A Great Awakening

A friend emailed me this and I thought it was important….

An Open Letter to my fellow Americans

To those whose find this, this is not a declaration of Supremacy, this is an affirmation of our collective manifest destiny. As the decades pass the American people increasingly have few things in common. Some may say diversity is our greatest strength. I do not agree. I think our greatest strength is Unity inspite of our diversity. As Americans some of us do not speak the same language, eat the same foods, have the same skin color, but all of these things matter none.

We have an unspoken agreement and understanding or at least we used to. We all new this was the litmus test, "The Great Expieriment" a multicultural Bastian of like minded people from all walks of life. We greatly underestimated the forces against us. These people who wish to rule over us, run our Governments, change our way of life, divide us into groups of their choice,unelected bureucrats, who meet in secret to violate every man, woman, and child, no matter the race.

They enslave us monetarily, change our religious institutions to suit their agenda, teach our children a false history, and worse, much much worse. They are the dividers. They are the racists. They are the sexists.They are the bigots.They are the enemy. And you know all their names. The individuals who used to run this Country, the banking systems, the drug cartels, media organizations, terrorist organizations etc. But some you have never even heard of. Saudi Arabian royalty, Zionist Bankers, Media marketing agencies like GANNET or Tegna, CEOS, and yes our Spiritual Leaders such as and espiecially the Vatican itself. Including the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, and others are completely and utterly infested with greedy evil individuals.

These forces we face are dangerous and powerful. Yet I have no doubt in my people. Not just Americans but all of humanity. I see the patterns and understand how things work. Speaking out is dangerous. I understand. But as Americans the world looks to us. They might not want to admit it…but its true. And because of this I have no fear for us. We must not fret or panic. We come from the greatest stock the world has to offer. Men and women who left a tyrannical Government and fought the Worlds greatest military and WON!

People who established the greatest and biggest economy the World has ever seen. People who understood the meaning behind the words in that constitution we forget about so often. People who meticulously crafted every word, and punctuation in that document, with enough foresight to see the troubles that we face even today. People who fought again and again for the rights of the forgotten few against the will of the powerful. People who fought their own Country men because of their sinful and disgusting ways. People who established world renowned schools that have educated famous scholars, writers, Politicians, Philanthropists, inventors, artists, and more. People who understood genuine equality through a competitive market based on merit. Instead of a virtue signaling, dependency market, based on skin color, to make you lose your sense of self reliance.

This is the stock you come from. So I do not worry for you. I just wanted you to know somebody else feels the way you do. And you are NOT alone. We will win. This is the Great Awakening. ThanQ ;)


An American

"The roots of knowledge are bitter but it's fruits are sweet


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Relax people KEK unfortunately for you tough guys we aren't only White anymore. So make the best of this Country the point isnt Q or Race the point is we have to unify or die end of discussion. Far from fuck or a Big Lover just reality fags!


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That’s probably the most accurate answer. Both parties are complacent in it.

Both are fully compromised and trying to force anyone that resists to be a part of the fake gender BS.

There’s no such thing as gender, you said it yourselves leftists, gender is a social construct. Meaning it’s not real, you’re making it up to serve your own political motives.

There are only two defined sexes, and then the rest are anomalies of genetic scatter. While they are not the same as a non-anomalous person they are still humans.

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Oh yea, sure, diversity is our strength all right.

How is that having the 'workers seize the means of production' (whatever that even means at this point)?

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