'I'd never lied in my life but I fooled the Angel of Death': Holocaust survivor, 88...

'I'd never lied in my life but I fooled the Angel of Death': Holocaust survivor, 88, reveals how he escaped Auschwitz gas chambers 13 times wearing Hitlers own shoes and by outwitting Josef Mengele
Leslie Kleinman, 88, lost 68 members of his family at Auschwitz
When he arrived on the cattle train he was confronted by sadist Josef Mengele
He lied and said he was older than he was, fooling Mengele into letting him live
When he was liberated after the notorious Death March he weighed 3.5 stone
He later refused to shoot Nazis in revenge and married a non-Jewish German girl

A Holocaust survivor has revealed how he escaped the Auschwitz gas chambers by outwitting Dr Josef Mengele, known as the ‘Angel of Death’.

Leslie Kleinman, 88, whose concentration camp number is still tattooed on his forearm, has told MailOnline for the first time about the heart-stopping encounter with one of Nazi Germany’s most notorious sadists in 1944.

A picture taken shortly before the war shows a happy family. By the end of the War, Mr Kleinman was the only survivor – and he managed it by fooling Mengele into the belief that he was older than he actually was.


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And where the fuck would he have got those?

Why are you questioning him, antisemite?

Things that happened.txt by Shlomo Escapedstein

Are you trying to imply he's lying? Typical stereotype, your basically Hitler at this point. What a crazy anti-semitic conspiracy theorist you are. Its a fact that all 6,000,000 jews got a pair of Hitler's own shoes before being gassed 13 times.



I love how they think that doubling down on these ridiculous stories will halt the inevitable wide realization that the holohoax unfortunately didn't happen. They don't have the slightest ability to adapt. It's just comedy at this point.

Has someone made a bingo card for Holocaust claims yet?

Do they not have a holohoax fanfic website where they can dump this drivel?


Why make up a title? Their own fabrications are insane enough.

Hey guys, I survived the holocaust too; check my digits as proof.

Don't you know Hitler personally visited every concentration camp on a daily basis to torture baby Chosen People? How dare you question this story you ebul nawtzee! #ListenAndBelieve

Probably something utterly fucking outlandish like that followed by a claim Hitler owned multiple pairs of loafers stitched from the asses of jews.

I bet this fucking hebe has also lived his entire live making as many fictions financial claims (to anyone stupid enough to believe him) about 68 dead relatives, their assets, accounts, swiss gold reserves, artwork, etc that he is rightfully entitled to.

Oy vey, muh brudda.

What has age to the with anything here? If they wanted the jews dead so much why the fuck would they care about their fucking age.

This. Every single fucking time. Mengele could teleport by the looks of it.

One of thoudands pairs of shoes made from the back skin of dead jewblins the fuhrer had the kikes shine daily of course.

Also archive everything OP, you dipshit: archive.fo/VDCTH

I must have missed where this is explained in the article.

First sentence and already the most unbelievable lie of all.

No, you see, you misunderstand, LIED, past tense, still telling the lie doesn't count.

I can't take a thread like this seriously when we've also got this

Other way around

Yes, actually. Can some user please post the holocaust bingo card?




I don't see Hitler's shoes in the article?


From now on I will be looking for a way to manufactore Zyklon B pellets, just so I can keep some in an open tin in my pocket while talking to kikes about gassings, and then pull that shit out right at the end and tell them that I've been gassing them since we started talking and nothing happened.

Because that shit needs moisture, pressure and heat.


Not one honest comment in the comment section. Probably a bot network.

OP is also a dishonest prick. He wants to increase the page rank of the article with a direct link and a fake headline.

Not to mention all the things they would need to have done after the gassings to even get to the bodies safely.


The gas took about fifteen minutes to kill. The most horrible thing was when the doors of the gas chambers were opened – the unbearable sight – people were packed together like basalt, like blocks of stone. How they tumbled out of the gas chamber.

I saw that several times- that was the toughest thing to take – you could never get used to that. It was impossible.

Secondly, most people tried to push their way to the door. It was psychological – they knew where the door was, maybe they could force their way out. It was instinctive, a death struggle.

Which is why children and weaker people, and the aged, always wound up at the bottom. The strongest were on top. Because in the death struggle, a father didn’t realise his son lay beneath him”.

And when the doors were opened?

"They fell out. People fell out like blocks of stone, like rocks falling out of a truck. But near the Zyklon B gas, there was a void. There was no one where the gas crystals went in – An empty space. Probably the victims realised that the gas worked strongest there. The people were battered – they struggled and fought in the darkness. They were covered in excrement, in blood, from ears and noses."


AWM is a national treasure.

all theyre doing is ensuring the next natsocs genocide the jews for real since the kikes will claim a shoah no matter what



You think those are bad, try some scalding hot steam ice cubes.

Also, remember: Chutzpah is a mental illness and not an amusing curiosity.
Chutzpah -> destroy kike.

A classic example of pilpul

Might as well have claimed he'd never drawn breath.


OP is a fag spreading disinfo.

Holy fuck this is an amazing idea

Perhaps a vrchat holohoax museum? You can run around opening portals to Auschwitz.

Gas can come in pellets. I don't know about muh Zyklon but tear gas pellets get cooked on hot plates in training facilities for gas mask usage.
If you're not hacking up a lung, your mask worked

Hitler used to personally execute jews using a special gun that fired shoes. His aim was erratic though because he only had one testicle and he would often miss. One day the Fuhrer missed wildly while trying to execute a family of jewish babies and a pair of his shoes landed at Leslie's feet. Realizing he could filter out the Zyklon B from entering his lungs by breathing through the shoes like a gas mask, he quickly swallowed them. For the rest of his time at Auschwitz he was forced to continuously shit out the shoes and swallow them again to hide them from the guards. This is how he survived the gas chamber 13 times. But the price on his ass with terrible. It still bleeds to this day.


Seems fucking legit

Zyklon B was a trade name for HCN (cyanide) gas, to be used as a pesticide. Pellets of wood or chalk were soaked in HCN and sealed in tins. HCN boils slightly above room temperature. So you put your clothes or whatever needs to be deloused in a suitable room, put some Zyklon B pellets on a heat source and wait.

In other words, it was pretty much identical to the tear gas.

Perhaps he is, but you will always be a jew.

Never forget how user escaped the gas chambers by fooling Mengele into believing he had dubs.

Anyone remember which kike rule they have that says if they are lying for a (((good reason))) it isn't lying. They use it to justify just about every word they utter.

If Hitler and his top men would have succeeded to rebuild their Aryan empire in Latin America, I wonder what would be the narrative from these survivors. The only good from WW2 was that many German National Socialists retired and lived in peace… some were (((deported))), but for the most part, most survived.

Fake photo by the way.

His father a Rabbi, 'gased' at Auschwitz, in the gas chambers that were never used as gas chambers.

Chunni as fuck.

He lost 68 members of his family? THat's terrible that those evil nazis would slaughter 680 members of his family. To think that this poor soul had to witness the death of 6,800 family members is heart wrenching. That's 68,000 smiles he will never see again. 680,000 laughing faces he will never get to spend the holidays with. We must avenge this man for the 6,800,000 people stolen from him!

us magapedes will never forget the 6million jews killed by evil racist white men

Mods work for Kushner so prepare for your ban


So he skipped the showers after the camp soccer games 13 time? Smelly kike.

I was quite disappointed, I wanted to show normies I know how ridiculous the kike is.


>Mr Kleinman, who survived by fooling Mengele, did not speak about his experiences for 60 years but now dedicates his life to telling his story

Sounds legit.

I thought hitler killed children and gassed grandpas?

Hitler's shoes?

Could that be like Nike's " design a shoe"

m.nike.com/us/ en_us/c/nikeid

I'll take a pair, blood red, with the letters 'AH' in black inside a white circle…


Hollyjew should make a movie about a holocaust survivor that has to go through elaborate death schemes (personally set up by Hitler himself) at Auschwitz. Keep it 100% factual, no embellishment. 12 hours of a kike being gassed repeatedly while robots made out of nanobots which are made out of the testicles of jewish infants shoot lasers made out of knives (and gas… gas knife lasers) shoot at this poor kike. At the end he finds a pair of Hitler's shoes and then refuses to kill Hitler while wearing them. Also, to keep completely accurate he will need to be a CGI baby that wears a fake mustache to trick the Nazis in to believing he is much older.

Nice Hitler dubs.

keked hard
polite sage

cool beans

Hitler's Magic Shoes would be a pretty good title for a fashwave album tbh.

They would have found and cleared many ancient sites lost because of native incompetence.

Back to half cunt.

And the sheep are still buying this crap.

I disagree, you have too much faith in the common man. Most are dumb as a fucking brick to see through this.

Oy vey yes goy. He personally killed my not yet conceived grand ma while eating bratwurst made from young chosen peoples meat. I dream about it everyday. Never again.

I disagree with you; many of us here were common men before something happened to put us here.

I was born, and raised, in Oklahoma - a cuckservative haven where the Jew was rare enough that I knew not his deception. I turned away from my rural upbringing for the allure of academic research.

Once I was thrust into the city, I met the Jew. I only knew the holocaust about the Jew. I greeted the Jew like a normal human. I even befriended the Jew.

The Jew, thinking I was his eternal friend, revealed how much evil was in the depths of his heart to me. He bullied a fellow student out of the program simply for kicks. He cheated and lied in bets. He discussed how he would like to run a business with slave labor. Went on and on about his extreme love of money.

I was the common man. Yet, upon exposure to the Jew, I immediately saw him as evil. I questioned if every Jew was like this - I went out of my way to try to get on good terms with other Jews, just because I needed to know.

Every Jew I encountered was rotten. Every Jew I encountered was evil. I went to deal with five different Jews, just to see if they were all, in fact, evil. I shielded myself from them a little more each time - the first was a twenty dollar bet, the second was a trade for office hours, the last three were all minor dealings worth less than 10 minutes of time.

I did not know about the holocaust being a lie. I did not know about Zionism. I did not know about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I did not even know Holla Forums. But I knew the evil of the Jew.

And I was the common man.

Your oldfag LARP needs work, niggerfaggot.

I'm talking about the tube guzzlers that preach it like the bible.

I like your post. I've seen many regular people that are aware of the jews and their behavior when you push a little bit towards the subject, normally you can do this when you're just eye to eye as the social sigma lingers.

Hell, a really liberal blue pilled guy that I a few years back went to college with is now fully aware how much of a lie the holocaust is, have faggotry and degeneracy are ruining shit and how the jews have been and are fucking up the whole world with their bullshit. That conversation happened when I met him again years later and made a sly joke about the jews at which he laughed and we started to talk about their stereotype and went from that to the holocaust and so forth.

Few days when later when we where playing some shitty game online he even started to ask me what was really going in the Third Reich as I mentioned that I'm highly interested in the subject and he and I talked about it for hours on end, he was amazed and mostly keep firing questions at me and asking for books to read. He never heard of any chans and barely uses the internet for this stuff. It made me understand that a lot of people know or have this feeling that they are being lied to constantly but just need the right moment to make it click and get it out. If you give a little taste of the truth people slowly want more as their interests peak.

look at it this why the Jew is so crafty and sly that they sense they are being better understood, so they make TV shows and movies about conspiracy theories to discredit anyone who even get's a winkling of an understanding. There is a speciality in psychiatry based around the movie The Truman Show….. how we are all living in a fiction to one degree or another because of the Jew and their lies.

Nice blogposts niggers, next time just link us to your tumblr accounts please.

I am the angel of death.


You still have HIV now.

Might be of interest, maybe it's possible to buy some. Test it on a rat or something first, though. Maybe they changed the formula.

They poison everything they touch. It's in their nature.

Nice cuckchan filename, give us your goybook while you're at it.

C'mon lad.

What actually happened:
>Jroot decides to make a film about his bullshit stories called "Auschwitz: 8230" (he has Auschwitz tattoo number 8230) which came out today

Give him more shekels, goyim.

Here's your archive newfag.
Learn how to green text.

Hail'd, what coincidence, photograph relevant.

This here is a very salty kike.

Did he mean literal shoes or was it a saying like walk a mile in someones shoes? Either way makes no fucking sense.

Imagine Hitler visiting weimar with his dog for the first time
"Blondi we're not in fatherland anymore"

Am I the only one who actually read the article in OP? There is literally no mention of "Hitler's own shoes" in it.

OP confirmed faggot

Nigger, are you implying that this kike isn't lying about holocaust?

i tried


Reported because you’re too stupid to be posting here.

At this stage he should've claimed to have painted a vertical stripe on his upper lip and pretended to be the Fuhrer himself and just walked out the gates.



Same place he got the unicorn he rode through the front gates to escape. DUH.

He wasn't just a doctor but like a Walmart greeter xD.

Some suggestions:

Let's do some math here. He's 88 now. The Second world war was 79-73 years ago. Which means that Mr. Schlomo Liarwitchz would be anything from 15 to 9 years old when he was in camp.

This means theoretically if he was telling the truth, Joseph Mengele and all the other guards would think a scrawny, pimpleheaded 15 year old yid would be fooled into thinking he was Adolf Hitler, the leader of the german people and one of the most popular men on earth at the time. And all because of the shoes he was wearing…

Does this mean that if i wear Air Jordans people will think i'm Michael Jordan?

I know this is just your typical kikery, but some part of me hopes he's just demented and genuinely believes this. It'd be too funny if there's an 88 year old Jew running around who thinks he's the living incarnation of a Scoobie Doo character.

well anyone can escape the facade the soviets put up after the war

this isnt funny. you shouldnt joke about the Holocaust like this.
I was at Auschwitz and was personally gassed every day at the camp. in fact, my cell was a gas chamber, the bathroom was a big oven and Hitler himself would turn on the heat every time I wanted to take a shit. I breathed in zyklon b gas every day, the only way I survived was by making a crude mask out of hair clippings and my underwear. they didnt give us food or water so I had to drink my own urine and eat baked leather shoes, I would get the shoes off of other jews as they were burning. I was so skinny that they thought I was a dead body, so the nazis bulldozed me into a mass grave, and I was barely able to claw my way out. thats how I escaped.

This is one of those stories that will be forgotten almost immediately. They mainly teach, push and spotlight the trains to the death camps, starving, forced labour and mass killings via gas. Its a strong image and concept, surrounded by an air of pressure and guilt to go along with it. The more you hear of the Holocaust the less you believe in it, so they make sure that for the most part, its the tried and true 6 million gassed.

user, I got some bad news for you…

A truly harrowing tale. I demand that this user receive reparations from the goyim for this completely legitimate experience.

He personally raped each one with his one nut while being high on meth. Mr Goldberg told me the story himself at his 35th birthday party last year. HE WAS THERE!


not only did Hitler have one testicle and did meth everyday, he was gay, was into scat play, owned dildos and was a cannibal.

Fair enough.

Hitler was into bestiality also you anti-semite! He raped Bambi daily user, DAILY!

You forgot the most important part: Hitler was actually Jewish! He was what he hated.


CHECKMATE 8SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ironically enough the real dysentery epidemic that hit all of europe sounds more farfetched to most people than the gas chambers now.

and thats how the holohoax happened

Astute post.

Goodnight, sweet prince. *snort gas crystal*

I want off Mister Kikeburg's wild ride.


Well, the official story is that he was always present what for inspecting the incoming inmates.
Apparently he never thought or felt like delegating or taking turns with a coworker.

I'm calling the police

Article was updated. Who knows what it said before.

Too late. This archive was made after the update.

The only question is, what sort of faggot the OP is? Either a disinfo spreading faggot or a non-archiving faggot.

Very convincing document you have schlomo. Be hard to fabricate something like that. It would take the advanced technology of a computer and a pen. Of course you would need to find a kike to post it on gookchan. Thats the hard part.

They make this shit up for fun, to see how far they can push it and still have goyim believe

Fortunately there was a war going on and no shortage of piles of dead bodies. Never mind that there was no evidence that any of them were murdered jews the pictures and the narrative is all that mattered.

Mr Kleinman was taken on a notorious Nazi ‘death march’ in January 1945 when Soviet troops closed in on the camp.

In temperatures of -20C, he and thousands of prisoners were forced to walk 500miles to Sachsenhausen in Germany and from there another 500miles to Dachau, wearing nothing but striped pyjamas, a blanket and wooden clogs. Some resorted to eating human flesh while Mr Kleinman kept himself alive by consuming grass. Any prisoner who failed to keep up was executed.
Then he told me he too was Jewish – an American Jew from Brooklyn. He got an SS officer and forced him to give me his boots and take my clogs instead.’

You're one of those guys that complains about Star Wars lasers making sound in the vacuum of space not being realistic, aren't you?

Turn your brain off and enjoy the show.

The audacity of these kikes. When the next shoah comes, it'll be a real one. No more sympathy or mercy like Hitler gave them. Wow.

Yeah, he's 88, dodged Dr. Megele in 1944, and I bet his "camp tattoo" was an awesome GET. Fucking jews. It's time to bring back the Appian Way.

We are not fooled

Makes total sense. You can really tell it's the truth, because medical professionals all agree that amputations and injecting poison into twins hearts over and over is the best way to do genetic research.



Just for you, h8 chan

I was in such a rush that I missed a few typos. Fixed.

dammit. i forgot that was the new hot shit for the jews. to say his parents were half jewish or something. its like the kike meme of if you hate faggots, you are secretly gay. That one is so fucking annoying because normies parrot it all the time, and its total bullshit.

Is it holocauster or holocoaster? I thought the joke was that it was like the rollercoaster

also is ethnicities, not ethnocites
lad I am drunk right now and spell checking for you, get your shit together I just realized I misspelled "sage" last post for god's sake

i smiled.
nice post. I like to bring up American civil war POW camps when the discussion of the holohoax comes up. The CSA had very little supplies for their own troops, let alone their POW camps, so US soldiers that were liberated from these camps were on deaths doorstep, there were mass graves, gold rush era diseases, etc yet nobody says Johnny Reb was gassing all the yankees, because that wouldnt make sense and most importantly, there were no commies and jews to lie, and everyone involved was white.


I'm only hard on you because the minute anyone sees a word spelled wrong coming from a NatSoc they will inevitably write you off as an illiterate redneck, and while I think you guys' ideology is cucked it is slightly less cucked than what we have now. A National Socialist has to be perfect in style, character, speech, etc. because your enemies will always attack these things first. Force them to attack your argument instead of dumb ad hominem.


You're not thinking yiddish enough. He doesn't care that his story is complete bullshit and was only real in his mind. By the time those with the rope come to expose the nose, he will be long dead, leaving his yidlings and their larvae to swing for his blatant fabrications. This is peak yid. In the mean time he gets what his people crave the most, shekels and attention. It's oxygen for them.

Fun game user! didn't win though :(

Also like the merchant stealthily in the background.
sage for doublepost


ok kike

The Torah and Talmud make it clear that lying to goyim to help jews is fine. In fact, any unethical behavior is fine toward goyim to help jews is fine.

He must have been an Olympic swimmer or some shit to be able to hold his breath like that. And you'd think after the second or third gassing that the camp guards would just shoot him. Was he also a magical Kenyan that could outrun rifle rounds? Lmao.

he also claimed to walk 1000 miles in -20C snow while wearing pyjamas and weighing 50 pounds
i mean wow just wow.

no he neva lied in his whole life anti-semite

I wouldn't be surprised if some kike tries to claim something like this.

"Hitler wasn't German he was Austrian, pretending to be something he wasn't."
-Ignorant Lemmings

Reminder that after the war 500,000 ethnic Germans living in Czechoslovakia (many whose families had been there for generations) were forced to wear armband as identification and were barred from many aspects of Czech life while they awaited deportation.

Burn in hell, shill.

Anyone who says they never lied in their life is, by definition, a liar.

Saved. I didn't even see the merchant at first glance. Good job user.

All he did was extort money from people based on a state-sponsored lie.

Very typically Jewish.