Peter Strzok and the Cabal: the plot thickens

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

All the way to the kike. They're all incestual when it comes to their secret society shit.

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I don't know that we're going to be able to dig any further into Strzok than OP pic related. Does anyone have a relationship web going for people on the blue team that have this information and any of the mentioned persons' social/familial links included?

This is the right question. Is there a direct connection between Strzok and this Lambert that was just indicted? The nuke thing is big, on the tips of all of the players' tongues.

Checked. See anons, this is how a man acts.

tbh this is just fascinating. He's a member of the Deep State. It turns out the mistress wasn't the "one", but he was just bragging to her, like a fucking fool.

What was the most fascinating part? The attempt to paint it all as a catholic conspiracy?

Sod the kikes & the catholics.

thanks user that means alot to me now.

So was this guy involved in the #secretsociety phone messages or just a typical deep-state stooge?

I believe so. I believe he was in the secret society.

Like the ones in the Trump administration?


Where's the proof shareblue?

There's a lot of layering going on to isolate the top from the bottom, but this guy is clearly in the middle somewhere. Since he's on the inside of .gov, I can't imagine he makes a lot of decisions other than as needed because he can't go asking for instructions all the time, but he's clearly a highly-valuable asset and well-placed. Keep in mind this guy is supposed to be coint; frankly, it's very suspicious that he kept getting his finger into these pies. Maybe the Russian hoax was less a pretext to surveil and more a pretext to get this operative specifically involved. Frankly, if I were Clinton or the deep state blue team, I'd come up with anything besides 'muh Russian hax0rz'. Maybe there are few deep state operatives in the FBI, often considered the enemy of the CIA.

So Bottom line,
Obama's fuck buddy is Peter Strzok's uncle?
Talk about conflicts of interest…

There are many secret societies.

For example, the top-level "secret" of the CIA is to kill all whites. The "secret" ruler of the CIA is the kikes.

It's possible to intuit this, however, by merely observing their activities, which serve in every instance to kill whites, harm whites, disserve whites, and give undue gain to kikes.

Yeah, I suppose, but the point is missed. The CIA can't launch its own cointel probe to exonerate Clinton or entrap Trump because it has no investigatory power in the US. The FBI whether you believe FBIanon is a larper or not is widely regarded as anti-CIA. This may be cover, but I suspect that in domestic departments and agencies that are left-averse (DOD, FBI/LE, DHS, read: tuff guy stuff) or otherwise have little to do with stereotypical leftist gibsmedat priorities, there may not be many agents of the so-called deep state in there while the CIA is sucking in most of the sociopaths.

The thread info is very important if my supposition is correct, because the FBI is the only entity really getting publicly looked at over its seditious activities. Few agents means it's more likely for the organization to have opposition to their political agenda and for it to be discovered or outed by others in the organization. It also means little to lose for the blue team and that if action is taken against the FBI/DOJ, (((they))) benefit from weaker opposition. What it also means is that, if only the FBI/DOJ gets attention, what else are (((they))) doing elsewhere while that is happening? I've been suspicious of this whole charade since it went mainstream. It was still being buried as of a couple nights ago outside of Faux News, but something seems fishy about the fact that it's not being completely ignored altogether. Yes, the lugenpresse looks complicit, but this is different. I think they're ginning up this episode and not even attempting to dig deeper, which is ridiculous considering all of the other shit that is likely, supposed to have, and proven to have actually happened. The web obviously goes much deeper and everyone here and anyone else with a brain knows it, what we need to be ahead of is the attempt to call it a day after this guy goes to prison or shoots himself in the back of the head a couple times with a nailgun.

The joos run Drump? Libtards BTFO!