'Death' camp 'survivor' fears holohoax exposers are winning

'Death' camp 'survivor' fears holohoax exposers are winning

>"Despite all our efforts to make people aware of the horrors of the Holocaust, I feel under present conditions, with the freedom granted to these race-hating views, we are fighting a losing battle.

>"The numbers of people infected by these views can only grow. Once someone has that attitude of mind, facts are irrelevant."

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They want a holocaust, perhaps we should give them one.

>"We have to be aware there are some right-wing movements that have to be stopped and eliminated," she says.

>"We must not let them get to the top because they are evil. Let's hope somebody will fight them. In several countries it has been happening and it is very worrying indeed."

But Wineman, who knows Goldberg through the Holocaust Educational Trust, is more positive.

We're winning. We have to stay on message and keep exposing the hoax, ignoring those who claim to be on our side that tell us stop.

I could say the same about you kikes.

Can someone edit in laugh tracks on that video ?

oh noo that shucks

They always like to spin this one so that it looks as though the Nazis were the ones creating big lies, not the jews.

Of course because there is no evidence for holohoax and the stories they make up are retarded…. worlds biggest electric chair, holocoaster, a bear, eagle and wolf taking turns at mauling and eating jews , jew soap, jew lampshades, brick shower buildings that can not be made airtight are "gas chambers", etc.


Hmm, somehow exposure to non-jewish controlled media makes people hate jews. I wonder why that is.


I got this feeling we will still see headlines in the future from holohoax survivors.

They seem like they want the holocaust to actually happen, let’s give them what they are demanding.

Look at those men! Those lousy beards! Those dirty, protruding ears…



They already have holographic and vr tours so the children never learn the truth forget.

much more effectively than the kikes back then could ever do

The first trial of Stutthof staff took place in Poland in 1946. None of the witnesses
mention any gas chambers or mobile gassing
vans etc. One witness mentions '"gassing"
once I think, but provides no details.
Strange, considering that Stutthof was supposedly a "death camp".
5,000 prisoners were released from the camp
between the summer of 1942 and the Autumn of 1944. If thousands of jews were being gassed starting in early 1944, why release
witnesses to this? Also, Stutthof was a small camp with approximately 6,000 inmates up to early 1944. The gas chamber was easily visible
from anywhere in the old camp. How come the witnesses at the 1946 trial don't remember jews being lined up and killed in this gas chamber?

The records of Stutthof still survive. Between 1939 and 1945 about 26,000 people died in the camp. Of that death toll, 8,000 died between 1939 and 1943, mostly from two typhus epidemics in 1942 and 1943, and 18,000 died between august 1944 and may 1945. The reason most died in the last 10 months of the camps existence was because Stutthof was flooded with prisoners starting in late 1944, due to evacuations from the East caused by the
big soviet offensive of June1944. Food supplies at the camp were already at a subsistence level for 6,000 prisoners when this huge influx of new prisoners suddenly begun. Within a few months the camp population was 60,000, ten times the number the camp was able to provide for. This was an era of mass panic and mayhem, when millions of Germans clogged the roads trying to get to the west away from the soviets. Most of the deaths at Stutthof belong to this era, when disease and hunger claimed thousands of lives.

Pic is of the Stutthof gas chamber where 6,000,000,000 jews were gassed.


My sides

It’s like they are asking for the holocaust to actually happen or something. Even the Israeli Jews know it’s BS.


This looks like an old fashioned smoke house.

And yet, they kvetch about masturbating machines guaranteed to give them a happy ending. There's just no pleasing a jew.

To be fair I do believe some of the lesser jews really believe in their own lies, high prevalence of schizophrenia in jews and shit, makes sense for the higher jews to lie to their subordinate jews for plausible deniability and shit

Oh the irony!


Holy shit, I never thought I'd agree with a jew there. Trusting us to finish the job this time

also I think it's hilarious that the next gen is gen z all we have to do is hope they don't end up cvcked into oblivion, with a little luck and some memes, we may just be able to pull this one off.

+12 kikery. Look at the implicit arguments and smell the gefilte:

As his political enemies start to win elections, he feels the need to Shut It Down
The goyim know!
Who is above criticism of any kind.
Can't repeat it enough, I guess. 6 million6 million6 million. . .
Guess we'd better redouble our censorship efforts, huh goy? What, are you a Nazi bigot?
"Thoughtcrime is an insidious thing, old boy. And these kids today, with their magnetic telegraphs and their newfangled heliostats. Oy vey!"
Isn't it weird how that campaign found a receptive audience? It's almost as if people noticed the Jews pimping war widows and objected to the practice.
Imax-level projection, heeb.
Guess freedom of speech has to go then, huh? Glad we got the chance to chat, Jew.

That old jewess made my skin crawl.

You either are pushing misdirection or you really don’t understand Jewish culture. The Cohens pretty much rule the entirety of Jewish society.

Nothing happens around them without them knowing, and they watch each other like hawks.

mind = blown

Kinda retarded and off-topic, but I could tell that is Poland even without context and if that sign were not there, I can tell by the forests, the grass, the crappy pavement and maybe even the brick "gas chamber". Man, I love Poland.

I wasn't talking about no Cohens, I was talking about the lesser Jews. I find it highly dubious that all Jews are in on it, the rabbis and cohens for sure are I'm not disputing that. I just mean every group in history has blabbermouths, there has to be some kinds of layers to it, like CIA and Jesuits, one hand doesn't know what the other is doing, but the head of course does


Yes. History repeats itself. You didn't learn.

I was going to do something else but now that I watched the whole thing that old cunt's voice is truly insufferable, I can't do it Holla Forums

Official dates during which the "Holocaust" happened:
January 30, 1933 – May 8, 1945

Keep that shit in mind when someone claims to be a "survivor". Do the math. 87 is pushing the limits of "having been there". When I was 3-5 years old, we lived in Hawaii. I don't remember a single thing about Hawaii. Not one single thing and I'm 45 years old now. Childhood memories fade dramatically over time, become distorted, maybe even hyperbolic.

I would no more listen to an 87 year old man talk about his life at 5 years old than I would listen to a 16 year old talk about being responsible.

Even if they say they're 87 there's a good chance they are still lying about their age. My mom was watching Elen yesterday having a 60th birthday episode and not even 5 minutes in she tells a story about going to a psychic in 1998 when she was 42. They must get a kick out of being able to broadcast such bold faced lies.


You should look into the definition of a "holocaust survivor". Basically any jew, no matter where on the world that lived during the years that Hitler was in power is a "survivor". Again, it's all jewish semantics.

Precisely. Gotta watch every little detail. Sneaky little rats, Jews.

Yes, and?

When the last of the holohoax survivors die out the jew will tell you everyone is in some way a holohoax survivor.

They already do this.

Jews died, sure, but they don't want the real truth getting out, that Zionist Jews sacrificed Bolshevik Jews then blamed Hitler the autistic meth addict.

I have a grandmother that might have been a real one. From Navahrudak, family was massacred. Claims she was in a Gulag, curly dark hair, pointy nose, not typical Slav features, certainly not in Belarus. I know I inherited my autism/psychosis from her and got reddish beard(confirmed former quarter jew friend explained this is common feature of mixing dark hair with blonde), very silent about her past. Strange accent. I figured it out, she must've been Jewish. The ONLY real aspect of the holohoax was the pogroms, know Navahrudak had a massive one, and rightfully so, I know how Jews from the pale of settlement were like, reading "200 years together" currently. Being an extreme anti-semite who just so happens to be quarter khazar ain't easy and I'm sure there are many like me, that former friend of mine was also a heavy anti semite despite his genes, or maybe more appropiately because of his genes, the self hating stereotype is very true. I do considerable research into the JQ. Honestly I rather be killed for having those genes than (((them))) winning, I suppose that's because of my aryan genes' yearning for justice

Sounds to me like they're finally listening.

Maybe someone should remind them of the many years THEY spent maligning the Germans before the Nazis rose?

He's afraid he'll be exposed as a massive liar before he dies.
Let's hope so.


Meet Hadassah Lieberman. Wife of former Senator Joe Lieberman. Orthodox wife, literal employer of a shabbos goy, and daughter of Holocaust survivors.

They have the energy to keep this up for centuries or would, if the last Jew wasn't going to get the gas by 2050.


Genetic memory has already been shilled by them.

I find it hilarious that kikes are flooding Europe with mudshits. Goat fuckers ALWAYS denied holohoax, especially saudis.
Average 80 IQ sandnigger sees jews as their slaves.
Foresight is something kikes lack.

Jews, in general, make shit up.

It only took how many years before they might finally start learning?

Holy shit, they're shilling for elderly holohoax survivors on Fox News! Only $25 goy! Send it now before we're dead!

Regretfully, this.

The world is a big place and we've finally ran out of people who haven't had experience with jews.

They figure with all the technology thay have stolen, niggers and muzzies will be easier to deal with than whites.

I go full power level now laugh & say propaganda back then was way shittier and totally laugh confidently

Keep spamming and wear them down. Feminists are on to this too.

I did NOT make it up! It was real in my mind!

Use of IT is ridicilously easy hell. nogs in Chimpango made their own internet
Sandnigs are pretty much the same
Neither love kikes for different reasons.
Because Afrocentrism, Izlam, nigger culture in genrtal and sand nigger cultures as well.
You can't manipulate sentient golems. you know
They are running out of people who buy into their lies.

"inventing" a network grid and developing weapons that can remove masses are two different things.

That infograph may be bad for other reasons, but at minimum it's bad due to stating holocaust. I.e., it is presuming that it actually occurred (since holocaust means burnt sacrifice as opposed to "expulsion" it allows for it to be interpreted as their actual murder). What it should say is something related to Hitler's relocation plan (be it in the middle east or madagascar).

Major red pill on Jews is their origin. You'll be lucky to find even 1% of actual Hebraic origin. Here's a redpilling picture, jews in Russia, most. Khazar(turkic mongol like nomads) and aryan converts, kaballa was a major factor. Look what happened to Europe spiritually and middle east too. We used to have druids, shamen, witchers. Now only Jews dabble in magic, coincidence? That's why they fear Kek

This made my day, thanks user. I swear to Kek I will redouble my holohoax exposure activities IRL. When future generations learn about the holocaust there won't be a single kike left alive to kvetch about it.

There seem to be an inordinate number of 90+ year olds that survived the holohoax. One would think that such a stressful and damaging experience would shorten one's life considerably. To the contrary, "surviving" the holohoax seems to greatly extend a jew's life, allowing them to experience longevity few people attain and with a vigor to tell their 80+ year old story with vivid and exacting detail.

It's almost like they aren't as old as they say and the stories they are telling are simply made up.

I'm not really sure what this screencap is trying to convey.

I can disprove the holocaust with math that's easy for the normies to understand.

Let's say for the sake of simplicity all 6 million jews had a full set of adult teeth, which is 32 teeth.

6 million * 32 is 192 million teeth. Where did all of those teeth go? Where communist mass murdered the Cambodians, bones still turn up after a heavy rain.

Another argument that I came up with. If the German communist revolution took place in America with the same leaders, the jews would have been locked up along wit the Japanese.

Did he just admitted the Holohoax?

Oy vey look at that typical jewish projecting right there. People wonder where the "left" gets it from. Also has the audacity to pull the Alex Jonestown tier "big lie" Hitler meme to that refers specifically to jews later down on the same page it was written on by telling a "bigger lie".

The lies can only get bigger my friends.

Nazis gave them eternal life.

How can you repeat something that didn't happen.

jews have murdered countless innocents in their time on earth.

Mein neger.

>their lobbying fell on deaf ears and the (((owners))) of the camp/museum refuse to change it
I like to repeat this story when people repost that fucking cuck webcomic about how traveling the world makes you less of a bigot. I stood inside a prison camp only to find it's full of bullshit.

Go read Leviticus on the "whole burnt offering"

Soap, Lampshades, everything else it's all within the bounds of a "sacrificial offering" as far as they are concerned. The fat can be used, the skins are kept by the priest.
The Hasidic kikes were already doing their blood libel and if you go into their rituals it's all about animal blood. Well the goyim are animals according to them, so it's perfectly fine.
Extend this understanding to the Christ sacrifice. Well it has to be one of their own for that to work. How about 6 gorillion then? The bounds for it, for "forgiveness" is that it has to be a perfect sacrifice. Well, surely with all those inspections and showers they must have been perfect. Afterall, if someone had a cold they couldn't be gassed.

Bragging about how many fake relatives were gassed is nothing but virtue signaling, claiming how many sacrifices they made, so they are more free of sins than anyone else.

The ashes being dumped outside the camps, it's neither holy nor unholy ground, you can walk on it but you can't use it.
They treat this shit like a religious event because they memed it as such. They attack anyone who questions it because it's blasphemy and we did the same when they denied Christ.

And now, why are they so paranoid? So neurotic?
How does a murderer act when they think they got away with it? Always looking over their shoulder, terrified of being found out. Assuming that the slightest expression could be a hint that they know the truth.

They are all liars. The entire thing is lifted out of Leviticus and that's why they all have similar core descriptions, because it's all from the same fucking book all with the same justification, and they are all liars.

Cool. Also:
They just can't help themselves.








Lmao this is the best



That’s funny… I didn’t know Twitter was the official White House statement. Kill yourselves.

Sometimes I wonder if he's so brainwashed like the rest of his generation that he doesn't bat an eye and then I remember that Roy Cohn mentored him and this is some long con shit

Don't you know that teh ebil notsees ground up the teeth for bread to feed the other poor innocent jews?

Yes, a jewish mentor means that he surely would have been told the holocaust is a lie.

Cohn is responsible for the death of commie Jewish traitors

For an actual holocaust, the skin of the sacrifice must be retained by the priest as a memorial as per leviticus, where the term "holocaust" comes from regarding "whole burnt offerings"
In 2010 the soap and lampshades story fell apart and they admitted there was no lampshade thing
In 2012 they started urging everyone to call it "The Shoah" instead
∴ If there were no lampshades, the holocaust never happened

Someone who is going to court with the argument that the holocaust never happened, should use that pilpul argument.
Oy vey, you can't call it the holocaust, no one can call it that, the lampshades never happened.
An actual legally legit argument for "holohoax exposure" because the very fucking term "holocaust" has a definition and requirements.

Also the priest who presents any man's burnt offering, that priest shall have for himself the skin of the burnt offering which he has presented.

I didn't know Trump's twitter was less reputable as a source of his opinions than the official white house statements made by committee to be as safe as possible.

So you were blown the fuck out. Got it.

Do you think his own mouth is a reputable source for his opinions? Hint: It's not. That why he keeps outplaying (((you))) with the dissembling he learned from kikes.



Even when I was bluepilled that always seemed weird. People care about muh 6 million but not about the dozens of millions others who died in the war.

I think this is mostly about providing cover for their sickening internet censorship efforts. It would be a big problem for kikes if the public became aware of how extensive this was and began to question it, especially the young, who were recently whipped up to spergcon 1 over imaginary fears that ending net neutrality would doom internet freedom. Here that's actually happening, and if the trend continues we could see things like language policing of online vidya escalating to automatically doxxing and ruining offenders. We should be memeing to spread awareness of this, whilst continuing to bait the kikes into ever more extreme over-reaction.

It's funny that jews say this all the time, their sneering hubris means they are the ones unable to learn from history. All that their repeated prosecution of Weimar republic dissidents like Julius Streicher accomplished was to make him and his frequently confiscated / banned paper more popular, but somehow they think doing the same thing this time (only on a bigger scale) will turn out differently.

They perhaps presume all those other deaths that (((don't count))) were people fighting and the poor oppressed chosen were simply exterminated non-combatants.

There are going to be a lot more people using the deep net.

It's not our fault the official narrative was paper thin.


Even as they sense the iron jaws of defeat closing around their throats, they can only partially resist the urge to gloat openly about their deceptions.

In the latest example of how crazy things are already, here's alt-liter Jack Probiotic getting kicked off a dating app for alleged white supremacy

Yeah especially in strongly ZOG'd countries like Germany but that's not a solution by itself, ultimately we need to push these ridiculous "hate speech" laws into the oven where they belong.

Indeed. I think it might be beneficial to also push more deep web access and content into the normies' heads because that gets them asking why a lot more. Hell Holla Forums should get with Holla Forums and maybe start an opensource client like freenet or tor but "different". Market saturation. Why are there so many programs/apps? What reason? etc.
It would also give them a means to circumvent some of those things in already fucked countries. More access the better and the faster you get up variants the more work the kikes have to do to remove them. Takes time, people still find a way.

How do either of those things even relate to race? Lmao

They were soliciting her for info on their internal witch hunt per the ADL.

While the kikes ever realize Hitler was talking about the jews?

Were there even 6 million jews in Europe in the 1940s? That seems like too many.

Typical for a plague of rats.

Censorship-resistant anonymous networking is a really hard problem so we should stay with the big projects insofar as possible, but yeah there could be a need for forks in future. When D a i l y S t o r m e r first got its onion, there was a long debate on the tor mailing list about the "need" to introduce a censorship mechanism so it could be shut down, something they had never seen a case for with all the CP, drugs, ransomware payments etc. Eventually they backed off, but only because nobody could think of a way to implement it that couldn't be used to break the network more generally. Whatever one thinks of DS it was disgusting to see that shit from supposed free speech advocates, and raises strong suspicions they're really all just pedos.

He's white, says political stuff and isn't a communist so by clownworld logic he's basically in full SS uniform. It's even sillier when you consider that he's just an attention whore who constantly makes shit up, I doubt he has any real political ideology at all.

Red Cross from what 46 says "camps" had 260k casualties

For years now the descendants of holohoax heebs have been calling themselves "survivors", on the ridiculous basis that they're still traumatised by it and get shoah'd all over again every morning, so expect that to continue forever. I think they've worked epigenetic arguments into the mix now, OY VEY GOYIM YOU HOLOCAUSTED MY DNA AND THAT'S WHY I'M SO NEUROTIC! Of course this is primarily about personally enriching themselves with reparations. "Holocaust survivor" is so vaguely defined that there are kikes who never saw a German in their life claiming shekels, simply because they lived in a country that was briefly occupied by them.

I keep seeing these patterns.

Ckecked kekked and Heil'd

Thanks for the laugh, user.

Former Good Goy here i gotta say its hilarious watching the kikes and burn but in all seriousness we cant let them implement samson option

>For years now the descendants of holohoax heebs have been calling themselves "survivors"
Well if a (((study))) says so it's true:

Yeah, that's the epigenetics thing I was thinking of. Following this talmudic logic, everyone alive today could claim to be a "survivor" of some long-past genocide / war / mass starvation.

Fucking based

Boomers believe the darndest things. He grew up in Jew York in a kosher household and was surrounded by kikes his entire life. He's a victim of his environment.

They're becoming more and more worried. Good. Means things are swinging against them.

You mean this one?

Appeal to emotions with no substance whatsover.
Typical Kike hypocrisy and gaslighting.


My visit to Bahrain reminded me very strongly of the right-hand side of that comic. It feels bizzare to say this about a Muslim country, but Bahrain must be the most cucked nation in the Middle East. 40% of its residents are non-citizens, in certain areas you'll meet more Indians and Filipinos than you will Arabs, it's not unusual to see mothers in burkas walking with daughters in booty shorts. It's basically your typical American big city but more Arabic. It is absolutely the end result of a multicultural society free of hate.

Fuck that. Remind everyone except them instead. Kikes will never listen. I don't even know how you can suggest speaking to the enemy. Not only is it bad conduct in any war, but they make my blood boil far too much to ever consider such a thing.

If you're White, these kike faggots raped and butchered your relatives ad nauseum.

Excellent. The normalfags are certainly waking up, and the goyim in general are knowing.

lrn2format you fucking newfags
two years


Why are you posting all the food?

Hearing her mouth interact with itself while she talks is disgusting.
But I agree with the overall truth of the video- holocaust doubters and dissenters are winning. I really don't want to repeat history.
I want to make stale 70 year old memes come true.

It was a hard pill for me to swallow. In fact I resisted it so much, but slowly anons would be able to slip a piece of information past my mental filter. Those little bits of info do build up, and expose cracks in the narrative. Little by little you can reach people, but it is difficult because it is presented as either you are evil or retarded for not believing absolutely everything without any need for evidence.

They keep finding these holocaust survivors i bet one hundred years from now they will still be finding them.

there's a solution


Making America Kike-Free Again

This guy speaks a lot of tru-tru.
Yes and so they did this to tear down such lies.
Yes, the holocaust proves them right that any lie will be accepted as truth if repeated often enough.

It’s amazing to read these things after being redpilled. You can see all the manipulation in it. Nationalism is, literally, the Holocaust. Unless we clamp down on far-right groups on social media, the Holocaust will happen.

What is that abomination of a rifle? I'd gas him just for that shit.

Their hatred goes further than that, whites must be denied any kind of functional high-trust society. Sweden is about as far left and kosher as a country can be short of implementing Communism, but its judenpresse* ordered it to be executed by rapefugee anyway.

* mosaisk.com/Torben-Lund/Bonnier-Hjorne-Klein-Jewish-Media-Scandinavia.php

Better version

The only ones making an earnest effort to keep WW2 alive in people's minds are the Jew's. It's been 75 years. The world's moving on Chaim.


The audacity of these kikes.

I have 300 of those on my phone. I listen them while driving. Pierce's "Hello" is so friendly sounding, and then the fire rises.

It was FACTS that convinced me your ilk sold the world a lie.

HATE facts. Bigot.

Yeah, his shows are great at work.

This is good. No time for relaxing, we have to keep attacking and moving. Leave no time for explanations, the jews would love for us to stop and explain ourselves.

Keep dropping those redpills, boys.

Seeing as some, if not most of the youth is invest into memes like if they were video games or music albums, they all go into cuckchan because they heard it was some edgy website to spread memes and find good shit. It's good to make a few redpills and drop them, you're bound to convert one into seeing the truth.

Wow, this is indeed better. Thanks.

It's amazing to consider it. Entire generations were raised on the propaganda. Fed it in school for the first 18 years of their lives. And all it took was an internet connection and suddenly the kids are just absorbing this hate. How could it be so? Kids are so bad at learning at school, yet you give them the internet and they suck up all this weird information. How could they system fail? Why is the alternative so appealing? The truth stares them in the face, but they won't recognize it until they are choking on dirt.

it's rule 101 of their jew-jitsu, accuse others of what you're doing

What is hate but the desire of elimination? How can they be so self-awarenessless?

I wonder how many of these were actually kikes just getting fed up with not making enough dosh on their host and stomping out like a prima donna while the door lightly tapped them on the way out.

There's going to be someone who scans one of those VR tours and makes a video game where you can gas some kikes.

That would be awesome. In fact, make it follow every single jewish account, with sources and everything - holocoasters, soap and lampshade factories, reverse fart machines, skull crushers, catapults and every other bullshit the kikes invented - just make it the most absurd compilation of lies that were said by "survivors" like if they were taken at face value.




3 years old in 1934

So pretty much Lemmings as every kid actually played it.

It says feminism is propaganda. So is the holohoax.

Let's play!

I fucked up and made typos because I was too busy sucking cock to proofread my own work.


this article actually states "over a million" but the first article says 6 million. how the fuck is 6million still a thing when it's been debunked for a long fucking time?

they've even had to replace the plaques like 3 times with different numbers, the first one was six million and now it's like 1.4 mil or something like that. how the fuck does 6mil continue to get parroted around and how is this not a deathknell for the integrity/honesty of anybody who spouts this lie


how come native americans are hailed as super good nature people who used every part of the animal they killed and there was absolutely no waste? but then you start talking about the holocaust and the germans used jew hair for pillow/matress stuffing, skin for lampshades, fat for soap, etc why isn't this hailed as good for the environment?


Yep, the lie was a tool to control the Jew masses as well as the Goyim.

Not only do they never learn, every time they up the stakes. It's not just one country now, the awakening to the Kike's scheme is happening across the Western world.

Imagine the righteous rage of a father, who's daughter was raped by niggers, realising the savages were intentionally brought to wreak havoc, as part of a Kike power scheme. There are thousands of these fathers across Europe now, quietly simmering with rage and waiting for their moment of revenge.

Does double Jeopardy come into play through generational ties?

Just curious, but do we have a list of "blood libel" cases ONLY?

Their perpetual persecution complex, often attributed to "muh ebil christians hates us for killing christ" or just "muh anti-semitism", quickly falls apart when you study these lists, but the wast majority just goes "lol, TL;DR".

So, do we have one just for the blood libel?
because that is a term they have invented solely to attack their critics.

This mother should lose her kids for letting them wear the jersey of a rapist.

Someone please do this. It would be legend.

best version