Nancy Pelosi: Trump Holding Spics Hostage


The Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant framework is an act of staggering cowardice which attempts to hold the #DREAMers hostage to an unmistakable campaign to make America white again.

>“The 50 percent cut to legal immigration in the framework and the recent announcements to end Temporary Protected Status for Central Americans and Haitians are both part of the same cruel agenda. They are part of the Trump Administration’s unmistakable campaign to make America white again.

>(((“It is often said that America is great because America is good.))) We are a great country that has been blessed and reinvigorated with the faith and family values of generations of immigrants. That is why so many faith leaders, even those who support the President, have recognized that immigration strengthens our families, our churches and our communities.

Kike free.

"Holding someone hostage" means you're preventing them from going home. Is Trump preventing anyone from going home?

Opposing the nonstop flow of mexicunts is not racist. Wanting it is anti white.

I hate this shit. It's like walking on a tightrope over a black American abyss.

its almost like he intentionally leaked this memo early so that it didn't even get a chance and pisses off the daca spics some more. Most of them that aren't in the advocacy groups would happily take a 10-12 year pathway in exchange for all the other stuff, but its like everyone knew that the libshits will never stop their never ending flow of brown into this country, even for the dacaniggers they "care so much about"

>We are a great country that has been blessed and reinvigorated with the faith and family values of generations of white immigrants.
Fixed that for her.

Trump is holding mexican citizens hostage in America? Let mexican citizens go back to mexico!

Nobody loves dreamers more than Trump. That's why he wants to build a wall to protect them from violent gangs like MS-13. Why doesn't Pelosi want to protect dreamers from gangs?


Holy shit…..


This whole thing has been a harrowing experience from the start and just goes to show how cucked the united states of Israel is and how much power Trump truly has. I just hope the flow of immigrants is stopped at this point even if there is no regression the white birthrate and low rate of race mixing will at least give us some time to deport via ICE.

You post this in every thread. Go back to Reddit.

America was explicitly White for its first 190 years, going back to that is just going back to normal, everything since the 60s has been the aberration.

Dysnomia calls them DACAryans…

we thank Kek that our enemies are idiots

So they admitted to the whole america that they want to make it brow and hate whites?
Democrats really missed the memo in 2016 which said that sick people aren't good to be left on positions of power.

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Before you get banned, just know that DACAryans is a mod meme on Holla Forums



Kill yourself moshe.

I remember when she said this in the debate I laughed for like two days straight. It was like something a fucking anime character would say in a bad translation.


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Never mind the source, I just like the phrase Make America White Again. Two things:
1) Memetics of getting this catchy phrase out there will backfire on Pelosi. You're supposed to shut it down, not retweet it.
2) Democrats confirmed as anti-white party. Can the Republicans now become the anti-spic party, or would that be racist?

Doing the Lord's work, user. You got in way before , who will now not get any shekels.

Member when a white nigger talked that shit last time?

((( )))
natural and organic dubs!

No, user. I don't remember that.

The CIA has been invading this board, this weekend. The CIA is controlled by the kikes. They have but 1 goal, which is to kill all white people, though it's their "secret" top-level order.

Here, the CIA has been attempting to embed thoughts of suicide in members of the WN movement. This has been noted over the course of a few recent weeks, and can be seen in Twitter's tactics, re. #secretsociety (Twitter is a CIA asset, and they defend the kikes, who own them, at all costs).

What are you sliding nigger

One person cannot "slide" anything. But you know this, because you do much more, and are dedicated to killing all whites, being a member of the CIA, which is controlled by the kikes.

They're sliding this:

Why are you talking with a CIA agent, nigger?

I need this on a sticker

I just want to highlight this post for everyone, just fucking look at it. I ask a simple question because this faggot posts some off topic gibberish in a pelosi thread, and this is the response. Moving back OT, I'm genuinely shocked that pelosi shooting herself in the foot multiple times in the last few weeks has been so seamlessly covered up by the lugenpresse. I would have expected at least some mindless face on tv to mention how pelosi was "fighting courageously" or some other bs spin but not a peep on this Alzheimer's patient

I want a cigarette gun.

it may have been Heqet.

Is this noise over chain migration?

< let me tell you a story, my fellow goys

No, it's quite simple. The kikes control the CIA and many (most) politicians. They have been given this "secret" task: kill all white people.

Pelosi is merely doing what she can, in accord with the demands of her masters.

Kids renamed them into wigger some time later.
Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.

Be MGTOW. Take a REAL stand against the kike system of fagging of America.

I think he meant derail.

Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.

< insane kike phrases
Gas yourself

Want change? DOTR

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Begin each day by telling yourself: Today I shall be meeting with interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will, and selfishness – all of them due to the offenders’ ignorance of what is good or evil. But for my part I have long perceived the nature of good and its nobility, the nature of evil and its meanness, and also the nature of the culprit himself, who is my brother (not in the physical sense, but as a fellow creature similarly endowed with reason and a share of the divine); therefore none of those things can injure me, for nobody can implicate me in what is degrading. Neither can I be angry with my brother or fall foul of him; for he and I were born to work together, like a man’s two hands, feet or eyelids, or the upper and lower rows of his teeth. To obstruct each other is against Nature’s law – and what is irritation or aversion but a form of obstruction. Marcus fucking Aurelius.

As I have discussed earlier, the CIA is engaged in an operation against white nationalists, and the WN movement in general, and whites, really, in general.

Their goal is to implant in the white man thoughts of suicide.

This was done by the FBI (actually CIA under cover) against the magic nigger, in the famous "FBI suicide letter". The text reads much like the CIA agents who have mobbed this board this weekend.

Here is a CIA agent now (this may be largely automated):

Reported kike.

My, the CIA is really out today, but Saturday is typically the slowest time of all. Incredible. They're really salty too.

We know shabbat is over in yidland, moshe. This is your typical ramp up.


The time has come to defund the CIA.

Additionally, the time has come to demand that the democrats be thrown into jail.

Fucking triggered five libtards on facebook and reddit when I posted this link XD they FREAKed out LOL!

Does that mean they dropped the "America was never white" thing?

Reminder that this is one autistic redditor who calls anyone that proves him wrong “CIA”. Report every instance of it.

Execute the hostages.

kek! I'll check to that!

I really like this strategy of "make your enemy punch themselves into a coma" Trump is using.




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Top Kek.


also this


I've heard that a lot of the so called DREAMers want the democrats to take the deal and don't care if a wall gets fully funded.
That'd be a savory fracture point between them and the other illegals depending on how true that is.

Let's get to fracking these fissures.

At the dmv yesterday. Waited in line for 15 minutes just to get a ticket to wait more.

3 Mexican families walked in… 2 clerks total. 1 clerk reserved for English speaking Americans… (about 35 in line) 1 for the mexicans.

After waiting the rest of us sit down and wait again… the mexicans get moved to a special window. Literally watched them walk past me…. Get a ticket go straight to the 2nd window and leave… before I got my ticket.

Any spic paying attention to politics, let alone knowing enough English to understand it in the first place, is probably just a plant anyway.

Same thing happened to me helping my dad get signed up for social security. They practically hand out blank checks to niggers.

Tell this to the faggots at Kikebart. hey have been stirring shit up for shekels and vengence for their best Goy Bannon.

This is the greatest redpill the progs have ever given us. Even the most cucked whites are shocked when they hear it. Everyone who's shilling on twatter should be amplifying this as much as possible.

It's like an episode of Cops. The cops show up. Cunt goes, "HE WON'T LET ME LEAVE!!!!" He's like, actually, the reason I called you here is she won't leave.

Just do it yourself user, a good VPN and some autism with a few hours work and you'll be fanning the flames all by yourself.

Oh she's one of the worst kind of spics, an italo-hispanic mongrel. by the "abduction" narrative she intends to push she seems to be awfully familiar with the kidnapping biz procedure.
I'm pretty sure she's a can of worms just begging to be opened.

aha! She's a shitholer!

My Dad passed through Tennessee a couple years back. He ended up talking with a nurse who works at one of the big hospitals in Memphis. She told him that there had been tons of Somalis and other Muslim types appearing suddenly, and the higher-ups at the hospital basically required that staff ignore everyone else if Muslims showed up and to take care of the Muslims first. She also said that these perfectly well-bodied people from Shitstainistan were coming in and getting auto-approved for fucking disability, on top of being auto-approved for section 8, welfare, food stamps, and given free bus passes. There are people in fucking wheelchairs who can't even get disability and these foreign trash were getting auto-approved for all gibs up until the end of Obama.

It better be this.
Else, it'll be the end of civil disagreements, else America chooses sides and divides.

Look up jizyah, basically they are getting paid a tax by the kafir; and Obama was more than happy to help his brothers.

My fucking sides

All this ridiculous screeching about 'muh white supremacy' is because Dems know that accepting the deal will destroy them. They need an excuse to sell their base for why they were unable to negotiate amnesty for DACA beaners, which boils down to 'we couldn't arrive at a deal because of white supremacist meanie Grumphf'. This deal is dead in the water. There will be no amnesty, and no path to citizenship. DACA beaners are going back.

democrats are so fucking stupid. I spoke to a female spic that was a dreamer yesterday about the Trumps proposed daca demands. She was happy about it until I told her that the democrats would never do it. She didn't understand why they wouldn't, had to tell her that the dems never cared about them and just wanted their votes and since these demands would lessen the amount of votes they get, they would never do it. She now questions her loyalty to democrats.

Just when I thought they couldn't possibly get more stupid. Kek. I have to admit, Trump had me worried this time. Now I'm just wondering if he was being modest when he called himself a stable genius.

b-but muh amnesty. muh cucking.

THIS. Use this to entangle their contradictory logic and show them how retarded libs and dems are.

Trump goes in for the kill.


Nah, borders should have be closed in 1776.

(natural and organic check em)

Immigrants are good user, but only if they come from Germanic countries or England which make up the American race (ie whites)
however what makes immgration baad now (post 1965) is that the jews eroded away the laws that kept the US demographics in check and started importing in third world nigger trash from the worst shit holes in the world in order to change the demographics of the US to ultimately replace whites with shit skins.It's text book genocide as defined by the UN.

Keep flapping that botoxed pie-hole Nancy. You're doing a great job.


checked and kek'd

Holy hell he is just wailing on them without mercy.
If he goes on like this there won't be a democratic party left by 2020.


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This. My god, if the democrats were strategic and patient, we would be beyond fucked. But I guess if they were competent and willing to defer gratification, they wouldn't be democrats to begin with.

At least this whole debacle is redpilling normies on the issue of immigration. The left is letting alot of stuff slip that they really shouldn't have and people are seeing their true colors. The true nature of the immigration issue is becoming more widely understood.

Nope. You don't understand something very basic: the democrats need open borders and infinite illegal spics flowing into the country. So they will never support amnesty for some finite number of spics at the expense of ending illegal immigration. It wouldn't matter if the dems had all the patience and strategy in the world. Trump is giving them an offer that they can fundamentally can never accept. It's like telling a kike that if he gives up his entire fortune then you'll give him a penny.

The reality is, time is on their side. The demographic decline of whites is still chugging along. There are already enough of "legal" spics here who are breeding. So they really don't need a huge amount of illegal immigration to accomplish their goal (though they still want it).

DACA amnesty would demographically be the final nail in the coffin for the republican party, and it wouldnt really matter what Trump gets in return. Because it would put us on the path of a one party democrat state. Once that happens, everything Trump has done can be undone. Walls can be torn down. Laws can be changed. The flow of illegals can resume.

DACA amnesty is all the democrats really need at this point. But they are greedy maniacs, so thankfully it looks like they will fail in attaining it.

Put two and two together, user. They're acting like "greedy maniacs" because they actually do indeed need endless illegal immigration. If there were enough legal spics here to suit their purposes then they'd happily accept Trump's offer on DACA.

You have to stop listening to the shills. Taking advantage of the Dems' stupidity is obviously Trump's modus operandi.

There are nine Democrat senators who represent states that Trump won in 2016. If the Republicans take even more than those, then I think it's safe to say that the Democratic party will in fact dissolve. Not only will the Republicans have a super majority, but Democrats will have clearly lost their base, not even to mention all of the illegals who won't be here by 2020.

This seems like wishful thinking. Unless something big happens, I don't see high voter turn out on the right in 2018.

Califag checking in. Start the violence before this happens, not after.

Uh-oh. The goyim are less-demoralized than is fitting. Better post a picture of Trump not gassing the Jews!



The right has almost always had better midterm turnout than dems, iirc. Not to mention, the whole DACA/Shutdown shitshow seems to have a lot of dems questioning their ties to the party.

The democrats are pretending that they're going into this election in big dick mode, but then again, they had done so during 2016 as well.

It's hilarious because the average Spic in the DREAMER program must be so furious with the Democrats.

Now that I think about it, I actually don't want them to dissolve, yet.
I want those cucks to try and run someone against Trump in 2020. Doesn't even matter who really, they'll fuck up anyway.
I actually want them to run Micheal 'Negroid on Roids' Obama just for the fucking keks it would give us.
It would be their last big stand, their final chance to show strength and they WILL fuck it up.
I want Trump to give them the most humuliating defeat possible so that they then just roll over die like the toxic carcass they have been for decades.

The worry isn’t who they put up that we know. It’s who they put up we don’t know. He’ll be young. He’ll be white. They’ll position him as “fresh” and “in touch” as compared to Trump’s age. He’ll be a one-term senator or just a STATE representative. Where Trump has name recognition, he will have nothing and be painted as “the American dream.” We have to be careful.

I have a hard time believing this.

They wouldn’t even be able to pretend they won otherwise.

Not in a million years.

I do want to say something about the concern trolling accusations.
We should never be afraid to be open about something we don’t want maybe happening, even if it’s just a political play. Getting vocal about what we want, and how we want it, ensures that our message stays out there. Never go ‘I hate our president for considering this’ just make clear what the right decision is ‘if Trump cucks on this I’m not voting’ you don’t have to then say you’re loyal after. You need to make sure public and clear pressure is on politicians to do the right thing, it’s only that that pressure needs to be given with a path to follow.

The objecting voice makes sure we get the way forward. Don’t blackpill, just make clear the lines you don’t want crossed.

Did you miss the part where the chans put up pieces of paper with five words on them all over campuses and the reactions that caused?
Not only do the dems need to start revealing who they plan on running soon but if they actually try to run a fucking white male, the whole fucking party is going to implode the day he is announced.

Was getting lynched part of your plan?

So the dems are going to convince their own voters that a white male beating another white male is a victory?

They can’t win without the white vote. Their only hope other than a white person is a spic. And I have to keep saying these lies and restricting the conversation because saying the truth gets you banned.

“It’s okay when we do it” has been the foundation of their party since its creation, so why wouldn’t that work? These people are mentally ill, remember. They think that a white woman losing to a white man is white supremacy. They can’t run another woman, they can’t run a nigger, they certainly can’t run a nigger woman… Like I said, they could try a spic, but he’d have to be a real peninsulare who came here from Spain or a full blooded criollo. Anyone more mixed is too ugly.

The thing about the concern trolls is that they try to capitalize on momentary confusion in order to create artificial chaos. The biggest part in being able to tell who they are is they immediately call for immediate action in the moment of confusion and their "chaos". Not even taking the proper method of calmly and patiently plotting, waiting, and seeing which way the current goes. It's always about "you gotta act now. Do this now!. React this way now!" in their vain attempt to seize on the "chaos" because their method of pushing for action without any thought to it only works on their braindead useful idiots, the libs and dems that are so far gone into indoctrination that they'd have to be told to do their basic body functions in order to operate.

Fixed that for you. But well said none the less

No, the original user had it on the nose.

Well acting immediately isn’t a bad thing. It’s about what sort of action you take that’s important. Abandoning ship is dumb, but getting on media platforms and making it clear ‘I don’t want this, I won’t vote for this’ is not abandonment.

It's going to be Booker. They've already started the psyop with that "the Mayor" show.

Checked and KeKKd.
Aaaahhh I just appreciate the flow.
Great thread vibes.


Two moonman posts ending in 66 dubs. What a great morning.

Checking my own dubs that were checking two sets of dubs.
It's a great start to the day, I tell you.

However, you can immediately pin point and pick out which ones are showing up just to try and seize on the "chaos", right? The "It's over" and other such black pill-tier posting is as obvious as a lit candle in a dark open cave., and within the first 15 minutes to boot at well. But kikes love to play both sides, where a select few will be black-pill doomsday posting, the other select few will be obnoxiously spamming images with no other reason other than to wordlessly make said thread reach bump limit, and also be pic related.

What a total meltdown Trump's political enemies seem to be having. Soon enough, beans won't just be deported, they will be self-deporting in droves and not come back this time.
I'm calling it that the Mexican government will bitch
The ironing will be delicious.

That term is from the parable of the Wheat and the Tares. Once the tares show their true colors, there's only one thing to do with them.

We'll be able to pay for the wall by hosting beaner catapulting tournaments.

lol even that was controversial at the time, Franklin thought Germans were too different to integrate properly:

Amazing that cuckservatives / boomers still buy the jewish narrative that "American values" means open borders.

True. I just wanted to make clear the difference so people don’t think the answer is to just assume the best always.

All of this has to do with the issue of future Democrat voters:
All of the above is negative for the democrat future, so how are they trying to secure their votes despite fucking up everything? Spics.
Because not only is Spic birthrate around the same as white conservatives, a crappy border and immigratin law allows gazillion spics to enter, everything democrats do now resolves around benifiting, bribing and pandering to these spics, they're their future vote lifeline.

This explains Trumps campaign and current situation, he found out and exploits this major weakness. Nearly all of his actions have been against spics, the wall was his main campaign, he has become spic enemy #1 and attacks them relentlessly because he knows democrats need spics to survive in the future.
That's also why it's laughable to think a deal will ever happen. Trump knows democrats can't take it. If they take it, they would lose at least a quarter of liberal and nigger voters, but most importantly they would instantly lose most of the illegal spic pets and kill the future of spic votes they rely on. Illegal spics would be deported and those that are not would feel betrayed, which means not only would spics severely shrink in numbers, the spics left would lose any reason to vote for democrats if they don't get their free benifits, bribes and pandering. That would mean complete game over for democrats.

What Trump is essentialy doing with the impossible deals right now, is not only making himself and republicans appear reasonable in public for 2018 votes to get the normie fence sitters on his side, he is heavily shaking the relations of democrats and spics who fear that democrats might take the deal and betray them. The only thing Democrats can do now is sit between a hard place and a rock and damage control as much as possible, hoping 2018/2020 elections turns out to their favour to change the situation. Trump takes democrats by the balls through fucking with their spic base, he is trying to cut of their entire future in one move while consolidating his own. Kikes are getting fucked hard.

True but we're in the middle of a political realignment where past patterns can't be relied upon, so it wouldn't do to get complacent. The J-Left's radical base is still energized, albeit powered by increasingly insane delusions. They know that organized get-out-the-vote efforts (including bribing lazy niggers to vote via "community organizers") are critical, so we had better recognise that too.

lol not this either, the dems don't have any serious candidates below 68 (Pocahontas.) Their only play is to hope a younger diverse VP can distract from their OAP nominee. In part we can thank Obongo and Clinton machine mismanagement for this, they spent years personally enriching themselves instead of developing new DNC talent.

They're pushing Kennedy, he's only 37

I was thinking along those lines but couldn't quite put it into words so well.
Another aspect has to be put into consideration, the dems massive use of voter/election fraud.
They apparently took Alabama with a combination of smear cvampaign bussing and electronic vote rigging. I haven't seen anything on the subject here in ages and I don't know what the situation is.
Trump must know by now what is happening but he never tries to uncover it or stop it.
That being said the democucks are pissing themselves WAY too hard for rigging to be reliable without spic votes.

Literally who?

He had a special panel convened to investigate voter fraud, and just as predicted, Democrat states like California and New York shrieked "DAS RAYCIS" and refused to fork over their voter rolls for investigation. Now DHS has the matter and they'll figure out what to do next. As much as I'd like it, Trump isn't Hitler, he isn't Pinochet and he isn't pic related. He can't just order the Democrats' leadership hanged and their party dissolved and have it happen the next morning. The US has a gigantic, disorganized series of bureaucracies that don't answer to each other or cooperate so any big moves are going to take time and a lot of paperwork.

And then he gave up the investigation because it was “too expensive” so literally nothing is going to happen regarding it whatsoever. Trump also abandoned voter fraud investigations in Alabama after the democrats publicly admitted to stealing the election.

Could be an even greater Defeatist
(Checked your splendid numbers)
Faggot Neil Munro has been posting this shit on Kikebart and it basically amounts to fake news.

>We should be like Europe and leave ourselves open to another brother War place nation above race.