Poland rewrites history


Oh vey! You must take responsibility for the Nazi death camps Poland!
Your people killed Jews before, during, and after the Holocaust!

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I read a book about jews in the 20's writing that the poles killed 6mil. jews in pogroms since its formation …

Jews really are fucking dumb
Think chinks in Canada and Australia, but without even paying for the property.
Just walk in,

Poland didn't kill Jews, but this time they will.

So now they are dropping the Nazi-occupied lie? Or are they implying all the jews that followed orders and did what they were told were also responsible for the holohoax?


Yeah that's really fucking retarded


whats the book called?

~6million Germans were murdered.
vs ~30,000 juice.

starting a thread without an archive should be a bannable offense

All this will do is make the Holocaust even more of a sacred cow. Anyone saying this new law is "based" must have the IQ of a baboon.

What? Poland was occupied by Germany..

Here's the JUST act.
"needy holocaust survivors"

Ok schlomo

Care to substantiate your insult, you brainless mongrel?

Using the same word is dumb unless someone else is already pushing the holohoax and you can't outright say that it didn't fucking happen. Even in that case, it's more intelligent to say, "which one? Oh, the JEWISH one. Okay."

As for the law, fuck kikes and fuck the holohoax.


Call it bad luck.

Not sure why you needed to bump the thread for that lie.

The only death camps that ever existed in Poland were USSR gommie death camps used to exterminate Germans and Poles.

Fucking hell..

free shekels

I love the irony of jews kvetching about not being able to revise the holohoax story to use it against the Poles when they're the ones who implemented anti-hoIocaust-revisionism laws across europe in the first place.

That's where you fucked up.


The kikes are impermeable to claims of hypocrisy
The kikes aren’t protesting because they want attribute Auschwitz to the Poles, but because the Poles are competing with the jews who is the biggest victim of the Nazi Germans deserves the most moneys from them
It’s hyenas fighting about a carcass.

I know it's a torpedo, but surely the fucking POTUS King Obongo publicly speaking about "Polish Death Camps" along with every other (((western))) media outlet has nothing to do with it.
is this 16 billion dollar shilling?

that's all the proof I need

didn't jews help soviet union, which committed the katyn massacre that killed 22 thousand polish?

user, Jews WERE the soviet union.

All Poland would have to do is admit that it didn't happen.

Ad hominem is no argument

>but surely the fucking POTUS King Obongo publicly speaking about "Polish Death Camps" along with every other (((western))) media outlet has nothing to do with it.

So what? Aren’t they in Poland? Just coincidentally, of limits for some time, repurposed to incarcerate Germans, then some “restoration work” had to be done before it was presented by Poland as the place were they killed 6 million jews.

And now Poles expect “reparations” from Germany, trillions customer complaint, the country they stole from the Germans, is in such a bad shape and defective, they want compensation.

Who is demanding money from whom?