How antidepressants are ending up in Great Lakes fish

How antidepressants are ending up in Great Lakes fish

Antidepressant drugs like Prozac and Zoloft "are being found in multiple Great Lakes fish species' brains…research has shown antidepressants in water create 'suicidal shrimp' that swim toward light instead of away from it"

Affected species included smallmouth and largemouth bass, rudd, rock bass, white bass, white and yellow perch, walleye, bowfin and steelhead. While the concentrations aren't potentially harmful to humans eating the fish, they are problematic, said University at Buffalo chemistry professor Diana Aga, the lead author of the study published Aug. 16 in the journal Environmental Science and Technology. "It is a threat to biodiversity, and we should be very concerned," she said. Previous research has shown antidepressants in water create "suicidal shrimp" that swim toward light instead of away from it, making them vulnerable to predator fish and birds, Aga said.


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Since the root cause is whiny, adult child women who are too fat to make even my dick stand up and improve their lives, what should we consider an effective countermeasure to push for? We all know (((media))) will push for funding for 'research and analysis' meaning studies proving the effectiveness of antidepressants and hormone supplementation in treating gender dysphoria. I know anons consider drinking water quality a high-level concern, but frankly I don't see this improving since progs have a complete lock on municipal services and the political right has abandoned the principle of conservation as an issue due to subversion.

The best thing I can come up with is to misdirect tree-huggers against the garden-variety butch dyke progs who are the primary users and promoters of these drugs, but this is just a mitigation tactic. The left outside of media will push for advanced sewage treatment which while possibly worthwhile/necessary will more likely just be used as an excuse to hire more state employees. The bottom line though is that this is not a new phenomenon, articles like this have been pumped out for years upon years…in fact, this is not a new article, which begs the question of why it's being posted now.

How do we prevent the environment from going to shit without destroying all civilizational progress?

We could start by letting all the niggers starve. That way we could turn most of Africa and some Caribbean nations into one big nature reserve.

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If antidepressants are so bad, why does Jordan Peterson (pbuh) take them? Checkmate, collectivists.

It's just a cascade of more typical tricks by our kiked and perverted assembly. I'm not sure about you great lake situated burgers, but southern Ontario needs some serious cultural retooling, being a GTA leaf is excruciating. I can't listen to any media whatsoever without cursing aloud. I pray Trump starts draining the swamp soon, just so I can help begin the rally here in earnest.

Kinda makes me think that these drugs are just anti life at a very fundamental level. That’s completely ridiculous, making fucking shrimp suicidal. You would think these creatures weren’t even advanced enough to have the complex enough mental processes to cause the organism to automatically want to prolong its existence. Subversion of the basic instinct of self preservation. Same shit happening to
White people.

to not*

What do you think anti-depressants do? People naturally see that everything is shit, get sad because "we're all just cogs in the machine" and some Shekelstein gives you a pill that makes you accept it and it's all la-de-da because they're ignoring their own base feelings. Shit IS fucked up, our own society as we see it hasn't been around for more than a hundred years or so, ballooning to 7~billion people since AROUND a billion in 1900. Why is the average person able to access so much information yet still a bumbling retard? Too many distractions and worries. Oh but anti-depressants will fix that, instead of just staying the course and, fuck, maybe not worrying about GDP and growth of every metric to determine if the fucking world works or not.

Antidepressants shut off emotional feedbacks of the negative variety. Say you're have the thought of stabbing your ex because the bitch burned coal on ya. Rational humans working within the bounds of society's rules would not want to kill her, BUT HOLY FUCK, do you want to. You in part won't because guilt or some other negative mental feedback prevents you from doing it. Here come Mr. Zoloft and suddenly you're not mad, sad, or feeling bad. The next moment you think of the bitch, the thought once again crosses your mind, and out comes the Sawzall with a fresh demo blade. Curly Sue and Jamal are carved like a Christmas turkey with you painting a wall in your own brain matter using a shotgun in the corner. Why? Because along with your bad feelings, your moral compass goes dark and bad ideas don't seem that way. Instinct gets pissed right out and your sense of danger - either yours or another's - no longer exists. Shrimp commuting suicide? More like their instinctive response mechanisms have been shut off because fear can no longer be felt. Niggers lives matter fuckheads love using the fact white commit mass shootings. Why do they? All those white people who aren't "aloha snackbar"ing in the name of goat fucking we're on an antidepressant of one kind or another. It's pretty fucking clear the kike doctors are giving whites these to make them snap but then media frames that the drugs didnt work. Ie, "See? The shooter was on antidepressants! He was unstable!" not, "He started acting this way AFTER getting on the drugs." it's a fucking Orchestra.

Some key points:

Three years before Prozac received approval by the US Food and Drug Administration in late 1987, the German BGA, that country's FDA equivalent, had such serious reservations about Prozac's safety that it refused to approve the antidepressant based on Lilly's studies showing that previously nonsuicidal patients who took the drug had a fivefold higher rate of suicides and suicide attempts than those on older antidepressants, and a threefold higher rate than those taking placebos.

In learned helplessness, the level of serotonin is high, and an excess of serotonin helps to create the state of learned helplessness.

Autistic children and their relatives have high concentrations of serotonin in their serum and platelets. Members of a family tend to eat the same foods and to share other environmental conditions. Prenatal hypothyroidism and various kinds of imprinting, including hyperestrogenism, could account for this. Some studies have reported that thyroid supplements help autistic children, and anti-serotonin drugs have caused improvement in both children and adults.

Serotonin tends to cause hypoglycemia, and hypoglycemia inhibits the conversion of thyroxine into the active T3 hormone. Hypoglycemia and hypothyroidism increase noradrenaline, and autistic people have been found to have more noradrenaline than normal. These changes, along with the general hypometabolism caused by excess serotonin, seem to justify the use of a thyroid supplement in autism and other serotonin-excess syndromes.

Increased serotonin interferes with the consolidation of learning. Hypothermia has a similar effect. Since estrogen increases serotonergia, and decreases body temperature, these effects help to explain the long-observed interference of estrogen with learning.

If we think biologically, starting with the role of serotonin as a damage-induced inflammatory mediator, we can speculate that an infinite number of irritating substances will be “serotonin reuptake inhibitors.” The particular history of the “third generation antidepressants” is one that should disturb our tranquility.

This isn’t the result of civilizational progress. This is drugging people with stuff that makes them ignore predators/invaders. As in man, so in fish.


You have to somehow get the Chink and Pajeet populations down to about a fifth of what they are at present too.


Fucking down to zero works for me

And how exactly did it concentrate in the fish and shrimp brains to begin with? These people lie through their fucking teeth. We are all on anti-depressants, whether we know it or not.

Is this Corbett guy Jewish? I remember him dropping very redpilling 9/11 videos but I can't help but suspect that nose.

Like whites and jews?

And whites and nonwhite immigrants?

This. If you're not upset with our current situation then there's something very wrong with you.

You fucking take that back, asshole!

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I see no reason to think so and I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that he is. He just seems like a guy whose been talking about these issues for years now, without big zeal.

Ehrmagawd, stop fat shaming women, they can't help it. If they're unattractive it's your fault, so just take this other dangerous pill so you can give them a proper dicking

I love how this is basically saying serotonin is poison.

Being happy is now considered toxic behavior, haven't you heard?


screencap related
Just the "theory" behind SSRIs is absurd and insidious..
Don't get me started on how nefarious birth control is (in women AND in our water).
(Although it's hard to say natural springs are pure.)


The entire 'serotonin' theory of depression is being eroded with new research.

what's even more horrific is that this research is basically showing that SSRIs prevent recovery.

Serotonin is at most a mood stabilizer. It minimizes big changes in your mood. If you're depressed, this may (at most) stop you from sliding even further into depression. But it also stops your mood from improving significantly.
The long-term result of this is that nothing you do really makes you feel much better, or much worse. It creates a sort of learned helplessness that can drive people to just 'give up' on life. Even if they don't get bad enough to kill themselves, they just kind of become comfortable.

But user, national socialism is environmental.

This is hardly surprising. I live in Ontario and in the summer, there was this kindly old man that lives in the community, and I talked with him at work. We didn't have the stuff he was looking for but he told me all about different electrical engineering stuff, how to circumvent copy protection, which discs were shitty for archival, etc.

Anyways, he said in the 60s or 70s I guess, the great lakes were used as a dumping ground, especially Lake Ontario and Toronto area. Eg, morgues would just drain their blood down the drain or streets, which would end up there. According to him, active HIV virus would linger in the water, in the warm drainage areas, because there were no quality controls.


Speaking of which, we’ll all be infertile in 50 years.

Makes you think.

Guess why.

Murder these fuckheads.

It’s not murder if they broke the law (and all have). It’s execution for treason. You’ll never get anyone to agree to murder, and that’s because you’re a fucking psychopath if you want to commit murder. But if you prove to them what treason is, you can get normalfags to want all traitors to hang, whomever they are.

You're right, my mistake.

Pic related. Four Buzzfeed writers had their T levels tested.

Same goes for water.

Remember sars? Remember how no one who wasn't a chingchong got it? Purpose-bred diseases will be a very effective tool for killing off shitskins.

SSRIs cause erectile dysfunction (boner becomes permanently kill - no more erections ever), inability to achieve orgasm and ejaculate, and anhedonia.

They are anti-white pills.

Since this has me thinking about it, are there any anons around with handy infographics or links to articles for considerations related to removing fluoride via distillation? Most counter machines I see being sold look like they will spill the heads of the batch with all of the contained fluoride into the collection and leave all the sodium and/or other cations in the unit, and I'd kinda prefer to create my own rig, though with glass parts rather than copper/metal.

This pict show it even better

You could just get a distiller and pre-filter the water with activated carbon aka charcoal, they use it for filters. Someone also posted an inawoods one that looked nice but the cost went up to 300$. Alcohol distillers are also a thing.

This, pretty much.
I just run water through a Berkey type gravity filter, and then take the filtered water through an ordinary 5 gallon still, do as you would with anything else and dispose of the first and last of the resulting fluid. Once you've done that, run it through the still a second time.

If you're worried about low mineral content, just buy the extra magnesium/potassium/uranium whatever and add it yourself, there's plenty of guides out there regarding remineralizing water to work from.

I didn't think undifferentiated activated carbon would be effective for fluoride…after reading this, I did a quick dig and determined that bone char specifically is effective. I'm not worried about remineralization, just fluoride abatement since tap water alternatives in this area are few and tend to come in the (((usual))) plastic packaging.

I can figure it out from there, but I was looking for like, tested boil times to dissipate fluoride since it evaporates before or with water, stuff like that.

The charcoal is just to remove poo and nigger bits so they don't clog your still, the actual distilling bit is what removes the good goy particles.
Are you asking how long it's going to take to run a batch of water through a still?

Holy shit if kikesfeed shown their gross T levels

How do I test my own T level without Dr. Goldberg taking my blood? I've been working on boosting it and I feel a difference but my view is that feeling "normal" is a contemporary "normal" and feeling "normal" just 20 years ago would be abnormal.

Ejaculate in woman. If 9 months later you have a white baby you're good.

no he isn't.
And don't assume big noses = jew.

No, when you run a still, what you're doing is boiling a chemical soup full of different stuff, including halides like chlorine and fluorine, alkalies like sodium and potassium, and various other chemicals, including dissolved solids like calcium, zinc, etc., all of which have different evaporating temperatures.

When you run a still that starts as closed system, meaning as the temp in the still rises, things boil off, and everything that boils off ends up in the finished batch, fluorine and chlorine can ride along with the water and end up in the finished product, while sodium, calcium, zinc, etc. are left behind in the pot. In alcohol distilling, things in the batch that evaporate before the alcohol are called the 'heads', and things that evaporate after the alcohol are called the 'tails'. For water, fluoride would end up being in the 'heads' and I want to avoid contaminating the receiving vessel with it. I was looking for a rough guess of the amount of time per volume/surface area at boiling to boil off fluoride before putting the water vapor through the still.

Jonestein's are still a meme. If you check reviews, even on sites like natural news, that he's affiliated with, he sells some of the worst on the market.

Shouldn't you be able to find the evaporation point of what's in your water, then use the thermometer to guess out the heads? You could also get your source tested to find what chems are in it and the ratios of how much shit you have so you can properly calculate it. Been looking into doing this myself and I found these to be steps to take. Maybe you could throw some zeolite powder in your wash to suck up some of the heads before it vaporized. Just throwing out ideas.

Why did they even get it tested? To prove they aren't soyboys?

To prove that they don't need high test to be "real men".

Well, yes, I could overdo it in that manner and, in reality, there's no 100% removing anything from anything. I could spend lots of time calculating loss of concentration rates and taking samples and blah blah blah, I'm not trying to make this into a science fair project though. I was just hoping someone had worked out something like "for batches of 1-5 gallons, vent the water vapor for X minute(s)". I'm not a chemist or engineer, and while I could do that, if someone else already has…I mean, this is something everyone should be doing to avoid swallowing fluoride, I'm sure someone here has experience with it.

Oh, and zeolites are useful and interesting molecules, but I can't see that being worthwhile for fluoride. Most of the actual pollutants mentioned in the actual thread topic are too heavy to matter unless you boil your pot dry. Polite sage for forgetting to reply to the whole thing.

I am a chemist. This is only a problem if your water is fluoridated with fluorosilicic acid. Any fluoride salts or fluorosilicate salts are left behind in the scale. Even if your water is fluoridated with fluorosilicic acid if you have hard water it will react with the calcium to make calcium salts that will be left behind when distilling. If you're really worried about it, get a TDS tester and test your distillate. It should be at or very near zero.

t. chemist
Tl,Dr; just start distilling already


That's not good enough. The soyboys are breeding

Hey dude, I'm just trying to make it easier. Zeolite and activated charcoal have similar properties that might help in bonding some of the chems in the water to make them heavier, if you're worried about it. I know zeolite is great for removing fusile oils in vodka.

Reminder to not drink tap water and instead drink pure water. Distilled water.

Whose fucking idea was this? Not only will the balls heat up like crazy, they'll also leach chemicals right into the reservoir.

Water treatment with UV and ozonisation currently seem to be the best bets when it comes to breaking down complex organics like hormones, antibiotics and other drugs.

This is fucked beyond belief but what I'm reading is that anti-depressants (linked to degraded pattern-recognition makes you more willing to take risks, be happier or apathetic during relatively bad events or scenarios and less racist), birth control (estradiol), plastics (more estrogenic compounds) and hormone replacement (yet more estrogen) are being slowly and steadily consumed and absorbed by nearly every person in the United States. This requires national attention and solution immediately

You'd need lab equipment. That said a safe bet is to eliminate consumption of contaminants immediately and eat a high fat diet.

They're black so that the black pigments absorb the light instead of the plastic itself, which would degrade the plastic faster.

You're going to have to give someone your precious bodily fluids. If you don't want you doctor to find out there are labs that will let you get whatever tests done as long as you pay. No doctor's orders needed.


Dude, too soon.

What filters would you recommend? and anything similar to this diagram like with
or is different in setup?

Reported for uploading a thumbnail-sized image, a (((forum degradation technique))).

Also, in many cases, depression and anxiety are caused by childhood traumas inflicted by parents and/or peers. "Spare the rod, spoil the child" is an example of this. If you make a person unable to fulfill his own wants/needs (or worse: come to hate/despise them and himself) because of over-authoritarian parenting styles during childhood, you create either a big pharma customer or a new religious convert.
What if it's anti-depressants reducing church-going? If so, how wonderfully ironic is it that the Abrahamic Trauma Machine is being starved because the children it traumatizes are going to anti-depressants as adults rather than imbibe some bullshit from a holy bullshit peddler on Sundays!
The simple solution isn't to yell and hit your child for errors of judgment he could never hope to have developed before age 12. The simple solution is to go full MolyMeme.

Assuming you don't go overboard and turn your son into a white nigger who has to steal for his drug habit, because daddy belted him too many times.

Thanks, based chemistryfag. I think I'm still going to come up with or get a cheap rig to use for when I'm actually forced to use tap water or for other purposes. While I was doing my due diligence though, I discovered a local artesian source.

Psychology lied to you.

(((Whose))) idea

Make sure it's been tested. Juat because it's natural, doesn't mean it's good to drink. You can still have high lead levels or high nitrates from agricultural runoff.

All antidepressants cause increased suicide risk because they start off giving a patient more physical energy without immediately rebalancing the brain chemistry to a higher level of serotonin. In other words they can give people who would otherwise be too paralyzed by depression enough willpower to actually go through with suicide at first.

That is the entire point. The patients mood is stabilized so he can start to participate in real life and more importantly therapy successfully in order to break the negative feedback loop a depression creates. Antidepressants are not supposed to make you happy, just more balanced. Doctors prescribing them as a "cure" are frauds but that's also mainly an American problem.


It's been tested, though the testing is done biannually by the (((EPA))) and the results are evidently not published. I'm not sure how to feel about that. I've considered doing my own testing.

Of course it's not a meme. You get paid shills like crying MUH ALEGS JONESS LOL TINFOIL BTFO REEEEEEEEE and then the threads get autosaged whenever it's brought up. Think about why something objectively true would get that treatment.


You're dropping all pretense of logic and skepticism just because it's Super Male Vitality guy that's the target. Filter merchant uses a third party review source that's completely unrelated and all the reviews there are very high.

Here's where you hopefully realize this is exactly the outcome they intended.

Zoloft worked wonders for me, so fuck off.

Like clockwork.

No thats not how they work. SSRIs numb emotional responses including fear of dying. You can guess what happens when you remove fear of dying from a suicidal person. As the amount of seretonin in the brain slowly increases the user eventually slides into passivity and a flat emotional state. These symptoms are also known as the "passive" symptoms of schizophrenia. In this state the user is unlikely to suicide because he simply cant be arsed to do anything and he does not care anyway. SSRIs are not entirely useless, some of them can be deployed as part of a combat cocktail of various psychoactive substances that turns the user into an aggressive and fearless killer. That was perhaps not the intended useage but nothing else works as well.

There are far better compounds for sucicide prevention like lithium orotate but you cant patent the salt of a basic element and there is no profit in such substances. Litium increases the brains production of seretonin but it does not appear to change the seretonin release profile which means far less side effects. Much of modern medicine is about symptom treatment and not about curing because curing people cuts into profit. Psychiatry is particulary pozzed because it is 100% about symptom management and has always been. It is simply not possible to fix malformed or broken brains so the afflicted person must be warehoused with a minimum of fuss and expense. That often requires forced behavior modification, hence the use of electroshock, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and SSRIs. Psychiatry and psychology are two fields that have to be razed to the ground and rebuilt after the DOTR.

Magnesium did wonders for me. Still not perfect, but a lot better.