How do we stop the ever increasing madness of feminism?

It's just getting worse, and must be stopped, but how?
Feminism is a cancer that eats out Western society. It effeminates men and masculiniates women.
It invites hordes of Niggers and Mudslimes in to our countries.

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people being able or willing to keep consequences at bay are thinning out.
not saying it's gonna be nice, but things will sort themselves out.

Do think it will be violent!>>11195120

Don’t let yourself or your kids be effeminate faggots and don’t let buzzwords influence you. It’s not hard, feminists have no power aside from their buzzwords and which already have lost most their meaning and I suppose just overall be annoying.

who knows?

personally i think it's all about perception and memes, not meme magic, just memes.

it really depends on how people looks at things.
i know it's harder than it looks, but maybe eventually, middle aged women women divorcing their husbands to live their lives to the fullest™ , despite their fading looks and not that great personality, and ending up with a moroccan immigrant who beats the shit out of her, or threatens to behead her if she doens't convert to Religion of Cuck™, will be properly shamed and frowned upon.
and this is just one of many unpleasant situations.

Mass rapes. For the fuckable ones. The rest get broken jaws.

Beatings of course

Can’t we just ignore them?

We've been ignoring them for the last 100 years and the current shitty state of affairs is the result.

There's a certain degree of Darwinism that takes place. Do you all genuinely believe that Generation Z is being reported as one of the most Conservative generations because they were red pilled? No, it's because there's a Eugenics factor taking place through Liberal Parenting. They're having less and less kids, so they're inadvertently breeding themselves out of existence - and Conservatives will always be prone to starting families. It's almost a conjoined impulse.

Well I have zero real world solutions for this. I don’t think there is one outside of giving the J-Left the holocaust they seem to want to actually happen.

Never interrupt the enemy when they're making a mistake.

oh child, how much you have to learn

I was under the impression that it was on a downward trend.

How about executions?

Crazies like the modern feminists are always walking on the the thin line of what they can get away with. Even if they're backed by (((them))), should a sufficently large group of feminists commit to something even normalfags would consider unredeemable, basically the entirety of feminism could collapse more or less. The modern culture of smartphones and social media will make sure of that.

Basically, prod them hard enough them and hope for the fucking stars to align so that hopefully SJWs will flip out and do something that'll ruin their public image so heavily that the average normalfag will begin to openly hate them. Keep memeing on it.

how do normalfags not realize the power of their judgment holds most things in balance

Make that wall reach the stars, I am still leaving.

It's just getting worse, and must be stopped, but how?
sex robots

famous fake photo

It's obviously fake, tho.

One can always have some wishful thinking.>>11195266

We don't. We use it to fuel the reactionary rage of radical youth.

Did you know the largest air wargame in the history of the world is taking place right now, in Western United States, and that the CIA shills are really salty people are getting this info out there? Additionally, Nellis informs there will be GPS outages.

And then there's Hannity, whose Twitter was taken out after he tweeted "Form Submission 1649"

Try lurking more.

What are you going to do to stop me? Huh? You think you run everything or something?

Grow up, kiddo.

Demonstrates that the blackout of the grid can happen, and that the surveillance network can be taken down by foreign threats.

Sorry Jews, you can’t control the world against smarter opposition.

Use your sense of right and wrong to stay calm and respectful in a face-to-face debate. It's not anonymous, you can't abandon your statement once it's made, it's now a part of your social identity among whoever is listening. If everything you say is fact, but it's explained in our very unconventional vocabulary, it could be still easily be discounted by the masses. You don't want all your friends and family to doubt you just because they don't like slurs and green cartoon frogs. Your OP is a great example. The way you presented your idea, though widely accepted here, would never resonate with people who didn't already agree with you. I'm sure you're good at hiding your power level among colleagues. You can even "let off the brake" a little bit. People aren't waking up just yet, but the average American is becoming better at having these sorts of conversations without flying off the handle. Not the average fucking Twitter user, mind you, the average working-class American. But I'm getting off-topic.
You will never convince weak betas that "being too nice to everybody is a slippery slope to being taken advantage of and betrayed." They live in total fear of aggression, confrontation, and the ruthless reality of human survival, seemingly to the point of denial.
If a woman would rather complain her way to the middle of a corporate ladder than grow into a suitable mate with attractive qualities, simply let her family tree end with her.
You will never convince an average person to admit their perception is wrong. You can only make the truth more appealing by living it honestly.
You don't have to red-pill a woman on how much of a little bitch her boyfriend is. She knows well the first time he gets the confidence to cause trouble, he won't have the backbone to protect her, or even himself. "Speak softly and carry your big stick."
If she's with him, she's probably his female equivalent.
Women with a history of actual abuse can be a tragic exception. They may not know their value at all, and may feel they deserve their soyboy, even if he wasn't the perpetrator.

Growing up means having a family.

Get over it. It not your choice to make.

Grow up, kiddo.

It’s not even my thread retard.

The kikes control the CIA, and the CIA's "secret" purpose is to kill all whites.

Go away Nehlen.

Ooh, looks like I was right.

What’s your point? The CIA didn’t come after me, you retarde Mormons and Jews did.

Oh, it's a choice alright. You'd better believe it. Only MGTOW are wise to the world, seeing that kike culture is converting 90% of white boys into faggots. Want to raise lesbians and faggots, who are kike slaves? Raise your own enemies? Then be my guest, go on.

But don't tell me you're having a family, because you are not. You are seizing your own infants and tossing them to Moloch, which is the kike name for the society they made, they control.

right about what? I am not hiding. You are.

Jokes on you.

The CIA is coming after whites, most certainly. Why do you think they killed all those white people listening to country & western music, in Las Vegas?

Look at the IDs and then apologize for how autistic you’re being.

Sounds more like you’re a Jew trying to stop me, with fake trips. Let me remind you of who I am.

Looks like I’ve been right the whole time. Global report. Kill yourself.

Shut up rapist fag.

Cry more, kiddo.

who is crying? You basically just handed me all of the political leverage you had. You’re never going to sitting in Congress.

(You) are limp-wristed off-topic pansies who don't get a reply, and you sound like mudslimes trying to think of a good enough lie about their neighbor to get them hung by the locals.


CIA disinfo agents:

I am Kek, the other guy is Paul Nehlen. Yes, that Paul Nehlen. He sent faggots after me because he found out I have an Asian ex-Wife a son with some rando, and Jewish ancestry. I only have the Cohen marker, not Jewish DNA.

Shits fucked up.

You’re a piece of shit.

< textual voice of a young teenager
< but is really invested in "feminism"

Sure you are, CIA. Go and rape a white teenage girl, then cannibalize her, alive, then torture her, then kill her, like the CIA you are!

Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

You sound like a TRS faggot. Oops, called it. Hi Bill.

Women only turn to feminism if:
We combat this by boycotting these organisations, stop giving them media-time, exposing them everywhere we see them pushing for their idiocy, stop supporting NGOs, laugh and discredit them to our female friends, fighting them in court.
We combat this by becoming manly, all the while being disgusted by feminists and saying we wouldn't want a feminist for a wife. We must also be good fathers to future female children, we can't be divorced and we must care about our daughters. We must form strong relationships and give our women lots of children. Then they won't have time for being feminists and they'll see most of the lies about how patriarchy is evil. Women are most happy when they are mothers.
All that I've laid out earlier, plus explaining to them how their happiness doesn't come from patriarchy but from jews, capitalism, their own vices, etc. I know that you wouldn't want someone fat and ugly for a wife, but many of those who are, can be cured when they feel they are wanted by a man. Let's say a fat, non-shaven feminists starts complaining about how men are awful. You just say (while being the man she secretly wants to impress) "Oh, it's a shame that women today are such slobs. I just want a nice, modest, thin, conservative woman who would carry my child." When she hears this a 100 times from men she wants, you'll have her clean up her act, lose weight, start caring about her looks and admit to herself that she does want a child. Not only you take away 1 soldier of the enemy then, you get 1 soldier for us, while repairing birthrates and starting a family yourself.
We have this covered, with all the memes and propagande we produce here. Although, if you want to convince women, you must make it more emotional than graphs and logic. Example in pic rel.

I know of at least one person who is a feminist, of her own doing.

Part of it is that it's sort of fun. You know, you're one of the cool people. And, it's empowering to be able to tell the rest of the world how inferior and shit they are.

Collectivism; that’s why it attracts women so well.
Why it attracts women so well.


Have a good weekend Paul.

Ironically, we see this in the 3rd chapter of the Bible: Eve is the one tempted by power - not Adam. Adam was tempted by a shitty woman. MGTOW is what he should have been, in this moment.

Go to hell, muslim. May God slay allah and burn your religion.


You stop something through action, not through whining on the internet. Go out there and DO something. Anything. Take some action and stop begging for answers like a woman would.

I went to my friends funeral after he committed suicide because he had kids with a fat whore that took him for everything he had, Is that helping? Because nothing will change until men stop supporting these sorts of women. If you like to fuck around and make these kinds of women and also do not care to support your fellow men then you are part of the problem. Funny thing is i didn't even feel sorry for my friend since he did it all to himself.

Then why did you go to his funeral? That's considered a show of grieving and/or support. If you want something stopped, take action. Document everything, report to proper agencies, call out the behavior when you see it.

It turns their shit back on us. They demand we call out "locker room talk" when we see it, well, do it right back to them. In public. Loudly. NOT here. Being forced to whine quietly on the anonymous internet is where they want us.

See a woman and her 4 kids buying lobsters on food stamps? Document it, report it.
See a woman and her friend oggling a guy? Document it, call it out. In public, to their faces.
Got a friend whose wife is cheating? Document it, tell him. To his face in front of others.

Women want us to be scared little mice. Stop being a scared little mouse and go out there and DO something. Otherwise, in 2028 it will be:

Cry more, kiddo. Reported for obviously being a paid shill, attempting to hide your signature in your posts.

I went to tell his 3 kids why his dad offed himself. Don't care how young they are but i don't want them thinking their mother is a victim.
You think they give a shit about men?
I don't think you know the times we live in. People don't care and i'll need to open up and pay for a case out of my own pocket that i will most likely lose because of some cuck judge. When i tell other men about this they don't care about it and just go on with their own shitty lives. I've had some people i know come to me to ask if they can rent one of my properties for cheap since they where kicked out but why help them when they only help themselves? As i said before, Women have turned men against other men. So i have tried to help but it's useless with the whole culture that exists now.


Don't tell the Q planefags that.

Said it before and will say it many more times in the future but there ought to be some kind of men's space to be a counterpart to the women's spaces that pop up everywhere.
The difference between men and women, most clearly, is that men will put up with innumerably more shit. Men won't immediately go to the community resource center when their wife won't cook them dinner but they should know that there is some type of resource available for when his wife accuses him of rape or violence or some other.
It's a simple thing but having a speakeasy type deal where men can go and be away from all the nonsense that having a wife brings will help gender relations more than xer ever could. In our grandparents day, this place was called the bar or work. Today, it is not as simple to escape the pressures of the modern world could be good code for feminist bullshit and a dedicated space ought to be considered to provide services and counselling for men on the basis of equality at minimum.

because he is your brother, your fellow man.

I'm proud of namefag for admitting his posts were irrelevant. The rope is on it's way to your house, I even hand-wrote you some instructions.

Thank you for getting this thread back on track. Like you mentioned, I've noticed that women are very, very susceptible to the simplest of vices. Whether it makes their life easier while sacrificing its quality, or whether it shortens their life irreversibly in exchange for shallow pleasure, they can easily become dependent on inanimate objects that constantly drain their wallets. It's very easy for them to accept it as normal if they see their peers doing it, and consumerist merchants will chip away at any weakness they can find.
Imagine an honest, decent, normie woman's perspective on the adult world as she enters it for the first time. No one taught you how to question authority, they just taught you that oppression exists and you should look for it everywhere you go or else it will creep up on you. If you were raised well, you were taught respect, but most of that learning comes from the experience of being insulted until that little burst of self-confidence you got dies back down. And you don't know why you had that little spat or where it came from, because you have a female brain that is still developing. Imagine that nightmare.
Every commercial on basic cable looks right into the camera with a glued on smile and talks directly to you like you're a fucking downie. Why would you question anything? Are you so fucking stupid you couldn't understand that deep, artsy Maybelline commercial that just came on?
I didn't put them in the box but I really want to let them know it's okay to come out. You just have to trust a man, not a soyboy. They'll hurt you in the only way they know how, the games they play don't work on fellow men.

Remove each and every jew, including all the honorary kikes and cryptos.

First step. Get rid of the J O Os, second restore the sanctity of marriage, strong family values, the rest will fall in place

What is a "Man" in todays world?
Some people say a man is someone who has been with many women. Others say a man is some one who supports many women. Yet others say a man is some one who needs no women. The ideal of a man has been blurred so much that no one can pinpoint what being a man really is. Is having money and being independent a man? Is taking a wife that has not been with any other man being a man?
When you break down all these questions you start to understand how the ideal mindset of what a man should be cannot exist in todays world because no one really knows what a man should be.

A lot of things have changed since 2008. One of the main things is people like you are realizing that elections are getting us precisely more communism, not less. People still think the system can be rehabilitated. This will change the instant the stock market crashes :^)

Then they will be ready for fascism.

< democracy can work

Fuck off.

It's true, imagine all the lies being fed to you right now and how it takes constant effort to stter between them and awesome willpower not to give in to the maintstream. And in a women, such a task is twice or maybe 3-times as hard, since they are born biologically more social and conformist.
Wih a woman it's always about what others think of you. That's why there are more anorexic girls and with psychological disseases. What you friends think of you, what yourboyfriend thinks of you, what the media and society thinks of you. We have to be as vocal as we can about our hatred of feminism and dorwn out all the opposition. Women just look at what the other people think and follow it. That's all there is to it. You can have even the best-made arguments brought to a woman and you still can't convince her if other think differently. She'll just say "Well, even if this is true, i can't believe it - what will others think of me if i do?"
If you want to bring back our women, you must have as much people as you can against feminism, and NOT the best arguments around.

What is a "Man" in todays world?
Some people say a man is someone who has been with many women. Others say a man is some one who supports many women. Yet others say a man is some one who needs no women. The ideal of a man has been blurred so much that no one can pinpoint what being a man really is. Is having money and being independent a man? Is taking a wife that has not been with any other man being a man?
When you break down all these questions you start to understand how the ideal mindset of what a man should be cannot exist in todays world because no one really knows what a man should be.

Most of all, women want to live in a fantasy where everything is just fucking wonderful - it's not.

So you just wanna hand Robocop a description of all the humans who have never done anything you perceive as good.
Sounds like you want us to become the Middle East.

And what's the greentext supposed to convey? Women will fuck anyone with a pulse except white males? A Jew must have told you that.

You probably won't be back.

Most of all, women want to live in a fantasy where everything is just fucking wonderful - it's not.

Example: Women are NEVER interested in politics, or in intelligent men. This is a fact. They only love money, and, like any animal, they like a physically fit member of the opposite sex.

You can't give in to jewish moral subjectivity. In principal, it's easy to think who is a man, you should feel it in your guts.
I feel it. When i found out that the white race is dying and that jews are attacking it, it was clear what would a man do in this situation. Not coward out and run, but fight. So, being courageus. When you know that someone is lying, cheating other people and is getting away with it, what would a man do? It is obvious what would he do. A man cares for his family, he gets the best woman to be the mother of his child. He helps his friends and those in need who deserve it. He works hard to be reliable and self-reliable. When you take money for nothing and let the country or anyone else give you something for free, something you did not deserve - you know that it's not an's way to rely on other's charities.
Tl;dr you know it in your gut, with every decision you make, what should a man do. Listen to your instincts

Had to read my post again; are you sure you're responding to the correct post?
There is nothing in that post implying anything that can be directly linked to your claimed democracy. Is a simple call for equality while pointing out that men are getting the short stick nearly every time.
However, it is worth noting that you brought communism into the discussion and not in a subtle way either. You then go on to imply that people think the system can be rehabilitated but claim I am the one, with a space after the inverse carrot, implying what exactly? You've already repeated a post, perhaps you're trying to… divide and conquer through manufacturing of a false consensus?


You educate your daughters to think with their own heads and teach in a logical way to recognize feminist degeneracy.
They do this shit becouse they were instructed to take television shows and pseudo political marxist drivel as legitimate life philosophy.

FEMEN are literally prostitutes.

You wish, you filthy philosemitic kike golem.

You define what a "man" is for yourself, not popular opinion.
It seems all of human culture feels it's important that a healthy young boy "become a man." To make things simple, let's define "becoming a man" as a rite of passage that leaves you feeling whole.
When this finally happens, you hold responsibility for all your actions and all the space you happen to take up in the world. It's yours and no one else's, you know that undoubtedly, and you're even proud of it. You are your own definition of an accomplished man, and you know that no one handed it to you, because when you look up, you don't see a superior holding your hand, you see only the infinite roads you could possibly go down now that you're a complete, self-reliant being.
Unless you've NEETed out and completely given up on future prospects, you might very well have began to picture it for yourself. It might be hyper-specific or generic as hell, but no one else has ever created that EXACT mental image you just created.
That's the definition of what a man should be. And don't ask anyone else to check your work for you, they'll tell you it's wrong, because it doesn't look like theirs.
So you have to subscribe to an all-encompassing concept you created in your mind, that probably nobody will ever quite see.
You become a religion of one, you believe in yourself. You finally get to live and even die without self-doubt.

Masculinity is a personal journey, and it doesn't involve compromising your deeply held virtues and principles. And in this I think even the Leftist Soyboys can be "Men" but few - like all of us - are satisfying that definition. No matter how they mewl and howl that being a cuckold or orbiter is what they truly want - we can see through that hollow facade easily, because to be a "Man" may be a subjective journey - but being Men is an almost universal experience.

Damn, son!

Make peace with this fact and you'll be much happier. Intelligent men tend to have more money, though.

The woman I want to breed with literally gives me a boner looking at her. That's because she takes care of herself and is into fashion.

Ever watch The Jetsons? The opening credits have George giving Jane money, when Jane takes the wallet and leaves George with a few bills. (They didn't envision cryptocurrency.) That's how it is, boys. Keep your wife comfortable and she stays. It's not really prostitution, think of it as a volume discount with an exclusivity contract.

t. old money

You caught me!
Had to google that one, nearly gagged. You probably got me off a watchlist though, so thanks.
I'd love to have an intellegent AI go through a bunch of pro-Zionist propaganda and simulate a human casually researching the ((Religion of Peace)), even periodically play low-fidelity audio recording of keyboard tapping to fool the alphabet spectators into thinking I finally became a good little goy.

Hey everybody stop what you're doing and gather around, this guy says he figured "it" out!
You sound less like a man and more like an Elliot Rodger who got stage fright on his big day.
I think there's a self-deprecating anti-Semite a few posts up if you're looking to spar with someone. A little more effort next time you reply to me would be appreciated.

"Men" who truly buy in to that mgtow bullshit truly are inferior and weak, I mean who really believes in that black pill bullshit. Grow up, grow a pair and stop letting your ancestors down weakling.

You are absolutely pathetic goy, you must be very small and timid emotionally to act in such a way

Fuck off, Heimbach

Nah, i'll think i'll stay. Don't you know that socialism and capitalism are two sides of the same shekel, shill?

In Polish we have a word called "cham", I wonder if it's related to Chaim. You can learn lots about the J O O from Polaks. My grandfather was from Gniezno/Gniesen had kids late and experienced the fulness of pre war Poland and the aftermath. Served in the wehrmacht. Little known fact, Gniesen/Posen was officially Reich and Polish were assimilated or at least attempt at assimilation. Anyway my wehrmacht grandfather provided my first redpills as a child. Claimed the 0.99 pricing scheme was born in Jew dominated Poland, true story

You make it sound so simple. It's like we're getting a live feed of your brain.
You know why ideologies are given names, don't you? Maybe it's because they're over-encompassing and over-generalize, allow for no flexibility or anomalies, and it's super easy for shills to Google search "flaws of __"
Why the hell would you accept every rule and law some bookworm wrote down before the technology age just because you like the 5% of the source material that someone happened to show you?
It's not a Bible, or a bill trying to get through Congress.
You actually have options.

What the fuck are you talking about? Capitalism is about not giving up what's yours. I own my own business and that directly benefits: my land, my people, and my culture, because my funds and more importantly, my time, are my own to command.

Wrong. Charismatic men, however, do tend to have more money.

You own nothing, goyim!

>>>Holla Forums

No, you're useless. Worse than useless when you come here spewing your blackpill poison. Kill yourself.

Well this is just false. All the horrible laws that have been passed proves otherwise.

This would be an argument over semantics. But do you really have the freedom to associate, hire, and, serve based along racial lines? If not then at best you "own" the ability to produce the highest amount of tax revenue for federal gibs directly destroying your people.

What does this have to do with capitalism? Capitalism IS the ideal, and natural way to run an economy, so long as it is done with adherence to another of nature's principles: people and fatherland. Communism on the other hand, can never work, as it pretends that individuals have no self interest. In "Mein Kampf" Hitler writes of the importance for people have a sense of personal reward for their efforts, and profit was thoroughly present in his Germany.

I didn't want to answer not to derail the thread, but i feel i have to.
Capitalism isn't the ideal economic solution. Its a system made to benefit the jews. They push for it, and are the group that gets the most out of it. In theory it says "you all have equal opportunities, if you work hard, you'll get a just reward". This is simply not true, it's a failed system. You are born already into a world controlled by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. From the start you are made to work in their factories, under laws they legislate through their lobbying. You can start your own bussiness, but only if they allow you. Whenever they want, they can destory any bussiness, with legal or not-legal means. In capitalism, when you have the money, you have the power. And they sure as hell aren't giving up their money.
There is no preference for your race or culture, all that matters is money. It also breeds degeneracy, since money is the only way to live, those things that cost most become the most valuable. Not character or willpower, but a new car, a super masturbation-toy or a sex slave. How many things and how much people you can buy, becomes your only goal.
I see nothing wrong with starting your bussiness or working for your family. But that's not capitalism, thats life. Capitalism is a system of values and exchange, which puts those who can cheat more and have more money, over those who work more and who are better in character.

Only war and mass culling of populations can stop it now. The good news is, this will make women better looking. Genocide never seems to include the hot girls.

The noise of a creature regressed into a market entity.

If being a man is not a social thing to keep a society together "this is what i thought it was about" and is only a self worth kind of ideal then even a man that "dominates" anything he dose would be considered a man. Your ideals are to vague and supports men who think screwing over other men and being good at it or obtaining resources by taking from your fellow men is what makes you a man, all the way down to defining a pedo fuck that thinks himself as a man for being good at tricking little girls. What you put forth as an idea has to many cracks in it that allow degenerate behavior to be considered "part of a journey in becoming a man".


Repeal Lautenberg and slap anyone acting like a bitch. Goes for men too. Talk shit get hit. Enough of the psychological bullying the kikes have been perpetrating upon white men for the last half century.

Stop it?
Well, we simply rekindle the racial consciousness of White Peoples until we reach a critical mass, then overthrow the Zionist System and reestablish White control over White societies.
I'd argue that focusing on America is key as without the military might of America, the jews wouldn't be able to enforce their unnatural system of global dominance. Alternatively, some have argued that Europe sets the trends in American culture and this is also true. Thus they argue that if we awaken Europeans, Americans will follow. Whatever the case, we must focus on rekindling our natural ethnocentrism.

For anyone not aware of just how fucked up and subversive this shit became. Lautenberg made it ILLEGAL to own firearms for ANY DV conviction including misdemeanors that do not include an act of violence. That means ARGUING which is in many places (((harassment))) with a DV modifier gets your guns and rights taken from you. All a woman has to do is pick up the phone and the cops because unfortunately they have been brainwashed to buy into the whole wifebeater narrative (not saying there aren't but we have actual laws that handle that and your constitutional rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED) makes sure at least one person is going to jail. Unless the man is beaten to shit and tied up after having jumped off the roof headfirst in an attempted suicide, he's getting hauled off. Once in the system you are doubly screwed because they will throw everything in the book at you to get you to just plea to the LEAST (that being the misdemeanor DV) thus letting them take your shit. Fight it, and the deck will always be stacked against you in court and you will NOT win guaranteeing at LEAST a misdemeanor DV and likely more including time, unless you have video evidence and even then all she has to do is cry about a prior event that never happened. Kikes pushed it because (((MUH WIFEBEATERS))) and it got through even though it is beyond unconstitutional.
Now consider that push for women to start taking more and more from men and the inappropriate use of law and punishment against men by women and the system. They are trying to make it illegal to speak up for yourself and it began in your own homes.

Forgot to add. In many states you can have your FELONY gun rights restored after so many years which rarely happens. In many states the misdemeanors CANNOT be set aside to restore your rights as required by federal law.

We really need to go back to the original 10 and let whites make appropriate and concise rules as necessary from there.

stop letting weak men raise children

Hard to stop that when those "Strong men" leave the "weak men" with their leftover women "single mothers" so they can go off and pound more holes as those "weak men" are now stuck raising those "strong mens" offspring. This is the system many chose to promote and things wont get better until we stop this first.

well i am still right though.

There was a time law and justice supported strong men. There will be again.

My apathy isn't with the system the system is a tool, its how it's currently being used to produce the opposite effect of what actually matters to the white man that gets under my jimmies one could say.

it always cycles. one decade men are considered filth and the women gets everything. another decade the women is considered as garbage and gets nothing. on and on and on and on. now that women are complete whores again the tide will sway towards men again. in this welfare age it took a little longer this time.

Feminism can only become its own worst enemy because in order to stay progressive it must be even more insane. The best way I've seen it fought is to spotlight how retarded it is by how it's turning people into retards. Normalfags eat up videos named, "Top Feminist Cringe" and the like.

The other day I overheard Gen Z kids talking about their favorite Feminist Cringe moments and they weren't just laughing about the landwhales but also the dykes and the soyboy betacucks. Basically, you need to target feminism by showing them the true representatives of it, not the well groomed actors they put on news shows.

This works for both men and women. Men will be immunized to it by how hard they laughed and cringed at feminists. Women will respond both to the way men react, and how the feminists actually look. The most critical part is reaching women by showing how feminism warps women into disgusting caricatures. Women who haven't accepted but haven't fully rejected feminism are easily saved by threatening the core values western women have.
1. Their dress
2. Their looks aka sex appeal
3. Their social rank
Ugly women are the most susceptible but average looking women will want to protect their 3 core values. Feminism causes them foresake sex appeal aka looks, change their dress, and ostracize others. This alone is why most women reject feminism even if they don't admit it. They softly or passively reject it but their logical brain is not that of a man's, so they wouldn't be able to explain why. They will agree on the platitude issues but then go back to worrying about how others see them, and that's where feminism falls flat and where you and we exploit it.

Sage for terrible OP.

Is that what you told the DHS when you called them on me faggot?


I have the 86 shirt from GS.

You’re out of luck commie scum, Paul shut up you CIA nigger.

Go back to shill school.

Both are interrelated. Unless you're a faggot.

Black pilling and empathising, then making them empathise with you.

It's called - "talk to them"

And that depends on the feminism being preached. Some consider immigration a direct threat to their values.

Most feminists are lonely women that need the D.

Capitalism and socialism without any notion of tradition/cultural aspects tend to treat those aspects as unnecessary obstacles. I mean who is feeding the immigration bullshit? Capitalist corporations that see numbers, not the cultural issues. They have a tendency to only realise their mistakes after they have occured.

Actually you don't. Look up the doctrine of tenures. You essentially are leased property by the government nowadays.

checked and underrated.

Good luck having them state that in any reasonable court of law.

I am serious, let’s see any judge say something to that effect in an open court.

The last court I was in had no fewer than 15 microphones. At least four were attached to computers, and no doubt there were at least 10 phones in there, all of which were probably hot microphones.

There’s not a judge in the country that would have the balls to say any human being is “owned” by anyone anywhere in the US.

If there is, it would be an outright destruction of that person’s career.

You can’t own another person, and you can’t sign a contract to that regard either. It’s illegal.

We can try making memes about soy latte drinkers and man boobs.
Memeing chiseled mens chests > man boobs chest.
Memeing Traditional women > feminist women.

So what is the plan make the guy not want to go to the gym because you send faggots after him? Seems like you’re full of shit.

They would need to shave 250 pounds at least… Then actually reteach them the real truth instead of the millennial "truth".
And by then you'll have at the least a 40 year old meh bag.

Check those digits 7721 another checkmate.


Ovens are at your local appliance store shlomo.


I am whiter than just about all of you.

You’re a quarter Jew faggot. Don’t pretend like I don’t know who you are.

Albinism doesn't count nigger

That’s why you’re not White.

How many instruments do you play? Can you even tell the difference between a violin and chello? Can you drive a manual car? Have you ever built a car? Have you ever had a real job?

Have you ever had a real relationship with a White woman? You’re a joke.

Everything you accuse me of, is a reflection of your own behavior. You faggots chased me around for nearly a decade and think you can label me whatever you want after destroying my property like niggers and stealing my work like niggers.

It’s called projecting. You’re doing it a lot.

What a stupid question, with National Socialism. Where do you think you are? This threads pretty cuckchan btw.

Then you pay some POS frat brother of yours to slip drugs into my food and rape me, and you call me the nigger with your shit behavior.

You’re not White, you’re a Jewish Nigger.

Check those digits Jews.

>Against working out (((Shill Tier Post)))

F.U.C.K.I.N.G. L.U.R.K.

Yeah. Your mom's love cello more because it goes between the legs and it's bigger.

Fuck your face.

Stop the faggotry. Stop the stealing of my property.

Exactly, you’re a nigger. It’s 24/7 mug dik with you retards. You want my help but then you treat me like shit.

Then you tell me to lirk after you’re using most of my work from 6 years ago. FFS you guys are like a decade behind where I was when I left the military.

How fucking laughable

Wait… Are you seriously thinking that memeing working out, traditional women, and man boobs are your Creative Licence?
Not even the retard that made Pepe out right owns him now, Pepe's ours now.

Then you make 4-5 shill/newfag tier posts…
Jesus Christ dude. You need more purpose.

I am Kek faggot.

I have been the most infamous internet troll for the past decade. I have laid waste to entire forums just for kicks.

I had Jews chasing me down on three continents.

I am literally the next Hitler.

Well technically, according to (((copyright law))), Matt Furie still owns Pepe
However, we really co-opted the fuck out of it

well that's the last (you) I'm giving you…

Kek is a psychological trait of ENTP’s. The Jews target this personality type for a reason.

Read more.

Oh wait, that’s right you are a Jew.

Stop being a derailing schizo.

I wouldn’t have to if you faggots would leave me alone.

Calling me a schizophrenic while knowing that what I say is true doesn’t work.

I am not gay, quit sending your faggots after me.

I will derail everything for a month of that is what it takes to make you stop.

I can't believe this, there's faggots hitting on you at the gym or some shit? And you think they lurk Holla Forums? You make no sense, you should seriously consider med…itation or something.

Fucking bluepilled faggot. First of all, Corporations are not in the free market, they are the government. They run everything by purchasing a politician's perceived exclusive right to initiate force, and directing it where it benefits them. Second, there is no system that anyone can set in place that will stabilize itself automatically, because a system is already in place called nature.

Everyone wants to profit, and when people figure out how to do that peacefully, it's called capitalism, the other way is force. There is nothing else.

Dumbass, illiterate kikepuppet. I'll just copy paste my original post as my reply

Image the system we're in (Nature) is a man. Now imagine you purchase Nature, and receive it in the mail a few days later. You open the box, and inside is only a pair of legs. They work perfectly well, but they run aimlessly, doing just as much damage as good. Of the following reactions, which one do you think best represents your relationship to capitalism?

We wait and hope that our opportunity will show up, then we strike hard, wherever this means.

user gets it. Jews, being bastard descendants of Cain, are whiny selfish pompous asshats that contemptuously cry "Am I my brother's keeper?"

I'm sure you would run capitalism better than what has become now. In the end, real capitalism hasn't been tried yet, right? We have to face reality and capitalism IS a kiked system made to benefit the jews. Just look at what surrounds you and even itn the 19th century it was the same

Does your mom help you shitpost?

user, for brevity purposes, what you described is called "social capital"

pick one, namefaggot

Stop being this dense, dumbfuck.
That literally makes it not Capitalism, which gives no fucks about nature, its laws (or any law for that matter - it's all about making it big - a system that literally runs on bribes), any people or tradition.

What you're describing is Fascism: competitive authoritarian statism (state's well-being = collective well-being; hence the needs of the state always come first) rooted in nationalism (own people/tradition).

Niggershit you've been at war with literally the entire planet for fucking centuries to impose capitalism worldwide.
The free market has never existed you idiot, by "free" they simply mean free to do what the fuck they want like poison your food and vaccines, pump you full of fucking sugar and pills etc. etc.
Free from actual oversight, obligations, loyalty and legal responsibility.
Are you "free" to compete? No you aren't, you're "free" to TRY to compete but you're doomed to failure in any and all sectors in which multinational corporate gangs operate - or at BEST, if they can't just destroy your market share, you can get bought out.

Corporations ARE the government (as you said too) BECAUSE of capitalism.
And of course there are plenty other options, they aren't available for discussion (or taught, even) also because of the above.

You think this site isn’t owned by real people, are you retarde?

You think this site isn’t owned by real people, are you retarded?

roastie pls. you're brainwashed and you don't even realize it.

We don´t, beside pointing out their Fail and mock it.

Feminism is in a death spiral. Despite r9k´s efforts, it is being increasing abandonned by White women, except the most crazy ones, that in turn is resulting in even more of the latter.
Let us egg it into increasingly becoming about Social Justice, strung womyn and transwomyn of color thing. Turn it into a sinking ship full of "minorities".

you have no fucking idea what you're talking about friend. shut it before you make it worse.

It's not a system, dingleberry, it's the name for when people interact voluntarily and peacefully. The only reason they would do such a thing is if they saw profit in doing so, because every single that any living creature has ever done was done through a desire to improve their situation. There's nothing wrong with any of that, and it's unavoidable. The drive to profit is only negative if carried out in ignorance, or by one with intent to do harm. Having your own people free to trade, and associate within agreed upon guiding principles of behavior is in no way a problem, it's essential.

I guess it's redundant at this point to call you stupid, but I must speak the truth.

The rest of your post is irrelevant because your definition of capitalism is "whatever is convenient for me to be a contrarian bumblefuck".

literally cannot make up just how fucking stupid americans are. since telling you to read a book is wasted time; drown yourself and/or gtfo to wherever the fuck you came from, potato. capitalism isn't welcome on a NS board.

I guess none of us belong here then.

Industrial capitalism described in works like The Wealth of Nations was adopted by many countries to great effect. Such works were also used to argue against centralized banking as unnecessary. Your issue lies with corporatism, which is what you would continue to have under national socialism. It is a control mechanism separate from capitalism.
The boy represents capitalism
The father represents corporatism.

Depends entirely on the people. Germany was doing great apart from the world's most powerful nations (bought by jews) turning on them. Better than anyone in the world at the time. The defining principles of trust in what nature tells you, and loyalty to your race can defy corporatism as it is seen today, because in nature is laid out the bare truth for all to see: different races are not compatible under the same governance.

You have point here.

Feminism is cancer.

Women get beaten significantly less these days, maybe try that?

There was real life example that used to be posted.
An african set up what he needed to start baking as an income. He made 20 loaves or so, his relatives came around, saw what he was doing and demanded their share of the bread, since he had so much. He was left with almost no bread, couldn't sell it and couldn't buy more flour to make new dough.
That is how people are there. That is why they will never improve. They do not have the concept of future planning.

Thanks, this is how you teach people. Check the article user referenced, it was some lady who went full SJW retarded, lived in Africa, saw stuff. And OP your thread is terrible, you do not understand this place.

Read more.

They aren't, there's a reason why statistics favor single-parent mothers' kids either committing crime, suicide or murder eventually. That's just reality.

Corrected that for you user. Just because you fuck every women you see and have multiple kids dose not make you a good dad. It's sad that this lifestyle is promoted in todays culture and in the end makes people like yourself, depressed.

To fix feminism, fix white men. The only cure for feminism is for all of the cucks to get their heads out of their asses. Feminists import mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckers and niggers because they won't even humour feminists, they'll just rape them until they obey. Obviously such behaviour is not befitting the white man, but still you must take responsibility and state that you will not tolerate feminism or any other shit tests from your woman. This requires becoming the kind of man that women want to follow and obey. On an individual individual, white men must learn not to take shit from white women. Not only so that they desire us more, but so that we can be free to repair the (((damage))) done to our civilizations without a bunch of cunts screeching at us.

One of my aunts got cheated on by a chad and she ended up driving all of her kids to suicide after he died and wasn't around to raise them.

Ignoring it is actually making it worse, it only makes them try even dumber shit to garner our attention.

Did i miss anything?


"Conservative" birth rates in the US are at 2.88 and in Australia they are 2.11. So while our marxist and shitskin detractors are braying and baying at our doorsteps what they do not understand is when the door finally opens they will be faced with a burgeoning right wing.

Start raising good girls. Stop them from listening to the kikes music. Stop letting them wear the kikes clothing. Stop letting them get manipulated in school.
For instance, when I take my daughter shopping and she picks out some degenerate shit, I either tell her flat out no. Or I make her choose something else out and trick her into thinking she likes that one I like better. She always ends up thinking she “picked” it out and likes it. It might be wrong, but it’s s soft way of saying no and not causing an unnecessary fight.

Hang your head in shame for talking about daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers and aunts as not being human. Hitler would approve of your kind going to the camps or being put straight up against the wall and shot. Keep in mind it was and still is white men that has allowed those rat-faced kikes to inflict such pain on our folk.

From what Im seeing, shining a light onto all the retarded shit they say and do is working pretty damn good

Isn't it funny how women's liberation only succeeded in turning them into shit tier niggers and kikes? You get
from a demographic that's not good with money or capable of playing felonball. How many of us would have gladly stayed bluepilled, had a quiet suburban family, and turned cuckservative later in life if their freedom didn't pervert everything they touch? I just wanted to be happy, plainly and innocently happy, and now I'm discussing The Woman Question. Fuck.

They have been trying to push pedogender bullshit. Hell, even a lot of the less flamboyant gay people are pulling away from the movement. I'm hoping that is the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back. The normies seem to think it is ridiculous to be one of the 3 million made up genders, but absolutely repulsive to be a pedokin, or whatever they are calling themselves today.

Daily Reminder

Modern feminism is merely a symptom of being infected with Jews.

Feminists secretly want dick. They want to be ravaged by a man because they have so much freedom they don’t know what to do with it, they secretly crave rules and boundaries. If she says “I’ll pay for the bill” don’t let her. If she doesn’t walk you to walk her to her car, do it anyways, insist. It’s stuff like that, that secretly drives them crazy hot. Unless you’re a creep, then I can get why they don’t want you walking them back.

Point is, be assertive when she is being independent, but not so much you make her want to rebel against you, but enough that she comes to enjoy rules and boundaries.

It's not a woman question. It's a jewish question. Women don't do this shit on their own, they need to be told to do it, and that's exactly what's been happening for generations. Jews subverted the media, education, and politics, and began telling women they were oppressed and need to rebel. If no one was telling them to act this way they'd be waiting around for someone else to tell them what to do.

We've lost control of our women. Not because they are hard to control, but because other men have taken the microphone from us, gaining exclusive access to the female ear. We need to take it back. It's our responsibility as leaders of our, and our women's destiny.

How fucking new are you?


KYS you disingenuous faggot.

Absolutely this. The first things I told my gf were "if you get fat I'm leaving you" and "If you cut your hair short I'm gone, I'm dating a woman not a wannabe male". I treat her like I would my daughter and set boundaries on what she can and cannot do. Any sort of bitch behavior is immediately met with silence and a retraction of attention until she realizes she fucked up and either apologizes or changes her tune. You don't get mad either, you literally just make other plans right then and there. Bitching at home about something? Go play a video game, play an instrument, make a plan to meet with a friend and let her simmer down while you have fun because why should her bad mood spoil your good day? Once she's settled down, maybe made you a special dinner or something, you give her a real good fucking because brewing emotions, realizing she fucked up and then a strong orgasm is the best way for her to learn a lesson and build up more attraction. As a result, we've yet to have any issue last over 24 hrs in a 3.5 year relationship.

BTW to any men looking for a trad gf that he just cant find, use VK and get a russian or ukrainian girl to "help you with your russian language skills." Russbros are pretty god tier, typically redpilled and they have hot women that actually give a shit about their appearance. The skewed sex ratio also redpills women on the reality behind men and helps keep shit in check.

be a man women want and then publicly refuse to date feminist whores. I've shocked quite a few of my gf's american friends by openly calling feminists "whores that are worth no more than a one time cum deposit." The one that actually tried to defend her promiscuity was easy to bring to reality by asking her what she brought to the table besides money and vagina. Real eye opener for her. Bringing up that her future partners for procreation will be literal soyboys that are only there because the guys she fucked married less promiscuous women is one of the greatest redpills you can give to a modern woman today.

This. Women want a man that will tell them no and stand up for his own beliefs and interests, something increasingly rare in today's modern age but easily found in the iron age mentality of pisslamists.

Feminism is just one weapon in the jewish arsenal of destroying the west.
As much as we can criticize women, what are we doing? Women must be accountable and held to standards, but think of all the loser guys that exist, the scumbags, the man-whores, the nu-males, the effeminate little dudebros, the gays, the trannies, on and on and on.
Even the straight young white men who are otherwise fine yet they refuse to pay attention to good women and instead indulge in hedonism, snarky ego-stroking and nihilism.
And don't even get me started on leftist "men", they're not really men anyway.
Point is, we contribute a lot to this problem too and women are not the only issue, we can do better. We must.

The only thing about this in our favour is that the lunacy is reaching breaking point. Feminists have little to fight for in the eyes of normalfags and non-whites, trannies, fags etc. are higher up the totem pole. They will soon be drowned out and ignored even by their own.

Yes they do. Look at Rome. They had the same problems with women that we do and they kept their kikes thousands of miles away and dead. Women naturally have the urge to start shit with men and push the boundaries of what they can get away with. The more you let them get away with, the less they respect you, and the more they try to provoke you into putting them in their place.

The damage that jews have done has been to our culture and our men. Our men are told to give women what they bitch for, which as we all know is not what they actually want. They're happy to be kept barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen without having to work men's jobs outside the home. If men simply said no to feminism the first time (and every other time because you know women are never gonna stop bitching) then we'd be where we were in the 1700s before Queen Caroline cucked king George IV and parliament let her get away with it.

To blame jews and jews alone for letting it get this far is to absolve your responsibility as a man. Always remember that every single "right" that women and non-white men have in your country is because white men allow it. The jews do not give their golems anything, they just manipulate white men into giving it. That is not to say that excising the jew from your civilization isn't beneficial, but to realize that just because you get rid of jews doesn't mean all your problems magically go away.

I fear that the only way women will be forced into their natural role again may be for a complete societal collapse to occur. Without gibs, white knight laws, and comfy service jobs, women will become naturally reliant on their men again as they were for the majority of human history. The alternative method of course is a complete cultural 180 from where we are, which is actually coming along. It needs to come faster than our impending demographic collapse though.

Listen to Yuri Bezmenov. Anti-discrimination laws are what enabled the problem and their repeal will enable the fix to take place naturally.

1. Remove kikes, beta males, white knights, and cucks
2. Keep doing #1 till only redpilled men are around.
3. Repeal woman's sufferage
4. Start "respecting wahmen" with pimp hand
5. Ship the uggo dykes to Africa and mideast

They’re rolled up. But with his collars and shoulder boards having pleating he should have a rank chevron on his left sleeve, so unless the picture has been flipped or his uniform is not up to standards. Also he doesn’t appear to have a belt on because you cannot see a pistol holster or ammo pouches, since his canteen is hanging on his back he must have a belt on but I think it’s odd he doesn’t have any other equipment on his belt but a canteen. Also it’s obviously fake if you look at the area around his boots.

this guy gets it