Weimar Republic and Economic Collapse

So Holla Forums. What's the inside scoop on the Weimar Republic? What was it really like? How did it really happen? And are we due for a Weimar 2.0 in the near future? If so, then how the fuck do we survive it, and turn it in our favor?

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What's the point of this thread?

The only reason the public hasn't formed lynch mobs yet is the bread and circus. Letting the currency devalue so quickly makes everybody go into survival mode. Weimar was a learning experience for (((them)))

Feminism 3.0 (all societies that are shit go feminism 3.0)

You can be a degenerate as long as you don't rape, all you're most likely poor.

Feminism 2.0

Yes, look at Sweden.

Nothing to survive, just wait until the judiciary system cares more about something more than women. Seriously, you're so bluepilled it hurts. What happened to Greeks at the end? They were Greeks without the name. What happened to Romans at the end? They were Romans without the name. Same thing in Weimar and soon in Sweden. That shit might happen to the US in a couple of decades but if you're really worried, get some Mexican family so you can wait it out over there. I'm going to Belize if shtf.


Weimar is emblematic of the final stage of civilization
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Pure degeneracy and misery.

Weimar 2.0 isn't happening, the kikes know that if things go South then we're going to see a white renaissance all over the world. They will keep things on a constant and painful decline, while flooding our nations with invaders so if it does happen, we'll be too few to fight back.

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The gas is too good for them.

tl;dr version…Germany was traumatized after losing the First World War, losing her colonies,
being starved under an allied blockade from 1918-1919, (400,000 civilians died) and getting sole blame for starting the conflict.
German bankers then increased money printing, leading to a hyperinflation between 1918 and 1924, which destroyed the economy.
Enter the Germany Democratic Party.
The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) basically Marxist commies, was founded in the 1860s by a jew Ferdinand Lassalle. Though Imperial Germany tried to suppress them and occasionally banned the party, they became the most popular party in Germany.
After 1918 Germany became a democracy and the SPD became probably the leading party. As well as getting their hands on the national government they also got into local state governments (ie control of the Berlin state government of Prussia) which had control of social legislation. They pushed feminism big time. from 1918 to 1930 the SPD spread like a cancer through Germany and helped Germany to become more degenerate.

It's the jews. International jewry used the besieged German army in World War I to cripple Russia and take over there through Bolshevism, then, they backstabbed Germany, with the Balfour declaration and what not, bringing the Italy, Greece, Romania, Portugal and the US to their ever-growing coalition and agitating an entirely jewish-led revolution in Germany itself, to bring Germany and the German armies into accepting peace.

The result were the treaties and the, also jewish-led, Republic who caved down to the interests of foreign nations and betrayed the German people in every occasion.

Hitler describes it in Mein Kampf, vol I, chapter VII. Here is a source: hitler.org/writings/Mein_Kampf/mkv1ch07.html

OP, I want you to read "When Money Dies"
It's funny because the author acts surprised at the fact that most Germans, English, and French blamed the jews.

You do realize that Denver Colorado is lifting the ban on public defecation in order to accommodate illegal spics?

Bullshit. California is peanuts compared to Weimar Germany.

Extremely Important Point to Understand Weimar
This is often obfuscated in (((mainstream history))), but getting the timeline right on WWI, the armistice, the Treaty of Versailles, and the establishment of the Weimar Republic is key to understanding it.
>29 October, 1918: Bolshevik-style sailors’ revolt begins, and soviet councils begin setting up; opening move of (((Spartacists)))
>9 November, 1918: (((Sparticist))) Soviet councils and troops start showing up in Berlin, along with workers’ strikes
>9 November, 1918: Hours later, the Sparticists make a similar declaration elsewhere in Berlin, setting the stage for civil war. In a single day, Germany goes from 2nd Reich, to a civil war where the ‘establishment’ is the (((Fabian Socialist))) SPD versus the (((Judeo-Bolshevik Revolutionary Socialist))) Sparticists
Adolf Hitler claims that the war effort was going very well, having knocked out each successive enemy front from Russia to Italy up to the Western Front, until (((communist agitators))) started disrupting production of critical goods, and pushing revolution at home. He called those who acted out the above, the ‘November Criminals.’ Perhaps you can see why WWI veterans might harbour some resentment towards Weimar, when they are undersupplied due to strikes while on the front, called back from the front in defeat for what appeared to be no reason, and in turn had to face off in Freikorps militias against the Spartacists, and as a prize for ‘winning’ the civil war, be delivered the Weimar Republic, one of the most degenerate and dysfunctional governments in human history. It was against this backdrop that the NSDAP rose.

Wealthy deviants came from all over the world to see Berlin–the "roaring 20s" had nothing on the city. It was moral anarchy, you could satisfy any fetish imaginable for the right price. Supposedly there was a street for pregnant prostitutes ordered by how far along they were, and families would open their houses up for foreign guests to come watch them commit incest for foreign currencies that actually held value. This is on top of all the abject poverty that forced people to do this in the first place. The causes were a loss of moral and national character, feeding into a need to aquire foreign currency to purchase goods.

Fuck off with your defeatism you faggot.

Rolling for Weimerica, time to go to war boys. Pents for bloodshed and the rise of The Fourth Reich!

Not much like what the other posters here describe. Anons like to over-exaggerate the degeneracy of the period to try and draw parallels with our own time, but they're so far removed that comparisons can only be made in the broadest possible terms. The truth is that degeneracy in the Weimar period was pretty isolated to a few major cities, and traditional values persisted everywhere else (though the economy was changing pretty quickly). The same cannot be said for today, where degeneracy has infected nearly every western country and in nearly every pocket of those western countries. Some anons will lie and insist that their tiny 300-population rural town which they totally live in is a haven for white virtue and free of outside influence, but we all know better.

In addition, the Weimar republic was never stable in the slightest, whereas our modern governments have a total monopoly of power the likes of which is unheard of in human history. The Weimar government (or rather Gustav Noske) sent the Freikorps militias to disperse the leftist mobs that occupied the Vorwarts building in 1919, because the regular army wasn't up to the job, and still operated under numerous soldier's council. The entire state of Bavaria was converted into an incubator for nationalism during the Weimar period after the overthrow of the Bavarian Soviet Republic, which is the only reason Hitler got a light sentence for his Putsch, and spent 9 months in prison instead of 5 or more years.

In short, we have such a stepper hill to climb than the NatSocs of 1932 did, that it's almost unfathomable.


And also don't forget that the men back then were to a large degree battle-hardened soldiers, today most men are completely feminized. However, I do not doubt for a second that we will prevail.

I'm assuming that the history books in school make no mention of this?

American whites will endure any level of humiliation and degradation so long as they are OK economically.

Our primary goal at this stage is to get our ideology honed so when the economy/dollar inevitably goes down we'll have a coherent explanation for who's guilty.

We should take Yuri Bezmenov's advice and push for the repeal of anti-discrimination laws. Those are what precipitated the collapse and their repeal will halt it.

Here's all you need to know about the Weimar Republic:

I remember from my high school history class, Weimar was simply mentioned for its hyperinflation, with no mention of moral decay. In fact, Jews and ‘progressives’ tend to see Weimar-ethics as forward-thinking and ahead of its time; not decadent decay at all

An economic collapse is clearly coming imo as they want to avoid disgruntled peasants rioting as it gets ever harder to make a simple honest living with jobs disappearing to automation, AI, disruptive startups etc.

It allows (((them))) to buy properties and companies for pennies on the dollar as well. This worked well for (((them))) in detroit.

It was the same during Weimar times. The economy so wrecked normal women decided to prostitute themselves while jews had all the shekels.

I have the rest but this is the only part that is relevant to the thread.

I live in a German country, so we got 2 entire years of history classes dedicated to WWII.

Beforehand came a single lesson on WWI, that is best summed up as "we started a war for no reason and got completely pounded" (both of which are provably false).
Then, Weimar came:
>Everything went well until the inflation hit (((for no reason at all)))
>Then people were hungry, which meant they started to hate jews (((for no reason at all)))
Then followed a full year on the Holocaust and how it definitely happened and we should feel guilty.

More? And source?

So just like today. Bourgeois city liberals are always the driving force of leftist societal change.

Step it up, guys.
Anyways, you should watch this–it's a completely 'Mainstream' documentary that uncovers just how exceedingly degenerate Weimar was.
Of course, the hosts seem to think it was great and 'progressive'.

Michael Rivero's All Wars Are Banker's Wars.