophobe (another completely wrongly used and understood word) before I actually looked it up because I saw it used in a different context and couldn't make sense of it. The left constantly calls people bigots and people act like this word has weight, like it means something. It does mean something but not at all what you would think from how it is used.

Bigot comes from some stuck up french religious fuckers who believed themselves to be so holy that they were above debating matters of faith, people were just to take their word for it. That's what bigot describes, a sanctimonious bitch that refuses to debate people. Sound familiar? No platform, huh?

The left are total fucking bigots, believing themselves and their ideas to be enlightened gospel, so holy that the mere act of questioning or debating them becomes "far right violence" or whatever, YET they are the ones calling everybody bigot and people just constantly let it slide, even people on the right.

Nobody knows what bigot means anymore. People who dislike faggots proudly declare themselves homophobes, meaning they unwittingly confess to having an irrational fear of gays instead of a strong dislike or hatred or maybe just an educated distaste. No, those dumbasses readily accept the definitions the left created for them in order to make fools of them.


That's one I noticed. I keep a large 50's dictionary around to check how (((they))) have changed our language. And the definition is something like "someone who refuses to listen to another point of view". Fucking everybody uses that word wrong.

Fuck off.

Some examples I've noticed:

"Made in the USA" has changed meaning due to manufacturing leaving the country. Now I could buy electronics parts and preprinted boards from the orient and assemble them here and call that made in the USA. It's not the same as when the electronic components and boards were made here.

"alleges/allegedly" is exclusively used as an instensifier for a claim. "accuses" is used similarly. These words are supposed to decrease the listener's certainty that the claim is true.

I'll add more as I think of them.

[[[They]]] have disabled the "is" url, user. never ending loading page

common sense.

If that post wasn't so much better with the images I'd screencap it. 8/8 post there.

…For a moment I thought Emma Watson was one of those rare jewish pawns that have anti-semitic views.
Why does she have to be pretty? ;_;

Simple words are also at effect. For example, and sadly, the only people critisizing the overuse of the word "hate" I've observed is conservative Glenn Beck-following Christians. "Hate" means you feel so distraught at something that you wish for it to be dammed. And again, "dammed"

Thanks for the heads up. Let’s see if fo works

The best thing to do to a feminist is photoshop her into porn.

Works perfectly fine for me. I was terrified that I'd have to update all of my links, everywhere.

It's also ascribing emotion to arguments of a purely rational and factual matter. Citing a statistic is considered hateful when it ironically triggers hatred in the very same people who then call the facts "hate". Looking at the world, I can't help but feel like the threads of sanity are pulled from public discourse more and more.

Sweet, that's interesting. More interesting too is the etymology debate about it basically has its best guess as being a jab at Norman's and how their commonly said oath of, "bi God" (By God) was used by the French to call them bigods and eventually bigots. While the origin is speculative, the real meaning is not: "A sanctimonious person, religious hypocrite". The Leftist is composed almost completely of projection, and no wonder they think the world is so wretched when they put their own image on everything!

I had that point brought up in my MBA education. Since so many parts of outsourced from everywhere, the modern use of it means that a predominance of the work done on it is in the USA. But this implies either you buy everything from the world and just put it together here, or you mine the shit out here and then give it to 3rd worlders to put together. Either way it isn't true earth-to-hand industry that fully enriches a man's soul. Obviously this argument had no effect on the MBA professors who thought it was just a price efficient means of differentiation to call it 'Made in USA'.

Well be sure to save those images then. I'm collecting them myself.

It's one of the differentiations of dead and living languages. Living languages are not only subject to change but changes in emotional contexts to words. I don't know about all of you, but the word 'uneducated' gets my blood boiling now due to its use in the dismissive phrase, "You're just uneducated." Meanings will continue to shift as living languages are used by conversational people.

Dead languages like Latin however don't have the messiness of context-shifts over time within them, so they are essentially fossilized at the last moment they were used colloquially. And since dead languages are often only preserved by intellectuals because plebs don't give a fuck about anything they can't actively scratch their own ass with, over the centuries the emotional associations with the words more or less washes off as it becomes increasingly divorced from the plebs who once used it. I'm a Latin fanboy because you're learning the language of one of the world's greatest peoples' that has been preserved more or less from the time of their greatness when referring to Golden or Silver Age Latin, of course. Combine that with Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, and we should all be teaching our offspring Latin and German at the earliest possible ages.

I have not read a lot of recent stuff. Are you saying there is a problem with everyone 'said' this or 'said' that instead of using more emotional charged terms to convey meaning?

I think it is meant in terms of literature where you get strings of conversations like Bob says, Mary says, Bob says, Mary says. The idea the graphic pushes is for more active and exciting language usage, which is great in person and in most contexts of writing, but I would argue that 'said' as a dialogue tool is meant to be ignored and coloring up the meant-to-be-ignored part of dialogue with strong verbs is just distracting from what was said.

The usage of 'like' by modern people as a catch-all 'ummm' term is something to completely abandon however.

I only ask, because I've been on the receiving end of ridicule for trying to avoid using the same repetitive phrases. Left me wondering if it's pathological in that people don't want colored language, because it can get 'cringey' and just laying out things in their literal sense is considered more safe.

Well you'd want to avoid Purple Prose, which is using 'fancy vocabulary' in a haphazard or fake manner. Also people who don't have very extensive vocabularies sometimes don't like it when others talk over their heads. It makes them feel insecure, and ultimately the communication doesn't go well. 'Idiocracy' summed that up with everyone saying, "You talk faggy!" Trump did as well as he did in part because he talks like a commoner rather than a scripted puppet, which appeals to many as being 'authentic' if only because they like themselves and he talks on their level. Know your audience and address them appropriately I suppose.

Mankind believed in God long before the Jews released their psycho-killer book. The being that is God was here a billion years ago, is here now, and will be here a billion years from now.

Speaking of language
Never say that again in your life, and you'll be 10% less of a faggot.

good post, i don't think you used the word sanctimonious correctly, though

I'll assume your command over the english language isn't exactly the best.

I can always do with a bit less faggotry in my life.

Instead of 'homophobe' use

There has to be a word that already existed pre-normalization meaning against the homosexual cause. Also, don't say "gay", say "homosexual", but at the same time I think it's ok to say things like "That's so gay". Queer is a great one. "Queer" means strange, unusual, peculiar. I've called many things queer.

You shouldn't call someone a faggot because thats rude
You can however, tell them to stop behaving like a faggot

´Sodomitenauseated' or something like that.
Sodomy is referenced in the old bible (also means premarital sex or not having sex as a mean of reproduction).

This is a great list for us to adopt, espeically "Piracy".

All his sentence needs is a comma, you retard.

Germans were not always known to be humorless and logical. During the 30 years war they were considered as "always quarreling and happy about it" by other Europeans. So if the German language as we know it today had an influence, it must be relatively new. Modern High German is mainly a product of the bible translation of Luther, who used a Saxon dialect. Afterwards it took another few hundred years until translated bibles were available everywhere, meaning to catholics as well as protestants. I believe the stoic, logical influence is mainly a product of later North German and Baltic German philosophers and writers, who, incidentally, were all protestants.

How does a "a small stick used to kindle fires" behave exactly? :^)

Here's that word from a 1905 dictionary.

theres a huge thread about this on /8diamonds/
good to see this discussion is being continued
language is hugely important, people dont realize that.

Get in here and lets fix it

I think we should study the films "Francis and Leopold" and "Blast from the Past". Despite being comedies about how funny everything has changed, really we should attempt to emulate the older characters in them. Leopold, the 19th Century Gentleman from New York, whom is transported to 1998 New York, and Adam, the man whom was born in the fallout shelter and was raised to live like the 1950's society. Then he emerges to 1999, a society completly foregin to him.

These people were free of the corruption of the past, and they are the ideal men.

Sorry, the film I was thinking of was called "Kate and Leopold"

Something actually fairly recent

Marxists have taken over Oklahoma State University and want offensive language to be punishable by law, according to their ridiculous list of demands.

I saw this on a post a long while back, but I always prefer the term counter semite than anti semite. Somewhat more normalfag friendly but I think it rolls off the tongue better, so that's why I use it

Does anyone have that logic flow chart for emotions?

This fucking bothers me. These days it is not limited to ancestry but includes cultural identity, what the fuck? But go on the media and say you are in favor of preserving ethnicity your people and you'll still be considered a racist. It makes no fucking sense.
And then of course the definition of 'Nation' is used synonymously with 'State' or 'Country' these days. All these words are losing meaning.