My sources tell me that the memo will absolutely be released sometime this week. However, we need to up our game to get it to the President's desk no later than Monday. Why Monday? So he can make it a topic of discussion in time for the State of the Union address on Tuesday evening.

This memo implicates several people, but most importantly Barack Hussein Obama – the man who lied about Hillary's crimes by pleading ignorance, while *himself* using private email to contact her.

Oh, you don't want to see Maxine Waters melt down and scream "muh racism" and "PEACH MINTS" on live television? I do. The collective media devastation will be on a scale easily 10x worse.

"But what can I do?" We need to launch a full-on meme campaign starting NOW to get this done in time. Remember, the left can't meme - but we can. I have the goods.

Save these links and spread them on social media like wildfire:

#ReleaseTheMemo images: imgur.com/a/K9PLO

Let 'em know Hillary supports the movement, too:

Even the "AP" reported about it:

Relevant hashtags:
#ReleaseTheMemo (preferably with #ImWithHer in the same tweets if linking to the video)

As has been said, we know Hilldawg is facing imminent legal jeopardy as well, but don't let yourselves lose sight of the fact that the real big fish, the one to take down the whole damn progressive-globalist-communist system will be Barack H. Obama. We are stronger than them.

Godspeed, patriots

well, I would prefer that the memo come out sooner than later

oh, and in case some anons and/or new people hadn't already realized it, he's referring to the FISA/spying memo involving obongo that the republicans have been trying to get out

Arrange for Assange to leak it.

I wish I could brother. Meme warfare is the best I can do.

And what else will you and/or other patriots be doing aside from twittering and providing context?

I can't say, user.

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Why doesn't the republican president just declassify it?

My dad who works at nintendo confirms

Great going. We surely believe you now.

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would it make him look bad if he did it himself?

Reported. Go suck Q’s cock on reddit.

Why would it make him look bad? Isn't it supposed to be the nail in the coffin of his enemies?

Because he’s a zionist neoconservative civic nationalist and only cares about his legacy and his personal image. Hence the offers of amnesty. Hence maintaining NAFTA. Hence reentering TPP. Hence not ending NATO like he promised. Hence not leaving the UN like he promised.

Take your brownpill elsewhere, Chaim.

Needs 'context'. Politicians try to absolve themselves of the responsibility of action in a degenerated Republic by waiting for 'the people' to give them context for action. Once given, any action you take is 'for the people' and thus automatically is more moral and has an already primed audience to interpret the politician's actions. If you act without context people might not be ready for new information, or worse, think you are not serving their interests. Remember that most people are sheep, and so even the illusion of a mass outcry for something will be enough for the sheeple to believe, 'this is important - I will pay attention.'

Reported. LARP somewhere else.

Wouldn't the memo be the context you're talking about?


No action can be taken–the action, in this case, being ‘releasing the memo’–without an artificial context. No one, not one single individual, in the government is worth saving. Every last one of them has committed treason. Not just felonies, not just misdemeanors, treason. If the memo actually has anything inescapably damaging in it, it will take everyone down through a domino effect. That’s why they didn’t just release it without pomp. That’s angle one.

It’s being drummed up exclusively for optics, too. Not only the context of “the people want it released, and we are releasing it, so we are the ones serving the people; remember that come November, goyim!” but also the context of “us vs them” when both parties are fully controlled.

So why doesn't the republican president just declassify it?

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Bad optics, the media will pull the "obstruction" BS line if he declassifies it without the initial approval of the Intel Cmte.

If you live in the us contact all your representatives at once here: democracy.io

This poster makes a much more convincing case than you do. You're just talking in circles.


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Yes, that’s totally what they do, isn’t it.

Wikileaks is offering a substantial reward for anyone willing to leak it to them. My donations of crypto have gone to good use already. I remain somewhat skeptical about how devastating the memo is, considering many facts we have already been known to any informed person for a while now, but I hope it gets leaked and we can have substantially concrete and corroborated claims made verified even further. If, perhaps, there truly is some very damaging information in the memo you can rest assured both dems AND repubs do not want it leaked as Washington is a mass of cancer and pulling a few people out will eventually bring the rest out of the woodwork. For the moment its political charade and theater being used for the republicans against the democrats, but it will probably take a younger individual with some backbone and either greed or true concern for the future of the country to leak it. Leaking it to wikileaks is the way to go as you both get a substantial and anonymous reward and more publicity and awareness for wikileaks.

We r in control

This was also on cuckchan too.

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Jesus christ, how high were your hopes for year one accomplishments of the most contested presdential cabinet in history?

I don’t recall giving a shit about the cabinet, either.

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I'll keep locking and loading until I see a #memo

Nobody is going to prison, this is all political bread n circuses.

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