Meguca is an Holla Forums offshoot that exists because 8ch is too full of shills. The irony is, the shilling is in full effect, and their so-called chan alternative is pure dick-sucking.

Now tell me something new.

They think 8ch is the problem. I think you're both kikes, tbqh.

That name is as retarded as pizzagate. No one with an IQ above 90 will want to go there. Also terrible advertisement at least make a decent thread for it.

Are you implying that that isn't a thing?

I like Meguca. Mods here are too ban happy with people they deem just a tad too spicy with their memes. Also the influx of redditors we had for like a year since the election was absolutely unbearable. Two months ago I was clawing my eyes out looking at all the Trump sycophantic screeds shat out by moonman that he then self-stickied. Shows you what kind of mental giants are behind this place, but it really is still the best trafficked/free speech I've seen. Meguca is fun for shitposting and liveposting is neat, but cooks my laptop. I encourage any and all fragmentation as decentralization is a good thing when it comes to becoming impossible to censor completely.

take your pony tranny shit elsewhere

Meguca is full of tranny goons, it's fucking degenerate shithole

Sage. Everyone here knows that place is filled with retards and /a/

Fuck you OP

I tried out meguca for awhile but it might as well be freech, the quality of the other user was similar

Sage this fucking thread.


would you bump a thread where someone said they got banned from 4cucks or plebbit?

Meguca isn't worth going to. They're obsessed with one-piece bathing suits and cross-dressing.


No, but those places suck. Meguca is fun.

To be honest most oldfags have left. It seems we had IRL goals to pursue. I browse rarely compared to my daily browsing for a good number of years. The quality is down markedly, and not just explained by the lull periods between presidential elections where there's a natural cooling off period.

What's the difference?

You aren't doing us any favors you autist.

Oh bother.

I'm sure I'm going to start believing you any moment now, you know, two years of repeating the same one liner with no actual evidence really makes me believe it.

You should be gassed for your posts.

yeah fuck all of these megoonca shills, all of the oldfags are still here on fullchan.
Imkampfy did nothing wrong

Nah. Stop assuming you faggot.
t. 2005 and beyond

This is what the average poster on meguca looks like, they're worse than leftypol. Full cancer.

meguca mods are awful, they ban anybody who criticizes the tranny porn which they frequently post without spoilers. whatever you do, never go to meguca.

why are you telling us this

drumpfchan is a shadow of its former self, you have to admit

fuck off reddit

All oldfags and originalfags use Holla Forums. Only transsexual teenagers use meguca. You should be banned for shilling that place.