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Brutal. But the victim is a nigger, so… meh.

One less nigger

They're just like us though. We have to stop racism, or any kind of negative thinking which has no basis in historical fact or proof, if we're going to live in a utopian society free of hate. The only way to stop this from ever happening again is to open the borders and allow more of their people in so they feel welcome. This only happened because white people were racist.

B-but I thought monkey lives mattered?

Monkeys lives matter a lot more than these mongrel nigger filth do.
That being said like said one one less nigger

Do people in these type of crimes face penalities for "killing" he fetus, or the burning of it on the grill? If so, what gives? I thought it was just a lump of flesh until a bitch gives birth to it. If no, then, good, at least they aren't hypocrites.

link is broken, what was the website?

12 years prison for beating a pregnant woman and then burning the baby on a grill?
I get that she was a nigger, but this sentencing is bothering me quite a bit. Didn't Texas still have the death sentence?
Imagine if that was a white woman, a stranger, not a coalburner, this sentence suggests they would have gotten just 12 years in that chase also.

The link still works for me, but here you go:

archive throws me errors.

How is the main nigger perp not on death row for this?

and nothing of value was lost.

Fucking ape savages. You know libtards have never met one. At best they had a single 'friend' in school who was ok and to them, that means all niggers are fine. But to see shit like this and continue to cuck for coons? That's tranny level mental illness.

Agreed. So, will that be our attitude when this is done to a white girl who gets raped by a 24-year-old nigger, who then beats the baby out of her and burns it, only to get (maybe) 12 years?

Never pass up an opportunity to hang a nigger.

Baboon niggers are still in the fucken stoneage.

How come nigger lives matter aren't marching?

26 Jan 2018
A Morning Consult Poll released this week shows that the “public’s confidence in the presidency” is up significantly among Republicans since December 2016 but is significantly down among Democrats over the same time period.
An astonishing 82 percent of Republicans say they have “a lot” or “some” confidence in the institution of the presidency, according to the January 2018 Morning Consult Poll.


What's the difference between being caged, sentenced to prison and jailed?

Fuck you OP you had me worried for a moment there.

wrong thread, carl

If the victim and her baby were white, they would have gotten probation

One race, the human race

No, who said that?
This still should be used to show the public once more how subhuman and violent niggers are.

If you ignore this behavior among Bantus, then it will happen among Europeans.

Ewww, this is going to cause a lot of nigger hate. People are going to get hurt, even if the violence is misdirected, or never reported. Job applicants will be passed up, people looking to move to non-blacked areas. This could undo the small amount of respect blacks gained by having a somewhat intelligent and well mannered if evil president, at least in Texas.

I feel a bit sorry for you, have a (you), try not to waste it on bull prepping equipment.

they should have listened to Hitler

Are you a Jew dreaming about getting rammed by your wife’s bull?

If this is barely reported, in USA, can you image what this niggers do in Africa?

So this is the collective fault of all black people? How come when white people kill and rape white women it’s not the fault of all white people?


the length of their stays in prison shouldn't be shortened because the victim is black


How are they not people? Only a small percentage of them commit violent crimes. Unless you’re some kind of nerd that thinks doing weed is a crime lol.

You're the only one saying this. Come back when you have something intelligent to say.

No need for racist remarks. Just look at all the jobs in law enforcement and the health care sector niggers bring to the table. It's the economy, stupid.

The kikes created the ADL because they failed to pin the attempted rape and subsequent murder of a white teen by a jew onto a nigger.

The defense in court was that kikes claimed that the heinous crime could not have been a (((white))) crime, but a crime of a negro beast, etc.

What does that have to do with the thread?
Niggers have always been the bioweapon used against actual whites, as well as a smokescreen for kike crimes, as well.

Buck back then evil whitey believed two niggers more than one slimy jew.

So he got hanged. That kikes name was Leo Frank and the ADL was created in response to the audacity of whitey to have a proper justice system.

Just to be clear, though, I want them all gone.
I'm not defending niggers, I'm just saying that they're an imported bioweapon and scapegoat for kikes.

Just like the shitskins from the desert are that, today.

Helpful advice to "developed" nations (not endorsed by charity NGOs ), the only way to stop the nigger disease from spreading without genociding them is to nip their balls and ovaries at birth, chemicals don't work on them as the nigger constantly adapts to the poisons by willingly eating trash.
Evidence for that is in the OP when even the little nigger fetus became immune to conventional chemical based birth control methods.

They did society a favor by killing a retarded inbred nigger rape baby. Also, the 12 years is for the assault. A fetus is not considered alive and thus has no legal protection.

They did society a favor by killing a retarded inbred nigger rape baby. Also, the 12 years is for the assault. A fetus is not considered alive and thus has no legal protection. 11111

They did society a favor by killing a retarded inbred nigger rape baby. Also, the 12 years is for the assault. A fetus is not considered alive and thus has no legal protection. 11111 error.

Good way to kick off the weekend tbh.

No one watched The Jeffersons?

None, but it probably indicates an intern wrote the story.

Well since black lives matter and whites don't rape niggers, were they making refried beans?

Sorry for the off-topic question but why are some of the threads leading to a 502 bad gateway right now?

Prison is sentenced to over a year.
Jail is waiting for sentencing or anyone serving time under a year. Caged is any nigger that nindu nuffin being locked up.

There is much anger and hatred coming from the left.

faulty server, ddos, etc. you know, the usual.


I always wanted to play nigger fetusball as well, you know

Fun game- try to pronounce all of the negresses' names accurately and rapidly without making a mistake. If you fuck up, go back to Artesha.


Chevelle is going to throw many anons because the pattern shift is unexpected.



Thank you. I guess 'caged' is not a legal term

Three hours. Not banned. Why is this acceptable.

Ask your Israel loving president, Trump.

This is how stupid niggers actually are.

You’re really saying pol doesn’t post these stories of black peoples doing horrible things as proof their sub human?
The largest mass shooting was done in Vegas by a white Christian. By pol logic shouldn’t we cinsider Christians subhuman too?


By aren’t most murders and rapes committed by white people regradless. If you include the murders and rapes done by white people in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan it’s disproportionately done by white people not black people.

Lurk more retard, there was more than one shooter in Vegas and the police are covering it up. Moreover the guy getting blamed couldn't have killed himself the way that was reported, the gun landed in an impossible place and also he somehow managed to get another rifle on top of himself. That's not even mentioning the people who were interviewed and said there were additional shooters on the ground, or how a fuck-ton of eyewitnesses mysteriously died shortly after. Fucking retard.


Is that what they taught you in your white-privilege sensitivity training? Get back to us when you can show us a black neighborhood with a low crime rate.

It’s a nigger. Just report, don’t reply.

Leo Frank is part of the story. Also relevant, the ADL was founded at the same time as the Federal Reserve and the IRS.

No, I changed the channel whenever it came on.


Seriously not sure if b8 or retarded, or both.
The patsy was a pedo gun smuggler who was in the middle of a deal with some saudi princes (right before they mysteriously started disappearing, go fucking figure.) The government likely pinned it on the pedo faggot because they didn't want to give the arabs the attention they wanted, but it was very obviously the saudis (they even escaped on an authorized helicopter flight recorded by damn near everyone who was there immediately after the shooting.) Additionally ISIS took credit for it. The government wasn't ready to show the saudi-isis link yet, they had to take out the saudi princes first.

You can't rape or murder an arab because they aren't people, now go fuck a goat.

(((You))) jews aren't white.

two less niggers.

Any citation for that?

Is that /k/'s mecca obelisk?

stop drop and roll nigger

1st relevant jewgle result I could find in under 2 mins.

Yes. It's Nex Alea.

Why no meme of guy on the top right?
Holla Forums you disappoint me.

Almost since hispanics are counted as "White", yet violent crime is split half/half between "Whites" and niggers and the later are less than 1/5 of the population.

Ave Nex Alea

most of them act like this.

Just goes to show you that Holla Forums isn't always right. Europeans would never stoop to nigger level. Even white trash has more pride and self control than this.

This is an interesting point; it may be of value to consider the murder rate committed by people on a global rate, rather than just in the US.

I will make a few sloppy estimates; namely, I make the assumption that everyone in Europe and North America is white, and that everyone in Africa is black. Another user can fine-tune this later, but I shall not.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the murder rate in Europe is 3 (per 100,000 people), the murder rate in North America is about 4.66 (per 100,000 people) (I acquired this number by tallying the total murders and dividing by the population of both the U.S. and Canada - the real number is actually lower than this, but it is still fine as a back-of-the-envelope calculation), and the murder rate in Africa is 12.5 (per 100,000 people).

The murder rate in Africa is about 5 times the murder rate on continents that are considered white. This does not account for the fact that, as has been said, a large chunk of the murders committed in North America are due to black people. Every sloppy estimate I have made has been made in favor of black people; even with this advantage, black people are readily shown to commit a disproportionately large amount of murders.

I am not going to bother addressing rape - another user can do this, and it is easy.

Accounting for the wartime murders and rapes is difficult; I have not seen statistics on this. However, it is believed by quite a few people that the number of murders committed by soldiers is dwarfed by the number of murders committed by civilians, simply because there are far more civilians than soldiers. I am open to being corrected on this issue by an user with statistics.

Another idiot who ignores RATES & GENES

I live in the DFW area. Drive all day long listening to the radio and have never heard ONE word about this case. They don't report anything unless it comes from an upperclass neighborhood or they can try and use it as an pity human story. Even on the small handful of cuckservative channels. Only damned reason anyone here even heard about that pair of pajeets whom murdered their adopted daughter and claimed the coyotes got her? They had an fucking white sounding name and lived in an upper class neighborhood in that area, the journalists thought it was an get the evil white people piece.

War time stats is hard to get and even harder to trust for two reasons.
1) Military will maintain a working reporting system, civilian systems are prone to breaking down in wartime. Especially around the zone itself.
2) Most stats we get are from the inserted (((NGO))) and we all know the how they see people like the white gloves.



A random normalfag leftist appears.

Always be protective of niggers when it means other niggers get the death penalty, user.

And make no mistake, these niggers should ALL get the death penalty for this.

The opportunity to permanently remove at least 5 niggers (and any potential future progeny) from society at large is valuable indeed.

It isn't protection it is raising awareness.

Call it what you like, so long as you put niggers on death row as a result.

Or better, lynch them on sight.

Funny thing about that, even if it were true that we committed the most crimes, since we were (are?) the majority, it would be normal to commit the most crimes. It is the hailarity that, despite being just 10% of the population, blacks commit the most crime which is the issue. I.e., who cares if whites did commit more crime, it would be natural, you guys committing more crime emphasizes what fucking pests you are.
Also, anyone mind telling me what bix nood means? It's the only one I can't get, is it "it's good", "it's nude", or something else?

I will sho u de wey

Let me translate Holla Forums‘s message into your language so that you can understand why we don’t want you here.

Don't really care because the victims were niggers, but this sounds more like an argument you would make when defending a shoplifter or something.


Don't you have a convenience store to rob?

It's a real life example of the primitive, savage nature of niggers expressing itself.
Besides the fact that whites are much less likely to rape and kill than dark-skinned non-whites, it would then be a bizarre incident that is not related to race. Unlike niggers raping and killing a white woman, which is itself caused by the presence of the feral niggers cohabitating with fully-evolved humans, and incited by Jewish propaganda targeted at blacks that encourages them to hate whites despite how much whites have done for their quality of life.

Look at their faces, they appear to be somewhere in between actual humans and other primates. According to genetic data, they are approximately halfway. Every study that has ever been done on black IQ finds them to be much lower than whites and most other races, around 68 average for pure blacks.
It's a very significant percentage, considering that black males are 6% of the population and commit over half of murders and over a third of rapes. All of them are capable of and predisposed to similar actions. The only solution is to physically remove them from the western world via deportation, or ideally, extermination.

an intelligence agent- FBI, CIA, or Mossa, most likely. If not, then a leftist, muslim convert, or simply a degenerate madman that had a Filippina girlfriend. His target was a country music festival, a very white and conservative-leaning event. Mass-shootings are statistically irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, they may stick out in your mind more because of the Jewish media constantly reminding you about them to push gun control and "le crazy white guys xDDD" maymay. Not to mention, some of them are hoaxed, such as Sandy Hook.
Yes. Not genetically, just because they believe that retarded kike garbage.

No. In the USA, about 52% of murders are committed by blacks. Hispanics also murder well above their population share, and many of the "White" perpetrators are actually Hispanics or Muslims. Whites, generally, have high empathy and are rather peaceful (although certainly capable of impressive violence to defend themselves and their nation, if necessary).
The wars in the Middle East have never been popular among ordinary Americans, and are the doing of Zionist kikes and traitor politicians. That being said, there's a difference between a citizen murdering another citizen and soldiers killing hostile combatants. Any civilian-killing in these wars was just following orders, not out of an individual white person's lust for wrath, something our race doesn't really have. And I strongly doubt there was much rape, considering that Middle Eastern women are hideous, and would probably enjoy it anyway.

Now either lurk until you can't help but realize that we're right, or get the fuck out of here, we don't want you.


If I'm incorrect, sorry, but are you implying I'm the supposed nigger who was posting earlier? I don't see how you'd misattribute my post to him, when all I'm saying is: the statement that "whites commit more crimes" would be irrelevant even if it were true (because whites are the larger populace, it should be the norm. for them to make up the same proportion of crime. It is due to the savagery of nonwhites that this proportion doesn't hold).

If you call 10-13% of the population (More like ~6% if we only count males) commit around half the violent crime in the country a "small percentage".

Christianity isn't a race and doesn't have a trend towards a specific race. So no, the logical process you're talking about does not apply.

Fuck no. If you want to play the game of "Let's count any ending of any human life by another, regardless of context", you have to count Africa, where there are active genocides going on in multiple places to this day.


We need one of those fancy people comparison graphs the libs are fond of. Bunch of stickniggers standing next to all the dead stickfigures and compare it to the number of whites and the number in their pile. Then the breakdown of stickniggers to whites. etc.

You're the one who should be banned for being an idiot. Point out what I said (in any of the two, three including this one) that equated me to a nigger. Should anyone read what I've written, they'd agree with me:
I.e. EVEN IF whites did commit more crimes, it would be irrelevant because they are the majority. The fact that the minority (blacks) commit so much crime is very telling.
Anyways, kys for being illiterate.

It may be a bot that latched onto the "sho u de wey" in response to the bix nood question. I'm not sure how your replies can be misconstrued so badly even if they are really faggy. It was a very quick and eerily similar "hivemind" response post but pushed in a different direction.

He was 18 or 19 at the time.
I'm sure they mean statutory rape.
There's nothing saying he was involved in this beatdown and grill work.

There's a long history of wokeness on the part of niggers with respect to kikes. We should've never let it lapse.

Anyway, all this shit is so common it's hard to get excited. They didn't even bother to stream it.


passivly generate the myth that american servicemen gang rape women and children after they roll over the hill in their wall of tanks as they loot the village. ignore the fact that niggers in the military that get assigned to non warzones like japan regularly rape locals and hide on american bases (muh sovereign soil) while they cant do this in durkastan because the locals would kill them.

Babby BBQ

Some MS-13 faggot knocked up an underage girl and got her mother to pose as the "mom."

Source: that's classified.


So I guess the trick is to have them chimp out, arrest them, and use them as labour in the prison and manufacturing industry?

One area where I wholly disagree with the (((right))) is abortion. Not for (((wymyns rites))) reasons, but for the simple reason the black birth rate would double upon banning abortion.
(((Christians))) keep making the messes we wake up in: inviting savages because "brothers in christ," paying them because "jesus said feed the poor hungry man," and now trying to keep even more alive by banning abortion!

Reported for posting a thumbnail image, a (((forum degradation tactic))).

Nothing, the practice should end since caging psych cases like that admit it, something like 80%-90% of prisoners are either druggies or psych cases not only doesn't make them more functional and safer, it fucks them up further. Then they get out and unless government incentivizes hiring ex-cons their social mobility will be hampered.
The system really is geared to take people who have a hard time staying on the straight and narrow, and ultimately make it even harder to get ahead the straight and narrow way. When a prison is paid for each bunk taken, and they're allowed to work them for far less than minimum wage, there are perverse incentives to create (((law))) which fills those bunks and widens those labor margins, and does it for longer terms. If prison were paid to incentivize crime-reduction, it would not be paid to "house and feed for a time."
A better system I can envision is a guardianship system, which ranges from high security but 3-star hotel like accommodations at worst for those who will unlikely re-integrate at any time in the near future, to full on 'off-campus' management (what we call probation and parole now), and would include copious helpings of mental health services which are childhood-trauma aware (see molymeme's arguments). These services essentially would act like community-parents to adult-aged, er… children, effectively filling the roles parents of varying aged children fill. Sentences, instead of being terms which must be served because judge/law-says and gavel-slam, become maximum custody/guardianship periods.

A good first step though would be to change the incentive structure for prisons. The law needs to be changed where prisons can release a prisoner at any time before the end of the sentence, and it should have the government set aside 1:1 the money it pays the prison to house/manage a prisoner for the sentence term (regardless of early release date, the full sentence term is paid piece by piece every quarter). The 1:1 set-aside is to be paid to the prison at SENTENCE+10 years after the date of sentencing, but ONLY IF the released prisoner goes all that time without another conviction. Why pay this bonus? It's the prison's incentive to make sure it releases a person who is capable, efficient, and self-sufficient, rather than a person who it no longer pays to hold because his sentence is up and the state/federal money for that bunk is stopping. This law should also open up the prison, as guardian, to lawsuit by victims if they were grossly negligent in early-releasing someone who was not ready, and he went and harmed a new victim. We need to quit paying to house sick people, and start paying to treat them. Most things we use prisons for could simply be covered with a fine, INCLUDING petty drug dealing (when no other serious crimes are involved, other than drug possession + sale + tax evasion). 'Moral actors' do need disincentives, but holy cow let's not throw the plate against the wall (prison) because it got a bit dirty (forgot to declare a foreign bank account or some shit)!


They should each receive an award for their dedication to crime prevention.

It's better to hang them.

and everything of value was gained

Today was a great day.

In regards to murder….
In past, I would say: "Yes, when you account for raw number. But per capita, black commit the most murder."
But the most recent stats state that black commit the most murder

Note: Hispanics are sometimes lumped in with whites, depending where the stats come from. Even the fbi says as much.

Here's a very basic homicide table from 2016 by the fbi.

Actually, per capita, blacks commit far more crime than whites. The (((media))) covers it up. Here are a few examples.


Not many of these will ring a bell for most people, but they should.

Imagine if the races were reversed?

Around blacks, never relax.




Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"



Apparently not






Christians invited themselves to America. Then Jews brought niggers in, some 'welcomed' them as slaves.
Besides, America deserves 10 000% increase in niggers for what it did 1914-45.




Landowski is Polish, though some jews use it.
I've looked through her surname history. See below. It's slightly possible that she's jewish, but I don't think so.

Maternal grandparents surname:


Coming soon to a law abiding area near you. Under Obama, the dep't currently led by Dr. Carson (HHS?) created a shitstorm in Dallas after approving plan to pin gov't housing subsidies to the cost of living in the zip code and not the whole metropolitan area. So, shit 'hoods can't drive the $ value of voucher down and some hood family can qualify to move into the nice suburbs. More social engineering by Julian Castro and those hellbent on destroying anything decent.

I dont even

Looks like they were already inbred

How do we trick the rews into covering this?

Oil attracts jews the same way sugar attracts ants.