Dopey Prince Alaweed is out of prison!

Dopey Prince Alaweed is out of prison!

An hours prior to the announcement, Q mentioned Dopey and the black forest.

What does it mean?

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i agree but the interesting thing is will antifa/blm start their shite again now this fuckers out?, soros was runnin his babydick licker recently

Don’t care. Kill yourself. Your kike LARPer isn’t legitimate.

First post always from a kike, never fails.

except that there is nothing new about Q aside from a few pictures taken from maybe AF1
that's why people react the way they do to Q around here. when you were playing with fidget spinners, people here were uncovering secrets that people get killed over - now that some namefag starts asking questions most anons already know the answer to already, it's suddenly world news and infects every vector to the point of causing D$C?
come on, you still have free will.

I haven't been following the q drama but what's the believed argument for how "q" is supposed to have deep and Nostradamus inside info on everything under the sun? More than a bit of a stretch.

Kill yourself. Get out.

user, please. Don’t give him any credit. Nothing he said has ever been legitimate.

The argument is that Donald Trump is Q. I’m not fucking joking. Go ask them yourself, either here or on reddit; that’s what they’ll say. That is, if they don’t just call you a paid shill because you had the audacity to ask a a question about their lord and savior.

Combined the images so it's easier to send to normies.

Q is Stephen Miller.

Q is a fucking scrub.


Kill yourself. We’re not sending them anywhere, particularly to your yidbox.

I hope the new moderate Religion of Cuck™ pushing prince turned him into a transvestite.

He's mad at the internet

Great more Antifa and BLM chimpouts on the horizon.

You ruined your own thread
We told you QLARPers to stay out of Holla Forums but you keep coming back and you thumb your boomer noses at board culture and then get mad.
The colonel is running up ops against anons now I guess we'd better smarten up and get in line or else? what?

You have a containment board.

That is great, it means more redpills for normies

I'm going to need more info.
Your half-assed OP's mean nothing if it is based on pure speculation.
Provide better input. Perhaps then I'll actually give a shit.

He will assassinate somebody in Germany is my guess.

Out on good behavior no doubt. *;)*