World Wide Heatman Released

Hey Holla Forums, sharing this before it's censored / taken down:

Basically, you can use the Strava heatmap feature to view military bases and other places that are normally censored on Google Maps:

Other urls found in this thread: Man/@40.7824262,-119.2219545,719m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x809edba7ebf62edd:0x907086ff61503068!2sPyramid Lake!3b1!8m2!3d40.0628068!4d-119.5624295!3m4!1s0x809fb84b9454d29d:0x6ab139d687d26846!8m2!3d40.7864606!4d-119.2066859?hl=da

Not interesting at all? This lets you look Antarctica & I'm noticing a surprisingly high amount of heat signatures down there. If you ever wanted solid proof of venezualan Nazis, well, there's SOMETHING going on down there.

what kind of heat is it detecting? electricity

All types. Not as useful as you might think, gov scrubs them.

It's official GPS data from transport (ship, truck, taxies, etc.).
Bretty interesting. Especially the blacked out Syria.

You do realize there are small research outposts in the Antarctic, don't you? It's not completely empty.

Worldwide heatman you say?


I couldnt resist


Truly, the peak of human civilization.

Wrong area. That's where most traffic comes in and where its most build up because there's non-ice regions on the peninsula. Go a little bit right and that's closer to Queen Maud Land (hard to tell with these stupid flat maps) and there's some very interesting stuff, especially in the Mountains.


straight lines & right angles are not volcanoes. I think we can create a nog map with this too. Here's Chicago for an example. Just click turn off all trafic but walks/runs & anywhere where people aren't going for a run is where you can tell it gets really nogery.


You can post a link. What am I looking at?

For comparison, there's more party in the deeps of Africa.
Srsly, do North Koreans have no fucking electricity? Do they use smoke signals to guide their rockets?


Look how energy efficient they are
We should strive to be like them, for nature!

At this point I don't think anyone actually lives in north korea. Its looking more & more likely that it's just a few thousand people who put on a show. It could come out that they're a fake country & I would believe it.

It's more that a lot of their power transmission is via underground and/or armoured cables.
In an effort to prevent US attempts to disrupt their limited power supply.

the super-hot pentagon thing is the burning man festival
the 2nd pic in doesn't show the right place, it's a few miles to the north-east

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Interesting to see small cities on the fringes, and so far away from EVERYTHING

Uh oh. Somebody’s going to get killed. He forgot to leave his phone at the checkpoint. There’s a GPS signal on the main road into 51.

One thing I must ask.
What is this information? Whats the source of it?

Reported. Kill yourself.

They practically are a fake country have you seen the fake cities they put on the border to pretend like they're doing well or how about the giant hotel they built years ago when they wanted to host the Olympics that goes almost completely unused except for like three floors that they use for Chinese and Russian businessmen looking to get cheap shit from them?

That wouldn't make up for no sign of any settlements, other then their capital. Like, there's nothing.

The end result of the war wouldn't have been a split down the middle if there was only a few thousand people putting on a show. It could have just been steamrolled, and today we'd have one full Korea instead of North and South.

That's because there is very little.
Many north korean settlements don't have electricity or have very limited access to it.
Whil they've no shortage of coal they have a severe shortage of the equipment needed to generate and transmit it reliably.

It is odd though we see so little indication of their industrial activities.

The Korean war only came out to a ceasefire because the Chinese came over the boarder though. Has there ever been an actual public report of how many North Koreans there actually are?

I like the extreme difference between the US and Europe in the layout


So a boat, travelling a lot on water…oh I get it the filter looks at a warm boat, then pastes it slowly until it fades, but when another warm thing passes through it, like another warm boat, it refreshes the heat signature?

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Not as many as there used to be since the USA flattened literally every building in North Korea.

Most US cities were scratchbuilt to be cities from the getgo.
While European cities emerged and grew over centuries or even thousands of years.

The map is supposed to show every kind of heat signature, even non-electrical. You can zoom all the way into north Korea and you won't find a single little sign of life down there. Its fookin creepy is what it is.

Reported. We deal in fact here.

guys look at fucking syria

To be fair I'd imagine the USA and Chinese would get pissy about anyone deploying satellites to track what goes on in Korea.
But how do they track these heat signatures? I mean theres that weird C in antartica

American cities are as artificial as their food.

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North Korea put out census numbers in 2008 that say 24 million, modern estimates are suggesting 25 million, and that number is likely based on estimated growth rates since 2008.


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so this is where the jewmerica taxes went to.

I'd say they just don't have any data for Syria since it's a war zone and all.

More or less. It's essentially a giant fishing map if you know what to look for. An example would be this red line right before the florida keys. Apparently it's a very heavily fished bass fishing inlet.

Well where the fuck do they live? Is their entire population in that one city on the map or what? I know only the highest people in their government get to use vehicles but goddamn it's like 90% of their country is just unused.

Most of their country is extremely inhospitable mountains

thats nice. i didnt know they had a baseball field in area 51

Eat shit, /x/fag.

a fishing map, but also heavy transport map (highways with mediocre to high amounts of traffic are displayed)

but there is some data if you look down more closely. It looks like the logistics data from areas of Assads syria. With some minor military bases here and there being used. If some user wanted to he could compare existing and known military bases and compounds to this map.

Massive urban centers consuming tens of thousands of megawatts daily is not the peak of human civilisation tbqh.

I am not a /x/ fag

Yeah but they have cities on the map that give off no heat at all. Does anyone live anywhere other than Pyongyang or what?

Then stop supporting them.

Yeah a combination of mountains that are difficult to traverse as well as general poverty meaning a lack of vehicles, and probably also further difficulty gathering data, means it seems more dead than you would expect for such a population.

They have a secret baseball field? Does Alex Jones know about this?

I guess thats why they call it the darkest part of Africa

But its an indicator of flourishing business and active population, thus, in the best case ongoing advancement.

things why it may not show those cities

Meaning that the koreans may not have vehicles, or have very irregular moving patterns, or just have such few vehicles that it is below the fade out threshold and they just disapear.

What better way to bond with the AYYs than a few games of America's favorite pastime?

I am not, you are however trying to shut down discussion which will naturally be silenced if it is without merit. You are in fact the cancer that is killing this board like the other user stated and I want people like you to fuck off to wherever you came from.

These maps are rather depressing. So many places are devoid of blank spaces that trees should occupy. Maybe I should just move to Afrika to get some nature and no radiation signals.

Vehicles are few in number.
Most of their transport is via rail and foot

The conversation already moved on to them having no signatures from settlements. You can see towns and maybe even villages in Africa. Korea is dark. Totally dark.

why is there a giant C in Antarctica ?

Do we have maps of other celestial bodies like this?


Does anyone have the location of the strange underground place in Hawaii that helped kick off Pizzagate?

Then why don't the trains give off any heat?

Aliens wanted to write "Cunt". Got shot down by Nazis.

really? This was found in less than 30 seconds.

oh god, that x-files episode was SPOT ON

could be too few in number, could be that the cabin at the front is the only thing that gets heated enough. Trains are quite efficient for the power that they have. So they probably have less total thermal output.


again, most likely movement patterns. There may be enough of those snowthings that drive around on that route for some reason. Maybe its economic (oil)or science. Maybe the very cold temperature reflects the heat of those vehicles better than in other places.

Nothing to do with HEAT.

This is collected GPS data.

Don't misinform other anons when you have no idea what you are looking at.

It is still odd though. At this point we're trying to justify there not being any heat when there's a simpler solution.
The US government said "LOLNO" and ordered info removed

At least they have some heat on the roads. Its still staggering compared to Korea, just look at it, they probably can't see their dicks during the night.
Also, what is their mighty army doing? Don't they have like millions of soldiers? Are they all living in bunkers?

Remember the truck Driver who said he delivered to a secret underground city through underground tunnels? Does anyone know where this was?

Why would they do that?

Feel free to quote me where i did.

Oh there we go then that explains everything in regards to the norks.
Since the only ones using GPS in north korea will be the staff from foreign embassies.

Fear the norks might see something they're up to in north korea?
Same reason they seize and delete sonar buoy data from scientific surveys.

But it seems the whol thing has been answered. Its GPD data

why would they leave some crude logistics lanes back up then? I also still see some small bases here and there lighting up. But you would expect very irregular transport in combat…but still…yea. Its still strange to see those cities being completely empty, it may depend in which time period it was taken, but can war really have such huge consequences?

What if they have somekind of satellite blocking tech?

This is more than likely cell phone GPS. Norks would not have any cell phones as only the top elites even get internet access.

Ships and Trucks typically have gps trackers as well. You can probably find your house and there will be a line leaving it since you always have your personal dog collar in your pocket.


We would still see traveled roads, factories, places where people normally walk…there's nothing.

dunno but gitmo has got them beat. check out these facilities. inground pool, track and field, baseball fields, tennis courts. looks comfy

Yea the dude is right, its just fucking GPS data

I don't know, maybe. Their rockets disintegrate after leaving mainland. They could have a massive emitter that covers a whole country with a special anti satellite cloak. You tell me.

Private activities are excluded outright
Activities are cropped to respect user defined privacy zones
Athletes with the Metro/heatmap opt-out privacy setting have all data excluded

apparently its just GPS data, so it tells us less about those places.

If none of the people have GPS enabled cell phones, you won't get GPS data, thus you get no heatmap indicating where they travel.

north korea does not give its citizens cell phones or any sort of tracker. So no, you wouldn't. At best you can see the capital where all the privileged folks live who do have these things.

Unless you mean somewhere else. I assume this map also requires cell service/clear sky access, any tunnel or large vegetation would probably kill it, I'm looking in my area and most of the forests seem to be dead zones except some of the few heavily traveled nation parks

That's… disappointing. Why call it a "heat-map" then? All that mystery, wasted.

I literally just found a trail of how these nogs are coming into our community and robbing us. Will be giving this info to the local squad. It also appears to show their "stash". Told me a fucking bunch.

they had a famine not long ago: we don't know how many millions died; their census numbers can be 40% off; but don't get me wrong, I'd like to live there if they provide me a wife and a job :D

There is a route from the DMZ to the capital, western tourists probably. But there is also something in the bay. Maybe smugglers?

the routes are from GPS i think, but why activate it and turn it off on certain places? or why go over the south pole, isn't it dangerous for planes because the high radiation and magnetic interference ?

Good for you user, but my point was that it was useless for fucking fortresses disguised as a nation, like North Korea. This is less about heat and more about movement routes…so ugh…crap. Should one give this to half pol so that they can find more lol?

This gave me an idea, could you burgers use this info to see where illegals are crossing your borders the most frequently?

Russia also has Glonass, but apparently not many people are using it…kek.

Could we use this to report activity to I.C.E.? Wouldn't we know where underground tunnels & heavily crossed with this? This is big. Anyone looked at the U.S. mexico border?

Give it to fucking halfpol, they got so much manpower to deal with this crap. Lets explode this attack vector lol?

Idk do what you want. You got that one cap where the user says half/pol/ is basically the canon fodder/army?

exactly what I was thinking

There are some strange traces right to the border.
This one is from south Texas, right at the border.

christ, this is actually a bit usuable for border related things. You can quite well see all kinds of GPS signals just crossing the border.

I want to believe - I really do, but there is absolutely 0 evidence beyond conjecture. And this post just makes the entire thing look even more fucking retarded than it needs to.

I wish I could do the same with the gypsies here, but they are too close to cities

halfpol is half as smart (if not even less), but they got 100x our numbers. If you want brute force work that is relatively easily done (like spotting lines on a border), then they would be gret for this purpose

Post a link. I want to see what that looks like with the satellite filter.

The poles wouldn't give any usable information, large craters (The Barringer Meteor Crater for example) wouldn't either since the area is saturated in iron particles.

Also if we trust /x/ its a no fly zone because its where one of the entrances to the inner earth is.

Generally speaking most stuff that can use Glonass can also use GPS.
The only exception being Russian military gear which won't use GPS for security reasons.
Even included the city names you lazy cunt.


ICE is super under funded right now. They need all the help they can get. Passing this onto halfchan could deport thousands if they get the ball rolling.

Nvm that, its just a road i think.

I have done some investigation on this topic And this is what i found out

There is nothing in the area on the ice as proven when i overlay with google earth

Meaning that whatever is making this heat pattern is extremely powerful more so than CERN

Also the C is over 100 Kilometers in lenght making a volcano like the shill claimed before ludacris

I'm thinking some high tech Nazi weapon from their Colony in New Swabia

One's a river, the other is a road. Won't stop me from checking though.


I guarantee you ICE already uses this software - what the hell does the budget have to do with anything, we're both - you and I - watching this map for free. Having said that - we should hand this over to those border patrolling militias in Texas, they might actually track these fuckers down.

Oh god, don't tell the CIA about it.

Agartha hole confirmed

Budgets include PEOPLE user. They don't have the resources to be specific. What better way to get the deportations up than to give ice the free thinktank that is halfchan. we can only do so much, they have way more people to comb these maps than we do. I'm not trying to demotivate, just stating facts.

Isn't there supposed to be a seed bank in Antarctica?
Not saying that's it, but it's something.
What kind of research center would require a C shaped building? Or more likely, an O shaped building with C shaped heat sigs.


I think that's in norway.


Worked with the ISIS base and the Russians.

They literally use military drones (All of which can do a low altitude version of this map) and radar balloons. Give it to the militia.

these are all official research station in antarctica according to wikipedia. Does anyone notice "heat" signatures that don't match up with this on the heatmap?

"Heat map" does not mean a map of heat. It's location data from devices with GPS. More devices = "hotter" on the map.

Norks don't use devices that upload location data to the (((cloud))).

if you zoom in close enough to the C you will see its made not from 1 line, but 2 lines going in paralel

No that isn't true

It's not heat its GPS signals.

Fucking awesome. We should start reporting stuff to ICE. Maybe even go and do a little footwork ourselves.


Yeah, and they are not based on a island archipelago you fuckwad. If you can into the USS Liberty being attacked by likes you should be able to into Admiral Byrd and how fucking weird an entire battalion putting their tails between their legs and running back home from a "exploration" trip. Truth is stranger than fiction user, The Third Reich will rise again.

look at the lower and upper part of the C, the left part is the part were the lines are one over another

Look at that nice vein connecting Nepal and Chengdu in China :^)

India vs China anyone?

what exactly is this showing? Seems that certain streets are highlighted. But it doesnt seem to correlate with the amount of traffic, nor population density.

"Fitness and social media company Strava releases activity heat map"

GPS signals.

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Thats about the shittiest baseball field ive ever seen, like they had to go out of their way to fuck it up bad.

Haven't read the whole thread yet But it's definitely not a thermal imaging map. Looked at hot springs and power plants no signature from the heat. It does however from what I can tell show movement.The unmarked airforce base 4 miles from my place is totally blacked out kinda funny they're doing things there all the time.

It's GPS tracking. Finish reading.

You should really work on that attention span. It seems it about on par with a goldfish but the mouth still works at howler monkey speeds.

What in the hell?
36.650849, 38.225374

the "c" doesnt line up with any of them.

shut up furry
too long didn't read

its an irradiated salt flat in nevada. what the fuck do you expect. the gitmo one on the other hand looks like a resort

36.645864, 38.301686

2LT got lost on an airfield


tried seeding it to halfchan but not getting any traffic

Thread was going pretty good but it Archived. 374 bump limit 124 images.

There's a continue thread going on right now.

"Police call the airfield"
proceeds to wander aimlessly

I posted it to half/k/ since the spic routes might of interested them, or the inside activity of mil bases.

I've been there! Good times.

The original thread fell apart when everyone realized strava includes fake data that anyone can manipulate. Look at Jarvis Island, then research zwift. It's literally fitbit data, much of which can be faked.

Is Argentina Aryan?

yea darpa's earliest bases were up there i think.


Shit is blank when searching for water activities in the third world except for Brazil

I cannot answer that question with a straght face. However they have some of the best Mausers ever made before they were surplused. And it's rather cryptic crest.

i dont know the format that strata want for coordinates. someone take caps of area 51 and area 52 for me

Niggers like ITT don't realise it's all the collected data of normies sharing their running/cycling/etc. data with the Strava-app and now they published all of thier info.

Apparently the data can even be scraped and you can see who ran where:

Perhaps we can put this to good use?
Like seeing who's running/cycling in places like the Bohemian grove and shit like that.

Communism v. Niggers v. Capitalism

Probably just a FOD check
Not sure how the yanks do it but in the RAF you're taught to pick up any random you see lying around and dump it in a FOD bin which are bloody everywhere.
Then at some point each day they get emptied and rummaged through.

Heil, Hitler. From what I've read in this thread, Strava is a fitness app that probably tells users pointless, trivial shit like how far they went, how many calories they maybe burned, etc.

Meanwhile, like everything else tied to (((smartphones))) it was really tracking their every move, even when the app was supposedly off (it was running in the background) and tracking their GPS location. So now we have a map of the routes taken by all Strava users (which could have been millions, people downloaded it and forgot about it but it was still spying on them). And now we have maps showing how quickly people moved through areas (walking, running, car, etc), how heavy foot traffic was, etc. Which leads to quite a few interesting points, such as military bases being revealed because we have foot traffic in areas that shouldn't have anybody at all. And apparently the people who downloaded it are real retards, like users down in the secret government Antartica labs. I hope the NatSocs in New Swabia had a strict no smartphones policy


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Soldiers live there, and they need to get their Physical Training *somehow*. Also, if a department doesn't spend all the money they're given every year, they get their budget cut next year.


if you don't like it then make an alternative you lazy fuck, anyone can make a board, hell make a new site if you really want, oh wait you won't because your lazy fuck


Space ship in the middle of the ocean? Nothing shows up on google maps.

DC has a subway that extends out far, so that Amtrak doesn't have to go downtown.
Frankfurt, Seoul, and others have significant underground shopping.


That looks hella comfy tbh
I bet it's mostly white, too

I noticed shit like this too, long lines running sideways through everyone's back yards. I think it's probably utilities people checking meters

No swimming lessons in the third world.

I checked my area, theres some low traffic gated communities that have the red signature on the roads but then the one on the other side of the street, which has just as much traffic, doesnt. Strange.

Less phonefags?

Nope. They are both about the same in every regard.

The blue/red filter makes us look like a some kind of cancer.

Damn, that's freaky. Especially since no one's allowed on Jarvis Island without a permit.

This is literally a map of the (((empire))).

Did you miss the part about zwift?

I didn't know they let you have the internet in jail, Teddy?

You fucking idiot, it's GPS data not "heat." "Heat map" is the term used to describe how much GPS activity there is. "Hotter" is more GPS activity so brighter lines.

Reported for being a moron. Holla Forums is brought low by your presence here.

Stop shitting up the Tor gateway.

That area is the northernmost where most bases are.

Reported for disinformation or retardedness..

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You must have a high memetic potential

I dont think they will be getting paid for that anymore:

The U.S. owns that island apparently.

Hmm… That would come in really handy if someone had some sort of list.


WEW Fucking synchronicity. I've been fucking sperging my ass off on wierd science tier shit and that shit looks exactly like my fucking notes. Knew I was onto something.

send it to border patrol

What if when the Korean war was happening, the United Nations actually won, but told everyone back home they didn't and just made a treaty, and kept the land for themselves. When you watch documentaries on the Korean war, you'll notice that it is generally referred to as the United Nations vs. North Korea. What if they just killed everyone off and had themselves a shell country, and when they let tourists in and film, they just hire a shitload of Chinese to play roles? I'm beginning to think that North Korea as really just run by the U.N.

The U.N. has also got a lot of sexual misconduct and human trafficking charges under it's belt. Sounds to me like the M.O. of the deep state.

norlisk is 100% white and incredibly dirty. It's the most polluted city on earth yet everyone drinks clean water and has uncontaminated food. The earth is 300% dead though, completely poisoned to shit by coal and iron mines among other things.

I know about this shit. There are a great deal of these in Missouri. They aren't super far underground, but they are plentiful because of a karst limestone type topography that we have here. There is a small town that has one bank for every resident, down near the Arkansas boarder that some conspiracy show on the history channel did a show about. There's also a castle that exists near there that they tried to check out but it's owned somehow by the CIA or something. Moderately interesting.



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Op = Fag for causing mass retardation over GPS vs Heat Signature
Half the thread has been dedicated to retards throwing their Public School lunch at each other over it

Letting You choose what is a fact is no different than letting a jew choose.

Am I the only one who saw a demonic beast in OP's heat map?
tbh It's the only reason I opened this thread


So you're illiterate, then. Learn what fact is or kill yourself, you fucking tumblrite.

probably mormons going door to door

577 Pakala St, Honalulu

you were right about one thing and that is that Holla Forums only cares about the truth so it won't just throw away any thought of looking into something if there isn't much proof of it being real. Saying that people shouldn't look into something just because you think its pseudo-science even if they or you yourself haven't researched enough to conclude it is retarted and make you just as retarted as the tumblirtes you hate. Its taken a more then a few threads to prove that a flat earth theory is extremely unlikely, just like its taken some time to verify the authenticity of chem-trails and show that the vaccine linked to autism thing has some valour as well as some bullshit. The whole reason Holla Forums got created is because a lot of people questioned things no one can question outside of this place and seeing people like you try and put up some artificiel barriers because you do so IRL and think its normal is disgusting. You are the cancer killing Holla Forums.

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So I checked that out & Those faint lines go straight into the bush & connect back to the main trail up the caldera.

Lol I'm in my 30s and love the nes megamans, and I never realized he's a zippo.

I thought he was just a unique cool looking design. Better than woodman

it's like the polar opposite of India

Meaning you already know my thoughts were correct, so you already have a working model and platform.

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Trap disarmed.

anyone want to cross reference this with the missing 411 national park Renaissances?

Fuck i'm hungry. Meant Renaissances.


Why is that word filtered?

because the top mod is a dumbass
post it with spaces or some shit between the letters.

This is not a *heatmap." This is a fitness tracking map. Military and Civilians are dumb enough to use Fitbit so Strava published their data. People are now realizing that these light paths are jogging routes. So that's why bases and black sites are popping up. Because excersize. Because Chad would rather have a ripped six pack than to protect national security.

Lard-ass detected.

Africa is so black

I'm seeing high activity on roads that I know they get less than 10 cars per day… not really accurate

It's fake. All they've done is color in the roadways.
I zoomed into my city and there houses (hottest part of any city) are at grey background level.
Fake shit.

North Korea doesn't exist.

It's because the road retains heat better than the surrounding soil. Same reason Australian abbos have to be told not to sleep in the middle of the road.

Turns out it has nothing to do with actual heat and is actually because people jog on those roads.

How do they know people jog there?

Are you asking where they get the data from? or How they know the gps data originates
from joggers?

What word is he trying to post?


nice photoshop fag

jesus lives in brazil, get fucked

This is the goal of communism/Bolsheviks…to cram all "citizens" into cities, where they can very easily be controlled and watched, like herding cattle into a paddock.
People who choose, using their free will, to live in the countryside, have a tendency to be far less reliant on the state, and far more self-reliant. This is deadly poison to any form of tyranny or political oppression, as you have a harder time shutting off their livelihood and resources when they OWN resources.
This is why commie countries are usually backward or poor, or both…their goal is oppression, not human or individual progress. Keeping people under your thumb is much easier if those people are poor and dependent.

It just angers me how low the IQ of this board has become. You didn't even lurk for 1 minute before posting

Argentina is like 90% white. But you'd never know it by looking at it.

If the dotr ever comes for white people I'll be moving to Argentina.

A fucking todaso.

Christ alive this thread is full of some serious misinformed retardation.
Heat map doesn't mean fucking heat signatures, it's a compilation of jogging/travel data from Fitbit et al.

Here's a pretty decent article about some of the interesting data we can get from here if we move fast enough.

That image is growing stronger every day.

Calling bullshit on this, Android had a leak basically confirming that they track users location even when its turned off. People in the heart of Africa do not use "fitbit", I cannot speak for other shit holes but I can for this one. They are trying to minimize the damage of the incredibly intrusive technology that is gps enabled mobiles.

There's an identical shape in North Korea.

Your so right. Niggers are the true height of civilization! Truly Kangz among ebbil wite debbils.


contacting Russian missile command

Anybody claiming this is a thermal heat map is retarded. I guess central africa is as cold as northern canada or the antarctic. This is gps data, it is sad that this must be pointed out.

That's… fascinating, but also spooky. The north korean shape could be spoofed I guess, but it's identical to the one at the Jarvis island which has very organic tracking shapes, people probably did walk there.

Of course this is assuming their system isn't bugged and and transposing data to random parts of the world. If not the case, then I can only imagine underground structures or someone taking a helicopter ride.

But why the odd shape and (perfect) symmetry? Are they walking thru the hallways of underground UFO's??

A weak body is a product of a weak mind. A weak mind is the product of a weak ideology.

Strava is a social network that tracks jogging routes. Heatmap is just their branding of a usage map of roads by joggers and cyclits.
It's still very interesting data, but don't get any retarded ideas from it

The fuck is that "C"?

Good idea, user. I went through and found this:


So basically this is a map of GPS systems worldwide?



What is this, a DUMB, a second pentagon?

I second this, where is this/ what are we looking at?


were on to something lads

Guess the rage of worst Korea's feminists manage to light up the whole country, quite fascinating

I hate spoonfeeding, but it's cool. Just fucking google "pyramid lake" you retard.

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burning man

this is probably more important than a simple heat map then, especially with all the areas of interest available for viewing

A heat map is just a term describing how to lay out statistical information on a map

observed, very nice

Sweet baby Jesus. Man/@40.7824262,-119.2219545,719m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x809edba7ebf62edd:0x907086ff61503068!2sPyramid Lake!3b1!8m2!3d40.0628068!4d-119.5624295!3m4!1s0x809fb84b9454d29d:0x6ab139d687d26846!8m2!3d40.7864606!4d-119.2066859?hl=da

Sweet motherfucking Christ on a Haunebu vehicle, what kind of Demiurgic bullcrap did I lay my eyes upon?


Wew. It's a fucking Umbrella hive. Where is this? Are there more/

lockheed steath hybrid airship, mic ssp, or solar warden

read earlier in the thread
its burning man

:^( Satan, why do you always bring bad news?

What in the hell happened? Why are there so many morons in this thread?

Even the pleb tier normies exposed in this map are doing better on this happening. Disgraceful.

Jeffery Epstein's Loli island that has an underground rape dungeon has no trails. Hmm….


he practices opsec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a bigger deal than finding trails.

The other possibility being that it could be a kike company, that covers up kike ops.

Don't forget that NK doesn't have real internet, for their devices to have access, they have to have internet (real) internet access to talk home.

So in north korea you're looking at the tracks of trusted insiders and the highest level cadre. In that vein, someone was tracked driving to the DMZ once, and returning. MFW Kimmy has a fit bit.

Go to sleep, agent.

the cell phone and other electronic devices collection point for boat traffic to the island

That would make sense why many leaders and shit go down there. Maybe all the "researcers" and "academics" are just making a cult down there. Fuck this moloch worshiping elite. Seriously what the fuck.

They can't hide from us anywhere for long. We will always find em.

Why would an innocent little tourist island in the caribbean need OpSec and phones to be confiscated or left behind before visiting?

WTF is going on in that little satanic island?

Also hallway looking routes and walking activity done in the middle of the ocean? Underground military base underwater?

fishing boats fam. Security patrolling

where is this underground hallway?

the us navy supposedly has an underwater area 51

This is interesting…
So there are actually people using this app that I had no idea actually existed in places as obscure as the fucking Antarctic?
What are they doing?

Yes, there is research and shit being done in these most remote areas, but it's truly bizarre that they're using fitness apps in the middle of the fucking Antarctic.
I'm going to play around a little with this. It's fun! Appeals to my inner autism of maps and tracking shit. I can finally feel like a real life spy Jew

It's a company that is using fitbit info and other bought location data. It's not 100% accurate in like, you're not going to get 100% tracking of people.

The CIA is using subliminals on WN to try to implant in their subconscious suicidal thoughts. Here is an example:

Yes I understand this. What is truly secret will likely remain to be secret. Just because of the fact that I'm sure there are security measures in place in the most secret of bases that prevent people from using GPS like this or let alone use a fucking fitness app while at work.

The "Chukotka Russia" anomaly yields nothing.

Look at that shit and tell me that some elder god isn't involved in that.

Actually, look for the mappings of all Floria Man encounters, something might show us the insanity going on there.

This is very interesting. They have military-level security. It's not merely some "orgy island". It's a military site. Here's an example of a military site. The white building should have lines at least going into it, if it were ordinary (like just an office).



:| OK, fine!

Looking odd, Florida/Rest of the the area/that island in the top right all blue and shit

Bermuda Triangle. The lines are faint, so I used the edge detect filter of gimp. (the lines weren't originally outlined like that, but they're very faint).

How many fit and exercising adults go through a military camp?
How many fit adults (instead of stereotypical rich old men) visit a private island which has a bad rep since prob the release of this tracking stuff?

I have to say that its a bit odd that 2-4 routes do end at a harbor, instead of continuering onwards the island.

before edge detect, so you can see.

zoomed in for detail, again used edge detect

Yeah, it's military-level opsec. The site isn't "rape island", though they may well rape while on site. Probably Moxxad.

Protip, leave satellite off. They aren't using just sat images, and they're kind of processed to make the earth look pretty. Look without the satellite imagery to spot patterns, then check it out to see what it is.

Tons of diving spots and fishing in that area.

As I don't know where Atlantis is, can't help you there. Also, I don't know where ancient "Arayans" (Aryans?) are. Here's the most famous set of pyramids, Giza.

I wonder if the short trails are of vessells that went on it, and some points are the bit where they got presumably, sucked under- It doesn present a possible way to map out a safe route around the death triangle.

Also, found this in Egypt- It doesn't seem to show up under somm zooms


without satellite imagery

The hell is this? It's alll sanded over.

??? Silos?

You dipshit.

Agriculture isn't something you can learn about in most schools, in movies, TV shows…


ABANDON THREAD. The collective IQ is too low.


Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

Hardly. But, idiots don't know how farming works, are mistaking colored satellite images for heat maps, thinking that a heat map of gps activity is LITERALLY a map of the electrical heat generated, think they're seeing all sorts of retarded shit.

Thread is obviously being shilled to death and back, where no searching or organization can be done. It's much wiser to start a new thread and get actual organized digging going down.

We could crawl the border and locate where people are crossing the border illegally. Track drug shipments. Track ACTUAL cia cites. But nope.

Meanwhile, this apps satellite imagery is shit, so i'm trying to figure out how to import it to google maps.

< screw up the education system
< treat people like shit when they're stupid
< don't help them become non-stupid

May as well join the CIA, user. Their #1 "secret" job is to kill all whites. They are controlled by kikes, a plus, doubtless.

Judean Desert will be interesting assuming the Israelis are still conducting their excavation of the entire desert looking for lillith cave systems.

they're shills or retarded. about had an aneurysm explaining this and I have a fucking GISP. Realize they were shills and didn't post the details of what it is here that is being looked at. All this is a map, using an absurd amount of data and algorithms to clean the data to make it mappable. The actual test they used is one of the spatial analysis tools present in QGIS and/or ArcGIS and has nothing to do with anything other than keeping track of how many times these routes were ran depending on how hot light or cold dark the colors are - hence the "heat map".

This can be used for innumerable applications. Pick something and sperg out.

Ive been noticing this on a massive level lately

How did they collect the temperature data? It looks like the NASAniggers highlighted every single road in existance (muh thermal mass, muh black surface) and then called it a day. Poor stitching, just like google earth, Do people seriously believe that satellites produce 10 sq mi tiles from an altitude of 100 miles?

Valencia City confirmed to be military.

Why are you using suicide subliminals?

:^) I've realized thats what they are doing as well

joke's on them: the lizard people are cold-blooded

They do it because subliminals work.

No one is falling for it
oy vey
the goyim know
the subliminal
is no match
for the meme


hey kid you want some
𝘼𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙚 𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙜𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚

shit like this is why i love you faggots

Afghanistan fob not on maps but with heat map you can pretty well tell the layout of the entire base and their patrol routes

Speaking of airfields in the Middle East, here's a peculiar square object with what looks to be holding patterns below it.
Decided to search for Israel's water source; (((academics))) in a previous desert survey noticed that there is significant water reserves near the dead sea. They call this place Ein Gedi Reserve. Wonder what's of interest in that square?

Or what's up with all that activity south of the entire site? All that activity looks like roads but satellite imagery shows dry river beds.

Has anyone linked the maps to known human-trafficing networks or NORAD/NSA Safehouses?

Could someone check and see if the rumor that the golf course in Florida that Trump (and Obama) kept visiting has a secret underground bomb shelter?

Don't mind me, just poking around Wright-Patterson AFB, once the home of Project Blue Book and supposedly host to a cache of artifacts from UFO crashes.

This is kinda useless for investigating the missing 411. Most of the areas those people went missing in are deadzones anyway so if a signal just ends somewhere it isn't that suspicious.

Here guys, check out all the secret pizza smuggling routes out of JANET airlines in Vegas.

Hanger 18?

Be a feat to beat Woodman in stupid design.

Now I have to put a green jewel on my brass Zippo

weird part of that square is a road runs straight threw it

That's Jarvis Island. Turn on labels.
US military reacting. - 7h ago. Gather information quickly, it may already be gone.

No… no… it's not literally warm. A heatmap is not a map of heat.

These are GPS trails from Strava app users.


Holy shit you guys.

Its an app that gathered sensitive information soldiers and such didnt know they were giving up, or that it would be used this way. Its damaging.

For example you can find movement at Alert, Canada. Its a military base.

I'm not seeing anything to that effect

Next to a road? Someone is tubing

GPS data alright, exclusive Strava only app users doubtful.


No movement on the vast majority of the base, the barracks area etc.

That's their official statement, but you and me know that that's bullshit if you take a look at that map. They've bought that GPS information from all over the place. In fact i believe this isn't just derived from GPS but probably every network mobile phones are connected to.

They are spread out over a large area, and surrounded by mounds of earth to protect from artillery. Neat.

Probably this.

There's also things like this in mountain areas:

And another crazy zone like the user posted further down the river here:

That looks like a popular mudding spot.

its a special way of making a two dimensional map. here we can have data shown of howoften a point is on a specific 2d point by changing its color or increasing its "heat" as you can see from a glance, "hotter" areas have more datapoints and seeing as this is a collage of everyones datapoints as they jog/bike, its very efficient at looking at a glance where the most activity is

You're just trying to keep all the ladies to yourself.

TIL Canadians are all pudgy, even their military.

Can't speak to other regions but SW Europe has satellite data that is approx 7 years behind the current Google visuals (which are 1-2 years behind actual)

Its the most northerly base, and they supposedly have really good food. Not much exercise.

Seems pretty comfy tbh, I bet its full of chinks, poos and mudshits by now though. These videos are old.

Seeing a lot of anons confusing the term "heatmap" with actual heat. If you're not sliding, you're retarded. Probably both.

Strava did not give an official statement as of yet, but it will 100% involve the scraping of sensitive data from the map. Any ideas on how to scrape it before that happens? I know they use map tiles to overlay heatmap lines and they use 3 servers: heatmap-external-[a/b/c] . Where X is the depth of your zoom (goes from 1 being the default map to a maximum of 15) and then y and z for the tile position. The problem is accurately downloading all the tiles in a depth greater than 1. Because 1 is trivial: all possible (y,z) combinations are (0,0) (0,1) (1,0) and (1,1).

(criminally unchecked)
This is also a point of interest. Are there any of these leaderboards for people traversing, for example, Jarvis island or any other suspicious place?

Anyone checked interesting locations in israel ?

Reminder that anywhere seriously secret is going to have a mobile phone battery sapper which drains your battery just by entering. Thats probably why you only see things like them jogging outside the facility, or in a set path around the facility.

For anons looking at military bases:

Most bases will have designated PT areas and running / ruck marching routes separate from administrative, training, and secure areas. Thus, the majority of the GPS data will be in those areas. Also, at least in the U.S. military, having any sort of electronic device that stores and/or records data or receives and/or transmits a wireless signal including GPS on you when entering secure areas is prohibited, you must remove them from your person and store them in a holding area outside of the secure facility (usually a little guard shack). By identifying high traffic routes that come to an abrupt dead end, and then overlaying it to satellite imagery, you could identify secure areas on the base.

lol what. M8 I work in secure facilities, they don't do any sort of passive aggressive shit like this. You leave your electronic devices with the guards at the entrances to secure facilities, and pick them up when you leave. Don't spread dumb shit like this.

Polite sage for off-topic.


Niggah What

Don't you get like foil bags to put your shit into?


completely dark.

This raises the question of if the Vegas shooting was a distraction from a large operation that day, or if someone at that concert knew too much.

It's fucking elite abduction rings and we've known this since forever

Has anyone spotted the underground base in Colorado yet?

Confirmed for never having actually researched the subject. Many of these clusters coincide with areas that the Amerindians considered supernaturally dangerous, at the very least proving that this phenomenon predates the kikes moving into America. Added to this are the various traits which align with faerie folklore, such as the prevalence of berry patches and boulder fields as the sites of disappearances. All of this is then compounded by the numerous cases in which individuals have been snatched only yards away from other observers in split seconds of being out of sight, that we don't hear about failed attempts, and other complicating factors such as the refusal of search dogs to involve themselves in searches.

Kikes don't get their supply by picking off a few people here and there in the middle of the woods, they have plenty of ways to acquire bulk sacrifices through their control of institutions such as CPS.

Do you guys know about the Sentinelese people under Indian care?
Why do they have tracking? More importantly. why do they have a runway and what looks like a complete town?

Actually I'm an idiot. The real island is to the left. I didn't realize they colonized the main island at some point.

Why does India even need that shithole?

Hmmm, I always figured it was just deception but ok.

A small subset of the disappearances are probably due to human poaching by kikes, but the reality of the matter is that this is a phenomenon we used to know a lot about before Christianization resulted in the destruction of our wisdom traditions through the genocide of the shamanistic caste and the persecution of those who attempted to study the old ways. Granted, there are still places where describing this phenomenon will be met with the response, "It's faeries/elementals/the little people, you dolt," but that sort of thing certainly isn't the mainstream view dominant in Western nations. Every culture has some kind of description and lore regarding these sorts of disappearances, until the kikes get their claws into a culture and turn everyone into materialistic nihilists.

These maps they use seem to be high res in some spots and terrible in others. I think some of its been edited also. This is the spot of the so called "secret Himalayan nazi base" thats literally blacked out on jewgle maps.

What happened to those tunnels under DC?

You guys are retarded. This is literally a giant underground storage facility that you can find on and rent yourself. I should know, I was looking for a brewery to rent out and I was looking at this very facility (because it's huge and nationally reknowned). Too expensive for my taste though. You can also rent offices with conference rooms and shit for premiums.

Find the jogging route of that university professor / local newspaper columnist in your town who has been running their mouth and plaster the five words on their run. One poster will be a coincidence, two will be happenstance but by the third they'll know it's a message aimed right at them. Imagine the effect…

I know from someone who first hand had clearance with the RCMP. They have it. They even have mobile charging stations now, dont be retarded. Im probably going to get V& now because you made me point out youre ignorant.

If you go beyond X space your phone will be drained. They tell you to leave it with security, but if you dont, it doesnt matter because you wont be taking pictures in the protected area.

This is like several years ago too, its not even new. Youre right though, I cant find a single thing on it searching on google. Its not stuff that many people know about, its also not one of those crazy muh electro rays being beamed at me nutball conspiracy stories. Some guy, who works in a civilian profession they required, had access to a secure area and told me about the battery sapper which prevents people from taking covert pictures of sensitive equipment etc.. He didnt tell me what was in the area, and its probably part of his clearance that hes not allowed to. He was escorted everywhere.

Queen Maud Land was the territory Rudolph Hess and the British Aristocracy were negotiating over before Hess got bamboozled. Germany was in a very public fight with Norway over it for awhile.

I'm starting to think it's a test of GPS spoofing technology that was accidentally caught by this breach. Antarctica would be the perfect place to test such a thing. Some of the mountain data could be explained by a highly publicized mountaineering expedition that went on down there recently.

Other than that, who knows?

That's a funny place. The official Norwegian story is that they are only administering the region, while it is technically a German territory. Meanwhile, the German government refuses to confirm or deny if the place is a German territory. Yet, they had no problem building a permanent military base in the 80's, which is still in operation, and to hold occasional war games there.

Yeah, I don't really buy into New Swabia except maybe as a back up plan that was never fully utilized. But I'll be damned if there isn't a there, there.

Thats way too organized to be a festival

Perhaps they just don't upload GPS data to Strava - or request GPS data. this isn't a map of electrickery, it is a map of GPS device movement

I doubt Satan's right on this one
it's probably a pre-planned pseudo-random exploratory track on a high-end model of camera drone
you will note that the shape is oriented N or S depending on which hemisphere it is located

looking at the atlantic ocean, there are some weird spots
possibly fishing ships
or Atlantis

Okay now I'm interested. Archive fucking everything for later investigation.

Fucking lol. What a paper tiger.

the maps from google are better
you can see the airfiels
gps data was probably from some contractor

Yea, that one could end in dead people.

You don't un-stupid people. This is where eugenics comes in.

So I overlayed the homicide map from heyjackass onto the Chicago heatmap & filtered it down to just walking traffic. Fascinating results.

europe looks natural, reminiscent of those images of neural pathways, braincells, and the expanding universe.

US looks like something out of the original tron.

If youre white and live in Chicago, dont just move cities, move a whole state at least. Put a lot of space between you and the niggers so they dont just creep over into the next city for your tax bucks. That whole state needs to go in the toilet before any progress can be made.

Then that explains why so much of Africa is dark.
They have advanced technology and don't connect to white mans capitalist exploitation models. :^)

I dunno but i think its missing people.

This was made using GPS data and it isn't actually heat signatures.

Burning man had a symbol of Saturn in it, somehow that is unsurprising.

Since most goyim still don't understand what they're looking at:
It's not a literal map of temperature
This is how they can distinguish driving/cycling/walking - the user of the app tells the app what they're doing, or the app is tailored to one sort of activity, e.g a motoring GPS route finder's location stream will be saved as "car traffic".
Another point, the lack of "heat" in North Korea means nothing more than they have lack of Internet access and/or a good firewall. Apps can't phone home to report your position if they're blocked at the state ISP level.
It is also safe to assume that location data from sensitive (i.e top secret) areas is filtered out.


Nah, it's easy to figure out what the guy in question is doing.
Does he follow the roads?
if not, he's either on a car or a bicycle.
If he does he could be on a car or a bicycle.
And then you check the speed, off-roads from 1km/h to 15km/h most definitely walking/running, beyond that the cycling territory starts to overlap, and if he goes faster than 20 for a while, it's a bike for sure.
Anyway, I was always playing tennis no matter what I was doing.



It's a map showing GPS activity you braindead mongrel.