Some "quality" commie revolution memes

The Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA left their meme directory listings open:

It's some quality stuff i tell you hwat. Pic related.

T H E L E F T C A N ' T M E M E




So he isn’t an enemy of black people?

For cucks who pride themselves on using a lot of "smart words" in their essays for brainwashing camp (university) they certainly have a poor understanding of those words. Maybe they're appealing to the lack of english skills common among niggers?

By no means. He'll help them go back to Africa, where it's totally not a shithole.

Third one is good the 1st is meh and the second is just confusing.

No they're all shit and too verbose and lack sting. This is logical product of a group of people who neither believe in or do marketing.


For the third one, is the criminal system God? The weather (a storm "system")? What am I looking at? Are they blaming the weather on Capitalism?



What is it with communists who keep whining about natural disasters as if an economic ideology and Imperialism has anything to do with it? Also I can garantee you any Texan would have solved their problems of the flood a gorillion times faster than a gajillion worth of streetshitting subhumans would ever do in their lifetime.

My jimmies are rustled. I was in Hurricane Harvey, my family and I lost everything. That meme doesnt even convey the niggers shooting at cops, robbing homes, raping people, etc. No, it's all the capitalists scum's fault for bad weather.
Fuck these pinko scum and their nigger mayor of Houston.

You should also take a look at the "anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic", pro-#FreePalestine gommies. Quite a confusing bunch, they go around protesting the idea that Zionism is Nazism because of muh poor innocent sandniggers, they compare Palestinians dying with the Holohoax as if that kike lie actually happened. They support stopping the genocide of the dune coons but still secretly want Whites to be eradicated via (((racemixing))) and (((diversity))). Carlos Latuff is a good example of this.

< thumbnails

These all suck because they're trying to dictate how the reader is supposed to think and feel; that's the fundamental problem with their memes before even tackling their verboseness. Their preachiness also severely reduces their virulence because they'll only be spread by those who are already conditioned to accept them.
Just look at pic related, the top half is an attempt at a leftist meme, portraying themselves as the side of 'goodness, peace, and love' against the 'hatred, etc.' of trump and his supporters, but it's been exploited by placing it in the mind of a probable single mother yelling at a bored cop and being held back by her panicking half-breed son.

Our goals would do more for the Palestinian people than these slacktivists ever could imagine, and we don't even like them.

It literally doesn't mean anything.


Im aware, I'm more livid they would even pull the example. It was chaotic and disastrous. When old ladies you've never met before weep in your arms because they have nothing, like you, it's solemn, not to be charged for political agenda.

How is it even possible to unironically make shit that bad? I could try my hardest to make the cringiest leftist memes I could muster, and it would pale in comparison to that.

I want to say that a troll made that last one to poke fun of that guy, but I've been lurking on the internet long enough to know otherwise. All of those photos remind me of the You Cringe You Lose threads on half/b/ years ago.

commies, RINO, and liberals, are shit people.

Are they really this retarded?

You're from Israel.

Nah I completely agree with Carlos Latuff when it comes to breaking Pissrael's border wall. The Zioshit kikes being gangraped and stabbed by all the dune coons will be so entertaining. This time it will be a real Holocaust. However this doesn't stop the known fact that Carlos Latuff is just some commie Arab huemonkey who keeps portraying le ebil Whitey as the "opressors" while nogs and shitskins always dindu nuffin. He might even think kikes are White.

pic very ducking related

When Palestine or Mossad is brought up kikes get scared and say "muh sandniggers" even though Hitler did support Muslims. There were Palestinian Nazis. You're trying way to hard to fit in.

lets see what leftypol is talking about…

The Sword of Jewry is not our friend.

Checked and kekd.
Holy shit I spit coffee everywhere

Every single meme is words upon words upon words. They have to keep writing to tell people how to feel and think instead of letting people intrinsically come to their own conclusions, which makes the memes real.

All the Fed posting in here is amusing.

Also, I have HIV.

So this guy is confirmed an anti-white subversive, possible lefty/pol/ack.

When whites send rapists to rape their own, do you blame him?

He's not Holla Forums nigger, he's alt-lite civnat-tier. This is the majority of the supposed "alt-right". They're nothing more than civic nationalists with a libertarian base.

Of course I support Assad, Iran and Religion of Cuck™ic movements like Hezbollah since they have been known to support Hitler, which means they aren't cucked femishits like Carlos Latuff. Doesn't stop me from hating goat fucking shitskins, though. If the rapefugees aren't enough to tell you how they truly feel about Whites, I don't know what will. I'm just telling you communists like Carlos Latuff are just utterly confused soyboys who see everything they hate as Literally Hitler, it's insulting how they keep comparing Zionism to NatSoc. To them, everything is "racist" and "sexist". It just goes to show that the Marxist golems always tend to bite the (((hand))) that feeds them.

I'll give the sandniggers the benefit of the doubt, they're useful for killing kikes and bombing their infastructure. I still don't want them living on an ethnostate, nor should I ever care about how many goats they fucked, or how many heads they've beheaded recently. Jewish interests or any non-White interests should never be a thing when it comes to an ethnostate. Foreign aid should be abolished as well.

Assad isn't your typical Arab shitskin since he's an alawite and Iranians aren't mostly Arab shitksins either. White Iranians exist you know.

You realize that for every kike Hamas kills, Al Nusra, ISIS and other Wahhabi kill 10 Europeans and 100 non-muslim middle easterners, right?

Sunnis are the second best goyim after murkan evanjewlicals.

I stumbled on latuff back in high school during the bush years when I was a jones-tier fag and his drawings were my first exposure to the JQ

He's a faggot though


good stuff



holy shit those are the mot miserable pieces of attempted propaganda I've ever seen.

The second is a visual mess, hard to follow, cluttered, and most damning of all, pointless piece. They also forget to even attempt to draw a correlation between DRUMPF and segregation. They even place "his" side on the colour blue (good), with the commies on the black (evil)

The third is my absolute favourite.

Very vague, hard to understand as a result.
There is no visible correlation to "the criminal system".
Very weakly worded. Capitalism-imperialism is awkward to say, even mentally.
It is also seemingly unrelated to the previous two segments of the piece.

lmao what a joke. clearly meant only for their own circlejerks. Hopefully there are more gorgeous examples in there


That cop looks smug as fuck

The commies have the right idea with Pence they are simply not going far enough with it.

What the shit

Hahaha I know who made the first one, she walks around with it on a large poster board and peddles her Communist newspaper on the subway in Manhattan NYC. She's some jew boomer, I'll try to get pics next time.

Oh I forgot to mention, she's actually tries to sell them for money.

I remember in elementary school every single year when it was time to start whining about the deforestation our teacher would always try to convince us that there were literally zero forests in Europe because they cut them all down and we don't want to be like that. No one bought it, of course, but it still managed to leave traces of anti-European, anti-white and ultimately anti-civilization sentiments in many developing minds.

The third one is the most retarded. The implication is that capitalism caused the flood, and also that a flood reduces our standard of living to that of a third world brown country. What a natural disaster has to do with politics is beyond me.

I don't even want to think about the white women and children that ended up in shelters with those niggers. We know what happened to the women in shelters during the Katrina hurricane.

She does not sound like good comrade, but filthy capitalist dog! To gulag!

These memes are fucking terrible.
They don't follow the formula, and contain too much information.

Where have I seen the creature in the last image before?

People keep using these old pics but he looks far, far worse nowadays.

This is projection.

He's right tho. Hating your ancestors is one of the main things they pushed to the Germans during de-nazification.

What the fuck does natrual disastor have to do with Capitalism/Imperialism or the Criminal System?


There's no logical intent here. They just want any opportunity possible to slam their enemies.

What's funny is that second photo could easily be from China or Viet Nam which are socialist countries.

Kek, they just can't resist bringing up the fact that Trump lost a completely arbitrary and meaningless contest they invented which has literally no connection to the presidential election whatsoever.

He's wrong. We don't hate our ancestors, we hate the jews that forced them into the war.

No, he's not.
Because the Germans and those that fought for the axis fought against the Jew World Order. Unlike their counterparts in allied countries like Russia and the USA; these people will die of old age in a few years, so there's no use thinking about them, but there is no reason not to hate them- they are worthless race traitors that ruined everything. I don't care if it was the Jews that manipulated them, I hate both them and the Jews because both are ultimately responsible.

Those are some very impressive digits, but I'm not convinced. I despise anyone that fought against NSDAP Germany.

Getting caught was part of their plan

Fair enough, but credit where is credit is due, they are never fund with the kikes. If you've ever seen Arab media before, especially in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Syria and even Turkey in some cases, they all know that the so-called blood libel actually happened, the Holocaust never happened (but it should have, and it will) and they even admire Hitler. However in most cases the sandniggers still have the intentions of conquering other nations via outbreeding the native populations especially in Europe, and I guess I can understand why they would do and say such things. Any race would have done and said the same thing, niggers like the idea of being tribalistic, always being against Whites the most. Asians might even say the same thing, too. They're not like the rapey subhuman niggers or sandniggers but if they actually choose to conquer any nation, their actions against the native populations can be pretty horrific to watch, but Asians are never like this for the most part.

Also again, no one likes a Jew. This is Holla Forums 101. Why do you think the Americans actually started to call these rat bastards as "kikes", derived from the Hebrew word "kike"?

*word "kike".

So you despise George Lincoln Rockwell? I'm not saying the (((Allied Powers))) were good but I'm just saiyan. :^)

I honestly don't even consider these disgusting abominations to be "people". They're fucking demons summoned by the kikes to corrupt and destroy humanity

He fought against Japan, and later redeemed himself. 99% of the WWII generation in allied countries was scum, and the same can be said of the baby boomers.



A lot of soldiers and generals regretted what they had done. You should read up on what those people wrote themselves, you'd be surprised how many of them finally came to understand who they where fighting for and the mistake they made by fighting for them without question. It's just in the midst of it that there is a lot of confusion and no clear picture.

The baby boomers where absolute scum I agree, weak willed faggots that produce more weak willed faggots.

Yes. Every since the trannycommiepig.webm shit leftypol had been stabbed to a pulled of blood even more. They made leftpol which of course is the latter of redditfags on just another shitty board started by some commiefaggot who barely gets any views on his kiketube channel.

I can agree with that one.

Hey guys let's call Trump a Nazi for the 6,000,000th time. That's hip and fresh right?



Brutally honest, holy shit.

It even sounds stupid when I don't know what they're saying. Maybe it's just easy to infer since they're communists.

Seriously, don't chant with politically motivated crowds, it's a repulsive, mindless activity


Agreed. Singing and marching are the way to go.


I also think it's ridiculous how they specify Texas, but on the other side just slap the broad name of "South Asia". Where in South Asia? Malaysia? Cambodia? Brunei? Define "South Asia". Is India considered "South Asia" What about Micronesia?
And they say we're the uneducated ones bad at geography who don't know the differences between different nations and people.

communism is a form of retardation.

That will do, thanks.

It was stupid of them to use a subdivision of a country and an entire subcontinent, but South Asia means India.

We can reuse the fourth pic just well.

If you ever gonna post commie memes, no matter how shitty it is.
Always make sure to modify it, make spelling errors and similar shit to make it look like amateur retarded shit, even to a commie.
Then if the meme are copied and spread at some point, it will at least look even more stupid.

Commies already do that to our superior memes.

Except central america doesn't exist. Either list continents, list countries, or list regions. You can't mix and match.