Spotting the Jew

Help me fill my folder with infographs and memes related to the art of spotting the jew. This above all things I believe is the most important thing for us to get out into the mainstream. Once the jew is unable to hide and pose as a lowly Goyim. Society just might undergo the mass awakening we've been waiting for rendering the Jew incapable of completing their conquest of the western world and their ultimate goal of white genocide.

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The nose knows

How to spot the Jew:


and tons of plastic surgery

Christianity is used as a symbol for religiosity and morality, when they insult Christianity they insult moral values. Even if Christianity has bad tones to you (as a Jewish religion perhaps), you should see that they use it to insult morality

That before and after meme is a bad shill shoop circulated during the election on halfchan.This is Ivanka before her nose job. Not a jew nose.

You are too simple minded and incapable of understanding what a 'jew' is. When you say 'jew' you are referring to khazar jews (jewish converts that are ethnic turkics with european ancestry). A true jew (one that is semetic) are not the ones that are difficult to detect. Arabs are also semites. You have to broaden your knowledge of all races before narrowing your criteria to one specific group.

In general you should study every race, not for 'detecting jews'. But for the beauty of all subspecies in homosapiens. Then you can learn to differentiate better.

Pretty sure considering this is Holla Forums all of this went without saying on the behalf of OP. Since this is baby tier shit. OP asked for memetics and infographs.
Op didn't ask. "Gee guise how do I spot a jew? I just can't tell, gee wiz".
Go be a snide prick elsewhere. Not often words can convey in such great detail the absolute most punchable face on the other side of the screen

She is a literal kike.

And yes. What I am saying your little "semetic nose" like pic related. Would not be accurate depiction of jews that influence the west. People would refer to this guy as a jew despite being armednoid/dinaric.

So if you want info-graphs of what jews that influence society look like just google pictures of media outlet owners or pictures of roger stone

Good posts.

Again. OP didnt ask "Gee what do jews look like?". Fuck off back to halfchan and slide there


yeah ok bud.

my point is the khazar "jews" are mongrelized. there is no uniformity in picking them. So when you try to categorize 'jews' you will only have people posting about semetic ones (which everyone can already detect and are not in high positions of power like the khazar). The only thing you should be looking at are the mongrelized khazar ones. Because at the end of the day…. did nathan rothschild look like this? No.

Surnames work the majority of the time.

Heres a better copy dubbed in english. I'll get a chan compatible mp4 made when I get a chance and load it up here if the thread doesnt 404 and also on >>>/rolo/ . I'll have to split it into two parts. For now heres the embed.


So (((cops)))?

Also check this resource:

Absolutely correct what you said about Christianity.
I am not Christian nor atheist but to not see that their disgust for Christianity is about the wholesome values European Christianity represents used to and the demoralization of the people who hold those values.
It's not about the individual religion, it's about the cultural significance of that religion and its relation to everything else they've created/destroyed.

A lot of people think big nose=jew with no regards for the other features or even the shape of the nose.
That guy is so obviously not a jew it's just sad to think of anyone over 19 who would think he is.

Jews aren't often difficult to discern in person. There's so many hints and tells which the 'dar can pick up besides names and noses.

Silly OP, you don't need any of that. Read Mein Kampf and you'll be able to spot a jew as soon as it opens it's lying mouth

Source for the 2 drawn pictures please? I want to read the whole books.

Yes, but not a genetic kike. You just can't help yourself, can you?

What the fuck are you going on about?

No one that concerns themselves with identifying the kike would misidentify your example.

Im a dinarid and have the same big ass nose, jews have an utterly repulsive face and their nose is unrelated to ours. There are almost zero similarities between a mediterranian dinaric and a semitic jew.

Doesn't look jewish to me. His first wife was a jew which he divorced and she took it upon herself to hold his 36 or so guitars as hostage. He ended up winning the court case and married a Orthodox Christian later on and converted as well.

sorry bruh its a jew

Nice dubs friend. My point in making that post was that you can't always tell it's a jew from facial recognition alone.
Behavioral patterns on the other hand are another thing. (pic related)

Yael practices judaism - blood rituals with her kike husband, including cutting herself, chopping off her sons foreskins and having a Rabbi suck their dicks. 100% kiked.

I'm pretty sure that playing football for a decade wore my feet flat

I have flat feet as well, but my family is Scottish.
It hasn't really hindered me any other than the fact I can't walk barefoot on gravel rock and I'm a bit slower than my peers at running, but whatever. I can do more pull-ups than most people I know.

In an effort to keep this thread on track. Here is another kike I've had my eye on. He is a agnostic jew who is leading the way in the field of A.I.
Interesting fucker to say the least, but he doesn't seem to fully grasp the Pandora's box that he is attempting to open.
(Pics related)
His pics will send your jewdar into a tism fit.

Her mother and grandmother were both blooded jews.

Why is nothing made of the fact that the toxicology report was clean of everything but prescription/pharmaceutical drugs in normal doses, but that his wife's statement says bad decisions with drugs played a part in his death?
It's been awhile since I cared, but when he died I remember thinking something was amiss when I heard some details.

No, kikes would, to muddy the waters. Whites really have evolved a danger sense when it comes to you rat fucks. Goes back to our primitive recognition of other vermin and dangerous nuisances.

It was the tires… kikes are genetically predisposed to it through millennia of their bizarre rituals. Note the similar movement.


Every subspecies has evolved in different ways. Some less than others. We have many subspecies alive today that we would consider a completely different species compared to neanderthals (if they were still around).

My point is regardless of who is the 'most' evolved… there is something interesting about how we came to be.

I've realised that if they're losing an argument or they're confronted with little chance of winning, they resort to humour and ambiguity. Just 'laughing it off'. They also stall a lot and never get straight to the point unless it has something to do with shekels.

exactly my point when I made this post

These threads never help ..

flat feet are not exclusively jewish. Flat feet are nothing more than an indication that your present ancestors were not hunting for food (probably more progressive evolutionary speaking). Many of the early hunter and gatherers would chase their game requiring a high arch on their feet; this is the same for native americans and africans. Early indo-european farmers would not have high arched feet just because they were farmers…. but also the domestication of the horse renders a high-arch foot pointless is passing down genetically.

Sometimes non-functional traits are an indicator of success (such as blue eyes; it serves no purpose other than aesthetics and can even a hindrance to eye sight with age…..despite that it still gets passed down)

I know that but you cunts ARE predisposed to it genetically. Eat shit moshe.

Report the lying kike trying to sow genetic disinfo.

Lots of arguing in circles and not listening or learning. They can't even change their script mid argument when processing new information, even if it help their argument. Truly a broken people.


This is one of the intellectual issues I have with liberalism. In their never ending quest to try to doublethink race away and pretend everybody is exactly the same and equal in every way, they are suffocating and stifling actual interesting research we could be doing on racial differences and development. When studies reveal "problematic" data about children in Africa not being able to pass the self-awareness test even at 7 years of age, they don't investigate further – instead they recoil back and say that the tests must be flawed.

Not sure what makes you think i'm a kike. Did you get triggered because I said there's beauty in ever homosapien subspecies? I never said I support miscegenation. I also never said we were all equals. I support biodiversity. True diversity. not miscegenation.

Mental midget.

Do not worry. As time goes on the research is starting to come out. The idea of indo-european (aryans) is already widely accepted. This is something that even liberal scientist/geneticist/archaeologist are already accepting

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
I have flat feet, but nothing else on there.
What am I?
Also what the hell is a round knee?

Does my nose fit the jewish profile?

I only ask because I'm not entirely sure. As far as I know, I have no jewish ancestry, but my mother's side is scottish, and my father's side is hungarian.

Looks like a corded atlantid with high keltid influences, dinaricized nostril configuration perhaps by the maternal grandmother (as this pattern resides in the mitochondrial DNA).

It is you, OP.
Why ?
Look it up.
Tho xyr wants there to be.
Anyone can be jewish.
OP's failed thread on fedchan

Nose is slavic.
Many jews are slavic

The best are the old race science books from Nazi Germany that show Jewish children next to German children and explain the different features. Daily reminder that "crypsis" is something Jews are very good at.

Tor poster doing what he does best and shit up threads as usual.

Always been fascinated with the obvious Aryan blood in the Afghan stock

This is another jewish lie.
Physical characteristics are not driven by mother's DNA.
Mitochondrial DNA is one of four known ways to test ancestral lineage: mtDNA, Y-DNA, X-DNA, and Autosomal DNA.

Here is a decent explanation of DNA sharing in families:

Sorry officer but Tor only works when civillians use it, too.
Lost ?

You don't have to go all the way to natsoc germany. Look in to CS coon. He is a very well respected anthropologist .


Yes. Not only do the aryan genetics show through…but it also aligns with the location of Zoroastrianism.

Well, since I'm Hungarian, I remembered that Sorors was a Hungarian born Jew, or thereabouts, so I assumed that ancestry was common.

Oh well, if Jews want to be crypto, I can take advantage of that and be a reverse crypto and work against them.

I'm sorry user, but the only way you could do that is if you posed as a kike to make them look bad to non-kikes, but you could never do it when actual kikes are around because their jewdar is breddy gud :->D

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

His speech like a dragon is an allusion to the introduction of deception into the human race in the Garden: “Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman, ‘Has God indeed said . . . ?’ ” [emphasis added] (Gen. Gen. 3:1). Like the serpent, his mouth will be employed in opposition to God’s Word.

oh no

I'm living proof against that. My eyes by themselves are proof against that.

Maternal line jews are living proof against that.


are you retarded? slavs have a defined oval nose tip and the nose bone doesent stick out so much.
and hungarians arent even slavs.

This is how mentally defective torfags actually are.

IMO the hallmark feature of a jew is the lips. They're puffy and the bottom lip typically sticks out more than the upper lip, with a slight droop. The face might also have a slight contortion that results in the mouth being slightly pulled back in a permanent "smile"

You can't just go by "oh he has a large nose, therefore jew". Lots of whites have large prominent noses. Especially in places like Italy, although theirs will still typically be more chiseled and beak-like, rather than the droopy fleshy bulbous noses of semites.

Fuck off.

That's not what I said. I said that many people often confuse the two and just think large angled nose = jew while also ignoring other features of the typical jew


Her grandmother was austrian and her grandfather czech. Zelníček really sounds like jewish last name. Sauce?

I got you fam.

so this?

note the "S" lines on the face that encompass high cheeks and small slightly closed eyes

Wanna be black Jew
Black Jews exist though, this one is faking

yeah, youre talking about ethiopian jews. but theyre just some african tribe that found out about the old testament (via Religion of Cuck™ic conquests, christian missions, trade routes or somethng)
and decided to convert to be

essentially the same as khazars who converted before the medieval times for political reasons and then migrated to europe to become ashkenazi jews.

big note for everyone here is that ashkenazi jews are khazars (caucasian the mountain region not race turkic people)
and that the biblical jews are long gone.

Seriously, what the fuck is the deal with kikes and their feces obsession? It's not just in their comedy and art, it's like human waste is in the forefront of all their thoughts.

Have one of the classics, link at the bottom:

The Poisonous Mushroom

A mother and her young boy are gathering mushrooms in the German forest. The boy finds some poisonous ones. The mother explains that there are good mushrooms and poisonous ones, and, as they go home, says:
“Look, Franz, human beings in this world are like the mushrooms in the forest. There are good mushrooms and there are good people. There are poisonous, bad mushrooms and there are bad people. And we have to be on our guard against bad people just as we have to be on guard against poisonous mushrooms. Do you understand that?”
“Yes, mother,” Franz replies. “I understand that in dealing with bad people trouble may arise, just as when one eats a poisonous mushroom. One may even die!”
“And do you know, too, who these bad men are, these poisonous mushrooms of mankind?” the mother continued.
Franz slaps his chest in pride:
“Of course I know, mother! They are the Jews! Our teacher has often told us about them.”
The mother praises her boy for his intelligence, and goes on to explain the different kinds of “poisonous” Jews: the Jewish pedlar, the Jewish cattle-dealer, the Kosher butcher, the Jewish doctor, the baptised Jew, and so on.
“However they disguise themselves, or however friendly they try to be, affirming a thousand times their good intentions to us, one must not believe them. Jews they are and Jews they remain. For our Volk they are poison.”
“Like the poisonous mushroom!” says Franz.
“Yes, my child! Just as a single poisonous mushrooms can kill a whole family, so a solitary Jew can destroy a whole village, a whole city, even an entire Volk.”
Franz has understood.
“Tell me, mother, do all Gentiles know that the Jew is as dangerous as a poisonous mushroom?”
Mother shakes her head.
“Unfortunately not, my child. There are millions of Gentiles who do not yet know the Jews. So we have to enlighten people and warn them against the Jews. Our young people, too, must be warned. Our boys and girls must learn to know the Jew. They must learn that the Jew is the most dangerous poison-mushroom in existence. Just as poisonous mushrooms spring up everywhere, so the Jew is found in every country in the world. Just as poisonous mushrooms often lead to the most dreadful calamity, so the Jew is the cause of misery and distress, illness and death.”
The author then concludes this story by pointing the moral:
German youth must learn to recognise the Jewish poison-mushroom. They must learn what a danger the Jew is for the German Volk and for the whole world. They must learn that the Jewish problem involves the destiny of us all.
“The following tales tell the truth about the Jewish poison-mushroom. They show the many shapes the Jew assumes. They show the depravity and baseness of the Jewish race. They show the Jew for what he really is:

The Devil in human form.

(it seems that archiving it broke some things.)

How To Tell A Jew
Things are lively in Mr. Birkmann’s 7th grade boys’ class today. The teacher is talking about the Jews. Mr. Birkmann has drawn pictures of Jews on the blackboard. The boys are fascinated. Even the laziest of them, “Emil the Snorer,” is paying attention, not sleeping, as he so often does during other subjects. Mr. Birkmann is a good teacher. All the children like him. They are happiest when he talks about the Jews. Mr. Birkmann can do that well. He learned about the Jews from life. He knows how to put it in gripping terms such that the favorite hour of the day is the “Jewish hour.” Mr. Birkmann looks at the clock.
“It is noon,” he says. “We should summarize what we have learned in the past hour. What have we talked about?”
All the children raise their hands. The teacher calls on Karl Scholz, a small lad in the front row. “We have talked about how to recognize the Jews.”
“Good. Say more!”
Little Karl reaches for the pointer, steps up to the board and points at the drawings.
“One can most easily tell a Jew by his nose. The Jewish nose is bent at its point. It looks like the number six. We call it the 'Jewish six.' Many Gentiles also have bent noses. But their noses bend upwards, not downwards. Such a nose is a hook nose or an eagle nose. It is not at all like a Jewish nose.”
“Right!” says the teacher. “But the nose is not the only way to recognize a Jew…”
The boy goes on. “One can also recognize a Jew by his lips. His lips are usually puffy. The lower lip often protrudes. The eyes are different too. The eyelids are mostly thicker and more fleshy than ours. The Jewish look is wary and piercing. One can tell from his eyes that he is a deceitful person.”
The teacher calls on another lad. He is Fritz Müller, and is the best in the class. He goes to the board and says:
“Jews are usually small to mid-sized. They have short legs. Their arms are often very short too. Many Jews are bow-legged and flat-footed. They often have a low, slanting forehead, a receding forehead. Many criminals have such a receding forehead. The Jews are criminals too. Their hair is usually dark and often curly like a Negro’s. Their ears are very large, and they look like the handles of a coffee cup.”
The teacher turns to the students.
“Pay attention, children. Why does Fritz always say ‘many Jews have bow legs’, or ‘they often have receding foreheads,’ or ‘their hair is usually dark’?”
Heinrich Schmidt, a large, strong boy in the last row speaks.
“Every Jew does not have these characteristics. Some do not have a proper Jewish nose, but real Jewish ears. Some do not have flat feet, but real Jewish eyes. Some Jews cannot be recognized at first glance. There are even some Jews with blond hair. If we want to be sure to recognize Jews, we must look carefully. But when one looks carefully, one can always tell it is a Jew.”
“Very good,” the teacher says. “And now tell me about other ways to tell Jews from Gentiles. Richard, come up here!”
Richard Krause, a smiling blond lad, goes to the board. He says: “One can recognize a Jew from his movements and behavior. The Jew moves his head back and forth. His gait is shuffling and unsteady. The Jew moves his hands when he talks. He “jabbers.” His voice is often odd. He talks through his nose. Jews often have an unpleasant sweetish odor. If you have a good nose, you can smell the Jews.”
The teacher is satisfied.
“That how it is, kids. You have paid attention! If you pay attention outside school and keep your eyes open, you won’t be fooled by the Jews.”
The teacher goes to the lectern and turns the board. On the other side a poem is written. The children read it out loud:

“From a Jew’s face
The wicked Devil speaks to us,
The Devil who, in every country,
Is known as an evil plague.
Would we from the Jew be free,
Again be cheeful and happy,
Then must youth fight with us
To get rid of the Jewish Devil.”

(saging for now to not slide front page stuff)

How the Jews Came to Us

The scene of the next story is a small German town. School-children stop in the street to observe and comment on three “Eastern Jews.”

“Look at those creatures!” cries Fritz.

“Those sinister Jewish noses! Those lousy beards! Those dirty, standing-out ears! Those bent legs! Those flat feet! Those stained, fatty clothes! Look how they move their hands about! How they haggle! And those are supposed to be men!”

“And what sort of men?” replies Karl. “They are criminals of the worst sort.”

He describes their trafficking in wares and how, when they have money enough they

“Get rid of their dirty clothes, cut their beards off, de-louse themselves, put on up-to-date clothes and go about as if they were not Jews. In Germany they speak German and behave as though they were Germans. In France they speak French and act as Frenchmen. In Italy they want to be Italians; in Holland, Dutch; in America, Americans; and so on. So they carry on throughout the whole world.”

Fritz laughs at this and says anyhow they can always be recognized as Jews. Karl nods:

“Naturally, one can tell them if one uses one’s eyes. But unfortunately, there are still many who fall for the Jewish swindle.”

Fritz answers:

“Not me! I know the Jews! I know, too, a verse about them:

“Once they came from the East,
Dirty, lousy, without a cent;
But in a few years
They were well-to-do.

Today they dress very well;
Do not want to be Jews any more
So keep your eyes open and make a note:
Once a Jew, always a Jew!”

What is the Talmud?

Solly is thirteen years old. He is the son of the livestock-Jew Blumenstock from Langenbach. There is no Jewish school there. Solly therefore has to go to the German school. His schoolmates don’t like him. Solly is fresh and insolent. There are always fights. And Solly is always responsible for them.

Today Solly doesn’t have to go to school. He has to visit a rabbi in the city. A rabbi is a Jewish preacher. And this Jewish preacher wants to see if Solly has diligently studied the teachings of the Jewish religion. Solly has gone to the synagogue. A synagogue is the church of the Jews. The rabbi is waiting for him. He is an old Jew with a long beard and a genuine devil’s face. Solly bows. The rabbi leads him to a reading table where there is a large, thick book. It is the Talmud. The Talmud is the secret law book of the Jews.

The rabbi begins the examination.

“Solly, you have a Gentile teacher in school. And every day you hear what the Gentiles say, what they believe, and the laws by which they live . . .”

Solly interrupts the rabbi.

“Yes, rabbi, I hear that every day. But that doesn’t concern me. I am a Jew. I have laws to follow that are entirely different from those of the Gentiles. Our laws are written down in the Talmud.”

The rabbi nods.

“Right! And now I want to hear what you know about them. Give me a few sayings or proverbs that you have heard in the Gentile school!”

Solly thinks. Then he says:

“A proverb of the Gentiles is: ‘Work is no disgrace.’”

“What do the Gentiles mean by that?”

“They mean to say that it is no disgrace when one has to work.”

“Do we Jews believe that?”

“No, we don’t believe that! In our law book the Talmud it is written:

Work is noxious and not to be done.

Therefore we Jews don’t work, but mostly engage in commerce. Gentiles are created to work. In the Talmud it also says:

The rabbi teaches: There is no lower occupation than farming. A Jew should neither plow the field nor plant grain. Commerce is far more bearable than tilling the soil.”

The rabbi laughs.

“You’ve learned very well. But I know another Talmud passage that you must learn.”

He opens the Talmud. Solly must read:

The Gentiles are created to serve the Jews. They must plow, sow, weed, dig, reap, bundle, soft, and grind. The Jews are created to find everything ready.

The rabbi continues his examination.

“Tell me several more principles or proverbs of the Gentiles!”

Solly answers:

“The Gentiles say: “Be ever loyal and upright. Honor is the surest defense.”

“What do the Gentiles mean by that?”

“They mean that one should always be honest in life. One should not lie and cheat. That’s what the Gentiles say.”

“And what do we Jews do?”

“We may lie and cheat Gentiles. In the Talmud it says:

It is permitted for Jews to cheat Gentiles. All lies are good.

And furthermore it is written:

It is forbidden for a Jew to cheat his brother. To cheat a Gentile is permitted.

When we loan the Gentiles money, we must demand usurious interest. For in the Talmud it is written:

Concerning robbery it is taught: Gentiles may not rob each other. The Gentile may not rob the Jews. But the Jews may at any time rob the Gentiles.

It further says:

If a Jew has stolen something from a Gentile and the Gentile discovers it and demands it back, the Jew should simply deny it all. The Jewish court will stand by the Jew.

It is also permitted for us Jews to buy stolen goods from a thief, when they come from Gentiles. We Jews may also be fences without sinning before our God. Smuggling and tax evasion are also permitted for us Jews. In the Talmud it is written that we may cheat Gentile authorities of customs and taxes. It says:

Smuggling is permitted, for it is written: You need not pay what you owe.

Also thievery is permitted for Jews. But we may steal only from the Gentiles. The Talmud says:

The words ‘Thou shalt not steal’ in the text refer only to thievery from Jews. Stealing from Gentiles is not meant.”

“What does that mean?” the rabbi asked.

“That means that we cannot steal from or cheat Jews. But we can cheat Gentiles at any time. That is permitted for us.”

The rabbi is satisfied.

“Excellent! In conclusion, give me several more laws from the Talmud.”

Solly is delighted with the rabbi’s praise. Solly says: “In the Talmud it is written:

Only the Jew is human. The Gentile peoples are not called people, rather they are named animals.

And because we see Gentiles as animals, we call them goy, it is also permitted for us at any time to perjure ourselves before a Gentile court. In the Talmud it is written:

The Jew is permitted to swear falsely before a Gentile court. Such an oath is always to be seen as compelled. Even when a Jew swears by the name of God, he is allowed to tell a lie, and in his heart to reject the oath he has made.

Furthermore, in the Book of Sirach it says:

Terrify all the nations, 0 Judah! Lift up your hands against the Gentiles! Incite the wrath of the Gentiles against each other and pour out anger! Shatter the princes who are enemies to the Jews.”

“Enough!” interrupts the rabbi. He comes up to Solly and shakes his hand. Then he says:

“You are a fine Talmud student. You will become a real Jew. Always think about what the Talmud demands of you. The teachings and laws of the Talmud are more important and more to be obeyed than the laws of the Old Testament. The teachings of the Talmud are the words of the living Jewish god. He who breaks the laws of the Talmud deserves death. You should think about that throughout your whole life. If you always follow the Talmud laws diligently, you will join our biblical fathers in the Jewish heaven. Amen!”

Murder, thievery, and lies
Robbery, perjury, and cheating
These are all permitted for the Jews,
As every Jewish child knows.

In the Talmud it is written,
What Jews hate and what they love,
What Jews think and how they live,
All is ordained by the Talmud.

Why the Jews Let Themselves Be Baptized

This story tells about the baptizing of a Jewish man and his wife. The picture shows a fat, sallow-faced man and a pink-powdered woman coming out of Church, both holding large prayer-books in their hands, while the priest at the Church door is giving them a parting blessing. Two blond German girls in the background comment upon this scene. They comment on their appearance and point out that the baptism makes no difference: they are Jews just the same.

Anne says:

“Do you know our girls’ leader once told us : ‘Just as little as a Negro can be made into a German by baptism, can a Jew be made into a non-Jew.’ “

Grete stamps her feet angrily on the ground:

“I do not understand these priests who go on baptizing Jews even today. By doing so they admit a criminal mob into the churches.”

Anne concludes:

“I believe a time will come when the Christians will curse the clergy who once allowed Jews to enter the Christian Church. For the Jews only want to destroy the Christian Church. And they will destroy it if our clergy go on allowing Jews to enter. There is a saying:

‘If a Jew comes along
Wanting a priest to baptize him,
Be on your guard and beware;
Jew remains always Jew!

Baptismal water helps not a jot.
That does not make the Jew any better!
He is a Devil in Time
And remains so through Eternity!’”

How a German Peasant Was Driven from House and Farm

This story tells how a German peasant was driven from his land and farm by a Jewish financier, who, enforcing usurious interests, ruins the peasant and compels him to sell his farm. The picture shows the Jew in the background enforcing his claim, while in the fore a neighbouring peasant and his young son discuss what is taking place.

Little Paul is frightfully shocked. His eyes sparkle with anger. “What a mean Jew!” he says. Then he is silent awhile. Full of loathing, he looks at the Jew. He would like best to break the waterjug on the creature’s head. But what could the little fellow do! That would not help his neighbour.

“Father, when I am grown up and have a farm of my own, I will always think of our neighbour. And no Jew shall ever enter my house. I will write on the door : Jews prohibited! And if a Jew were to come in, I would at once throw him out!”

The Father nods:

“Right, Paul! One should have nothing to do with a Jew. The Jew will always cheat us. The Jew will take from us all we possess. Every peasant must make a note of that!”

“Yes,” says little Paul, “and I will always think of the saying which teacher has taught us at school:

’the peasant prays to the Lord:
Oh, keep the hail from us,
Protect us from lightning and flood,
Then we shall have again good harvest.

But worse than these plagues,
Never forget, is the Jews!
Be warned: Look out
For the bloodthirsty Jew!’”

The Experience of Hans and Else with a Strange Man

In this story a Jew tries to entice little children to his home, by giving them caramels. The little boy saves his sister by calling the police.

Else begins to have plenty of sweets.

Hans asks from where they are coming.

“I have got them from a strange man. But don’t tell mother! The man strictly forbade me to do so!”

Hans is curious. They arrange to go together. The “man” wants them to go with him.

Hans hesitates — Hans thought:

“What does the man want of us? Why should we go with him?”

Suddenly a great fear comes over him.

“You are a Jew!” he cries and seizing his sister, runs off as fast as his legs will carry him. At the corner of the street he meets a policeman. Quickly Hans tells his story. The policeman gets on his motor-bike and soon overtakes the strange man. He handcuffs him and takes him to prison.

At home, subsequently, there is great rejoicing. The police praise Hans for being a brave lad. His mother gives him a large piece of chocolate while teaching him the following saying:

“A devil goes through the land,
The Jew he is, known to us all
As murderer of the peoples and polluter of the races,
The terror of children in every country!

He wants to ruin the youth.
He wants all peoples to die.
Have nothing to do with a Jew
Then you’ll be happy and gay!”

Inge’s Visit to a Jewish Doctor

Inge is sick. For several days she has had a light fever and a headache. But Inge did not want to go to the doctor.

“Why go to the doctor for such a trifle?” she said again and again when her mother suggested it. Finally her mother insisted.

“March! Go to Dr. (((((Bernstein))))) and let him examine you!” her mother ordered.

“Why Dr. (((((Bernstein)))))? He is a Jew! And no real German girl goes to a Jew,” Inge replied.

Her mother laughed.

“Don’t talk nonsense! Jewish doctors are all right. They are always chattering nonsense about it at your BDM [League of German Girls] meetings. What do those girls know about it?”

Inge protested.

“Mother, you can say what you want, but you can’t slander the BDM. You should know that we BDM girls understand the Jewish question better than many of our parents. Our leader gives a short talk about the Jews nearly every week. Just recently she said: ‘A German may not go to a Jewish doctor! Particularly not a German girl! Because the Jews want to destroy the German people. Many girls who went to a Jewish doctor for healing found instead sickness and shame!’ That’s what our leader said, Mother. And she’s right!”

Her mother grew impatient.

“You always think you know more than the grown-ups. What you said just isn’t true. Look, Inge. I know Dr. (((((Bernstein))))) well. He is a fine doctor.”

“But he is a Jew! And the Jews are our deadly enemies,” Inge replied.

Now her mother became really angry.

“That’s enough, you naughty child! Go to Dr. (((((Bernstein))))) right now! If you don’t, I’ll teach you how to obey me!”

Her mother screamed and raised her hand.

Inge did not want to be disobedient, so she went. Went to the Jewish doctor (((((Bernstein)))))!

Inge sits in the waiting room of the Jewish doctor. She had to wait a long time. She leafs through the magazines that are on the table. But she is much too nervous to be able to read more than a few sentences. Again and again she thinks back on the conversation with her mother. And again and again she recalls the warning of her BDM leader: “A German may not go to a Jewish doctor! Particularly a German girl! Many girls who went to a Jewish doctor for healing found instead sickness and shame!”

As Inge entered the waiting room, she had had a strange experience. From the examination room of the doctor came crying. She heard the voice of a girl:

“Doctor! Doctor! Leave me alone!”

Then she heard the scornful laugh of a man. Then all was suddenly silent. Breathlessly Inge had listened.

“What does all that mean?” she asked herself, and her heart beat faster. Once again she thought of the warnings of her BDM leader.

Inge has been waiting for an hour. Again she picks up the magazines and tries to read. Then the door opens. Inge looks up. The Jew appears. A cry comes from Inge’s mouth. In terror she lets the newspaper drop. Terrified, she jumps up. Her eyes stare in the face of the Jewish doctor. And this face is the face of the Devil. In the middle of this devilish face sits an enormous crooked nose. Behind the glasses glare two criminal eyes. And a grin runs across the protruding lips. A grin that wants to say: “Now I have you at last, little German girl!”

The Jew comes toward her. His fat fingers grasp for her. But now Inge has recovered. Before the Jew can grab her she hits the fat face of the Jew-doctor. Then a leap to the door. Breathlessly Inge runs down the steps. Breathlessly she dashes out of the Jew-house.

In tears she returns home. Her mother is shocked to see her child.

“For God’s sake, Inge! What happened?”

It is a long time before the child can say anything. Finally Inge tells about her experience with the Jew-doctor. Her mother listens in horror. And when Inge finishes her story, her mother lowers her head in shame.

“Inge, I shouldn’t have sent you to a Jewish doctor. When you left I regretted it. I couldn’t relax. I wanted to call you back. I suspected suddenly that you were right. I suspected that something would happen to you. But everything came out all right, thank God!”

Her mother moans, and tries to conceal her tears.

Gradually Inge calms down. She laughs again. “Mother, you’ve done a lot for me. Thank you. But you have to promise me something: about the BDM . . . “

Her mother doesn’t let her finish.

“I know what you want to say, Inge. I promise. I’m finding that one can learn even from you children.”

Inge nods.

“You’re right, Mother. We BDM girls, we know what we want, even if we are not always understood. Mother, you taught me many sayings. Today I want to give you one to learn.” And slowly and significantly Inge says:

The Devil, it was he
Who sent the Jew-doctor to Germany.
Like a devil he defiles
The German woman, Germany’s honor.

The German people, they’ll not be sound
Unless very soon the way is found
To German healing, German ways,
To German doctors in future days.

How the Jew Treats His Domestic Help

This story tells of a 23 year-old Rosa, who went into domestic service, using a Jewish agency in Vienna. For four weeks the parents have heard nothing of her. They are troubled. Finally a letter comes from Rosa telling how she was handed on and her experience, and how, finally, she reached a Jewish home in England, via the Jewish Agency. In England:

“They were again Jews. I got only small wages and had to work from early morning till late at night. I had almost nothing to eat. The Jews treated me as if I were a dog. I was perpetually insulted.”

The letter goes on to tell how she was rescued by the wife of a good German business man, who was on a visit to London.

“They rescued me from slavery. They even bought me a return ticket.”

Rosa concludes:

“The Jew is a devil. I shall hate him as long as I live. And I shall always think of the saying I heard yesterday:

‘German woman, great or small,
The Jew calls you simply: Goja.
He hates you, corrupts you,
Treats you worse than cattle.

If a girl wants to keep herself pure
Let her steer clear of the Jews!
If she wants to make good in life’s struggle,
Let her have no truck with the Jews!’”

How Two Women Were Tricked by Jewish Lawyers

This story tells how a Jewish lawyer, by making the same promises to two German women, complainant and defendant, takes fees from both. In the Court judgment is given: “Both women are guilty. Both must pay.”

After the Court proceedings the two Jewish lawyers who have so arranged the case congratulate one another on the good business they have done:

“Now we have muloted [sic] the two Gojas of their money, we can put it in our sack!”

The two German women recognize they have been cheated, make peace with one another, and take the experience as a warning never to quarrel again and

“Never to go again to Jewish lawyers.”

“We will remember all our lives this saying:

’the Jewish Lawyer
Has no feeling for Justice.
He only goes to Court
Because of the prospect of money.

Whether brave and good people
Wear themselves out and bleed,
Leaves the Jew completely cold.
Never go to a Jewish lawyer.’”

How Jews Torment Animals

In this story the accusations of ritual murder are repeated. Two boys, Kurt and Otto, go to a Jewish slaughter house, hide themselves, where they can watch the Jews killing a cow. The process of fixing the cow and the operation is described, involving callous brutality and Schadenfreude on the part of the Jewish butchers. Four Jews hold down the cow while its neck is being cut.

“The Jews stand there and — laugh.”

At the end, Otto says:

“Kurt, now I believe you. The Jews are the meanest persons in the world.”

Kurt answers:

“Yes, the Jews are a murderous people. With the same brutality and lust for blood with which they kill animals they also kill human beings. Have you ever heard of ritual murders? On such occasions the Jews kill boys and girls, men and women. From the beginning Jews have been murderers. They are Devils in human form. There is a saying:

‘Anger, envy, hatred, rage,
Are in the blood of the Jew,
Towards every people on the earth
Who do not belong to the ‘Chosen.’

He kills animals and men,
His blood-lust knows no bounds.
The world can only recover
When it is rid of the Jew.’”

What Christ Said about the Jews

A peasant mother returning from field-work, with her three children, pauses before a way-side Christ. The mother talks to them about the wickedness of the Jews.

“She points to the Cross, which stands by the road:

“Children, look there! The Man who hangs on the Cross was one of the greatest enemies of the Jews of all time. He knew the Jews in all their corruption and meanness. Once He drove the Jews out with a whip, because they were carrying on their money-dealings in the Church. He called the Jews: killers of men from the beginning. By that He meant that the Jews in all times have been murderers. He said further to the Jews: Your father is the Devil! Do you know, children, what that means? It means that the Jews descend from the Devil. And because they descend from the Devil they can but live like devils. So they commit one crime after another.”

The children look thoughtfully at the Cross. Mother continues:

“Because this Man knew the Jews, because He proclaimed the truth to the world, he had to die. Hence the Jews murdered Him. They drove nails through His hands and feet and let Him slowly bleed. In such a horrible way the Jews took their revenge. And in a similar way they have killed many others who had the courage to tell the truth about the Jews. Always remember these things, children. When you see the Cross, think of the terrible murder by the Jews on Golgotha. Remember that the Jews are children of the Devil and human murderers. Remember the saying:

As long as Jews have been on earth
There have been enemies of the Jews.
They gave warning of the Jewish blood
And even sacrificed their blood,
So that the world might know the Devil
And not plunge into ruin;
So that the world might soon be freed
From its slavery to the Jew.”

Money is the God of the Jews

Liselotte looks out at the cottage window towards evening and talks to her mother about the hard way in which father has to work. She says:

“Do you know, mother, what I sometimes wish? I should like to be rich. Very rich! And with my money I would make people happy. I should love to help the poor!”

They go on talking. Liselotte asks:

“Tell me, mother, how does it happen that the Jews are so rich? Our teacher has told us at school that here are thousands of Jews in the world who are millionaires. And yet the Jews do not work. It is the Gentiles who must work. The Jew only trades. But one cannot become a millionaire by trading with paper, bones, old clothing and furniture!”

Mother explains how it is done.

“The Jew is quite indifferent when the cheated non-Jew goes hungry. Jews have no pity. They strive for one thing: — money. They do not care two hoots how they get it.”

Liselotte asks how they can behave in this mean way.

Mother answers:

“Child, one thing you must realise. The Jew is not a person like us. The Jew is a Devil. And a Devil has no sense of honour. A Devil deals only in meanness and crime. You have read your Bible, Liselotte. There it says the Jewish God once said to the Jews: ‘You must eat up the people of the earth!’ Do you know what that means? It means the Jew should destroy all other peoples. They should bleed and exploit them till they die. That is what it means.”

Liselotte tries to understand these things.

Mother continues:

“Yes, my child, that’s the Jew! The God of the Jews is gold. There is no crime he would not commit to get it. He has no rest till he can sit on the top of a gold-sack. He has no rest till he has become King Money. And with this money he would make us all into slaves and destroy us. With this money he seeks to dominate the whole world. All that is contained in the following saying:

’the Jew has only one idea in this world;
It is: Money, Money, Money!
By every kind of trick and device
To make himself immeasurably rich.

What cares he for scorn and contempt!
Money was and is his God!
Through money he hopes to lord it over us,
And achieve the mastery of the world.’ “


How Worker Hartmann Became a National-Socialist

This story tells how a decent German worker, after listening to the talk of a Jewish speaker in a Communist meeting, turns away in disgust and joins the National-Socialists of Herr Hitler.

The Hitler-Youth is out for a tramp. On the way they meet worker Hartmann and they invite him to tell them a story. Worker Hartmann tells how, years ago, unemployed, he became a Communist. He describes the Communist meetings. One day he observes that the leaders are Jews.

“And as one of the Jews was always talking about Russia and always saying it was best there, I grew angry and interrupted: Why are you always talking about Russia? We are German workers! Yes, we’re Germans. We want to hear something about Germany, not Russia!”

He goes on to tell how the speaker grew fearfully angry and finally called out:

“What do we care about Germany? All that matters is that we get on and have a good time!”

“Now I knew enough. We workers should become traitors to the Fatherland. We should co-operate with the Jews for the ruin of Germany. I would not be a traitor to the Fatherland. No, never! I turned my back on the Jews and left the meeting. Three others came with me. That night I could not sleep. But then I knew what to do. I left the Communist Party. Later, I found my way to Adolf Hitler. And I say to you: I shall stay with Hitler as long as I live. I know the Jews. I shall always think of the song that we workers sang:

‘If a Volk wants to be powerful
It must hold firmly together.
For strikes and upsets and the Class struggle
Are the ruin of a Volk.

This the world has been taught often enough
Throughout the centuries.
Eternal peace will only come
When we have been freed from the Jews.’”

Are There Decent Jews?

Four Germans sit talking in a public house. One is a Jew, Salomon, who is telling the others that the Jews are the most decent people to be found anywhere.

Zimmermann won’t have it and cites cases of Jewish rogues he has met.

The Jew gets uneasy, and seeks a way out by saying:

“Oh well, but those are exceptions!”

The peasant joins in the talk and supports Zimmermann.

“Salomon gets angry. He has paid for the beer and still must listen to that sort of talk from them.

“You talk a lot of stupid nonsense!” he cries, “but not a word about decent Jews. And there are plenty of decent Jews. Am I not one? Was I not a soldier at the front? Did I not defend the Fatherland. Have I not paid for your beer, you impudent creatures, stupid Gois!”

There is silence in the room. Then the worker gets up who has said little, and throws a coin to the Jew.

“Finished, Salomon. Here is your money. We will not have you paying for us. But now you shall have the truth! You liar! You never heard a bullet. You were ‘indispensable’ and stayed at home profiteering, then you were with the Reds, calling ‘Down with Germany!’ ‘Long live the World Revolution!’ And now you are a decent Jew? Not a bit of it! There aren’t any decent Jews.

Salomon picks up his hat and runs like the Devil from the public house. Everybody laughs.

“What a pity he has gone!” says mine host. “I should like to have repeated the following saying to him:

’so oft we hear the yarn
How brave such and such a few was.
How he gave his money to the poor
And was an angel in the world.

A Jew, like a pure angel?
That must be a fairy tale!
Who invents such things?
It is the Jew, himself, who does it!’”

(and done)

Without Solving the Jewish Question
No Salvation for Mankind

“The Pimpfs of the Hitler Boys’ Organization (Jungvolk) are proud of their black uniform. ‘We are the real Hitler-men’ say the Pimpfs. Although ‘men’ is a bit overdone, they are right in one thing: the Pimpfs are loyal to the Führer in life and death.”

The Pimpfs are talking - in this concluding story — among themselves. One of them describes a National-Socialist Party march in Munich on the previous November 9th.

“Next to the Führer was General Goering, who was formerly severely wounded at the Felderrnhalle. I saw, too, Reichministers Dr. Goebbels, Frick, Rust and the Reichsleiter (((((Rosenberg))))), Amann, Schwarz, our Reich Youth Leader Schirach and many other old campaigners. Before the F¸hrer was carried the Blood-Flag, which received its consecration on November 9th. 1923. And in front of the Blood-Flag marched a man who, in 1923, too, was in the front and the thick of it: Julius Streicher.”

Another Pimpf says:

“We know him all right. He is the enemy of the Jews. That is why all the Jews hate him.”

“You are right” says another. “The Jews hate and insult only those whom they most fear. And they are afraid of Streicher.”

Another Pimpf, hitherto silent, draws attention to a placard, which reads:
“Julius Streicher is speaking in the Volk’s Hall about ‘The Jews are our Undoing! (Unglück)’ “

“Let us go” says Konrad. “I’ve so long wanted to hear him.”

Erich says: “I heard him once in a meeting two years ago.”

“Tell us about him!” cry the other two Pimpfs.

Erich relates: “The meeting was packed. Thousands of people were there. At first, Streicher spoke about the years of struggle and the great achievements of the Hitler-Reich. Then he came to the Jewish question. What he said was so clear and simple that even we youngsters could understand. He took his examples always from life itself. Once he was very funny and made jokes, so we all had to laugh. Then he became deeply earnest and it was so still in the room, you could have heard a pin drop. He spoke of the Jews and their revolting crimes. He spoke of the great danger the Jews were to the whole world.

“Without a solution of the Jewish question, No salvation for Mankind!”

“That is what he said to us. We all understood. And when at the end he had called Sieg-Heil for the Führer, we had a storm of enthusiasm for him. Streicher had spoken for two-hours. It only seemed like a few minutes to us.

“Yes, my dear friends! I shall always think of that meeting. And I shall never forget the speaking-choir which we heard at the end of the gathering:

” ‘From the Germany Hitler created Resounds a cry to the whole world: Free yourselves from the Jewish hand And save both Volk and Fatherland!

The world awakes in Juda’s chains
Germany alone it knows can save!
Through German idea and German Being
Will one day the whole world be restored.’ “
The concluding picture shows some Pimpfs looking at this Julius Streicher
photo-placard, announcing his meeting.
Under the picture is written:
“These who are fighting against the Jews
are struggling with the Devil!

(Julius Streicher).”