Doug Ford

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Doug needs the Pepe treatment.

Kathleen Wynne as Wojak



If he tweets this image he wins
Chem eck dudes



No. Fuck off you drug addled kikes.

Aside from smoking crack, I heard he was a pretty good mayor

Not even close.

Welp, looks like we're doing something right, here.

Doug Ford is not Rob Ford, who died of cancer.

Or do you want (((Kevin O'Leary))) to be the leader?

Warnout Cokeseller most likely.

That was Rob Ford and he was pretty okay; people generally liked him around here.

This feels like astroturf.
While you're here though, you may as well make your case for Doug Ford.

I wonder how many kids this one has fiddled?

I wonder how many kids you fiddled?

Thank you!

Fuck off Doug.


The current guy on the ticket dropped out because he was a pussy.
Doug Ford is only a Prospective candidate, but we need him to be a Declared candidate.,_2018#Prospective_candidates
He's literally the best of the lot.
Story is he is more focused on becoming the Toronto Mayor, but Ontario needs him more.
Show Him Love! Get him to declare he is running for Premier.
His Facebook
His Youtube
His Instagram
His Email [email protected]

Brother of a crack head and a leaf. Why should we care?

If he's the best there is then we all have no excuse not to run for office ourselves.

If he won, the commies would literately off them selves daily. Canada has a lot of Commies.

I'm not going to look into him, as I'm an American and as far away as one could get from Canada, can I have a quick run down on why he'd cause mass suicides? Being the brother, and ergo, enabler of a crackhead doesn't sit well with me.

I see you've skipped the part where you make a compelling case for why we should help your campaign.
In response I'm going to skip the part where I help you.

Doug, if you explicitly name Mossad and refer to Canada as "occupied territory" I will vote for you. Otherwise fuck off. You're not your brother but you're a hash dealing punk and the spitting image of an untermensch, and I say that as someone who likes the occasional bowl. Being the least worst simply isn't good.enough even if you paid money for a dubs algorithm.

I'm not sure why, someone could explain it better, but the liberal media destroyed Rob Ford (Toronto Mayor), everyone knew his name, from across the world, because the crack video surfaced. It was disproportionately more press than it should have got.
Marxists seem to hate Doug just as much.
Plus he hates Sodomites

The current Premier is a Woman and a sodomite.

please stop doing this

So wait, hes actually running? News to me.

Rob Ford saved a billion dollars for Toronto, which is like New York saving 10 billion. He never missed a day and was a peoples mayor. Took individual calls and cared about the problems that normally go ignored, showed up on peoples doorsteps etc, very hands on and public oriented. The only people who hated him were corrupt kikes who he fucked over, when he cut their commie benefits, million dollar hotdog parties like Obama was having etc. The gravy train I think he called it.

I should put it this way, Rob Ford was a crack smoking white man but he was an honorable crack smoking white man with his heart in the right place. Even a degenerate crack smoker can do a better job than an actual kike, like Rahm Emanuel. Compare Chiraq to Toronto, both cities have large non-white populations.. but Toronto is just like any average African city. Chiraq is like fucking Johannesburg.



What? Rob Ford was basically a nigger. He spent all his time high in his office and he drove drunk. Fuck you for trying to defend him.

It's happening! Fire up those twitters guys! Show Ford some love.

Help! Need moar meme ideas.


John Tory's Not Gonna go for Ontario PC Party Leadership!

I need the blank "It's Afraid" meme

Fuck off with the astroturfed fake memes Doug. Name the jew or stop pretending you deserve support. You and your family behave like niggers and work for kikes.

This is obviously controlled opposition.



Is that the best bait you have? LOL

The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

Doug you are a kike. We remember you and your brother. Fuck off. A dubs algorithm isn't the same thing as being a good person. You are not a leader of men.

Liberals exodus incoming!

mmm… salt

Yeah just like Trump did eh? Fuck off nigger, we need to take baby steps here because big steps will not work with the state of the cucks who live here.

Baby steps like electing a wigger family to power again after watching them smoke crack, sneer at white people, party with niggers and FUCKING MURDER A MAN TO COVER UP THEIR CRIMES.

Suck my dick, Doug. You don't deserve respect and you know it. You are somewhere between a nigger and a kike in my eyes. Baby steps. Fuck you.

So who's /ourguy/ then? Consider how hard the media went after Rob, absolutely did not pull any punches, a warm-up for what Trump has been going through. Remember who owns the (((media))) and vote the opposite of who they want?

Why the fuck are you blocking their names you raging faggot

I'll admit the media's hatred of him is a sign he may not be their ally. That's why I'm willing to let him name the jew (and I will settle for talking about he crimes of Mossad, mentioning Israeli lobbies as dangerous, or any similar "I know what's going on" code phrase).

But… Trump had magic and sacred truth on his side. Doug is, at best, a self absorbed untermensch like his brother but slightly better at hiding his flaws. When it comes down to it, the only thing I can really appreciate their family for is teaching me the word bumbaclot and getting drunk with niggers. Prove me wrong Mr. Ford. I am prepared to admit I am wrong about you, but you seem like a pathetic walking cliche of what the left wishes we were. I dare you to be more.

Honestly perhaps we really should all run.

Yes, but we won't and if we do we will never know since it would end their political career. In place of this let's discuss who the best candidate is (it is not always as obvious as Trump) and meme them to victory. God knows we need it here after Wynne for the last little while. We got kiked our of Bernier, let's not let that happen again.

Well it can't be Wynne. Ford would be a gift to the left though, I fear. Even if he's actually a great guy and not a dull eyed thug, he's much closer to the "evil white man" stereotype than is helpful. I mean, do you want a literal murder discussion on the campaign trail? Because that will happen, and it will be completely warranted. I too would like answers to that clusterfuck stain on our government.

I don't have a good answer for you yet, but Doug is not /ourguy/. However, I will not tolerate the pizzagate infestation of Toronto much longer. If he's our only option our responsibility becomes one of grooming him to fuck up the hebrews. I really don't like the idea of him in power though.

I have no special affection for him either but the pickings are always slim here. Someone feel free to chime in with a better candidate, I have not seen one.

He has that Trump vibe.



I'm gonna need to see how a Doug is worse than a dyke, and pronto. That dyke has the face of a woman who molests little girls, Janet Reno on steroids that munter. I'm beginning to smell a saging Jew shill.

He may be involved in a murder to cover for his brother.

You have my attention.

Any word on who killed those billionaire pharmakikes?



fuggin' saved

Sauce me first, second tell me why I should care in this instance. Trump committed a litany of crimes in the NYC contracting scene and I don't care, he's still been a net positive for me and light years ahead of shillary. So sauce, what was the murder covering, and huwhy care?

Sodomites BTFO

Ford now top contender.

I have these.

Right. This whole thread is run by uour office. Fuck off Doug.


dubs confirmed

Ford nation is all niggers. Ontario is already Ford nation.

How much do you get per post
I am serious, my shitposting skills are far better than yours, you know? Free market competition and stuff.
Hope your boss sees my post and replies back to me with a job offer in 2 minutes

[email protected]

The dubs in this thread are totally naturally occurring and respect for Doug Ford is totally white. My mistake.

Fuck off back to Mossad.


Hire this goy, it is the will of Kek.

Hot Memes, Hot Memes, get your hot memes

Oh look, totally organic dubs again. If this post gets dubs maybe it really is Kek's will otherwise you're a shill for an easily blackmailed gangster.

I don't know what's better. The OC itt, or you being absolutely butt blasted over some digits.


Probably the digits. Your oc is corporate and stale.


*Your campaign office's oc


Ah fuck it. A bump to make up for my sages (phone is changing ID on me by the way). Mr Ford I don't like you. We had to sit through your brother and I liked him more than I like you. I am concerned about your mafia ties and while I don't begrudge a man his hash I worry you are in deep with the kikes yourself, and being presented to us as a Trumpesque controlled opposition to hold onto control of one of (((their))) international bunkers. In the event you are truly on our side I am willing to listen to you, and to ally though not follow you. If you make fucking up "globalists" the primary issue of your campaign, and throw the left for a loop with a few environment issues like gardens and cycling, I will have your back. If you are truly a man of the people I wish you luck and will give you another chance. Do not be arrogant with it. Tell us why we should vote for you.

It's Happening!!!!! He officially is running.


Liberals BTFO

Upcoming Rally! Locals get out there! We need Pepe there

Campaign theme song

Fuck you,

Oops, not YOU.

Fuck you to the punk ass muh Chretien hack though. You know who you are.


What's at 666 Dixon rd?


Chiffres vérifiés!


Then don't post in the thread you stupid niggers. The Leafs who like him will shill and meme him in the normieverse, don't act like your dumb ass is so important that we need to give you an argument and convince you. Most of us leafs already know who he is and would be glad to support him.

Not sure if shilsl or just ignorant burgers.

Why are you blanking the names out? This isnt cuckchan. We have regular antifa dox threads etc.

Twitter Poll - Doug's going to win!

We're gonna make this dumpy village great again.

(and checked)
Make Ontario Great Again.

Dank memes

top kek

Purposely lived in Quebec when I had a fedgov job. Cheaper hydro. (Et oui je parle la langue.)

Warms my heart.

love the smell of napalm in the morning

Terraform the swamp. Plant trees and get rid of all this molochian brutalist architecture. Deny Tikkun Olam. Conserve our lands and waters for our children. Canada has too much natural beauty to lose.

Other pharmakikes that he was going to "expose" in a book. They all hated him for making shit that they patented but doing it cheaper. As for which ones I doubt we'll be able to find out, and if the cops figure it out they won't make it public before they're threatened.

Your doing God's work user, don't stop.


Doug Ford is currently the only Declared PC Candidate.
Vic Fedeli Withdrew.
Doug Ford will be the PC Leader March 24, 2018, and then the Premier of Ontario June 7th, 2018!,_2018

Good. Pressure him to get all the kike plastics out of our lakewater. Don't let Wynne pretend she gives a shit about nature. Kick the hippies out from under her right from the start so her base is split.

Official Doug Ford Statement - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Interesting… explain, in memes preferably.

Dank Meme



He really was the hero Toronto didn't deserve.

Make Ontario Great Again

Doug needs to call out the kikery of the current Libshit regime every chance he gets. Damn near every person I know hates Wynne with a fucking passion, and I live 40 min from Toronto. Right near the heart of pozzville.

The absolute madman.

Fuck me why did our politicians let Sikhs come to dominate our trucking industry. It's literally getting people killed on the highways.

My friend told me he discovered, when doing a mechanical service on a truck that the Indians had sawed through the bed so they could SHIT ON THE STREET.

I work with freighter crews and even those FOBS aren't as bad as these fucks who think they're "Canadians".


PC President: @JagBadwal
People on the LEOC:
Hartley Lefton (chair) @hartleylefton
Jeremy Adams
Janet Carwardine
Thomas DeGroot ‏@ThomasRVPE
Abraham Elias
Stephen Gilchrist @enviro_steve
Julia Munro
Jason Pollock
Kaydee Richmond @KaydeeRichmond
Rebecca Thompson @thompson

Wrong Link


BATTLESTATIONS!!! The Rat Hartley Lefton Is Scheming To Stop Doug Ford with the New LEOC PC Rules tomorrow!
Fire Up Twitter Guys!
Demand PC President @JagBadwal to Fire the Rat!

Taking care of nature is inherently conservative. Canadians may need to be reminded who we are. Our country's natural beauty must be preserved for our children, and the many methods of experiencing our country should be spoken of in one breath. Hiking, bicycling, fishing, hunting, camping - all the same Canadian passtime of "outdoorsmanship" that we all have in common.

(((Somehow))) the false left/right divide has been given the narrative that evil big business conservatives hate nature but friendly globalist liberals love the environment because they mandate recycling (Even fucking recycling has Saturn branding, but I digress).

It is necessary to reclaim our soil. Homesteaders are pretty conservative in action, you just can't use the words they're brainwashed into freaking out over. Talk about the beauty of exploring our land, the pride of tilling soil, talk about biking across Ontario and hunting deer in the same sentence. Tell city hippies about relaxed backyard garden restrictions being negotiable with municipalities. Encourage independent farming, rooftop gardens, all that eco-friendly bullshit that actually makes sense. Show how liberals are just empty words. Show how these traitors have poisoned our land and water. Show how quickly and easily we can change things for the better and splice that with liberal fuckups.

Imagery of canoes is good, but rapids are preferable to calm waters. Putting Doug on a bike is right out because he's a fatty, but he should appear to talk about them a lot, especially in cities. Again: anything involving going outside is the same Canadian hobby of outdoorsmanship. Pepeing up paintings of canoes battling rapids is ideal imagery. Ford cars was used as sympathetic memetic branding by his brother's mayoral campaign, but is less resonant in today's climate. It's still useful memetically, but loses the "fuck cars" hippies vote immediately. Talk about connecting all of Ontario by bike trails or hold one well researched press conference about bike lanes in Toronto and you've got their vote. The liberal party is Mossad property. They hate the world with religious zealotry and would see our environment burn. All we have to do to steal away the hippies is be the only ones who actually care about nature, which is pretty easy to do because we really all do have outdoorsmanship in common.

No man. Fill it up with Indians.

Doubtful. He's too popular.

All the shilling for muh injuns in tune with nature ignores that fact that when they showed up they caused several species abject extinctions like the entirety of the horse population in North America.


Like This?

Anything with the Ford logo.

Holy shit that's excellent, saved. More like this.

Have a bump, I'm going to go sit under a tree and think about Canada's natural beauty. I want our children to experience the same country I did.

Why isn't that self-evident?

A man too good for this world. Hope to see a Ford in office again soon.

Samefag shill alternately bumps his shitty astroturf thread from two different IPs. Two of the bumps are consecutive post numbers 3 seconds apart.

Lurk moar!
We came from this thread:

I'd mock you for fucking up the link formatting in a post telling someone else to lurk but I've been here forever and I still fuck it up too.

Look, Doug's people, we all basically want the same thing (a clean, kike free Ontario to explore with our children), but you also need a bit of internet humility kicked into you to operate here effectively or else you'll Milhouse yourselves before you start.

So fuck you, Doug Ford, you're a fatty like your dead crackhead brother. Now go fix my country, sir, and we'll erect statues in both your memory.


Fuck off Warren.


this is important conversation. How are we to meme Doug into the leadership

I've started memeing him as inevitable (And I'm one of the anons who's not a fan of him).

All the guy has to do is get out there and tell the truth: Ontario needs to be cleaned up.

Can you post the base image please? We can use it for a series of moga memes. Ontario's natural beauty is an argument in itself. Remind people what we're losing.


That is truly great, but before you propogate, please be sure to validate your spelling! (Polution → Pollution)

It's cool, though. Correcting someones spelling online usualy results in one making spelling mistakes oneself.

It's just part of nature.

Free shirts and stuff.

See lads this is what Kek's blessing looks like. A humble man does not ask for such a thing, but receives it when it is deserved.

Incoming SALT







DOX - Nasty People

Run a DUDE WEED dispensary and sells wine

471 Jarvis St.,
Toronto, ON,
M4Y 2G8



[email protected]

More on our pothead princess:

I knew that name was familiar.

This is the lobby group for vapor lounges, where there has been other drugs, underage pimping, and all kinds of bad things happening for years, while the (((police))) are busy chasing "hate crimes."

Oh, and here's an interview with a real winner: this crackhead in Cranbrook, BC named Tamara.

Premium Dog Food

To be completely honest.
I have no idea if him following me on twitter is a good or bad thing

Good thing.




Wouldn't they be welcomed to Montréal with open arms? Fuck, I'm pretty sure you don't even need to speak French if you live in Montréal.

I tried signing up for the Ontario PC party earlier today so I could vote him for the leadership but there was issues (I'll be taking care of it later). You motherfuckers need to all join, it's $10/year but I would fucking kill myself if someone else ran and Wynne somehow wins.

I think if he runs it'd be most likely an easy win and even a good chance of a majority government. Hudak absolutely destroyed himself last campaign with his promise to cut 100,000 government jobs. It's strongly seen in the Ottawa ridings (filled with government workers, albeit mostly federal) from the 2014 provincial election. Also, look at how many pink ridings there was in rural Ontario. If Ford ran (and unless he somehow fucked it up like Ontario PCs historically do) he'd do good work at turning those pink ridings blue. Also, there isn't really the same cancerous identity politics (at least to their level) as there is in the US. The Fords have a good history of being honest people and any dishonest attacks by Liberals would probably just roll off of him. Look at how much Rob Ford destroyed in the mayoral election back in the day. I'm sure Doug would wreck so hard that he'd even penetrate and take the Etobicoke area.

To be honest, Doug Ford definitely doesn't seem like the smartest man (and he's probably somewhere around 105-110 IQ) but he definitely has good heart and is an honest person sorta like


#WinningNotWynne is good, there's also "With Wynne, you lose!" that could go well.

Why are Amerifats even attempting to post in this thread without living the province which Wynne was leading for a total of 5 fucking years? Also, you can tell there is also just low-effort shills since they don't take any time at all to talk about other viable candidates such as Christine Elliot or Caroline Mulroney but choose to rather shit up the thread.

Notice how he never responded.

Brown could have won a majority. Wynne is despised.

Got to admit. I didn't like Rob that much cause of the drug shit and hanging around niggers (in one of the (((Toronto Star's))) leaked photos), but we need to get Doug into the province now to get rid of Wynne before everything (the rising costs of living, the pedophilic Ontario Sex Education reform) that's happening in Ontario gets worse..

Patrick Brown got setup. The timing was way too convenient, plus the story said he stopped before it escalated. It's just his own fucking party decided to abandon him and he pretty much had no choice. That's a big red flag of a deep state style set up, along with the fucking hijab girl lying about being attacked, only for the Liberals to go on a PR run with retweets.

Caroline Mulrooney? No experience, was living in the States for a while, just another big name puppet. Besides, I had enough of female politicians fucking everything up all the time.

So, what else can I do to help?

You're mostly responding to me, so hi. Toronto is a bunker for pizzagate. We have to unify to root them out. That is what is important.

As such, I would simply say as an aside that I have every right to despise the Fords, as I had to live with a drunk driving crack smoking untermensch of a mayor. I didn't trust him at the time, and remain cautious about their connections. Ford Nation is mostly niggers and you know that. His reputation was his own fault. Cue blooper reel.

Your post is triggering the shit out of me and I just wanted to emphasize that the reason I stopped responding with negative energy is because I have accepted the apparent necessity of Mr. Douglas Ford. I am prepared to be wrong about him and I wish him luck. All that matters is stopping the pizza cult.

Does anyone know it Doug actually has a chance? He seems like the Canada equivalent of Trump who is still pozzed for the most part, but better than nothing

Does he have the no fucks given, nationalistic, people man's attitude similar to Trump?

Top Kek. When is this guy's rallies taking place?

Checked. If he doesn't we can meme him one. He can be forged into a weapon hang above their heads or strike at their hearts.

I don't think he has quite the same media savvy, in that he can't get away with things like Trump can, but he can lay on some folksy charm and talk about issues the NDP and Liberals have ignored from their own bases, and expose them as empty suits in the act. The "Conservation is Conservative" bit is great. If he rambles more about clean lakes and mental health and bike lanes and farmers markets the left literally won't have their own platform because their non-answers will be transparent even to the most dull eyed soy latte normalfags.

The left were extra salty over this one shitpost years ago.

Okay so a quick lesson in applied memetics using emotion from the phoneposting sagefag:

Powerful emotional responses can be difficult to inspire, but one powerful enough emotion can be converted into another. Accordingly, when building a new brand, for example a pop star, one begins by amplifying a negative emotional reaction, as that is easiest to build, before guiding the already powerful emotions into positive responses later. The controversy/redemption arc we've seen every half decade from the mk ultra kittens in the music industry. Britney, Christina, Miley's video award performance into her wrecking ball single, etc, et fucking cetera.

So what we want to do right now, is remember Rob Ford.

Remember him, laugh at him, make mean but then increasingly friendly jokes remembering his spirit, and then slowly make Rob a jolly, loveable patron saint of his brother Doug's campaign. Fire up the left wing socks and make brutal jokes. Bring back the memes, the remixes, and the specially named drinks. Build emotional energy, then transfer it into positive emotional energy. "Haha Rob was a goofball. Doug is a good man to have stuck by him." Then "Rob had a lot of stress in his life from the burdens of this country. Now it is time for his brother to shoulder that burden for all our sakes."

I think he's redpilled. Start posting some facts about JQ, immigration, white genocide, etc and maybe he'll reweet them.

this is happening, not sure if it's sock puppets or genuine.
@DougFordFacts is a DF HIT account run by Caroline Mulroney and co.

Cool. Build up the weird urban legends for now so it's indistinguishable. I heard Rob once got so shitfaced after fighting city hall to clean up your streets that he took a direct flight to northern Ontario and punched a moose. When Doug eventually tracked his brother down, he found Rob half-dead, covered in blood soaked furs and animal bones, and chanting nonsensically about a Hebrew Wendigo with glass teeth.

3:30 - 5PM



So is Vancouver.





Honk. :^)



This should be all over Twitter with the #Gamegate tag.

These are 11/10

TORONTO — The former leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservatives broke his silence Tuesday, saying "the truth will come out" about the sexual misconduct allegations that prompted him to step down abruptly last month.

In a brief message posted on Twitter, Patrick Brown said that while he applauds the #MeToo movement, which has sparked an international conversation on sexual harassment and assault in recent months, false allegations "undermine that good work."

Brown, who had not publicly spoken since his resignation in late January, said he is "immensely grateful" for the support he and his family have received.

He has vehemently denied the allegations against him, which were made to CTV News and have not been independently verified by The Canadian Press. His sister, Stephanie Brown, has also denounced the allegations as a "political hit."

The Progressive Conservatives could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday.

Brown stepped down in late January just hours after an emotional late-night news conference in which he vowed to fight the allegations.

In the days that followed, he was asked to take a leave of absence from caucus and the party's interim leader, Vic Fedeli, said he would not sign Brown's nomination papers for the province's spring election if the allegations still stood at campaign time.

Brown's resignation plunged the Progressive Conservatives into turmoil, forcing the party to plan a leadership race that will be held before the June general vote, and stirring what Fedeli described as infighting.

So far, three high-profile candidates have announced they will vie for the party's top job, including the politician who came in second to Brown in the last leadership race.

Christine Elliott, a former Ontario legislator, launched her campaign via social media last week, days after former Toronto city councillor Doug Ford announced his bid.

Caroline Mulroney, a Toronto lawyer and the daughter of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, threw her hat in the ring over the weekend.

Those looking to lead the party have until Feb. 16 to register as candidates. Votes will be placed online in early March, with the results announced on March 10.

The party has also had to grapple with the resignation of its president, Rick Dykstra, in the face of reported sexual assault allegations that he denies.

The two departures have led some to question the party's processes for dealing with such allegations, particularly after a longtime Progressive Conservative legislator said she flagged rumours about Brown to his campaign team weeks earlier.

Lisa MacLeod said the allegations related to "inappropriate touching," among other things, and were similar to those that prompted Brown to resign. MacLeod said she was told the allegations were unfounded.

That's a little over a month.

Remind me, wasn't Rob Ford the guy who was ridiculed and harassed for years by shitlib/tenbux astroturfers pretending to be "grassroots reporters"? I vague remember digging threads on these fuckers some time back.

That lisping faggot Daniel Dale who points and shrieks at Trump was literally caught sneaking around his backyard.

Ford was hated by the press because he saw through their bullshit, and many "amateur reporters" used to tell fat jokes on Twitter.

The commie Wynne is a literal KIKE tbh. She was married to a kike, and now has a fake marriage to a kikess.

I read that too. She has also been praised by both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders lends star power to Ontario premier at health care talk

Hillary Clinton praises Kathleen Wynne's campaign style in Toronto

She needs to be burned at the stake.

She needs to be jailed for child abuse.

Fucking archive is stuck on loading for me. Do you have a link to the original article? I'll try to back it up on wayback machine.

DOUG FORD RALLY (Behind the scenes):
Church support:


welcome to Holla Forums





This is good stuff. Brings people together. He's saying a lot of the right things and shows a good mixture of humility and strength. Transitioning between the two needs a bit more work but that can only come with experience on the job. Now it is our duty to meme him as the wise king Gilgamesh, tempered by the loss of his beloved brother, the wild man Enkidu, and prepared to lead his people to renewed greatness.

bretty gud bretty gud :DD
Seems very sincere about his family and of course Ford Nation taxpayers first approach.
Needs to study some Trump vids to learn how to be


Not him but the same idea…

Apparently there are only a few days left to sign up. Do people have to just sign up on a website to be able to vote in the primaries?



Church support:

Feb 16th is the last day to sign up. e-voting!


Reminder that Doug org is full of Tamil Tigers, he has not submitted his papers and is going to pull a fast one on all you. His social media game is strong but his membership sales are lacking.

Ford crashed the SERVERS he's signing up so many. see vid.
FEB 16th sign-up deadline, e-voting March 10th.

Sikhs are street shitters too?

Someone get some useful idiots from cuckchan in on this.


before I start I want to preface this with the fact that I like doug, I've known him since his mayoral run and he's a great guy to have a few beers but his organization is dog shit, we are just lucky he has slightly more balls than everyone else in the race(not saying much) where he realized he just needed to come out first and focus on the 2 main issues the base wanted action on which was the carbon tax and the sex-ed, the other camps knew this but were just too cucked to pull the trigger first.
But he's full of shit.
the servers were never down due to high traffic. Everything was taken down and reset after PB stepped down, high ranking party officials, members and staff were all locked out of the system and they took down sign ups for few days to prevent PB from flooding the system with more fake memberships in order to fuck with the membership audit and pin the blame on others. I've seen Doug's numbers and hes doing well, but underwhelmingly so given his hype train. He has till Friday to submit his papers and pay up for the fees but there is a lot of rumbling that he wont.
TL;DR doug is full of shit and trying to keep the hype train going but its not translating to membership sales very well and has legitimate 3rd world terrorists in his camp.

Sauce on any of that?

shut down of the servers and closing off of membership is in some nat post article, if your going to shill at least be well informed about whats going on.
This man in the article was recently pictured with Doug while he was out cucking for the Tamil vote, pic included hes the one in the far back. Why would doug, with his ties to numerous other larger minority groups in the GTA make the Tamils a priority?

Because they are providing a lot of the ground work for him and they are the same sketchy fucks who helped steal brown the leadership by buying 1000s of memberships with made up street shitter names, sometimes 20-30 to one address, and cried racism anytime someone called them out or demanded an audit.

why did they help brown? because he promised funds and swore he would help relax restrictions on tamil movement of funds and family. Once browns dick finally caught up with him the Tamils all went to their next best friend doug and rallied behind him so they have someone high up to help them get goods and family to and from Canada.

Doug is a good guy, but he is in way over his head here and the shame is the people around him are letting it happen just so they can have a turn at government gravy train.

Why are they all kvetching over this guy anyway? Also what do the lying media polls claim his chances of leading the party are?

From twitter, I think mostly because he is a man, and Canada/Ontario has Super SJWs.
The Media wants Caroline Mulroney, because then it business as usual.
Doug (and Rob) are populists, they have a reputation for being on the streets, and talking to the common man. So average people like him. Front line Union men will vote him, but Unions hate him, Doug won't do this Agenda 21 crap that they are forcing on Toronto - D&R have been fighting it for years in. And he hates Sodomites, didn't want the Pride Parade in Toronto. So the Pedo Lobby hates him.
Christine Elliott tried for the position but lost to Brown in 2015, he was recently kicked out for a teen scandal - Hence the new race. Christine took a Job with Wynne, the enemy, so she is suspected to throw the race to Wynne.
There is actually a 4th woman in the race, but she has no chance.

Polls are calling for Christine Elliott to win

Asking for proofs of extraordinary claims is shilling noe? As you said, I'm not informed on the subject, and was looking for more info. Which you provided. If you have any more, I'd be glad to read into it more.

Fuck off, Warren. He's won already. Go suck off your wife's boyfriend.

Check out the low energy concern trolling.

Kill yourself already faggot

Probably a based politician that wants to keep the muslims out…

Liberal party antifaggot shill. Very easy to spot. He's their Skippy/Carville type.

That's what I do on the daily on twitter.
But he's done a culling on who he follows now.
from like 1000 following to ~300-ish.
Hopefully he's seen so things.

Kathleen Wynn?
Lose her.

Good times. You always bring me back Holla Forums.

Lots of (((globalist))) redpilled ethnic Ontarians, especially after 15 years of McGuilty and Wynne rubbing it in their faces. The voting blocs are generally mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckerens, soyboys and SJWs vs. whites, conservative ethnics and everyone else.

Ben Levin did some serious damage to the Liberal brand and dykes are seen as SJW enablers, so the odds are pretty good for the PCs.

During the election, keep an eye out for the Liberal astroturf PAC "Working Families Coalition" that urges fellow white people to re-elect the Liberal. They've been using this trick for almost 20 years now.


>(((Working Families))) was created by members of the (((labour movement))) with the goal of making voters aware of policies that were threatening the well-being of working families across Ontario.


Nice digits bro.
Rob Ford had massive approval rating, one of the best in Canadian history. Who cares if he smoked crack? I don't care if he huffed paint and jacked it to bestiality if he did a good job.

People have this idea that politicians need to be these squeaky clean momma's boy low-T sycophants but what we really need is leadership and real leadership is brazen and strong. A leader walks softly and carries a big stick. Find me a jew who can fill that role. It can't be done.

one last bump before midnight for Doug

Heil'd. Let's get this show started.

Tanya Granic Allen did a pretty good job. Ontario PC seem less pozed than the CPC faggots in Ottawa who are almost a liberal as the liberal party.

@24:00 "..Maybe they could focus a bit more on math if they weren't talking about anal sex in the classroom"

Literally who?

What's with all the vagina wanting to boss around the "conservative" party? The other two major party leaders are women.

Let's have some diversity!

uh, guys?

Resignation was sent out 'without my permission': Patrick Brown

I didn't endorse her, nor would I ever endorse a women to lead. Reading comprehension is key to being successful on these platforms.

The kicked him out of the party yesterday, and then a few hours later he announces that he's running for leadership. Weird stuff.

There's a poll here on this page. Looks like we need to raid it.

Has anyone else been getting e-mails endorsing Christine Elliot after signing up for membership? I've been getting all sorts of e-mails endorsing Christine Elliot after signing up and I'm pissed. It's obvious as fuck that (((they))) are shilling for her because she'd be easier to control than Doug Ford. I wasn't a member for the OPC before this year so I can't tell if this sort of blatant shilling is the norm but this really makes me think that if Christine Elliot wins it'll be no different from a Wynne government.

Two new meet ups, pic related.
Patrick Brown hates Social Conservatives:
Christine Elliott also hates Social Conservatives:
Caroline Mulroney is a Liberals/Democrat, very close to the Trudeaus.



Coke importing clown. Works with the Clintons.

You forgot to SAGE commie

She's nothing more than a glorified soccer mom. I tried to find what experience she has and it's nothing more than being president of a political advocacy group "Parents as First Educators". Tanya says she'll take a hard stance on all these issues but there's no way of knowing whether she'd take a hard stance against (((them))) when times get tough or whether she'd collapse like a house of cards. With Doug, I don't think he'll go all out against the chosen (just like Donald Trump didn't either). But, just like Trump, I think Doug would at least be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of a right-wing government.



Tory members who wish to cast a vote originally had until March 2 to register, but the party now says it has extended the deadline to 11:59 p.m. on March 5.

Voting is set to take place between March 2 and March 8, with the results announced on March 10.

This means Doug has the lock on it.

Elliott is a no-name who only got there by being married to a dead leprechaun.


I voted today. I hope I didn't make the wrong choice here (I really want Doug to win) but I forgot the PCs like doing ranked ballots. I voted:

1. Ford
2. Allen
3. Mulroney
4. Elliot

Did I do wrong? I don't know what the strategies are with something like this.

Again, I'm not quite sure how these ranked ballots work but I'm pretty sure the people voting in these election are either placing Ford at #1 or #4. Please tell me what this means.

You want Mulroney to be ranked last; she has only been a PC member since August 2017.

Chelsea Nash and Amanda Easton were the 2 cunts that Pattywhacked Patrick Brown and forced him to resign

Chelsea Nash,who said Brown kissed her while she worked for him, is the lesbian GF of CTV producer Rachel Aiello who did the hatchet job on Brown

CTV also encouraged Amanda Easton to say she was in high school and underage and that Brown fed her booze
She now says all this is not true

Chelsea Nash's research interests in university included the use of feminism as a political tool

What a selfish fucking cunt


Looks like there's (((problems))) in the voting…

Wonder if they know Stephanie Guthrie? The MO is familiar…

There's always fucking (((problems))). I hope there is a full report of what went "wrong" after this.

You can watch the results of the current leadership race live here:

Technical bug now delaying leadership race results.


Attached: fire2.jpg (579x481 396.87 KB, 299.18K)


Leftists already REEEing


Attached: winsrecount.png (581x458, 199.37K)

Congratulations on the incoming salt, Ontariofags. I will have to enjoy it vicariously.

t. BCfag under NDP occupation government

Attached: 0c6f0fa651616e8b4ad9b00834caf86239732b46be3a21a37e51e8038ff9815.jpg (500x577, 34.8K)

Hmm, the 2015 tweet here is probably imagining Doug Ford as Prime Minister but Ford as Ontario premier is still prescient enough.

Attached: doug-ford-trump-putin.png (591x190, 22.66K)

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (953x435, 492.41K)

Wait, we're doing that ranked ballot bullshit in Ontario now?

Attached: doug-ford-electoral-college.png (637x551, 57.73K)

It happens in the party primaries to pick the most "moderate" candidate.

Wynne is probably getting reelected. Ontario is mostly filled with Shitskins, Chinks and Cucks. There really isent a sizeable right wing presence here.

Oh, okay, yeah, makes sense.

I thought the initial tweet in this thread was about winning the election, not just the leadership race. I misunderstood.

Wouldn't want a ranked ballot for the provincial election because I don't know of any other parties in this province I'd give even a second tier vote to.

Oh man, I hope that these lefties do the exact same thing in Ontario that they did in America: motivate everyone on the right to vote (and even the Liberals that are sick of Wynne's shit) and make these anti-Ford people complacent thinking that Ford winning is a 100% impossibility.

Can't wait to read all the salt on /r/toronto later today/tomorrow.

He can bribe the shitskins with implied free crack.

Holy shit, the kikes are trying all they can to keep Ford from being officially declared winner.


Anyone who has electric power hates Wynne. She's toast. The PCs will form government.



Attached: leftonresults.png (637x200 22.15 KB, 39.01K)

30 minutes until we here from (((Harvey Lefton)))

Correction, (((Hartley Lefton)))

So Dougoo won? Are (((they))) trying to stop him from officially winning the primary like they tried with Trump?

They're trying to kike Doug out of the win with (((riding allocation))) of ballots, says the CBC.

Yes. Throwing everything at him.

I have an idea why. Lots of heads will roll in the party if a woman isn't leader.

So, in other words, it'll be the polar opposite scenario of what the FactCheckingDougFord guy warned of (DF losing popular vote but winning in ridings) in the top tweet here ?

They won't push in Elliott after this, there would be riots if they did. They'll piss off the 2/3rds they prevented from voting, and they'll piss off the people that already voted. I wouldn't put it past them; they might just try at an attempt of fracturing the party. But if they want their party in power, they have to concede and allow this to happen, grin and bear it. That is their only winning move, unless they are as suicidal as they sound.

and then Doug forms a separate social conservative party that ends up winning in the provincial election anyway

This stinks of (((sabotage.)))

Might be a better outcome if there is this much bullshit.

Attached: w.jpg (200x300, 8.68K)

Right? They are literally trying to pull every trick in the book and all the eyes are on them. Every minute this goes on only looks more and more suspicious on them considering everyone knows what the result is. I would not at all mind a separate party being formed if Doug (((somehow))) doesn't win.

I very much hope that the PC bureaucrats don't merchant their way out of giving it to Doug though. This shit needs to be cleaned up.

Holy shit, they better not.

Attached: 43646456127.jpg (561x526, 52.92K)

They fucking did.

Attached: TRUCK.JPG (550x734, 56.92K)

I wonder what other event booked the room this evening so that the Conservatives and media have to vacate it?

I was hoping that it would turn out to be furries but Toronto's biggest furry convention, Furnal Equinox, isn't until *next* weekend!


Some name ideas off the top of my head.

Probably an event tomorrow, need time to strip down and set up.

The Trllium Party gives me a massive erection. I love that the party officials were screeching that they had to have a leader elected by the 10th because it is in the constitution, and then when their chosen candidate didn't win all of the sudden it means nothing. Those filthy fucking bastards, they will hang for this.

Pure coincidence :^). Its just a very popular event hall that is booked back to back :^)

I remember in older Can/pol/ threads that forming our own party kept being brought up.

Just the thought if Trillium Party was started, if other Holla Forums parties in other provinces would start up using their province's flower.

Wildrose Party is up for grabs again since the old one cucked out and merged. I forgot to mention that.

PCPO may just be too pozzed to continue after this.


My thinking as well. Wonder (((who))) in the party made the booking arrangements?

If Doug does break away from the PC Party and isn't able to clean it up, deciding to form his own party, we would have a hell of a lot of fuel to push his party to the forefront. If Doug doesn't end up getting elected after this dog and pony show, the PCs have effectively killed themselves. Doug has enormous amounts of gasoline now to add to the fire that these idiot bureaucrats caused.

Good point.

Kinsella made his money off dealing cocaine

DEA is on his ass, he's Clinton connected.


First that bitch Elliott denies Ford a week extension bc she knew full well the votes were flooding in his favor. Now Ford wins by 300 and Elliott calls for a recount.
Fuckin establishment HATES Ford.

Best way is to take over an existing party especially when Fords platform is completely conservative. Cronnies fucked it up, now its up to Ford to fix it, however long it takes.
What I really hope is Tanya Granic Allen is brought into the Ford admin (if he wins) in some capacity so she can become the future of the party once Ford bails in 5-10 years.

I'm right there with you. A split party is unideal in Ontario's current provincial political system.

Eh only for the anti sex education reform policies, but I'm honestly done with having females in politics. They have done nothing good.

That's how the media spinned it so they could knock her down a peg. Even though the issue is a major one. Shitlibs new sex ed is pure tranny trash.
From her perspective it got her name out there.

What were her other policies?

Just wait until people figure out Elliott pulled a recount. Anyone associated with her or estabicucks will be BTFO out of the party.

Doug actually won on the recount too. There IS no actual problem; they just realized that Doug won and they would have to announce their own deaths on live stream. I imagine what they might be trying to do is if they can't get Elliott in, they are taking away his balloon drop victory as a way to try to smother up his popularity.

Against carbon tax and the windmills (I missed the first debate) Three major issues but it drops off past that.
Shes still far too green and clearly wasn't prepared for this (no one was) but in 5-10 years she can work on it.

Basically, bring her in a smaller role to build up her experience?

Never heard that part. Hate these fuckers
Its a uniparty after all. Whether Elliott/Mulroney/Libs are victorious it doesn't matter to them so long as their interest continue.

There's still a good 3 months to go. Any damage that the niggers in the party are trying to do now will be forgotten by then (it's not Doug's fault anyways).


I'm twelve years old and who is this?

Not a single person will give a fuck about it a few weeks from now if Doug wins. Libs are already trying to spin it as "if they cant manage an election how can they run the province" KEK.
They underestimate just how pissed off the province is.

Your school is run by Jews, son. Learn useful skills – yours is the generation that will win the race war.

Of course you're lying. Chug Drano, kike

Kek. You win today's post olympics.

Sexy trips. I think the PC Party has really cornered themselves in doing this; Doug said a good while ago that the vote and the party officials are corrupt and rigged. This perpetual shitshow that the party officials are putting on are only proving him completely right and justified. It's amazing. All they had to do was announce that Doug won, or that Elliott won. But now it's too late. The results ended up leaking, everyone is expecting a Ford win, people are supporting Elliott less and less and less the longer this shitshow goes on. I really do think they are just doing this in an attempt to take thunder away from his victory. All the other choices are practical lose-conditions. They've fucked themselves, and they did it publicly too.

Elliott's dead leperchan husband was finance minister. Her brother in law got a lucrative slots licence to launder drug money.

There's a reason for everything. If Elliott doesn't win, lots of people are fucked.

Written by an actual convicted pedophile too.

Exactly. Ford and Granic both hit back hard on the corruption within the party. Also a ton of supporters during Browns rise were kicked out of the party (mostly prolife) and were completely used and pissed. The ontario pc race will be epic. About fuckin time leafs give us something worth tuning into.

Reminds me of someone else…

Ford should (if he hasn't already, and don't think he hasn't) just set up his own shop with his own people and go around the party apparatus for the election campaign.

Attached: escalator.jpg (474x266, 25.67K)

There was some (((young woman))) on the TVO stream kvetching about how she only voted for Elliott and Mulroney because she said the other two candidates didn't really (((belong))) in the party. Looked and sounded more like a Liberal plant TBH. Likely was.

If Ford is nominated as leader, you can expect the "he raped/touched me!" right before the election. Problem is they blew their load on Brown who was a complete fuckin cuck and would have bowed into anything (((they))) proposed.

Unbelievable and not surprising.

Or just a run of the mill cuckservative.

Ford would very easily be able to poach nearly the entire PC membership base at this point. Though I would REALLY rather not have a split party in this current system, I wouldn't at all be surprised if Ford splits off, forms his own party, poaches disenfranchised PC members, and then wins the provincial election.

If hes leader I think he can boot everyone out whos corrupt. He'll have full control of the parties finances.

It's starting to look like that might be the case.

Attached: ().PNG (573x677, 486.72K)

CP24: Source says a decision has been made and will be announced soon.

Announcement coming in minutes. They will announce it ballot by ballot.

Called it.

Attached: FINALLY.PNG (580x490, 463.66K)


mmm Salt time

Attached: comfy.gif (400x400, 23.82K)

(((THEY))) will not be impressed. In before the Trump comparisons.

You guys /comfy/?

Attached: comfy.jpg (750x725, 85.96K)

All candidates said they want unity. We'll see how quickly that unity fades when Ford is nominated.

Would laugh my ass off if Ford wins Ontario which is canadian version of california. Would be huge.


sauce me bro, I wanna fucking believe




Ford beats fnord.


Feels good man.

Attached: 9a7966b86221195e22985001ccf0c7b9e3f398958f211027ea29984d3ad7792f.jpg (900x900, 173.94K)


Wheres the salt stream lads? Wheres my salt at?

Attached: comfy pocket kitten.jpg (612x612, 39.48K)

Give Doug my congratulations btw.


According to some election fag they interviewed afterwards, the difference was 1.2% but 2/3 of the members couldn't vote bc of the shitty voting system they set up. It wouldn't have been close otherwise, ford would have smashed that old bitch.

just search "doug ford"

Attached: fag1.png (593x243 205.1 KB, 35.24K)

mmm SALT

Attached: salt1.png (612x329, 57.73K)

The media will be blasting ford 24/7 just like they did to his brother.

well that was fast

Attached: muhrussians.png (590x95, 13.7K)

Fuck the media. Doug is alright.

Its so cute how libs think ford running is somehow an easy win. Less than 3m live in toronto vs 10m outside of it. Toronto has ignored the rest of the province for almost two decades. Good luck with that shitlibs!

Doug is everything his brother was minus the drug problem. Make no mistake about it libs are terrified with tonight result.

It's really going to be interesting to see what happens in Canada over the vote. They still use paper ballots, are there instances of electoral fraud or voting fraud? What's the monitoring like? I imagine it'll be harder to fuck with than the electronic voting machines in the USA.


Attached: Salt4.png (571x71 18.96 KB, 20.21K)

No clue how comped it is but I dont expect a complete PC on the fed level even though fagdeau is a train wreck. Prediction: Libs win minority gov.

To death.

Attached: runningfree.jpg (750x696, 75.56K)


lots of salt over at CBC!

Attached: salt7.png (617x656 246.86 KB, 219.34K)

The pedophile is former deputy education minister (((Benjamin Levin))). He was Kathleen Wynne's mentor at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE).

All my resources on the matter. - Liberals can't deny Levin's role with sex-ed curriculum (Toronto Sun) - Ontario premier: Some sex-ed reform foes homophobic (Herald News) - The Double Life of Ben Levin: His depraved online world, and the sting that brought him down (Toronto Life) - Toronto Life identifies that he came from a Jewish family that were staunch NDP supporters. - What Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum teaches in Grades 1 through 12 (Global News) - Parents angered by sex ed changes (Mississauga News) The comment section is where the claim of Levin being Wynne's mentor at OSIE came from.

Long videos - Appeal to Parents - Kathleen Wynne, Proselytizer of a New Religion - Canada Family Action - Is it sex-ed – or grooming? See what's really in Ontario's new curriculum - (((The Rebel)))


Attached: 40396bc9df7cb6b9518c3d0c771ee2ed3f0e9762e9c4f6992bdd57919b1fb16a.png (605x475, 186.07K)




oh boy, they really don't want to leave anything to chance.

Jesus christ thats a disaster. Ontario is what cali would kill to become. All of insane laws from canada mostly come from that one province.



The salt mine continues

Attached: Pop.png (871x705, 619.17K)

1488 NOW!

Attached: 1488.PNG (680x584, 71.09K)

Whoever losers blames hackers. Half the country won't accept election results. They really want a war

Attached: MEMANK.png (262x399, 74.32K)

treasure trove at CBC

Attached: salt12.png (608x690 205.64 KB, 213.25K)

Get the fuck in my oven, Mossad.

Attached: 3917fec4ec011f152494ad1781524ada815ff1680bd9967e7ccbf94b8b318f4f.png (774x1027, 88.95K)

Wew, checked.

Wonder what happened to her telling other people to accept the results of the election. This bitch really thought she was going to win.

Attached: LOL.PNG (611x937, 156.05K)

Is Canada wanting to be great again?

Still better than son of fidel but still can never be trusted

Of fucking course

Fairest amongst thousands, altogether liars. Look into the backgrounds of every female involved and I think you'll find a common club membership.

Attached: OES.jpg (474x552, 39.4K)

This type of bullshit virture signalling is one reason I don't use Twitter anymore.

Doug can handle them and punch back better than Rob could. This will be fun.

She didn't win the popular vote, nor most ridings.


Especially after she fucked 2/3 of the membership with that bullshit voting system. That three time loser needs to GTFO!

Ford nation worst then a queef munching lesbo literally indoctrinating your 6 year old kids with queef munching and jacking your electricity bill up 100% (probably the worst rise in the entire continent).

Attached: A FUCKING LEAF.jpg (750x500, 52.86K)

She can take it to all the courts shes wants, she isn't winning now no matter what. If shes trying to sewer pcs chances to help the libs, it still wont work. Move over biatch!

Theres a problem with Canada being great again. The last time we were a country worthy of the mantle of greatness, we were loyal to the king. We had pride, faith, and loyalty and believed in a great destiny. In our current system those traits are unlikely to come back. Canada has been so watered down its impossible to pinpoint a common value system for us to rally behind. Diversity is a weakness, and not even Doug ford is talking about putting the brakes on cultural suicide. Its not even a talking point in any of the debates. Ontario Progressive Conservatives(the party name says it all) are worse than neo cons. Think a party of all John McCain clones. I guess my point is. No one is even attempting to make Canada great. Its all being dismantled piece by piece and a once promising future is now a slow burn into britbong levels self destruction.

Rob was the crack smoking one? I don't think he cared for what they said.

The country has been divided for a long while. It's better to have a very bloody civil war.

Attached: 1391106878589.jpg (838x1412, 415.26K)

Canada was cucked since its inception but at least everyone kept to themselves. Now its just a fight against socialism and not becoming the next sweden. The more people understand how retarded an ideology it is, the less people will be in favor of it in the future.

Yeah Rob was the crack smoking mayor. Its a shame thats all he'll be remembered for. He fought the swamp for years. Tried to actually make Toronto a better place, but was constantly harangued by the media. He was plagued by incredibly frivolous lawsuits aimed at getting him out of office. Hes been dead for a while now and he still gets attacked by journalists. I cancelled a subscription to the Toronto Star because of a hit piece written on him a few months ago that I found to be incredibly tasteless. They really activated my almonds. I dont worship Rob Ford or anything, I just think he was one of the few people in politics who actually cared about this city and its future. He was a multi millionaire, like his brother Doug. They didnt need the money like the rest of the career politicians. He tried to end corruption and waste at city hall and what he got in return was a relentless assault that followed him to the grave and beyond. The thing is the average Torontonian loved him. If he was resurrected and ran today he would win. It was just those wretches in the media that never let him alone.

Attached: the alternative.jpg (404x270, 43.26K)

Nah. The Fathers of Confederation were stalwart white nationalists.

What a world we live in where a man addicted to crack gives more shits than most people.

Scots and French mostly. Castreau's dad opened the multiculti floodgates.

“I’m so f—ing sick of politics, dude.” – Ford is reportedly heard cursing and making crude comments about another politician.

It wasnt even rewarding to him. He loathed the people he had to work with. He felt more comfortable around drug dealers and murderers than politicians.

Image is from the now defunct gawker. Leg dropped into oblivion by Hulk Hogan as revenge for releasing videos of Ford smoking crack.

Attached: c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800.jpg (800x450, 82.08K)

What a redpill that image is. Me thinks gawker got leg dropped over the video of Hogan than ford.

Whose the stupid bitch talking at around the 3 min mark "He has to be removed, he scares me". What the fuck? People that talk like that shouldn't be in parliament. Seems like a really well rounded guy, pity there aren't as many leafs that are as outspoken as him. Seems like a genuine dude.

Can these fucking vampires not be sued for their endless harassment? I'm talking about the kiked up media that keeps bothering him at his house?

Ford 2.0 knows all the tricks and will end these motherfuckers.

Attached: tikkun olam everyone will be jews.jpg (1214x728 88.02 KB, 230.26K)

Attached: I_am_the_bridge..._to_ending_racism.jpg (2838x1286 68.83 KB, 904.01K)

Oh it's far more interesting then that. See, they all agreed to this system. The insiders thought she had it in the bag, she thought she had it in the bag. Ford pulls a magic stick out of his dick and crushes her hopes for a 3rd time. Much like Trump, he's the man we need right now. The absolute gigantic clusterfuck of a shitshow that the liberals did on Ontario over the last ~15 years really shows. Everything from billion dollar scandals, to high energy rates, to policies that drove businesses out of the province to US states. Round 90% of this fault lies directly in the lap of Toronto, the fucking city is so large that it should be it's own province. During the last election, Wynne(current premier) campaigned only in major cities. Yeah, I know there's some cock-guzzler crying over "but name progressive-conservative" or some other shit, but the cold reality is Ford is far more conservative then Drew was, or even Harris. It's going to take some damned hard and cold days to fix the gigantic clusterfuck that Ontario is in right now.

One thing I do hope for is that he turns around and fixes WSIB and disability, especially with the number of people who can't work because of serious on-the-job injuries(head injuries/broken backs/amputations) are denied, while little shitstains who have 'learning disabilities' or claim that they're trannies and can't work because they can't deal with people are handed money hand-over-fist. Half the volunteer work I do is to keep people with actual disabilities in their homes, and the number of cases where people simply die of old age with 0 payout is just fucking depressing.
Even the fucking CBC is railing on her for not conceding.

Attached: -.jpg (247x255, 10.91K)

Doug Ford and the Progressive Cuckservatives are race traitors. I have never once voted for that shit party in my life. I only vote joke parties that never get a single person in the ridings. Fuck you all who vote for cuckservatives.

Fuck no. This is like watching Holla Forums support a race traitor piece of shit like Bush. Kill yourselves, you are all race traitors.

I'm surprised, for the most part I've almost forgotten that the CBC is a socialist cancer that needs to be removed.

Hello rabbi.

A pretty good race traitor you mean.

Shoo, Jew, shoo.

Attached: -.jpg (730x1095, 141.95K)

I'm not voting for a controlled opposition piece of shit party just because it has the word "conservative" in it you kike. I'd only ever voted for the Libertarian party and the Green Party even though both are also complete cucks I just wanted to make sure I wasn't guilty of electing a ZOG puppet. Had they a chance to win I'd not have voted for them either. Fuck you for legitimizing the ZOG control. At least Trudeau is the accelerationist candidate, I've never voted for him and never will, but I'm glad he won because when you have a choice between traitors it's best you get the one that is most openly a traitor. I hope next election we get someone that is 10x worse than Trudeau and that they ban all political groups slightly to the right of their ultra-leftism and they pass a law whites have to be sterilized. Either every last white will submit to it and we'll become an example to the world of what not to become or whites will finally begin the racial holy war.

Literally if I was a super kike what I'd do to kill the white race is I'd say "ok, we're going to ban the hijab (like merkel did), and slightly reduce the immigration" and then what I'd do is I'd reduce the number of immigrants coming into the country by making sure even less white immigrants come in while overall more non-whites than ever before actually come in. Sneaky shit like that. Kill the whites slowly while throwing them a few bones to appease them.

Regards, a proud chink or pajeet of Toronto, who worships his BASED crack smoking mayor who has done literally nothing but help Toronto become more and more non-white.

How fucking stupid does Holla Forums have to be to support this civic nationalist zionist race traitor cuck?


Who cares about the carbon tax and sex-ed our race is fucking dying out.

You should be banned from Holla Forums for this shilling.

Nope. Canada just wants to get placated with a controlled op cuckservative so that whites quiet down and roll over and die.

I do vote. I vote for the libertarian party. If I had to make a choice, I would vote for actual communists, and for Trudeau, before I'd vote for a controlled op cuckservative. Reason being: accelerationism

Yo. Shut the fuck up Mossad tornigger. You can't stop us. I'm one of the sagefags from earlier in the thread who straight up dislikes Douglas Ford and I'm loyal to him. You have no power here.

Why the fuck should I support a cuckservative who is going to flood our nation with non-whites and probably also plunder the natural resources and destroy the country purely so we can subsidize the nigger population explosion abroad and fund Israel? WHY? Anyone who supports controlled opposition like Progressive Cuckservatives needs to be banned from Holla Forums before more idiots are duped into supporting the destruction of the white race. I'm all for it, show me how he's going to save the white race. Show me how he's even "a step in the right direction" and not just going to throw a few bones and placate people in order that jewry can get away with its plans to kill off whites in Canada.

This is the true Holla Forums party.

That's hilarious. I've been getting emails all week from her campaign shills to unite as one party, and to donate to the "Unity Fund"

How long until she blames the Russians?

Why the fuck do any of you actually support the cuckservative party where did you newfags all come from that you actually support these useless race traitors?

I hate cuckservatives so fucking much.

Piss off. They're absolute cancer and have been for years, they're even worse in terms of socjus identity politics then the NDP or greens.

I am going to be so fucking pissed if a cuckservative gets into power and everyone goes to sleep for the next however many years thinking they've done their job while more chinks continue to pour in non-stop.

We can easily take over their own party if we'd just get our own people to apply to run as candidates.

All the things they stand for as a party are good and once we're all armed it'll be easier to start a revolution.

You know where I see people criticizing "identity politics" every single day?

Holla Forums

There is nothing wrong with white identity.

Do you literally have nothing better to do with your time but keyboard mash because Ford won? You aren't fooling anyone, this shit is leftypol playbook pages from the early US election. I'm amazed torposting is even allowed here still with faggots like you using it to screech like this. Leave. Shoo.

Back in the day we hated conservatives and liberals. We post pictures all the time of "kike vs kike", no matter who you vote for, you vote for the kike. We didn't care if it was Bush or Obongo; ZOG was always winning. Why the fuck do you support Doug Ford and the Progressive Cuckservative party? I mean look at their fucking name. PC = Political Correctness . How fucking stupid are you?

You want me to believe that Doug Ford is anything like Trump? Had I chance to I would have voted for Trump. He's different. He's not a cuckservative.

How is this guy anything but a piece of shit anti-white? Why should I make my myself complacent in the destruction of the white race by voting for him? I read all your posts. Sell me on him. Right now I refuse to vote for him and that shit party.

You're like someone telling us to vote for Merkel because she'll ban Hijab. Merkel is nothing but a cancer.


My father just told me he's extreme right.

I said what the fuck about him is extreme right.

I said is he doing to report the non-whites or limit immigration at all?

I said I'm extreme right, he's just a moderate leftist.

My father said I'm just Extreme Crazy.

I fucking hate this world right now. Apparently my views aren't even legitimate at all and I'm just crazy, while someone who says there's two genders apparently qualifies as "extreme right", even though he'd be a leftist by the standards of the 1700s.

This is what a real leader looks like.

"In 1885, John A. Macdonald told the House of Commons that, if the Chinese were not excluded from Canada, “the Aryan character of the future of British America should be destroyed …” This was the precise moment in the histories of Canada and the British Dominions when Macdonald personally introduced race as a defining legal principle of the state…

Macdonald’s comments came as he justified an amendment taking the vote away from anyone “of Mongolian or Chinese race.” He warned that, if the Chinese (who had been in British Columbia as long as Europeans) were allowed to vote, “they might control the vote of that whole Province” and their “Chinese representatives” would foist “Asiatic principles,” “immoralities,” and “eccentricities” on the House “which are abhorrent to the Aryan race and Aryan principles.” He further claimed that “the Aryan races will not wholesomely amalgamate with the Africans or the Asiatics” and that “the cross of those races, like the cross of the dog and the fox, is not successful; it cannot be, and never will be.” For Macdonald, Canada was to be the country that restored a pure Aryan race to its past glory, and the Chinese threatened this purity."

==When will Doug Ford live up to the name of John A. Macdonald?

If we had a political leader that would at least make a move to do this, I don't care if he gets ousted from power, the chaos would end up saving our people. If I managed to get in control of a major political party by towing the line saying a bunch of cuck stuff and getting to the top once I'm in actual power I'd declare A Chinese Head Tax.

Your parents were brainwashed from birth by kike to hate and enslave their children. Don't take it personally. He literally can't understand that he might be wrong.

As for Ford, he's a civnat who's being exposed to the truth and getting angry about it. What I will say is that he is not /ourguy/ yet, but he is being groomed for the role, exactly as planned. The kvetching we'll see this week is a good example. Like Trump before him, Ford is a sacred fool, bravely or unknowingly taking the first step into the void. He may not have the same resonance with the rest of the tarot as Trump has, but he will not require it. The Ford family is guided by Nanabozho, and by a host of Canadian spirits. Doug Ford is an unwitting shaman, here to reunite us with our people, our blood, and our soil. Tell him who he is and watch him rise to the challenge.

You know, when you slander someone as something and keep calling them the worst boogieman you can think of, sometimes they do become that way. Maybe the reaction to him just might transform him in our favor. Do we have psychological models to prove this happening?

This soyboy has moved on to bitching about Trump.

Attached: dale.jpg (474x344, 15.03K)

Liberal insiders set up training programs and funneled money to their friends for running substandard "training programs." Yuuuuge problem. People should be in jail.

Attached: shelley and martha carroll.jpg (474x316, 28.44K)

CBC is federal, and the rot really took hold after the last lockout in 2005. Then, instead of using nominally left leaning staff to produce programs, those in charge outsourced it to all their friends from the Fringe festivals. This is how Jian "Punch her, not down" Ghomeshi got hired.



I dont understand what you're trying to do, torpedo. Are you trying to make me hate Doug Ford, or are you trying to make me hate you. Youve been much more successful at the latter.

Never try to D&C after a night of drinking.

I'm posting my thoughts. I don't care about making you hate him or me or anything like that, I don't want a false savior, or controlled opposition, to rule over us. However the one user has made me calm as what he says makes sense. He's not /ourguy/ but what's going on right now might shape him that way. We will see.

I second this motion

Its way past that. Pajeets are equally pissed off about the muzzie invasion and anal sex ed courses being taught. Its not like Canada was some bastion of white pride anyways. That ship said decades ago.

t. classical liberal "Jordan B. Peterson" tier idiots who simply support and vote for anyone that pisses off SJWs

Can't blame you but you're better off staying home.

Multiple torpedoes in the water.
Reminder Tor nodes are run by the FBI and they only arrest those they dislike.

There was a pajeet I met on the street ranting about how he's aryan and how blood matters and everything, he was from the UK and had UK accent, but was from Punjabi. Maybe they and the mudslimes will fight each other.

Harper was good at this kind of coalition-building. Chinks, pajeets and whites have more money and motivation than semites LGBTBBQ pervs and niggers, and they also believe in self-segregation.

They're newfags that not only don't belong here but are also afraid of being caught using their Queens Park computers for these kinds of raids.

Voting for joke parties is my way to show dissent. If I merely stay home it seems like I just don't care. I care very much and want to make a point.

fuck you, he let in so many shitskins during his reign, and did nothing at all to help us

No they don't. I see so many of them mixing with our people walking hand in hand on the street. Makes me really fucking mad.

Shut the fuck up, Holla Forums is an abomination, I was here when Holla Forums was created, and I was here when it was just /new/, and before that I was on Holla Forums randomly coordinates with various pro-white groups like White Aryan Resistance. I know everything there is to know about the movement.

Most refuse to see the bigger picture. The only saving grace (somewhat) is the vast amount of underpopulated space for white flight purposes. Bc shitskins need access to cities for free gibs, it should stay that way for another 50-100 years. Way too much snow for any nog to deal with.
Imagine a nog using a snowblower when they're too lazy to cut the grass. Kek.

Holla Forums would for for Merkel and call her /ourgirl/ just because she ban hijab even though the rest of time she floods Germany with rapefugees

You're all appeased way too easy.

It will come to that eventually bc they are the ones who are being hit first. Public schools are now having Religion of Cuck™ added to their curriculum + prayer areas which defeats the purpose of religion less public schools.
Hwhites always had the catholic school boards (which libs have been attacking for decades) to fall back on and are well funded & unaffected. By the time they change the constitution to completely comp the catholic school board, home schooling will be the new norm.

Especially if you telecommute or work exclusively online.

When you live in a city (Toronto or Ottawa I'm thinking of having lived there) you subconsciously adapt to the left wing environment and get bubble vision. I only got out of the fog once I moved to the (relative) sticks, in a 95% white community.

Gun control is a great example I like to use. Yes, in crowded cities, just like in the old west, it makes sense to check your guns with the sheriff. Out here, though, we have bears. We need them.

The "Canada is the most urbanized country" talking point is a bit of a trick. Yes, the greatest proportion live in cities, but conversely, out here you don't have the school board bringing in drag queens for sex-ed. Lots of Christian/private schools and lots of home schooling.

Just listened to a great interview with Harper yesterday (https:// in the US speaking about populism/nationalism. A shame max didn't win leader and now people will be voting party for Scheer instead of waiting until Max tries again. Scheer is a bit too much of a cuckservative.
That's what has kept canada from exploding into a massive race war decades ago. All races segregate into their own cities and prefer it that way. The only time it becomes a problem (for all races) is when niggers move in. Kek.

If there's no suitable joke candidate in your riding, it's possible to refuse your ballot in Ontario, although IIRC they lump these together with spoiled ballots in the results.
btw I am not suggesting that anyone do this - I think this election is the canonical case in favour of tactical voting. We can't take 5 more years of Wynne's corrupt, incompetent governing.

this is Holla Forums you dumb fuck
pic related the founder of Holla Forums

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (300x300, 122.2K)

That's not Hotwheels.

Attached: HW.jpg (474x266, 20.61K)

Vancouver is somewhat like this. The city is kikes, Richmond is Chinese, Surrey is Sikhs, etc.

Whoever the fuck that is, yes we can. We can take the corruption right down to the point this nation burns. That's the only way it'll get better.

this thread is getting shill bombed. That's how you know we're onto something.

The choice was three other women, Ford or Wynne. Marxist Woman politicians gtfo

gtfo and fuck off, Ontario will be a white minority if you retards keep letting literal marxists stay in power.

hahaha you think I don't know who actually founded this place? Hotwheels (real founder of Holla Forums) was a poster on

I'm just one pissed off guy who is angry with all you retarded shills who suddenly think voting cuckservative is ok when this has never been ok.

One asshole with TOR specifically. I have them filtered.

Literal marxists like the Progressive Cuckservatives you mean?

At least when they open the floodgates so hard it means infrastructure and other services can't adapt quick enough which means race war now.

You're just an angry jew that realizes the goyim have got out of control and you need to take it slow and steady with snuffing out the whites.

Good goy. I'll just go hop on my VPN if I want to harass you.

Trying to post the video, but in the meantime, have a look at who I think is Doug's cute daughter.

Attached: cutie.PNG (311x357, 173.8K)

They're both shit, but the liberals have been more shit recently, and their actions have all been for appeasing Marxists.

"White flight" will not stop White genocide
Indeed, it is only a false pressure- release valve
We must stand our ground and take our countries back if we are to have future

accelerationism doesn't work
look at South Africa
look at Detroit
look at California
accelerationism is defeatism
and also bullshit

"don't vote goyim!"
don't try to take your countries back!
don't make noise and spread the word!
don't get into politics and redpill the masses!
just shitpost on the internet and dream about a White future while the browns keep flooding in!

Again, if I want to save the white race, I dump a shitload of non-whites into the land way too fast, demand all whites be sterilized, make it illegal for whites to have jobs, and generally push things too fucking fat too fast.

If I want to kill the white race, I keep electing cuckservatives who never have the balls to deport anyone, and barely will slow the immigration just a little.

You need a better plan to save the white race dipshit.

They have nowhere to run. Consequently, they are arming themselves and preparing for race war. Detroit the whites could just run. California… I don't know what the fuck is wrong with California.

You got to propose me a better plan though to save our race than electing cucks that will kill us slow and steady.

Under Obongo we had a massive blooming of far-right groups you know. Obongo was a huge redpill. I hope Canada elects some kind of batshit insane tranny half chink half nigger or something next as PM and everyone suffers horribly under that. It will lead to radicalization of sufficient numbers of white men that we'll be able to retake our nation.

If your only choice is Bush or Obongo then yes, don't vote.

Do take your countries back, through violent revolution.

Do that. It is very important.

Do it faggot.

No, kill the cuckservatives, kill the libshits, kill all the race traitors and accept no appeasement. Go the full way.

Yeah yeah whatever faggot, you think you're going to save people by voting in another cuckservative, who will change nothing.

Shills are late to the party it seems
Say it with me Holla Forums


Canada is hopelessly fucked if people think they can just vote a cuckservative in and that's going to help anything.

So how much is he going to rollback immigration?

Tell me the exact number, cuck.

TORpedo is probably James Sears.

Did you know that the whole "Your Ward News" (aka Holla Forums the newspaper) and his fight with Warren Kinsella was a CSIS honeypot?


This marks you as a demoralization shill. You will be banned for this.
This marks you as a CIA shill. You will be banned for this.

See? No discussion can be had here.

Being this buttblasted

Attached: lots_of_farages.gif (512x338, 2.07M)

I don't know who that is but if he's like all these other worthless fucking Cucknadians I'd hate him too.

This nation is fucked.

You're all easily placated slaves.

Oh how scary! ProTip: I'm already banned on about 100 different IPs. It doesn't even slow me down.

See above. One way or another the violence needs to start and it'll probably begin with the left having a breakdown and killing whites, since the entire history of the right has just been endless "muh moral highground" and acting in defense.

I've been asking over and over for you guys to prove this cuckservative is going to do anything at all help our race and you haven't shown any indications he's going to even address the immigration issue. You'd all vote for Merkel because she banned hijab. You're just having a bone thrown at you and you're happy even though your race is fucking dying.

What is your expected endgame here? Another Arab Spring? Another Hitler? RAHOWA? It's not going to happen in a non-shithole country unless there is a huge shock (i.e. another WWI).
Meanwhile we're supposed to keep voting for spendthrift leftists who openly hate us because some torpedo said it's all according to his master plan?

Cucknadians are so fucking retarded they whine about the CIA. The CIA has no jurisdiction in Canada you retards.

Vote for joke parties or infiltrate the libertarian party and vote for that or don't vote at all.

Controlled opposition is worse than non-controlled opposition.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague."

…and get a plan that doesn't involve working in the illusory system of democrashitty where you take your pick from Jew A, Jew B, Jews C, Shabbos Goy D, Shabbos Goy E.

If you think a violent revolution can't be had, if you think there is no hope and that everything has to be done by voting, hang yourself now then.

The only place on earth the CIA legally (according to US law) doesn't have jurisdiction is the United States.


You can’t talk about that here.
No, you’re just mentally ill. Nothing you said is correct.

TBH the CIA has killed and experimented on Canadians before and Canada is just a pseudo-nation that answers to the US… but it's still weird to think I'm the CIA when this is a Canada thread you should be calling me CSIS or JTRIG.,format&q=90


We get it.
You're autistic.

…and you're the kind of scum that would have voted for George Bush.

Prove Doug Ford is a new Trump or fuck off.

People say accelerationism doesn't work.

The Ku Klux Klan voted for Obongo. Now they are all FBI agents but… many on the right welcomed Obongo and all sorts of far right movements grew under him and then we got Trump.

There is only issue that matters and that's the demographics issue.

How is Doug Ford going to help the demographics issue?

Is Doug Ford going to get rid of hate speech laws? Is he going to get rid of the bullshit bureaucracy? Is he going to loosen restrictions on owning guns? Is he going to do anything that helps strengthen the white demographic?

Cuckservatives usually double down on the anti-racism thing to prove what good goyim they are.
"dems dah real raycissstss"

Civic nationalist cucks need to get the fuck off of Holla Forums you're all an embarrassment.

Attached: 7228973_78554.gif (311x362, 1.98M)


Not an argument, cuckservative shill.

Btw, if anyone but Trump won for leadership of the republicans, America would be fucked. Now how is Doug Ford not just another cuckservative but somehow the Canadian Trump? Lay it down for me. Oh wait, you can't. He won't do shit for our race. He's good for nothing.

I'm probably just talking with advanced level shills that know the best way to pacify Canadians and kill out any resistance is to install a controlled op cuckservative so you guys are just going to keep focusing on the fact I post with Tor, calling me a shill, etc. but never address any of my questions or comments in any real capacity. No arguments.

How new do you think we are?

Newer than me. I've been at this for over a decade now. You still haven't brought up anything to prove Doug Ford would in any way benefit the white race. How hard is for you to look things up and find something? Pathetic.

Btw, I do consensus cracking when I want to, switching between personalities and folder sets and IPs… but I don't want to do that in here. I honestly want to know what the situation is with this guy. I'm trying to have a fucking conversation with you but all you can do is squeal about irrelevant shit like me quadposting with Tor. This thread is going to hit the bump limit and you'll not have convinced anyone that isn't already duped by that word "conservative" as if it means anything at all.

I am top propagandist and psy-operator in the memetic bureau. If I wanted to change your opinion about anything I would succeed. I need you right now to prove Doug Ford is a Canadian Trump and not just another cuckservative. Do you think America would be ok with Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush?

For whatever you can say about him so far, I can give you examples of Putin, Merkel, and others doing equivalent or even more extreme things. People who have been destroying the white race for a long time.

Saying there's two genders does not a save white race make.

Do you really think anyone reads your posts?
Srs question.

Bitch finally dropped the lawsuit and conceded.

Attached: craw.png (612x96, 27.68K)

I don't give a fuck if people do or don't, this is a board for discussion, and people who can't discuss anything are simply subhuman slaves/cattle. You will do whatever the fuck the power wants of you in order to remain comfortable and alive. As such you don't matter at all. I'm only here for the people that actually matter, the people that can think and debate, which you aren't.

You can thank me for that. I told her about how Doug Ford is actually not the boogieman she thinks he is and she realized he'd be the perfect controlled op to kill off the white goyim with. Yeah, what I do is counterproductive, but fuck it. This is the doom you cucks deserve. I wonder how many millions more chinks will pour in while Doug Ford is in control? Hmmmm…

Its a federal law and only one person spoke out openly against it: @MaximeBernier. He lost by 7K vote for leadership to run against fagdeau in 2019.

Responded before I saw the 000000

That's a shame. I'd vote for him just based on that alone. Maybe you Ford fans should try to get a message out to Ford asking him to get rid of the hatespeech laws, see if you can influence him to do it.

All provinces pretty much break down like this (minus the major cities). You only run into problems when its forced cultural enrichment like Obama pulled in the US.
For whites in Canada it isn't about "saving the white race" its about surviving the next 100 years. Easy doable given the population density and terrain. White and natives are the only ones really suited for surviving in rural cold weather conditions. Besides, unity was never part of canadian history. French hate the ruralfags and the ruralfags hate the mooching whiny french. That will never change.
Long term, the US is the only real hope to save anything but from the looks of it that prospect is fading quickly. Still too many people paying taxes and trying to work with the system instead of against it. People should be advocating for implosion rather than trying to slow it down. Luckily states like Cali and Colorado have begun openly defying the feds to protect the spics so its possible shit could hit the fan a lot sooner. Kikes are clearly becoming impatient.

Finally she shows some grace. Bitch is a sore loser: quit the party in a huff after losing last time and now kicking up a stink 3 months before the election. Expect op-eds in the Toronto Star about "MUH POPULAR VOOOTE" in a few weeks (if it emerges that she did indeed win on that count).

You are not doing yourself any favours by torposting and bragging about being a 3rd-degree blackbelt shitposter.
Having said that, I am attempting to address your arguments.

OK - name me one country in which a violent revolution has, in the last century, succeeded in political change.
Now I realize that this time frame conveniently excludes the Bolshevik Revolution, so I will say that that happened in a country shattered by the largest ever war.
Your dreamed-of RAHOWA scenario is not feasible in a strong state like most western countries. Gradual (or even sudden) change by political means is. Until that happens, it is sensible to choose the least cucked option, which for now is the PCPO.

So Donald Trump is the model saviour of the West? We'll have to see about that, especially on the immigration question which I agree is central. The guy flip flops daily and there's a very good chance he's going to end up cucking (or just being constrained by the role of the executive in the US) on this point.

That's why kikes push for big cities because whites become feminized in this environment and they lose touch with the rural lifestyle. Also they are at the top of the food chain in cities, in the rural areas not so much.
Agreed. It really isn't. Cities are increasing in size bc of pajeet/asian invasions. White flight is in full force.
And the beauty of it all is 85% of the country is so brutal (weather wise) it will stay that way forever. Muh based natives keep pushing back on kike land encroachments for oil/industrialization so the gov can't steam roll over them like they would whitey. They scream "muh colonialists, I'm a 5th gen rape baby!" and the conversation is over in seconds. Now there's an understanding between the two: you stay on your side, whites stay on the other, and if the gov comes natives whine until they go away. If kikes go to court, local whites step in and push those fuckers out legally. Kek!

What about all the countries overthrown by violent revolutionary leftists? It worked for them.

Try to name one example where a country peacefully changed hands without assassinations, civil war, and violence.

Now if it lulls people to sleep. We need things to get really bad, really quick. Hopefully in America there'll be a civil war soon as that could save us and I might get a chance to be a foreign volunteer for the Right Wing Death Squads to fight the California secessionists.

He's at least changing the culture and refuses to denounce white nationalist groups. That alone is great. He's not perfect but he's the first American leader I've ever been excited about in my lifetime.

He can't, it is a federal law like he just told you. You are doing the same as asking if a state governor will change US federal laws. No, obviously they can't.

Oh. He's can't be our new PM and replace Trudeau?

Well what can he do then?

Confirmed retard.

You are the reason people hate Tor users.

lel its like you haven't had to chase them off your land before or see the fucking mess they create elsewhere.






Attached: MEMANK.png (262x399, 74.35K)


Doug Ford.

They massively piss of SJWs the same way the classical liberal Jordan B. Peterson does but not they're not really our guy. The guy will do nothing at all about the flood of non-white immigrants into the country.

He upsets the most batshit insane of far-leftists by saying there's two genders.


If he can't change immigration laws or deport them he could maybe at least put in place policies that will screw over the shitskins and make them want to leave Canada.

They work like a tag team. Kinsella has been linked to CSIS from his days following "white power" types online (in reality, cocaine dealers) and selling a book, sucking as much kosher cock as he can in the process.

When this place got popular, he pitched an idea to his handler to use Sears, a noted edgelord in his neighbourhood in Toronto, and useful idiot Leroy who ran a local newspaper,to run an intelligence operation identifying why this place was so popular. He's linked to the Clintons and their uranium scam as well, and even used a crack whore out west as part of his scam. (It crashed and burned pretty badly since it turned out one his his targets was MI.)

(Boy things are really quiet without the peanut gallery. Pic related.)

Attached: honeypot.PNG (905x124, 9.06K)

This is the brainlet strategy. At the premier level the most he can do while remaining effective is to roll back some of the degenerate shit like Sex Ed curriculum.

I wonder if you'd pay me money if I revealed to you who I am that I am indeed not the people you think I am. I am literally nobody, just a recluse shutin who didn't even go to school, who spends all his time online and has no friends and no life.

Well then. He is pretty damned inconsequential eh? I guess the absolute best he can do is make libshits reeee.

I guess considering he can't be the prime minister you guys did elect the right guy since he can't actually do anything but trigger SJWs and he's doing a good job of that.

Speaking of white flight…

HOLY SHIT torpedo. Gas thyself.

GO FORD! Really wasn't expecting him to win this one but damn good news. Conservatism, even the diet-coke with triple aspartame that is the PC party needs more regular seeming shlubs for people to rally behind in this era where memes and social media buzz have a very real effect on how normies vote.

Attached: 4aeeb4ddac8dbd2661fd511003b53f6e6dbd7dcfd1d9e1dd36f8da5402b2aaef.jpg (600x589, 50.87K)

He has his wife do most of his shit now, since he's burned so many bridges.

Attached: lc.jpg (400x400, 18.85K)

Neither side is innocent but the larger threat is the gov ainec.



Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1280x720 66.87 KB, 473.99K)

SALT 1/2

Attached: salt17a.png (614x552 152.58 KB, 150.68K)

SALT 2/2

Attached: salt19a.png (602x439 66.07 KB, 67.2K)

He can't, he's only a provincial leader. Immigration is a federal issue. Only thing the province really does is highways, education, hospitals, and the taxes to pay for those things.

Removing the propaganda our children are exposed to, even a little, is not inconsequential. For the minimal effort of voting it is worthwhile just for that.

>dumping more and more brown people into leafland from assorted African counties as refugees

Something had to break eventually. Please, let there be a video released of him saying something like "We have enough dot-heads already, it's time we looked after real Canadians" or something to that effect and have him not only not deny it but double down. "I stand by those comments. I want Canada to come first."



Attached: cuckface.png (377x485, 219.02K)

Attached: 27 - l6qLGrh.jpg (800x400 53.94 KB, 28.72K)

Attached: 20 - 4XClMJx.jpg (1440x954 216.48 KB, 148.08K)

Attached: 24 - GvvYCMR.jpg (700x460, 45.71K)

You're missing a few before and after.


Then prove it to me. Go on. Do it. I'll wait because as it stands right now, they're already gatekeeping positions for leadership races to the point where they have NO candidates in ridings because they're "too extreme" for the party. Should have been a warning sign when they kicked out milquetoast Lauren Southern for having a different view on the garbage known as "slutwalks". Seriously, piss right off. You'd have a better chance of taking over the Communist party of Canada with your views.

Funny, because the leftypol I see just happens to love identity politics…all the fucking time.

Yes they should, and it's something my MPP happens to agree with. We're mostly rural farming, people get fucked up on the job(lose hands/feet/etc), and still try to bust their ass for years working. When they can't anymore they apply for disability and get denied. Yeah brilliant, 55 missing a hand what company will hire someone like that?

Not quite true. Premiers can hold that particular groups/races/people of various backgrounds not be given permission to become a resident of a particular province, or they can request that particular groups do. Quebec did this for years with french-only speakers from Africa mainly whites who were fleeing at one point. Then under the liberals in the 90's with blacks from the Caribbean.

Plain and simple, it's good that Ford won. Trudeau will not last the 2019 term, the party is already running 3rd place all across Canada. We're losing more jobs every month despite the claims that unemployment is down. The US is a booming economy right now, normally when the US picks up massive steam Canada rebounds hard. It's not happening. Provincial and federal economic policies are prohibitive to businesses opening up shop. That includes the oil patch and everywhere else. A good way in Ontario to tell how the economy is doing is to take a drive along the 401 between Kitchener/Waterloo and London at 10pm-4am. If you see trucks hand over fist, things are booming. If it looks like December 20 - Jan2nd? Hold into your wallets because it's shit out there. Right now? Looking a lot like December 20th. The real telling point will be the election.

Heres some interesting numbers:
The previous conservative party vote only drew about 44k people and this recent one IIRC was pushing 70k, I forget the exact numbers but a huge number of people joined the party just for this vote, which means its almost assuredly Fords people and the anti-wynne vote.
Now, another important thing, the conservative election was won by about 0.5% and the way it works is they take all the remote areas with like 3 people voting and weight them the same as the most dense Toronto riding. SO: I deduce that the internet and our agitation, or more likely cuckchans since we didnt push this guy really hard - was probably the deciding factor in him being chosen. Internet access and remote areas won that for Ford.

Rolls are around 168k after this leadership race. That's the highest they've ever been, around 44k voted. That's not counting on those of us who were completely fucked out of voting by the general incompetence. Ford has a lot of pull with some parts of Toronto, but he also has a lot of pull with rural Ontario. The way the vote broke down was he pulled heavily rural and industry counties. Which basically means places like, Middlesex, Lambton, Oxford, Simcoe, and so on which all live and die on two things: Farming and medium-heavy industry. All of the industry in those places either directly makes vehicles, supplies vehicle components(3rd party companies that make interior door panels/dashboards/etc), or have major warehouses for auto companies or freight companies as well. An example, when Wynne showed up in London for a rah-rah rally, a guy who was working at an auto manufacturing parts plant asked her: Why are you raising business taxes and making it uncompetitive for the company I work for to stay here. What was her answer? Evasive, didn't say anything about it and then started spewing shit about green energy and rewnewables. You've really got no idea how pissed off the average middle class and low-income class people are at this government. If the liberals win Ontario again, we're probably 6 years shy of riots in the streets. The middle class is being pushed to low-income.

Hell, the middle class struggles to buy a house in small towns/cities like Woodstock, Ingersoll, Smith Falls. $350k for 1500sqft 10yr old house is common in both places. New houses are already over $400k(1700-2000sqft), the average wage in both places is under $45k/year. At $70-90k/year between two people, with two kids, you are generally 1-2 paycheques short of falling behind on payments. Low-income? Well fuck. Charities that offer payment for heating in Ontario, two years in a row ran out of money in December(2016 and 2017). The winter here is classed as late october to as late as may 24th(plenty of years even here in southern ontario where you see 0C or -2C on the may 24). You can find plenty of media stories over the last 3 years about families absolutely broke and unable to pay for electricity for heat. It became such a big thing that the government under wynne had to pass a law banning winter disconnection of electricity.


This is before excluding the vote of the typical brand of lefties that don't vote but cast opinions in polls. This year is going to be amazing.

Attached: majority.PNG (1273x145, 13.72K)

11 seats…that's close. My guess is that they might only pull some Toronto ridings, that could leave them as little as 8-10 seats. If they hold less then 8 seats though which is still a possibility, they're no longer an official party in Ontario. The fun thing is, if you're not classed as an official party you don't get any funding. For those that don't know, in Canada you get money for your party one of two ways: Funding by government and through public/business support. The latter two are heavily restricted in the amount that they can donate.(As a heads up the Liberals are also being investigated by the elections board for breaking this law.)

Libs will pull another "muh ford raped me" right before the election.

Holy shit, I completely forgot about that. This is going to be a very interesting election; maybe if we're lucky, millennial leftists not voting might be just enough to make them lose enough seats to lose official party status.

Maybe I should meet this guy and his wife.

All politics are identity politics. It's only leftypol that has the hubris to think there identity politics is somehow uniquely beyond identity.

It take three years to get citizenship. They won't be able to vote, and in Canada they are pretty good about checking photo ID, at least in Ontario.

TORpedo is trying to D&C on behalf of the Ontario Liberal, who are shitting their (((pants))) today. You're right about the lolbergs too. Most small parties are actually money laundering schemes, believe it or not.

I used to live in Toronto, Quebec and BC. I now work in New York City. Even with the NYC housing premium it's far and away worth it. (I'm returning in a few months with enough socked away for a a house and at a much lower tax rate.)

A scam going to their connected (((friends))). It might come out in the election, but not from the (((media))).

Impossible. Aside from massive fraud that dyke is toast.

When I worked in Ottawa, I lived on the Quebec side because fuck it, I'd rather speak French and deal with that bullshit because the hydro was that much cheaper and a pedophile wasn't running the school curriculum.

Attached: hydro quebec.jpg (474x315, 12.59K)

I met Rob Ford back in highschool. He came to our ghetto ass school and spoke with us, talked to kids 1 on 1 outside after he was done doing his scheduled garbage inside. Was pretty dope.

I want off of this eternal upswing housing cycle

Attached: FORDswampdrain.jpg (620x465 99.97 KB, 79.41K)

Attached: PepeGravyTrain.png (895x354, 100.73K)

Any riding with less than 100 voters gets weighted 1 point per vote. As opposed to taking the whole 100 for the riding. I dont know why they make these leadership votes so complicated. I doubt even the people running understand the tallying system. Like you said though a lot more people wanted to vote than actually got a chance. Im willing to bet there were some DNC levels of rigging. Ford ran a successful campaign recruiting people to the PC party so they could vote for him. If they postponed the vote until everyone received their registration codes Ford would have won by a significant margin. They rushed it through to prevent this. But still he won. At least the other candidates appeared graceful after his win. Its gonna be a shitshow when he beats Wynne. The few liberals I know cant stand her, and theyre not planning on voting NDP either. I cant wait gor my hydro bill to get cut in half. Fuckin Wynne.
Guy is even teaching his Birds to say Ford!
Right Wing Squawk Squads?

No, not all politics is identity politics. It's become that way in the last 20 years, but before that in Canada people mainly voted on a value-based system. "Defensive voting" was the norm.

Shitting their pants would be a mild understatement. The absolute panic in Toronto, and political forums over Ford winning is nothing short of the same stuff that went on with Trump. It's easy to call them lolbergs, but I see valid points. Shit like legalizing and taxing weed would generate new revenue that's been lost from cigs. It would also take a massive dent out of the criminal world, here in Ontario weed makes up around 40% of a gangs income. On top of that, it would free up police resources to go after other more serious crimes.

>A scam going to their connected (((friends))). It might come out in the election, but not from the (((media))).

Far worse then that. Keep in mind that at least one person has already been criminally convicted for destruction of evidence. There's still the electioneering case going on in northern ontario too. There's no reason for green energy in Ontario, on top of that it can't handle spike or even baseload which means you have to build either gigantic battery banks or other storage mediums or other powerplants to handle it.

Sadly isn't impossible, here's the reasoning. Let us look back in the last decade to Alberta, when there was a 3-way race. Progressive Conservative, Wildrose, NDP. Wildrose was spouted everywhere in the media, polls, streets that they would win the province ala the Reform Party. Didn't happen because people who came from Ontario and Quebec voted PC because they most reflected liberal values. And we know what shitshow happened with that, the massive scandal. And now the NDP are running the province because instead of the former wildrose leadership standing firm, they bowed to SJW crap.

Yeah good luck with that one, you're gonna have to wait for the next housing crash before that happens. And one of two things, either a repeat of the hyperinflation crash in the early 80's, where interest rates spiked to cool down the market. Or we'll see over-building and a market crash like the late 80's with a glut of property. My parents got in lucky in 1983 with a 12.5% interest rate, by 1984 it was 24%.

That's still identity politics. There's no such thing as not identity politics, you can't ignore identity in politics.

Sure you can. Unless you're a fucking commie, in which case you live, breath, and eat it. While telling everyone else that you "know what politics" is really like.

Define identity politics for me. Identity always matters in politics.

Enough with your Jewish scrabble. You and everyone here knows full well what he means by modern identity politics, you greasy kike; quit being intellectually dishonest.
Gee, I wonder who could possibly be behind this very left-winged and semetic styling of argument. You're not fooling anyone, schlomo.

Attached: notajew.png (850x446 17.54 KB, 158.58K)

You're insane. Alberta went socialist because Maritimers came out to work, and the ones that stayed rather than commute started putting their paycheck up their nose thanks to all the cocaine around also bought overpriced houses. (Fort McMurray was arson, BTW.)

The oil boom crashed and they voted for gibs. It's coming back and Kenney will be premier of the UCP now that they cleaned up things.

You should know (((why))).

Attached: 22BE5723-AE79-4E24-9F47-ED2096FBC892.jpeg (1713x1512, 507.52K)

This is the better Ford tbh

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Attached: IMG_20180313_194934_e.png (299x299, 194.77K)

Doubt cast on Doug Ford's claim of Jewish wife

Rob Ford's wife is a kike too. Really makes you think.

Watched all of Fords interviews so far and hes playing this perfect. Soft, calm, friendly voice and sticking to the topics. They want him to become Trump but he isn't giving it them. Fantastic work.
When (((they))) try to attack the chaos from his brother Rob: "I'm not my brother but would defend him. I miss him".
When they claim hes Trump: He keeps calm and points to Trumps successes: lower taxes = booming economy + jobs are fleeing ontario to the US + carbon tax is killing business + "we're open for business".
IF he can stay away from saying something too insane, he'll destroy that dike kike without even trying.

Given how much controversy the Ford family have had; this will be a total clusterfuck.

Canadians are still too trusting of the media and government, and so a Trump-like anti-hero candidate is going to have a rough time.

Wish him the best and will do what I can, you never know maybe we can work a miracle.

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Attached: bishop.png (490x480, 377.48K)

It's always the current year at Liberal HQ, right Warren?

Attached: bill.jpg (474x613, 43.93K)

Seems like someone likes doxxing…

Attached: dox.png (617x282, 39.36K)

I owe Kathleen Wynn my deepest thanks and appreciation for awakening me to the degeneracy of the Liberal party in Canada. Prior to her I was a good Liberal-supporting boy, but finding out she was behind all the ads in Ontario attacking us as the perpetrators of rape and only depicting female victims, I realized the sexist double standards of her lesbian feminism. This opened the floodgates. Without her, how much longer would it have taken for me to get woke about Castreau?

someone please add a cropped version of this mostly showing Frances to

then someone add it to which currently lacks an image

The average dumbfuck canadian thinks the CBC is the word of god.

Also seeing the same script being used in all parties across the planet helps cement the once thought conspiracy theories.

Did libcucks steal another maymay from Holla Forums?

I hope none of you are actually paying taxes into the Canadian economy, the same one that takes Christian children and gives them to faggot child abusers.

I thank the Liberals for making it infinitely easier to redpill my friends and coworkers. Being able to point out the differences between white and nonwhite areas even makes the race reality simple to understand. The rake approaches.

Attached: Dayoftherake.jpg (361x593, 123.49K)

No, Alberta went communist because the oil bust left all you weak faggots wanting gibs. You degenerates have imported just as many non-whites as the Caliphate of Ontario.

To bad he didn't rune for President.
The world would be a much better place with a Third-Reich/USA alliance.

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>(((Grassroots))) group, Not Doug, has launched a website targeting the rookie Tory leader. It lists Ford’s controversial statements.

Attached: grassroots.jpg (474x266, 31.99K)

Sounds like WF's MO.


OP here. It began with a shitpost and a dream.

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I don't live in Ontario, but maybe people who do can ask:

Domain Name: NOTDOUG.COM
Domain ID: 2237737838_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2018-03-10T22:37:15Z
Creation Date: 2018-03-10T22:37:14Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2019-03-10T22:37:14Z
Registrar: TUCOWS, INC.
Registrar IANA ID: 69
Reseller: Hover
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0150930736
Registrant Organization: Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0150930736
Registrant Street: 96 Mowat Ave
Registrant City: Toronto
Registrant State/Province: ON
Registrant Postal Code: M6K 3M1
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.4165385457
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: [email protected]
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0150930736
Admin Organization: Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0150930736
Admin Street: 96 Mowat Ave
Admin City: Toronto
Admin State/Province: ON
Admin Postal Code: M6K 3M1
Admin Country: CA
Admin Phone: +1.4165385457
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: [email protected]
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Name: Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0150930736
Tech Organization: Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0150930736
Tech Street: 96 Mowat Ave
Tech City: Toronto
Tech State/Province: ON
Tech Postal Code: M6K 3M1
Tech Country: CA
Tech Phone: +1.4165385457
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email: [email protected]
Name Server: NS1.HOVER.COM
Name Server: NS2.HOVER.COM
DNSSEC: unsigned
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4165350123
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2018-03-10T22:37:15Z

Chinese are just assmad that they have competition dealing it now.