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I will die when I am ready, and only after I have numerous replacements with a beautiful wife.

Talk of eternal (or super-long, like centuries or longer) life is hedonism. Focus on the self is degenerate when it robs our descendants of their resources. As a National Socialist, I do not live for my own pleasure or for endless moments of personal pleasure, but instead to give my white children the best possible advantage over their rivals in generations to come. My genes did not build my body to carry on for centuries, but to make fresh copies of them that have a chance to adapt to the ever-changing world.

Another way of thinking about this is in terms of adaptation. I was born in the late 20th century. I was fairly well-adapted to that world, my genes having come together in the world of the 1970s. As the world inevitably changes around us, I will inevitably become less well-adapted to it. Eventually, the best bet for my genes is for my old, obsolete self to die and leave my newer, better-adapted children to tackle the world without an old man hogging their resources.

I am only a link in a chain. I am a cell in an immortal being. As my white ancestors were good enough to lie down and die to make room for me, so I must go in my turn. Or are we to outlive our welcome like the greedy little hogs we call Boomercucks? A mayfly has more honest dignity than that.

What a cunty article. Why are women so ungrateful when men have created 99.9% of all of the things around them?

But user, you forget that all of the mudslimes are young. The whites are aging much faster than the minions of the kikes.

Treating aging will give us a better chance in the coming civil war.

>not realizing that functional anti-aging makes you not an old man anymore

Waste of a good ID

You’re a cuck to a delusion of a society that has never existed in the history of mankind.

The Holy Roman Empire had more infighting and power struggles than any other Empire outside of China. This was after Charlamagne destroyed what was left of traditional Germanic culture. There is a reason it was called the 100 Kings period. It was because of the constant internal struggle of all of the different houses and families.

The families that came out on top are still in power or continue to have influence today.

This idea of a unified Europe for one goal and purpose only existed at one period in history, and the racial cousins of that group destroyed it for a foreign people proclaiming their status as that people’s historic holy sects. A conflict between Jews being played out on a global scale.

Doesn’t matter how many times you attack me, I am not going to do your work for you. You’re not getting anything from me.

Which thread were you meant to post this in?

You're mistaking national socialism as being conservative. It is traditionalist revolutionary. It is not an ideology of political doctrine, but a complete total worldview based on scientific knowledge and the laws of nature. Extending human life is part of the scientific utilities we can use to perfect human societies.

Imagine not having any old people in need of pensions, more or less 100% employmentrate, and thousands of years old wise men.

National Socialists want life extensions.

post the article idiot

I support your resolution to die but recommend you expedite the process, the world has enough brainlets.

It's called having self awareness

never fails

Post the comments.
I wanna see what the Semit readers have to say on the issue

You are supposed to be a professional writer yet you sound like a middle schooler

Maybe this is the plan against white genocide? Whites will live forever while niggers will be used as dying slaves?

Rejuvenation research like the kind pushed by Aubrey will probably help us fight the mudslime demographic takeover, at the very least.

That, and an army of robots could make us invincible.


The nose knows

I love how none of this garbage ever has comment sections. Really cooks my tendies.

Get out.

Bite me faggot.

Completely agree.

It actually does have comments, but they're NYT readers, so it might as well not have them.

Do you have to be a subscriber to comment? I couldn't see the comment section, I was going to comment something along the lines of: "Are you people retarded?"

Shes so full.of shit.

Who spends the most money on plastic surgery and skin lotions to maintain their fake youth?

It will be women first in line to get these new technologies when they become available and they will demand thrir rich husbands pay for it.

You're overthinking the evolutionary logic. Aging occurs because it's better for the body to die of organ failure at 80 than to die of cancer at 40.


Before God and all divine spirits I bear witness to the cruelty of our enemies against creation. Empower us to overthrow these corrupt men and expose their wickedness before the world. We beseech heaven for a time of peace and prosperity for our people. Open the gateways of love to us that we may prosper under the light. We will put away our wickedness further, even as we struggle to fight against the ever present disease that these enemies have sown in our minds and bodies when we were young. Before God we demand justice and retribution that we will not be separated from knowledge and the love of our Creator eternally.

Never thought I'd appreciate something PETA has done.

You know jews are bad when PETA, an organization that gasses cats for fun, goes to bat against a kike doing bad things to cats.

Just lefthand puppet attacking righthand puppet.

It's a kikess, not a woman.

This was beautiful. replace demand with request in the last line because we are addressing this to our Creator but yes, I agree with this sentiment so much, thank you for this post.

The (((New York Times))) really just can't fucking stop, can it?


Like the female beauty industry isn't built around the deception of youth.

Jews every time.