Was National Socialism left wing or right wing?

I ask this since ever since the end of the Second World War, the political lines have been blurred time and time again. The Republicans of today would've voted Democrat in the Jim Crow era. The Democrat party used to be the party of the white man, but now both parties have switched sides on whose interests they serve, but both parties serve only one ethnic groups interest, and that's the jew.

So, I've heard quite a bit coming from both sides. Some people say that National Socialism was simply Socialism without Internationalism, but with added German Supremacist leanings and the establishment of Germania, as well as eugenics teachings and so on, while others say it is a right wing ideology.

There has been so much debate over this, and I'm still wondering which one is true.

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Neither and both.

This is National Socialism 101.


Yea, a fucking street shitter. Get the fuck out of here, go read Mein Kampf.

Its beyond that pitiful low brow categorization of right or left wing

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Third position. It has aspects of capitalism and socialism with the international elements of both.

Right, because it worked.

Not at all in the sense American conservatives seem to think.

There’s no such thing as a Conservative in the US. They are all just various degrees of liberals by definition.

Even the Conservatives here are mostly degenerate faggots.

That's certainly one way to look at it. I don't really disagree, either, but that doesn't have much relevance when put in the context of the political environment we're operating in.

What said.
It's got a lot of elements of both.

It was left wing (hence the socialism part) and was opposed to Jew Communism's version of left wing politics (obviously).

Since kikes and libtard social engineers continue to scream 24/7 that its a right wing ideology however this lie has stuck in the cultural hive mind as the popular meme unfortunately.

We don’t really have a political environment here.

We have a bunch of liars and a bunch of bankers paying them to keep lying. Police that will help, but only if their pension system isn’t put at risk, but the political class already fucked them over with that by squandered most of their pensions on BS and nonsense. So in order to get real support from them you need a realistic plan to take over their pension.

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it was centrist. think about it

it started as niether. germany was in a dire situation with a full blown kike fueled communist revolution brewing when the nazi party formed. they had to lean left to pull away the would-be supporters of the communists. later on the nazis that still held leftist beliefs were referred to as "beefsteak nazis" communist and red on the inside and a fashy brownshirt on the outside. eventually hitler had all of the beefsteak nazis who still had not converted into well done right wing fascists killed. this was the night of the long knifes. beyond that point national socialism was fully right wing.

I believe it's authoritarian and not as simple as left or right wing politics. Even this little chart is just shit-post. The validity and accuracy of these assumptions rests upon the anecdotal analysis of actual pertaining evidence. If you want the truth it's out there and worth reading about.

On the economic side of Things the nazis were certainly on the left side of te spectrum. Not on the fringe but on the left.
The german GDP had a huge state-related percentage. And massive market interventions ainly in form of investings in infrastructure were being made. Also the Reichsarbeitsdienst was creating Jobs out of thin air (better than paying welfare with nothing in return).
But on the other Hand nazis didnt hold any grudge agains personal ownership of common goods.

Socially, National Socialism is definitely right-wing. Economically, National Socialism favoured a moderate balance when it came to economics, mixing the favourable parts of both the left and the right in a sensible and reasonable way based on the current situation.

Socialism, like gay, didn't mean the same thing 70 years ago it does today.

In it's most broad sense socialism is the idea that the government needs to step in and stop businesses from acting antisocially. Things like environmental, worker safety and truth in advertising regulations were socialist ideas.

Obviously modern capitalist economies have co-opted all these things. So when you talk about socialism in a modern sense in order to differentiate it from capitalism you're either talking about Marxist Socialism (stealing the means of production) or Democratic Socialism (stealing from productive people to buy votes from unproductive people.) These are perversions of the concept of socialism. Instead of stepping in to make sure the people are treated fairly, the government is stepping it to fuck people over.

National Socialism is neither of these things. It's very similar to capitalism, but with some improvements, for example the banks are nationalized and foreign ownership in vital industries such as media and defense are severely limited.

it wasnt a fucking wing you lobotomized spastic. you cant even stop yourself from thinking outside of your jewish worldview. it was set up to ensure survival of everything the ubermensch would define as good. in practice it was socially against degeneracy, economically mostly free market but the state had the authority to intervene at any time deemed necessary (unlike zogmerica where you have to deal with years of handfuls of courts and other corporate bureaucratic kikery to prevent the people getting jewed). there were no utopian dysgenic ideas of total equality like in marxist socialism. if you didnt work you didnt get any gibs. equal outcome was never promised by natsoc germany but they did work towards equal opportunities by trying to educate the youth on class warfare. an example in practice was the ϟϟ officers school requiring you to serve as enlisted before being considered. nothing like the traditional wehrmacht system where greater education and high class was a prerequisite. it was the next logical step after monarchic feudalism until a true race of ubermensch was created and molded. reminder strasserite crypto marxists hang first.

It really isn't, but capitalists who want to keep business as usual and pretend that everything that has gone wrong with Western civilization is somebody else's fault like to push this specific lie.

Thanks for checking, yeah it's that honoring private-property wasn't a problem for National Socialists. The small arms weapons developed during the third Reich shows the competent efficacy of weapon smiths and their continuous background in metal casting work, not to mention an understanding of how to create explosive devices. Weapons always buff up an economy and given the level of artistry put into the guns of that era, they cared very much for their weapons Proper.

National Socialism/Fascism is third political theory, it suits its own needs without being bogged upon by a labelling of right or left. Very few actual semblances of what the socialists would desire (gibs) were actually implemented under the Hitler administration. Rather, the focus was on breeding a better population among the German people. Meanwhile, capitalists were extremely limited in what they were allowed to produce on their private property as to assure they were not creating degenerate items, overproducing goods, underproducing goods, set goods prices to cut down on excessive profiteering of capital to stabilize the German economy. Jewish Financiers and Usurers were taken out of the banking and financing occupations with the placement of qualified members of the NSDAP taking their place.

Third political positions are often attributed as being far-right due to the extreme nationalist sentiments placed on it, yet the actual political philosophy when placed on the political compass will usually end up being extremely authoritarian, yet fairly centrist on the left-right paradigm, with, perhaps, some delineation toward one side or the other, but never drifting very far from center.

Rightwing. "Neither left nor right" is plebian history to not turn off the proto-shitlibs during the 30's.

It was third position economically, but far right socially.

It doesn't matter. Left and right are meaningless terms

Neither. Left and right divisions are a kike invention to push wedge issues to manipulate the unwashed massed into thinking that it's possible for lions and sheep are capable of living in the same house.

Disgusting typo.

Hitler made sure his movement was a third position.

None of that is relevant at all. If you're not operating with principles based on the truth, you're wrong. National Socialism was constructed by observing nature, and adhering to it's lessons.

National Socialism is beyond the stupid little left/right-Dichotomy. It contains the best aspects from many political views, like socialism, capitalism, nationalism and ethnicism.

Communism always fails because it tries to adjust a society to an utopian political ideology, which is usually impossible since that ideological lifestyle contradicts the human nature of those people. Political correctness, gendersim, newspeak, censoring and all that other stuff are the tools to shape the people into that ideological lifestyle that destroys them by working against the origin of their own beings.

National Socialism on the other hand creates an extreme efficient and stable society, because it doesn't try to force and ideology on society by adjusting people to it, but to shape an ideology based on the needs and nature of the people themselve. That's the reason why the current mainstream declares "right.wing populists" as a threat, because populism is a way to shape the political system to something that benefits the needs and nature of the people.

National Socialism = builds a square shaped gap for a square shape body
Communism = breaks down a square shaped body until it fits into the circle shaped gap

It's left because this makes the lefities ultrafuckingbuttmad

either way, the real answer don't fucking matter, why would anyone care about which arbitrary label is put into natsoc?

I would say Hitler actually wanted every corporation to be pro-NatSoc and essentially made to serve the German volk's traditional values. As long as it doesn't affect the volk in any negative aspect the government will allow it. All that matters is that you must always love your own race and aspire to have a strong and healthy family, and always breed more to keep out the dangers of White genocide. This is where the Jew becomes an enemy to the volk, they meddle with other races especially Whites via fooling the goyim into thinking any Jew can be a European, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealander etc.. The Jew would usually settle into it's host nation to work as a banker, though other career lifestyles are not uncommon (i.e. being a doctor, librarian, peddler and even a "scientist"). Eventually all of them will begin to enslave the goyim starting off with one of (((their))) most effective weapons, complete utter degeneracy. The Weimar Republic is a (((Leftist's))) wet dream, homosex, trannyism, niggers, Jazz "music", racemixing agendas as far as the Aryan blue eye can see. Now that the Jew's central banks are complete, they start spreading lies about how their own foreign Jewish interests outweigh the volk's. National Socialism is simply about putting the volk's interests above all else, respecting our own race and culture and being all united as if we are one nation 'til the end of times. Anything that negatively affects our race should never be tolerated, especially what (((they))) are doing right now to Whites everywhere in the West. Non-White immigration shouldn't be accepted either, they have their own nations and Whites have theirs.

Neither. If you've actually done any research on it, you should have come across the term "third position". Unlike lefty buzzwords, it actually means what it says right on the tin. It was neither left or right wing, it was a third option that doesn't fit easily into the previous two.

Left and Right have not mattered for over 200 years. Stop buying into their false dichotomies.

It's Nationalism vs Globalism now.

This is the best answer.

It was whatever was beneficial for shitler to keep in power. It started left wing to appeal to the eternal k*aut then moved right as soon as they stopped giving a shit about the g*rman ""people""

No it isn't. Hitler gave the best answer when he said "People and Fatherland". That principle is what defines National Socialism, and is the principle lacking from any left/right discussion. The truth is all that matters, not some stupid, divisive scale.

Exactly. I have more in common with a tree-hugger who loves his nation than a hard-working, successful family man who wants to flood the nation with shitskins. The divisive issue is, and has been, Nationalism and Globalism.

Left and Right is a false dichotomy. Stop using it. When talking to Leftists frame things in a Nationalist vs Globalist sense and you'll often find they agree with you.

People and Fatherland is the theory, the practice is exactly what the other user posted.

Do you understand the difference between theory and practice?

Plenty of people who are culturally leftwing, but ideologically right wing. Two examples are the alternative type and the old hippy type you occasionally see, more common are the fag and the grungy looking stoner.

That guy said literally nothing. What are the "favourable parts of both the left and the right"? What is a "sensible and reasonable way"? That post was fluff. People and Fatherland is the practice. It's the source of all decisions made within the NS system. You ask yourself "Is what I'm about to do good or bad for my people?" and go from there. Principles are always the practice. The scientific method does not use logic and evidence in theory, and witchcraft in practice.

why do none of the retards who talk about anything left-right related ever EVEN CONSIDER WHAT LEFT-RIGHT THINGIE EVEN IS?
the whole left vs right thing starts out in france, it originates in the french parliament, people who sat on the left believed all humans are equal, people who sat on the right didnt

if you believe in genetics or biology, you are by definition a right winger

Reported. "redpill me on"

Except you can swing that to mean that the NOBLE CLASSES of niggers and pajeets are superior to European serfs. Because it was all about the nobles of Europe and the plebs of Europe. It had nothing to do with race, and today it has nothing to do with really anything. It's a false dichotomy that is deliberately obtuse. Everyone thinks it means something different, and even if there is a real definition - the fact that very few agree on it, makes it worthless.

Just use nationalism and globalism. Most moderates are against globalism which immediately puts them on our side.

Left and right are oversimplifications. They're a good enough classification for simple cases like pure communism or pure capitalism. Anything else is a bit muddy and you can argue this part is left but that one is right.
Any thinking country was looking into eugenics at the time. In the US I think they went as far as sterilizing some problem populations but as you can see today they didn't go anywhere close to far enough. The "everyone is the same" bullshit everyone to the left of the far right preaches today wasn't a thing at the time.

For us indeed nationalism/globalism is a better classification. I'd rather side with a nationalist lefty (although apparently all died out) than a globalist rightwing.

I've actually had some degree of success arguing with an environmentalist lefty that most immigrants that come here do not give a shit about our environment (and often not even their own back home), and that it is we nationalists who want to preserve our nation for our children. That we want the forests and lakes to remain unpolluted, that we do not want concrete jungles everywhere. They brought up some 'exploit the workers' stuff and I pointed out that the whole reason the immigrants are here is so they can be exploited for cheap wages, which in turn destroys the standard of living for natives.

Bam. Suddenly a left-wing nationalist was born.


Retard detected

If you really, really (and wrongly) want to use the left-right dichotomy, by today's standards it's something like

But it's actually pretty different. It's the believe that a nation is blood and soil. You cannot separate a nation from its (ehtnic) people, and to be a nationalist you have to care and look for your own volk. You want them to be as virtuous, fit and hard-working as possible. You want them all to live a good life (hence the Winterhilfswerk, vacations, working conditions, affordable Volkswagen, Autobahnen…) and to preserve their existence, and that means no degeneracy (social kikery) and no communism/capitalism (economic kikery), which can only be truly eradicated by an authoritarian state.

That's why Germany won more medals than anyone else in their Olympics. National Socialism is the pinnacle of man.

National Socialism is the third position. If it's absolutely necessary to classify it in that retarded spectrum then it's slightly right-off center, as hierarchical populists, just like all human societies would be in their natural state. The dichotomy is oversimplifying mental gymnastics from political theorists, economists, sophists and similar intellectual parasites that try to perpetuate an unnatural status quo by appeals to authority and to feefees.

I think the graph overestimates the authoritarianism levels of National Socialism (assuming we are talking about Nazi Germany), especially compared to Communism (USSR). German National Socialists did not purge and criminalize all political dissent, neither did they mass murder millions of their own citizens to preserve the status quo, just the communist traitors that were a present and tangible threat to the nation's very survival.



Ever hear the term "Third position"?


The National Socialists were
- Pro white
- Pro family
- Pro tradition
- Pro gender roles
- Pro Christianity
- Pro Hierarchy
- Pro gun rights
- Anti Marxist
- Anti communist
- Anti degeneracy
- Anti race mixing
- Anti globalist

You can call that "leftist" if you want but that just makes you an idiot. No one honestly believes that.
Conservatives pay lip service to the values listed above, but the NATSOCs actually fought for them.

Third fucking position. Lurk for 2 years before posting.


It was true sozialismus.

right-left political spectrum is only used by people on the autistic spectrum.

case in point; look at the US, leftypoI, etc

thread should have ended here

(yawn)…Left/right false dichotomy…

The real question is, does Ethno-National Socialism (an economic system which gives preference based upon shared ethnicity…), be it Nazi/German or otherwise, more closely follow the Natural Laws than any society's asset allocation and organization scheme which pays homage to the (Jewish…) Rothschild central banking system?

In this, the answer is roundly, YES!

Adolf Hitler's genius was in first recognizing the importance of ethnic nationalism - whether socialist, communist, or capitalist. And indeed his solution to the question of economic organization, with both local and national allocation of assets along capitalist lines, was also genius. He successfully combined the impetus for self-determinative striving with the necessary central-government organization at the National scale, a delicate feat for any form of governance.

NatSoc was so successful a form of societal organization, little Germany took on the entire Jewish-run world, and damn-near won. Obviously his system worked better than the much larger and less-efficient Jewish system. As a model of how to organize a society, IMHO, ethno-NatSoc is best system yet devised in mankind's modern history. We would do well to emulate it for any ethnic group we want to see succeed through the coming centuries.

First post best post.

An eagle has two wings.


trsodomites hate hitler and national socialism because they didn't allow some kike corporation to come in and privatize everything

Neither of these terms mean anything, the entire political compass is made up nonsense.


NatSoc is socialism within the context of protecting your country and your people from unbridled capitalistic jewery. It is socialist to give allowances to expectant mothers and to pay for their care. It is socialistic to make sure workers are treated fairly and protected from being exploited from greedy employers like the amazon sweatshop. NatSoc encourages people to work and cultivates a culture of hard work. Freeloaders are not tolerated in national socialism and there sure as hell won't be niggers getting gibs.

Yes, the political system is more than just a left/right dichotomy. Our political discourse has been dumbed down to the point where you can't have a conversation without falling into rhetorical jewish traps. NeoLiberalism is corporatism on an economic level and communism on a social level. NatSoc is socialism on an economic level and nationalism on a social level.