Jews declared war on Poland

The jewish government declared war on Poland and started spreading lies about 2WW and holocaust. It is a psychological operation.

They are also organizing fake "NAZI" news.

Please help us in this warfare. It will start another 3 World War.

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This is a joke, right?

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Nice thread retard. Are you sure you wouldn't like to go back to reddit what with the spacing and all?

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Jews always think they need to be treated with privilege while lecturing whites about theirs.
No one alive owes them anything, even if their holocaust fairy tales where true, its history. And yet white people are being extorted to pay Israel, various organizations and treat the jew with silken gloves while turning a blind eye to their doing.

Its high time all whites responded with "I don't care".

Is there a country on earth that isn't antisemitic according to these guys?
I'm losing count

I wonder how much of this is just building bonafides for the ultra-kiked government in Poland?

TFW you start one of the worst wars ever on the pretence of defending Poland so you can ruin Germany, and Poland becomes the new Germany in return. so you want to start a war against them this time.

Yep, they are starting to claim that Poland did the Holohoax, just to guilt trip us…
Bad for them that you can't simply guilt-trip a pole.
Also poland, fucking Poland, just when we passed a law about "Polish death camps", (((they))) started roaring on how bad the Polish were in WW2 and how Poles mass murdered the joos…
Now if you know history, you know that my country, Poland supported the jews a lot, especially in WW2. They fucking did a complete 180 on us.
But it certainly wont start another World War… But it might make the kikes dream turn into reality since they seem to be wanting to be fucking gassed.
Really regretting it on my ancestor's sake that we helped any of these slimey fucks and didn't simply left them rot wherever they were.

Oh and also: Huge redpill potential on this case. Don't trust a kike

The mere existence of a goy guarantees his antisemitism (as per neurotic kike thinking). Now, this isn't news to anybody, but the thing is that when you look at Polish mainstream culture and MSM, and when you see that they hold annual Holohoax remembrance festivals, congratulate arrest of NatSocs and pride themselves on being a country that accepted and rescued so many Jews from ebil gnadzis, Jewish hatred of Poles emerges from seemingly no place other than that of hatred towards the Pole's very existence.

Now, despite that, I see that Poles are on a good way (a lot better than others in fact) and hope they continue this way.

Eh, "anti-semitism" or rather anger against a group of people which we helped and they in return abandoned us to Communists, was on the rise ever since the Soviets took over in Poland in 1945.
Although 1943 too because the jews couldn't seemingly wait until the actual uprising in 1944, but instead had to stage their own little shitty riot.
Anyway, with this most recent stab in the back I think it will be very easy to redpill Poles specifically on jews, but also other people. And I repeat, this is a exceptional opportunity for this exact thing.
(Meanwhile about Germans and Nazis… We still hate them because afterall they did mass murder our people, of course jews always cry about themselves and don't even care about the other innocent civilians who died on all three sites in this conflict… As well as the heroic soldiers of this war who thought for their countries valiantly.


Poland is antisemitic now? Well, then:

Sto Lat!
Sto Lat!
Polen macht die juden platt!
Sto Lat!
Sto Lat!
Polen macht die juden platt!

LA la la la la la la.

Sto Lat!
Sto Lat!
Polen macht die juden platt!
Sto Lat!
Sto Lat!
Polen macht die juden platt!


Fucking jews, man. Saturday's local newspaper was full of kvetching, tall tales of personal encounters with Mengele, 'narrow escapes', and 'fortunate gas chamber malfunctions'. They're really driving holohoax guilt hard this year, going all-out trying to drum up sympathy; there was a four-page liftout dedicated to holohoax this year. One jewess was quoted as saying she'd "never felt the need to tell her story before", but today with all the "hateful rhertoric" it's more important than ever.

The jew is afraid. Very afraid. The writing is on the wall and they know it.

How feels being so ignorant of history, user?

You're right. This is also a good time to drop the Pilsudski redpills about the potential German-Polish anti-communist alliance that was torpedoed by the overconfident idiots in the Polish government in the later 1930's.

The problem in this case is: (((They))) opened fire on a supposed ally.
They fucking backstabbed us.
Keep in mind, the Polish Underground Army had whole sections dedicated to presumably rescuing jews. Also death sentence for harboring jews yet it was still done. And Poland was the only country to not have an SS brigade.
This is fucking massive. Poland literally did nothing wrong… Well except trusting the jew.

We own and control the plagues. Now we reduce the numbers to zero. Fuck the kikes.

truer words, never typed

Do I really have to explain this? The recent Jewish animosity towards Poland is because they are refusing to accept 3rd world migrants from the EU. The Jews don't want any homogenous societies left in the world. This should be clear to everybody on Holla Forums.

Excuse the OP, for he is a gargantuan faggot.

Let me explain the issue he tries to bring up. Lately there's been a hot topic of western kike media using the term "polish death camps" and a lot of Poles were angry about it because it basically implies we were accomplices in the Holocauast, not it's victims. And so, the polish government issued a law fining people that used the term "polish death camps" because they are further spreading misinformation. And here the kvetching begins.

Some kikess called Anna Azari during the 73rd annual celebration of freeing Auschwitz said that "Israel treats (this law) as an opportunity to punish confessions of those who survived from the Doom" ( Linked article also implies that she was instructed by the grand kike Netanyahu to combat that law. So they basically want to repeal it because it tries to limit their misinfo at least to some degree. Here's another good quote this time from Netanyahu: "This law has no foundation, I'm certainly against it. Nobody can change history, and Holocaust can't be denied." My sides.

So our prime minister Morawiecki replied to that (pic related) in a way I wouldn't exactly call based, but he's calling the kikes out on their lunacy, essentialy fact-checking the false narrative they've spun. They're trying to direct the blame to us because we're the bad goys now.

One fourth kike battles a one fourth Polack. The jews stab us in the back one final time. Now we don't forgive and we don't forget. The jew beast can only devour and destroy, never reason.


Yeah, it's not polish, but kikes shouldn't be the ones talking.

Mr Who?
Ohh, a German, then.

Jews love abuse. Its why king kike himself said Adolf never intended to kill the jews but tries blaming us. If we tell them to fuck off now they'll be at our door next month trying to fellate us. They cling to the most resilient because they themselves are weak, if they come back crying we can't give in, we have to keep our stance now. No more resolutions.

No thanks, Mossad.

Try to write a better OP next time.

Expanding on what this user said. Jews want to paint Poland as a co-conspirator in the holohoax, in order to extort reparations for the second time (first time took place in 1960).

>It is a game with a very high stakes, as the bill will soon be discussed in US Congress. What are our media and politicians doing in the meantime? For a week they have been discussing a small group of neo-Nazis, whose party in a forest was revealed by the (((American))) owned TVN - a year after the events, exactly at the time of visit by the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

tl;dr Jews want more money again and probably to punish Poland for being bad goys and not taking in the muslims.

Every time.

You have my axe.

The real question is, why do they think every country has to have jews in it?
Imagine someone saying "There are almost no French in Poland, it is disgusting!!"

I have a feeling that their plans will fail, that they are too obvious.
But then, 99% of people don't know anything and don't think for themselves.

kike detected

Same reason why North Korea is under fire.
No jew banks inside, homogenous people and doesn't allow foreign media in.

Poland kept jews safely homed for 800 years while the rest of Europe tried their best to kick them out.
It's like hiding a cockroach nest in your bedroom and feeding it every night. Eventually they will burst out of the room and infest every other room in the house, and probably the other houses on the street.

Despite that, I don't begrudge Poland, because the jew is a parasite that lives on trickery and deceit.
Keep posting about Poland in as many places as possible, the more the plan is revealed, and the sooner more people know about it, the less effective it is.

However, other jews can still be anti-semitic if they speak against israel.
Why, are you anti-semitic?

But native Israelites oppose the greater plan. Not to mention the kike orthodox kikes and zionists themselves.
I'm at loss of words even jews are anti-semitic

It's not reprivatisation.
It's legalized looting while the corpse is still warm.
Heirless property in every civilized country works like this

t.leddit newnigger
american kikes have been doing this ever since the start of the war

I honestly can't wrap my head around this logic and boy have I seen some kvetching during my time on Holla Forums

No they don't, fuck off kike.

What the fuck are you trying to talk about
you have zero knowledge on the events that led to the war what are you even doing on this site with this normie tier """knowledge"""

But he's right retard, Pilsudski was pro German unlike Smigly who was an egomaniac and it was this overconfident and arrogant government backed up by an Anglo-Franco alliance that increased the pressure on Germany to act.

Nigger i'm not fucking educating you on essential knowledge.
Bet you'd stutter when i asked what Hitler was doing in weimar berlin before he took power too.
Germany lost the fucking spy wars after pilsudski died(and before that), no one cares about smigly, the most trusted advisor to dmowski was a fucking russian spy and the reason why poland assumed russia wouldn't attack(lol). And germans allowed it to happen, they sat on their arse after getting pilsudki in power, no idea what they were expecting. Germans increased the pressure by themselves with their inept intelligence efforts in poland and later allied with their fucking "worst enemy" the jew bolshevik and proceeded to tag team and exterminate a nation that was more blonde than they were.

I used to shitpost about his one but now I can actually see it seriously happening.

What's the fucking difference?

>be (((Jakub Berman)))

Surely a phrase "nie żydź się" (stop jewing) used by schoolchildren when a classmate doesn't share something is a sign of bluepill
There needs to be a redpill on (((democracy))) and the government

About democracy,
Pilsudski. That's it, that's all you need actually. A counter with a good leader doesn't need (((democracy)))



Also about Dmowski

Jesus fuck you're dumb even for a pole.

Did you even understand my post? There are self loathing and anti zionist elements living in yidsrael. Literally globalist jews vs zionist jews.
Both are still cancerous kikes make no mistake

Fuck off back to half with your garbage cringe.

The Jews hate Poles because Poles know how to deal with them.
This is why Poles harbored so many in the Middle Age. It was all tactics.
I'm still unsure why Jews are lethally frightened of Hungarians.