There is no general thread for pozzed advertising.

I wanted to ask about this. I have seen this advert up a lot locally. and it looks like a boy. what is going on?
Are they trying to feminize white males or humililate them with these adverts?

secondly they have this driving around on busses. It has fashionable looking exotic women and then a strange feminised man wearing pink.

I saw both these adverts when out on a walk today. so does everybody. Who is working on this campaign to humiliate white men?

t. free market globalists claiming to be right wing

Holy shit is it getting bad, about 2 out of 3 TV ads now feature interracial couples

Fuck their soaps

who are you quoting

it's very bad, but nobody notices..

Check out ads that show multiple people in them, like the iphone 10000, all minorities except 2 white women, and not a single white male

they want white people to feel like aliens in their own home

Fuck off Dysnomia

Nvm, thought you said I

Don't dox yourself but what city is this?

And what are they selling? Is it an ad or just a faggotry PSA? Why is there no website on it?

In Boston


What if we did something better, like label it. Similar to naming the jew, slap on a sticker that calls out what the ad's objective is.

I'm sure you guys can come up with something catchy, concise, and effective.

The idea being to not just show that this kind of advertising is hated, but that it is malicious. We need to connect it with more than just our hatred of it.

Just slap a star of david on it.

That would probably be enough if there was another loosely organized flyer/sticker campaign to go with it. Surely they wouldn't be able to resist screaming antisemitism in response to being associated with their own media.



Hmm I wonder if putting up pozzed stickers would be considering

No there isn't because we don't need one kike. All of your fucking lazy, half-tier faggot ops are straight out of your rabbi's playbook. At least TRY and be creative, cunt.

that's because nobody watches TV. If you guys haven't noticed SJWs seem to spend so much time trying to build their agendas rather than act business savvy, that by the time something is fully pozzed it becomes obsolete.

I can tell you shit like this gets smashed in NYC all the time.

Spend your money wisely. Don't contribute to this shit. Carry a Sharpie as well and deface this faggot jew, garbage.


The better question is why should there be a general thread for such a niche topic with such an entry level observation? Did you have your first thought, reddit?

Perfect. They'll write about us in the history books, lads.

With the lack of real economic, speech and thought freedoms, other avenues needed to be substituted. At first you were supposed to express yourself with flavored coffee creamers and funny winter hats. But when that inevitable was not enough, sexual degeneracy and extreme faggotry of every kind was again meant to substitute. The ruination of good video games however was the last straw, and then we got Donald Trump, and shit's about to spark off good now, and we're going to TAKE IT ALL BACK. All of it.

< do

lol @ nigger shakespeare

This. At this point, capitalism is just code word for globalism.

(((Advertising))) or prepping the Goyim.

And globalism is a code word for kikes.

This shit is just brainwashing. Complete and utter brainwashing and demoralization. Think about it:

You're some faggot riding the bus because your life decisions have impoverished you. Or perhaps you're walking on the street and see the bus. As you're sitting or walking to work, or driving, you are contemplating your life. You work a shit job, take poz loads on the reg, and your father (if you have one) is disappointed in you.You don't have any friends except for sex partners and a few chicks who love having a gay best friend.You're between 18 and 24. You feel an extreme depression that you try to satiate with homosexual activity, and yet it never goes away. You claim to just be "expressing yourself" and being your true self, yet deep down you are still depressed in a way that faggoty behavior never seems to fix. You're doing everything right according the media. You're in school, you're working a job, you have friends, you hit the gay bars on the weekends, you have "liberating" sexual experiences with all sorts of different men and degenerate trannies. You think to yourself : I have money, I'm in school, I get laid, I support myself, my life must be awesome. But yet deep down that eternal depression remains. There's something really wrong in your life but you don't know what it is. You've considered yourself to be gay or trans since you were 15 years old and realized you didn't fit in with the guys and you weren't good at sports. You're really trying to do some soul searching. You think to yourself, perhaps there is a link between the depression and the faggotry. Maybe my homosexual activity is a way of acting out, and not actually who I am. Maybe it's all just been me trying to convince myself that I can force happiness if I just act as happy as all the faggots I see usually act. They're happy right? That's why they started calling them "gay" in the first place. Gayness = happiness. But you're not happy. You start to realize that being gay is actually extremely depressing. You wonder if maybe you can try to live a normal lifestyle, maybe if you can break out of it.

Then you look up. You see this advertisement. This public service announcement. "Keep on being you". You see the pictures of the women and the happy gay men who are just like you. You can't believe you just allowed yourself to think those homophobic thoughts. You still haven't unpacked your internalized homophobia yet. There's still so much work to do. You go to your job/class and play on your phone, arguing with people on the internet about how homophobia almost caused you to hate yourself. You praise the government for reminding you that it's okay to be gay. You nearly recoil in horror at what would've happened had you actually tried to change.

< You're some faggot riding the bus because your life decisions have impoverished you.

Seconding that you should carry a sharpy at all times. jew stars are easy to draw and get the point across.
Point the narrative out to the people around you. You'll be surprised how sick of it most of them are.

Can we buy anything anymore without supporting poz? I get off-brands when possible and will usually prefer to buy if I see a made in USA sticker.

Someone needs to make a site that documents anti-white propaganda in advertising and media.

THIS! Thought I was the only one noticing.

honestly what kind of post is this. Seems like a shill post. My post was written from the perspective of a gay dude, because that's who this ad is targeting. It's an ad designed to convince people of their own faggotry

These ads really got me thinking. They are always making the white males more feminine. If someone were to start making black males feminine, it'd piss off a lot of blacks. And blacks being pissed off at liberals turning them into sissies would really fuck up the dem's base.

Use a thinking emoji, turn another popular symbol into an icon of "hate speech". Easier to get stickers of it and it'll get people to associate jews with it.

And let me guess, the couples are almost with the woman being white? It's all about conquest, and white people need to wake up to this stuff fast.

You are a kike.

Meme it. Black sissies is the new SHITTED. It makes perfect sense too, as native blacks were short and couldn't grow beards as well (thus why cucked whites viewed them as children and went way too easy on them). They're natural sissies (although, really, they're just fauna native to africa).