95 Dead 158 Injured in Kabul


Time for the jews to pack it up and send their warrior monkeys back home to get some well-deserved, tax-payer funded oxycontin.

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Good job destroying the Taliban, CIA. Using only 2.4 trillion dollars too.


Really makes you think

Oy vey goy, those doity, doity Taliban miscreants are back! What a menace they are! cue imagery of dumb Midwestern good goyim in uniform intercut with shots of spics and nigs wearing headsets at some fake control center Better go fight them for your country, goy :^) Also we'll need $20,000,000,000 of your tax money to subsidize Raytheon

Don't worry, goyim. Erik Prince says he can do it cheaper. He's a good guy. You can trust him.

It could have been used to fund every undergraduate ivy league degree for 480 years.


It's almost like some people understand 9-11 was totally fake, Afghanistan didn't have anything to do with it, nobody wants your nigger culture around, and you should be killed until you fuck off.

We could have built 631 Freedom Towers.

I hope we glass the entire middle east until every semite is dead.


Latest and greatest from the eminent Dr. Michael Scheuer:


That's the ultimate goal, fellow American! However, it will require some not insignificant input of funds, to develop a weapon capable of accomplishing such an amazing feat! All Lockheed Martin needs is a modest $2,000,000,000. Now c'mon, you can't turn down glassing those doity arabs for just $4,600,000,000! After you give us that $10,000,000,000, we'll get right to work on the glassing, we promise! :^)


Oy vey, you're a hard dealer! I admire an American so intent on protecting his country, and as it turns out, we're in perfect agreement! As said before, a large scale missile assault on the middle east necessitates additional funds for both our hardworking servicemen, and the contractors that ease those brave men and women's burden. A mere $15,000,000,000 is all that's required, and if you're worried about the financing, rest assured that your clever statesmen have worked out an international loan system that will ensure you never have to pay a dime!

Now as to the inclusion of Israel in this military venture, we'll talk to your representatives about that, but we can't promise anything :^^^^)

I should also mention that the $15,000,000,000 figure is currently fluid, and subject to change based on the requirements of our contractors :^^^^^^)

Here's a good interview featuring Dr. Scheuer and Erik Prince, with Prince making his case to keep shaking down the American taxpayer.

Aren't you americans tired of failing ? so many tax money and your attempts of bringing democracy to stoneage shitholes always ended up in complete failure, but you still clap everytime a new president promise to bring democracy to yet another shithole you can't even point in a map.

The word "quit" is not in the American vocabulary! Maybe you european go-…guys should take note, because true Americans never falter in their quest to bring democracy and freedom to the areas that need it most! By the way, have you made your NATO payments yet? Remember, it's for the security of your country :^)

These motherfuckers come to our countries and destroy everything and all we do is shitpost about it on the internet, or even worse, like 80% of white people fucking apologize to the attackers.

Then in their own countries they drive a truck full of explosives outside a hospital because there might be some "foreign occupiers" in it.

Fairly impressed, though I have to dock points for the location, too easy, something like that in the EU then it's a happening.