White Ethnostate In Space

Have you considered we could build an ethnostate in space? Mars would be a good place for it. We could produce iron and sell it to earth as this would be the main thing you would go to Mars for (it's red hue is actually due to the abundance of rust on the surface).

This would be optimal because the political environment and presence of nonwhites in most white countries complicates things and you can't go around putting people in concentration camps without someone getting all pissy about it.

We could rely on donations and start a non-profit company to do it. There would also be interest from mining companies looking for new sources of iron.

What do you think Holla Forums? Should we do it?

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What do you mean how? We have the technology now.

I have considered that what is happening to us is completely natural and the driving force of evolution at work.
With the animosity of the rest of the world directed at us, space would seem to be the best option for us.
That or perpetual war.
I am reminded of the birds that push their young out of the nest when it is time for them to learn how to fly.
It feels like Mother Nature is doing the same to us.

Fuck you shlomo. It's ours.

Which technologies?

1. No, we don’t.
2. “Run away from your problems, goyim” shilling doesn’t work here.

Sorry you just make it sound as if we're unable to get there. We would need to develop some technology. Stuff like long term air is easy enough though because you have biological things that produce air like plants and plankton. We need to really think out well what we need to bring there to start a colony.

le everyone who disagrees with me is a Jew meme. This is why no one takes Holla Forums seriously.

Go look up the distance to the next nearest solar system.

It's nothing short of fantasy and distraction.

Is that why you're here?

Ah, you outed yourself quite fast. Good to know.

Actually a lot of technology has been developed recently in anticipation of the push into space. You can buy stuff that keeps you alive on Mars now.


This outlines several technologies that are being developed for a colony on Mars.

saged and reported.

Why? because I don't identify as Holla Forumsack? Is Holla Forums a hive mind anyway?

Have you considered we should make an ethnostate of Earth? If we don't have the balls to get rid of the shitskins and make the planet ours we sure as fuck don't have the balls to blow up every Soros funded jew capsule sent to Mars.

What the fuck am I even reading?

You have no idea how much of a pipe dream a white ethnostate is on earth. You will be the most persecuted country on earth for that shit. You'll have so many trade embargoes against you that you'll be white but live in absolute poverty.

you shills are literally saying traveling to Alpha Centauri is more realistic than a white ethnostate. KILL YOURSELF

Abe, pls

Already there.


Daily reminder to ignore these fucking blackpills. Where are the mods?

administer DNA tests upon arrival in hermetically sealed White run lab. questionables wait in quarantine until the A-OK. Anyone less than 100% gets the hatch. Only solution

Why the fuck would I go to another solar system? Jesus christ your dumb.

just trade with Eastern European countries, hard metals for crop. it would increase their wealth. also, no need for space gold in space, other than insulation of course…

nah, if Whites have land we are industrious. the most industrious

Of the nations that have advanced aerospace and orbital launch capabilities, you have in order of capabilities:
-United States
-South Korea

With notable mention to Australia and the UK, which are both developing or redeveloping their own space industries respectively. Of all these countries, narrowing it down to the white nations leaves the US and Russia as the two states most capable of embarking upon such a mission - however, it is likely that if such a colonization was attempted, the US fifth column would endeavor to do everything it could to ensure any such mission was non-white. This is further compounded by the inevitability of wealthy Jews leveraging their political and economic capital to establish outposts in any white astro-colonies. Thus for political reasons, the nation most likely and capable of establishing a white colony on the red planet would be Russia, unless the Jewish elements of the USA are rooted out before then. Perhaps the Australians too, if they develop their space industries enough.

Notions of trade with Earth are not feasible with regards to a colony, as they were back when Britain and France colonized the globe. It is much cheaper to transport iron by the sailship, than it is by the spaceship. Any such colony would by necessity have to be self-reliant in the fullest, which is appropriate for an ethno-state. The distance would furthermore render contact with the worse elements of Earth minimal, to the ideological, thus for as long as the pioneer colony was white, the chances for the state surviving would be high.

There exists a potential for a worse vision; in that the ethno-state could be a Jewish one.



Yes, first race to win the space race colonization can do any thing they want

I have an idea, Micro Fascism, get people used to living in the conditions that would be replicable in space, close proximity, sustainability, and high trust cooperation. Each settlement builds it's own rocket port and when they get to space they could modularly hook up when necessary or be in a semi-dispersed formation and away we go.

Every one Idealizes planets because it's what we are familiar with, but we could build but more spacious (per person) with much less cost and risk than say trying to terraform planet and deal with gravity wells.

just today they announced some microbes that break down human waste rapidly for plant consumption in bio-reactors.

We could go to orbit between earth and mercury and bombard israel with asteroids and then come back. >spending your entire life as a species on your stoop

There is absolutely no need to leave the solar system behind what so ever, there is a technique that is possible called star lifting, lifting heavier materials out of a star with magnets this would provide a metric fuck ton of raw materials we could use to build with out ever leaving the inner most solar system, then while at the same time you are star lifting (carbon plates the move in and out and use the barometric pressure between the plates and the sun to squish materials out and capture them with a magnet.

Now the cool thing here is that if you arrange your plates in a manner that forces the ejected material out in a controlled direction you are now turning the sun into a thruster, the gravity of which would keep the solar system moving along with us, e.g this is what any K2 civilisation would do to travel long distances Best of both worlds if you ask me.

The biggest threat is sublimination, basically a mass shoa of organic beings into a virtual universe.

The sun spits out massive amounts metals round the clock

Okay shlomo

We couldn't even get an Untersea expedition going to Antarctica to find New Swabia. Now we going to Mars?

really hate you reddit cunts

This was already predicted in that legendary GET.

Sage because Re​ddit

very interesting idea OP
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yeah and we'll sell ice from Pluto. Asteroids exist, you know? But even then, resources mined in space are better used in space, seeing as there's little to no gravity well to consider.

Provided we come up with solutions for microgravity muscular atrophy eg. centrifuges or genetic modification, the future of man is most certainly amongst the asteroids.

I would say we even forego the bindings of flesh altogether.