Pay Debt America

when will america pay its debt i see greece and i think well america pay up you can't get out of debt by bring in illegals that live of free debt money from the government how much time is left before america becomes greece 2.0

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Never. That's the joke.

America will never be like Greece. We have literally all of the money. Largest GDP of any single nation in the history of nations. We don"t owe anyone a damn thing.

Who is going to make me pay a debt I didn't incurred

Reminds me of (((Peter Schiff))) who did actually state the truth. If WW3 happens it'll be simply due to this reason alone. The world will go to war if for no other reason then to wipe out the balance sheets. You can't have a world wide ponzi scheme on a level that's never been done just continue or wipe all the debt and start over without some major catalyst.

When America falls from debt the world goes to war, that's the simple reality whether you want it or not.

This, never fucking happening.

The entire point of the kikes forcing a central bank being established was control through never ending debt.

the usd will become the next vietnamese dong.

america will pay debt by having a weaker petrodollar.

It's crazy how much this board has changed.

The Deficit is spiraling downwards now. That's a good thing - might even mean the big number will start going down eventually depending on how much more budget cutting we can expect.

but muh XL pipeline that will only help 40% of the petro america consumes.

Laugh at the faggot who thinks that it is physically possible to repay the debt.

Thank Jim for that.

america will pay by having a weaker petrodollar vs petroyuan.

I don't get it, explain.

Laugh at the faggot who thinks the “petrodollar” is the real enemy.

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america doesn't pay debt to china so the chinese petro-yuan will make the petro-dollar pay by having countries pumping the oil cut down on the petro-dollar in favor the pertro-yuan.

when you start paying 10 dollars a gallon of gas then you will shut-up.

no car niggers not BTFO

You sound like a boomer with 0 understanding of how things actually work. Enjoy having your nation's wealth being siphoned off ad infinitum by kikes.

We're in so much trouble.

The post-WW2 (((USA))) has corrupted and infiltrated the whole of Europe. They are stealing all the patents. And by articifically lowering business opportunities through the influence of various NGO's, transatlantic news media connections and more forceful and direct ways like installing puppets or blackmailing state leaders, intelligent people are moving to the US where the sheer amount of mongrel buyers makes every niche seller a millionaire. Operation Paperclip is still running. So no, they won't pay their debts and nobody can do anything about it.

The day that the dollar loses its world currency status is the day the US becomes a third world shithole.

It would be a good thing though because it means you can start from scratch.


Don't you know we are living in (((the current year))) goy?
Jeez, you dumb right wingers

Money is not power. The LACK of money is the lack of power. They are not the same thing. A body of people in debt is powerless to enact or enforce change.

The enemy within will never allow us to be debt-free. They lose control if they cannot hold something over our heads that we forced upon ourselves; we are slaves to the banks, corporations, and foreign governments that control our debt, imports, and exports.

If we ever made a move to the effect of attempting to clear our debts and return our credit to our own pockets, it would be as simple as refusing to do business with America to stunt us and scare our corporations back into line.

So never, then. Kill yourself.

The goal isn't to pay the debt.
The entire finance system is set up so that zero debt is nearly impossible, and if it were achieved, would crash the system.
This "debt" is sold off as assets, things like treasury bonds. This is how money comes into circulation in the first place.

You mention Greece as an example, and it's a great example to look at. Greek businesses are foreclosing all over, new loans have nearly ground to a halt, small business ownership is plummeting and unemployment skyrocketing. To top it all off, Greece is being flooded with Turks and North Africans.
But from the top, what is the result of this ?
IF you're a billionaire global banker this is excellent news. You can buy the whole country and control it entirely. You also have a compliant underclass that will keep the locals busy while you swindle the entire country. You might lose money on a few investments here and there as the country falls apart, but at the end of all that you end up owning the country wholesale. So much of the GDP goes to debt financing that you essentially control the entire productive output of the country. They'll beg for debt forgiveness and every once in a while you'll write something off, but only so that things will keep moving on for longer while you bleed the country dry and buy up its assets in massive firesales.

This isn't ineptitude by an incompetent government, its intentional planning by kike bankers.
All of western Europe is next. Even German real GDP growth is essentially zero, and they're taking in so many Turks they may as well become the German caliphate. America will be the final prize, and you can already see it starting. Western Europe in maybe 10 years. America in maybe 20.

china is holding a $1.2 trillion debt over america head and the debt will be paid back buy oil countries making america pay more for oil because that country oil is backed my the petro-yuan.

Fucking kill yourself. Go back to reddit. Japan holds more of the US’ foreign debt than China. Foreign debt has no meaning. Domestic debt is 200 trillion. THE DEBT CANNOT BE REPAID IN ANY AMOUNT. THERE IS MORE THAN $1 OF DEBT IN EXISTENCE FOR EVERY $1 IN EXISTENCE.

you sound like a Holla Forums faggot that doesn't know shit about economics.

If person A has debt over person B, let's say 10$
and person B holds debt over C, 5$
and person C holds debt over A, 15$ and all of them are "in so much debt that they can't repay themselves"

Why doesn't person C pay for Bs debt through the debt it holds over A, therefore eliviating the same amount of debt to it'self.

C lowers As debt for 5$ (15$ - 5$ = 10$ now) → A lowers Bs debt for 5$ (10$ - 5$ = 5$) → B lowers Cs debt for 5$ (5-5=0)

That's laughable. The Chinese are using their debt bonds with the US as collateral for infrastructure and business contracts/loans with the US and US aligned counties for resources, equipment and operational costs. If the US defaults on the Chinese it's not going to be the US that's the loser, China also finds that they just lost 5 trillion dollars of investment-funds and liquidity. Sure the US is going to have their debt collectors trying to recoup and it'll be a disaster but the collectors for the loans China has made will come knocking too, along with every developed western country that is in a debt and produces a deficit (hint, that's almost all of them)

if person A has debt with person B for 100$
and person B says pay debt by getting me 20$
of gas and person A says ok now i owe you 80$ here is 20$ of gas from my car.

So you get the plan, but how do we stop it?

this. What can we do about the kikes financially razing the country?

Reported. I’ve had it up to fucking here with you mentally defective redditors. Get off our website if you can’t even count.

Kill them. It’s the only solution. Nothing else stops it from happening again, and nothing else can take control away from them. Burn down a federal reserve building? They build another. Burn them all down? Doesn’t matter; the BIS has all the records. The Federal Reserve Act will never be repealed. Ever.

Who's them? Is there a list? Who's to say when you kill them a new them wont step up? Who's to say you can even kill them in the first place. I'm sure these "people" have great security.

RACE WAR is the only way to fix america.

Reported for not even knowing what Jews are.

Americans have been conditioned to reject this premise. Also I think the race war is just a strategy to erase any alpha whites that would be willing to participate. The same way they've been doing for years with the various wars that lead to nothing.

No, you kill the leadership you stupid faggot. The rest is just a mop up job.

Don't be autistic. We all know it's kikes but blowing up a synagogue would do zero good for the banker problem.

Quite frankly, just look at who controls what section you hate the most. Say, the Rothschilds are a great target but you do a lot of good with CEOs and politicians.

Global report


Look faggot, we're not aimless niggers here. Nobody is here to look like a Dylan Roof who has zero accomplisments in life other than perpetuating the mainstream narrative and reducing the nigger population by 0.0000001%

If you want to do anything useful go do it, but pick a goddamn good target, don't go for the mere foot soldier.

And just so it's clear, I don't give a shit about your spacing autism.

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That's what posters like that want. We're posting on a site that's be compromised and decaying for a long time.

I think the best thing we can do is ignore posters like that, but then they just increase in volume.

We need a new chan that requires a certain level of posting quality or results in banning. The shit posting here is too much.



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There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

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Monetary debt doesn't exist. Money is not real. Stop giving power to jews.

My idea is enforced structure/character minimums as a global rule. Hard bans happen if there is any violation of this rule. Meaning sophists get fucked on first post.

It would have to be a new website entirely because the rules would be a massive change that not everyone would enjoy. I'd probably call it qchan/ or quality chan. for quality posting I fucking hate shit posters

No one gives a fuck what you think, redditor. You don’t dictate terms here.

We're talking about idea's to get away from your bullshit. Because your posts are nothing but ingroup signaling and bring nothing to the table.

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it's not like Holla Forums is particularly bustling with activity apart from the shills, and honestly, moving into IRL activities would be good, but you have to consider that no IRL activity would guarantee anonymity, which, as you said, big no-no. I mean, we're basically an illegal organization at this point. I'd like to find some site, any imageboard, where I can lurk and post without the shills.

I like where you're going with this, user. Enforced quality would retain quality, so that's a massive plus.

No one gives a fuck what you think, redditor. Go back to reddit.

No one gives a fuck what you think, redditor. Go back to reddit.


Kek. I think you forget we have more military spending x5 than all other countries combined. We simply expand if it comes to that.

As much as I like funny shitposts, I'd visit a "quality chan" quite often. But how do you prevent it from becoming full of stuck-up nofun pricks? Wouldn't want to walk on eggs with what I saw when visiting a chan of all places - there's an element of shitposting that's inherent to the medium.

This is why making friends is massively important.

They don't have the power projection required for backing an oil based currency. And USA still has the most powerful navy in the world AND the influence in majority of oil producing nations.
Even if the dollar collapses, the hardware is still there.
It would take more than a decade or two without foreign interference to build a blue water navy out of scratch. And as soon as they start doing that ALL their neighbors start getting really nervous. One of those being Japan which is quite capable of taking on China.
And China has enemies basically on every border. The only allies are Norks, a failed state, and Russia which got pushed into their uneasy alliance by USA. Which would probably want to go out since China wants siberia.

China would have to win in a war against NATO as happened after the Napoleonic wars with GB.
OR stay out of costly wars between the current holder and another power and snatch the prize like USA did after WW2.
They probably aimed for the second one as they supported Clinton who wanted war with Russia.

I mean, I think that just breaks down to the boards and threads that you have, like initiation-like boards for greenfags/newfags and more serious ones, too.

That also kind of fits into the element of shitposting–which, I agree, is necessary for chans. I just think a stricter upkeep where it's needed would be good, with shitposting and funposting allowed.

ah shit, not even related to the thread, but I get triggered.
Fucking Norway and 15NOK per liter for diesel! Fucking bensin is 1NOK more expensive too.
For USA: Imagine if 1 gallon of fuel cost 6,84 USD and that'd be only half the expense of driving because of all the tolls set up!

Strict adherence to a "first principles" based debate structure. Where all assumptions have to be laid on the table at first, and then the debating proceeds in a logical fashion. Shit flinging is allowed so long as it's accompanied by reasoned arguments and evidence.

I don't know enough about the structure of debate/logic itself to lay it out any better. I was mostly hoping someone else would do it, but things have become so unbearable here that I may start laying it out more fully.

Generally speaking though I think a certain measure of no fun allowed is required to maintain a structure in the first place, vid related.

I guess shit posting could take place in a designated board. We'll call it /india/

kek, I like it

When will you? We should tally up all services rendered.

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Again I say to you. Do you think this will happen without a global war? Well, it's already happening because its always a gradual progress but that's exactly why things are heating up against Russia-China. If you think it's just because of the typical Zio-NeoCohen cult reasons you'd be wrong.

China isn't nearly as stable politically, socially, or economically as people think. Even Russia is walking a tight rope. This is how global wars begin.

You really don't know how things work, do you?

Oh shit, the reddit-turk is about to have a hissy again. He's winding up.

Well played Is this the best shilling your government can buy? Chairman LMAO

Why can't we have a global debt jubilee where every last drop of debt would be eliminated?

Repay them with lead at 2000 feet per second. It's the American way.

china almost never looks for direct war
its all sun tzu, its all soft power
they want to economically indirectly control themselves, and outsiders are but a mean to keeping china together