Antifa are terrorists

why is antifa allowed to organize and meet but groups like scottish dawn are declared terrorists.

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Lurk 2 years before posting, faggot. I'm not going to report you because you archived.

I have been here since the beginning buddy.

at this point we need these threads sometimes to redpill the reddit faggots who are flooding this place.

SD was against the establishment and they didn't like it. Whoever are non-kosher get the banhammer over in the UK.

Because there are fine people on both sides. Trump said so.

It's a shame that self defense is illegal in Britain.



Paul Golding and his partner Jayden Fransen are jewish

It appears only the retarded alt-kike and the nu-pol kikes aren't aware of this

But not by creepy muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker, he gets to rape as much as he wants without consequences even if he is identified

If mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker is creepy, she will get for help. If he's a Chad, she will take him home.

Proof? And does it really matter in the context of this video? Should we feel less rage that some retarded Muslim is allowed to intimidate a person who speaks out against immigration without fear of consequence from the law?

This shit still cracks me up every time

Only jews get this freedom in Britain and America

The jewish media however is responsible for hiding the black on white crime,while the on;y groups allowed to speak out against 'immigrants' are jews like Golding who only talk about the muslims saying they are the "next nazis"

You're asking for proof whether the kikes Golding and Fransen are openly jewish?

Then again you're on nu-pol the board that backs and cheers on zionist neocon jew tools into power

Yes. I'm really not that knowledgeable on the guy or his group.

Get out.

Proven false. Get out.

No, we don’t need shit threads to accommodate shit posters. We need to ban shit threads and shit posters.

Because they are a cianigger controlled opposition group, just like o' dickey spenser and the "alt-right".

Gotta make room for all the ZOG Emperuh spicey memes and general everyday praise for kikes that pol has now descended to

< attacking Trump
< when Trump defended US

sod yourself, CIA

Kill yourself, redditor. Suck kike cock back there.

Why does the CIA want to kill all whites? Is it not because they are controlled by the kikes?

This. A ban here simply means forcing newfags to lurk.

Imagine how confused these folks were upon arrival.