The U.K. has appointed a Minister of Loneliness to tackle what Prime Minister Theresa May calls a "sad reality of modern life" for many citizens.


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This is what happens when you let a woman govern.


That would be a pretty cool job title to have. I don't have anything positive to say about it aside from that.

I am not lonely. I am isolated.

The only one of my kind in the entire state.

>address the loneliness endured by the elderly, by carers fucking typos fill me with rage, by those who have lost loved ones — people who have no one to talk to or share their thoughts and experiences with
Should have called it Big Brother.

Are they talking about the over 3000 people they've arrested for posting wrongthink on social media?

Where's the typo? A 'carer' is someone who cares for someone else, like a sick parent or child or something.

They name it after something out of 1984. Are they that tonedeaf or that brazen?

There was no Ministry of Loneliness in 1984. The Ministries were Peace (Minipax), Truth (Minitrue), Plenty (Miniplenty) and Love (MiniLuv)

They're probably using 1984 as a guideline.

Old bitter feminists get there own ministry to figure out why they are old and bitter. Your tax £'s at work.

are you autistic and if so, has it helped you in your modding career?

Carer is not the word I'd use to describe caregivers or home healthcare workers, user. Or even someone who takes care of children. Likely they meant to use the word career - unless carer is the correct way to describe someone who provides care in bongland.

The specifically design their stuff around literature like that as a smokescreen. The moment anyone tries to criticize you can just call them a paranoid who reads too many books.

OK, what powers dose the minister of loneliness have?


This is what awaits women in the future if they do not settle down with one partner. This is what your tax will pay for. They wont even be shamed and will still blame everyone but their own actions. They will always be a victim in their own minds and push programs to support that ideal.

Weird. Who could have predicted decay of social cohesion with the increased mixing of ethnic, religious, and ideological groups? Almost as if a people makes up the nation, not the reverse.

What fucks me up is how obvious this all is. How is it not come to some serious shit by now? Whether you are talking the kikes themselves explicitly or just the general movement to erase the West by the (((West))). It is hard to believe Trump isn't the (weak) baseline of popular political thought amongst the sane and native.

"Your lands and heritage are being gleefully erased and made to look evil and if you ``defend`` yourself verbally or physically we arrest you, why so lonely?"


Use a dictionary nigger, before you scream typo

A family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person.
‘elderly people and their carers need long-term support’

Are you people fucking stupid? Do you not know a 'ministry' is the British equivalent of a US 'department'. Where do you think Orwell got it from?

You underestimate just how fucking dumb an average normalfag is and how easily distracted they are. There could be a war going on behind their windows and the only thing they would do is tweet "Can't watch the latest episode of Netflix due to all these loud bangs outside, smh"
If you ask me, we should treat a vast majority of these cretins with little more clemency than we are going to show niggers and shitskins. Our blood they may be, but that blood needs lots and lots of detox.

My dictionary starts at 1776, I sincerely apologize for not being well versed in Brittish verbs.


Webster's Dictionary, the first 'American' dictionary didn't come out until 1828, whilst the term 'carer' has been around since the 1700s. You are simply ignorant.

That's real retarded user.

The word career would make no sense in context, why would you think they were trying to write career in the first place?

To play Devil's Advocate, maybe they count post-natal depression as loneliness?

Figured it was a typo.

Why don't you just be happy and submissive goy? We already beat your military, we control your states, just accept hedonism already. Why fight for silly things you can't save like your race, civilization, and god/gods? Just give up and some fun already, you will like it.

Post-natal depression =/= loneliness. This text reeks of stale matzo and foreskins.

I always thought it was "caregiver". Oh well, guess you learn something new every day.

How kind. Will bongs repay with rope?

Normalfags are lost sheep who need our guidance, lest they be torn apart and eaten by the brown horde. Normal people can't really be reached with rhetoric or facts, only emotion. It feels disgusting to act like a kike and screw with their feels to make them do what you want, but it is the only effective way. I find that imagining you are explaining something to a five-year-old helps a lot.

normalfags arent even dumb. they just need the hell shaken out of them. its not like they arent capable of making good decisions and making whites great again. whites could be VERY great again basically overnight, all it takes is something to make the normalfag love his race and the rest would happen naturally I think.

'Caregiver' is the more commonly used American term. user was trying to argue that they meant 'career' because h'd never heard the word 'carer' before.

We're a CNN article away from normalfags loving to be white again, they've just been trained to have a unreasonable trust in media.

Unfortunately, in this (((modern))) world, having a child tends to isolate you from people who do not have children.

Wow, so if you rob people through bubbles and surround them by niggers, they start to get lonely. These lonely people should maybe find a cause worth dying for. Like killing the government that's killing their race.

Bachelor Tax incoming.

The goyim thought they'd be allowed to just turn off their TV and not sign up for FaceBook. Think again lonely soyfedboy. Soon the jew will force you to cocksucker night clubs where you will be disarmed, corralled, and enriched by their pet fellow semites.

they don't see 1984 as a dystopian warning, they see it as a prescient blueprint.



lol, bongs have no weapons and don’t want them. They want to be killed as penance for their evil deeds.

It's what the ministry is called that's creepy. That it will probably do the opposite of what it says…

If Brits are going the 1984 timeline, shouldn't the Ministry of Loneliness be responsible for spying on citizens and ensuring they never have a moment of privacy to themselves?

Deliberately decimating community and societal cohesion has caused loneliness, who would have thought it? Good job that this is only a temporary problem and all those millennial Brits currently forgoing ever having children because the cost of living constantly outpaces them will never feel lonely when they grow old a hated minority on their own clay with no pension. No sir! A few minimum wage agency staff to have a cup of tea once a week with a handful of elderly people for a few months before the scheme has it’s budget taken away will solve this one once and for all.

So UK is going to hand out state approved bad dragon dildos? The models that can't be used as a lethal impromptu weapon, of course

what? what do you mean by that?

Whatever you say, Travis Bickle.

I imagine it will be forced association with blacks and muslims if you ever appear sad. Either that or the police will come around to jam opioids down your throat if you don't think everything is bright and dandy.


All those lonely losers should just commit suicide and stop wasting resources.

He was making an American Revolution joke with that there date, Bongfriend, he wasn't being literal. Fuck's sake, I never thought I'd have to explain bants to a britanon. You guys really are in a bad way, aren't you?

As if /r9k/ didn't have it bad enough, now some HR bitch is going to start calling anons and telling them to go out and socialize.

After a while men just stop caring about being lonely and become hermits if they don't anhero or go on a spree before reaching such ages. Women on the other hand are used to having a beta shoulder to cry on and whine. This is the ministry of cat ladies; older men forget how to be depressed and piss their money/time away at taverns and casinos.

Things are improving. People all over the UK are stockpiling spoons in anticipation of an armed uprising. A specialist police squad has been set up and is having some success in locating these caches. Pic related is a stockpile of several hundred deadly assault spoons seized in Portsmouth and also Walton in Essex.

First step to crush loneliness: Mix with the shittiest shitskin you can find and have an interracial love baby.

What? When has a government program ever done the opposite of what its name implies?

That's me in the nutshell. I have recognized women for what they are early on: The genderjew.

There is really no #winning as someone whose life is dedicated to intellectual pursuits and I have 8/10 aryan genetics.

Women only reward the most savage nation destroyers if they aren't constrained by men in their behavior.

All the genderjews ever considered me to be good for is a cuckold to raise chads baby or some idiot to settle down with after they had dozens of chadbros at 30+.

Most highly intelligent guys in soy francisco seem to go the hermit way as well and I'm not sure who is supposed to brogram for jewish investors when my generation is finished.

To quote a trump supporting former manager of mine "I'm glad I'll be dead in a couple of decades and won't be around to see this shitshow finish".

Retarded social program desperately trying to treat the symptom of a root cause they themselves fabricated so its sufferer's won't string them up.

I mean a dragon dildo can be turned into a improvised bludgeoning weapon or shot out from like home made potato cannon.
Britbongs aren't safe from teaspoons
Got to think about safety you know

It will be great. Everyone identified as lonely will be forced to go to a Socialization Event once a week. Think "company Christmas party" and you've pretty much got the vibe. It will be run by a couple of fat white cat ladies to keep things organized and a bevy of tiny brown mystery meat females to do the actual work. There will be dollar-store decorations, inoffensive music, and everyone's face will be rigid with the silent realization that their life has ended up here. Except for the couple of actual retards in the bunch. They will probably like it. Really it will be the perfect transition to the government-run "Assisted Living Facility" once you get a bit older.

Sheeeit, I have both of those conditions, but if I wanted my taxes to go to an artificial consolation, I'd prefer dole-provided hookers.
I don't fuck hookers, pls no bully Holla Forums
Ahh but on an up note, the food just keeps getting better and better, yeah?

Talk about modernity… Watch antifa send homos to rape you.

They'll replace the tap water with vodka.

When did my mood become the government's business?

The minute enough people had the same mood and started grumbling to one another about the causes or even organizing to change things.

Probably because the sheer misery of modern life drives people to isolation and introspection. That leads to investigation and questioning how things are and how we ended up here. That leads you to places such as Holla Forums, reading the truth and committing thought crime.

Keep the goyim busy with sports, video games, TV, film, music, comic books, drinking, sex, drugs, partying. The ones that stray must be made to attend mandatory socialization and if you score too low, you are seen as mentally unhealthy and pilled up.

Burger sarcasm > Britbong sarcasm

just invent ai waifus already please


This is actually my worst nightmare. I really hope things never get that bad.



Reminder that Germans have to pay a television tax even if they don't own a television for their state funded media

When's the Minister of >tfw no gf?

Why did they hire a female Chad for this position who hasn't watched a single episode of anime in her life. She has her social life on easy mode. She isn't qualified for this position because she's probably never been lonely in her life.