Introducing dMania: 9GAG on Steem - Make money with memes

So I was on Steemit again, haven't been there in a while, and was looking through their Widgit/Tools section, when I run into this, and wonder if anyone here had come across it yet. Turning memes into money has to be (((their))) worst nightmare.

What is dMania?

dMania is basically 9GAG on Steem. You can post memes, funny pictures, gifs or your favorite cute kitten pictures. dMania allows you to browse through those pictures in an easy and user friendly way.
Because dMania is based on the Steem blockchain, you can make money by posting, commenting or upvoting posts. That means you can actually make money with memes.

Steemit is a great platform, but it isn’t perfect for every kind of content. Steemit is great for blog posts just like on Reddit or Medium. For other kind of content, Steemit isn’t the best choice. That is why there is a need for other apps on Steem like @dtube, @dsound, @chainBB and now @dmania.

For a lot of people (me included) writing blog posts isn't easy. Many aren't talented writers, their native language isn't english or they just are not interested in writing blog posts. dMania provides them an alternative with memes.
Memes are simple, everybody likes them and everybody can make them. They are an easier form to express your opinion or your thoughts.
On dMania you are not just limited to memes. You can post anything that you think is interesting or funny. A post on dMania only consists of a title and a picture. This way a lot of people who were just consuming content can become content creators themselfs.

There is already a meme category on Steemit, but you can not browse through memes like on 9GAG or other meme sites. I am a big fan of 9GAG and I love to look at memes all day long. I could not do that on Steemit. So I had to create my own version of 9GAG on Steem.
The name dMania means decentralized mania or dollar mania and describes the upcoming trend towards decentralized platforms with direct monetization and rewards for their users.

When I was creating dMania, I took the best parts from 9GAG and Steemit to create something better. The current version is just an early alpha version and I am going to improve it in the upcoming weeks and months.
Just like @dtube and @dsound, @dmania collects 25% of the rewards. Those rewards will be used to fund further development and cover the costs for hosting.

How to use dMania?

>Go to

Hot, Trending and New

dMania has three categories for memes: Hot, Trending and New. I switched the Hot and Trending category from Steemit, because I think Hot should be more important than Trending. 9gaggers are also used to the fact that a post on Hot page is the highest achievement in life.

Upvote and Flagging

Upvoting works basically like on Steemit. To adjust your voting power, click on the power symbol in the upper right corner.
Just like on Steemit, only users with at least 1 million Vests in their accounts will be able to adjust their voting power. Everybody else will always vote with 100%.


This app allows you and other to track where on Earth you post on Steemit from. I tried putting my account it, and it said I didn't have geo-tracking on so it couldn't add me. Make you don't have geo-tracking on, use a VPN, and test your account on the location widgit above to make sure you're not doxxing yourself.


Attention force you cannot



This is a good idea, op. I think you trade steem points for bitcoin somehow, too.

>Turning memes into money has to be (((their))) worst nightmare.
Wrong. It's their method of subverting us. And it's a real threat. If a (((profitable market))) is allowed to grow around our one effective means of communicating ideas, then the field will be flooded with memes that have been focus-grouped to fucking death by people with MS degrees in marketing and psychology.

The Jews are seizing the memes of production in an effort to make us fight them on their turf – overcapitalized corporate agitprop. If this goes forward, Kek will have no choice but to forsake us, for we will not be loud enough.

I'm seeing a lot of anti-Trump memes on there. We need to change this.

So that explains why kids are getting redpilled on 9gag, or wait, that's not what you meant. You wouldn't be able to explain your main point besides vague threats anyway.

This is why no one likes defeatists. People with initiative ignore the defeatism and end up redpilling a whole generation of kids and having a laugh.

where does the money come from?


Wait until memes are being traded on the GSCE.

It's generated by posts. Posts are part of the block-chain, people buy e-steem which they use to increase the power of their vote. However, you don't have to buy shit, you can just start posting and get steem from other accounts up-voting and re-steeming your content. Snowball effect takes hold and you accounts power increases, especially with increasing exposure to the site. I earned 20$ when steem was between 20 cents and a dollar, and now steem is worth 6$, down from 8$ a week ago. The graph shows a pattern of spiking, in like 2 days, and then coming down for gentle glide until another spike that vastly outweighs the spike before it.

But you can convert it to Bitcoin and withdraw it, or reinvest it and increase your curator strength to further increase the snowball effect on the monetization of your account.

Now I know with this cryptocurrency, it could be NWO plot to get rid of the dollar, install world currency, and advance their plot. And if it isn't currently that, it could morph into that down the road.

But right now, this is the new digital Wild West. And in order to shut shit down, you have to have the infrastructure to shut shit down.

They tried to shut Assange down and it forced him into Bitcoin when it was still cheap. Talk about unintended consequences.

There are millionaires being made off this shit. And if I can earn the money I need to get a solar setup, or increase my self reliance by posting content and memes on the social media of the future that no one even knows about yet…well with proper digital security measures taken, I can't think of a single reason not to. Plus, it's weebo heaven for those so inclined. It's no stretch to say, these days, there's many many more Asians on Steemit than all the imageboards combined.

Why? The only good propaganda is truthful propaganda. Holla Forums deals only in truth.

Wrong. It's their method of subverting us. And it's a real threat. If a (((profitable market))) is allowed to grow around our one effective means of communicating ideas, then the field will be flooded with memes that have been focus-grouped to fucking death by people with MS degrees in marketing and psychology.

The Jews are seizing the memes of production in an effort to make us fight them on their turf – overcapitalized corporate agitprop. If this goes forward, Kek will have no choice but to forsake us, for we will not be loud enough.

Market's already there's, dude. And without a little spice of truth, it's looking to be some super Norman shit. Seriously, right now it's 9gag with a profit motive. So why not make it a chan with a profit motive. Get paid to make NWO subversive memes, i.e. memeballs, improve overall global meme culture, and scatter red pills like Johnny Fucking NotSeed.

With Kek, we seek to harness the chaos to restore the order we once knew. Kek with only forsake us if we seek to become the tyrants we wish to overthrow.


Yeah no. One does not simply buy or sell a meme.

I see no harm in taking control of meme production while getting paid for it in crypto

This. The presaturation with approved memes says a lot.

By all means raid it, just know if you stay for long you are being taken advantage of.


This is fucking blasphemy, and I know of others, traitors to our Volk, who are attempting the same fucking thing.


You gotta be fucking kidding me. They already hire all those people, do you think they're doing a great job so far?

Fuck off paid shill.

The kikes did this same shit to the hippies and everything else that fucked with their plans. They want to OWN all of the memes, so they can shut down unsanctioned image boards.

We should shit it up tbh

Kill yourself, you fucking parasite

Only if the memes are all "hate speech"

So dump our redpills there and doll it up to make it palatable for 13 year olds.

Though what if this is a trick? A marketing scheme from another company that's intending to do the same shit on their own platform? They could just be testing to see the response. This is a 4 month old post.

Then what's the harm in giving it the Tay treatment?

Well dubs did say it's a trick. Let the digits decide course of action.

Doubt a company has anything to gain from loadsa redpills on their platform.

359 and 659, separated by 300 posts.
Still, the question is, are we aiding or harming the enemy here? The site in question gets more attention and traffic, and the data miners for their own projects will gain information. Likewise, redpills are still spread, if temporarily.

show me one meme on steemit/dmania that is funny, and I'll hit it with a several gvest UV.

seriously, the memes on steem make reddit/facebook memes look god-tier. I make a lot of money on the platform, but it's full of humorless fucks and spam

Heresy and likely bullshit.

OP here.

Not a fan of 9gag. Quite the opposite. This is an oppotunity to hijack, for our purposes, the next market dominated 9gag. And we can hijack it with quality.

Now, there was one good point someone brought up, and it was DMCA's. So here's their copyright policy.

3. Copyright and Limited License

Steemit contains data, text, photographs, images, video, audio, graphics, articles, comments, software, code, scripts and other content supplied by us, the Steem blockchain or our licensors, which we call “Steemit Content.” Steemit Content is protected by intellectual property laws, including copyright and other proprietary rights of the United States and foreign countries. Except as explicitly stated in these Terms, Steemit does not grant any express or implied rights to use Steemit Content.

You are granted a limited, nonexclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable license to access and use Steemit and Steemit Content for your personal, non-commercial use. This license is subject to these Terms and does not include any right to: (a) distribute, publicly perform or publicly display any Steemit Content; (b) modify or otherwise make any derivative uses of Steemit or Steemit Content, or any portion thereof; (c) use any data mining, robots or similar data gathering or extraction methods; and (d) use Steemit or Steemit Content other than for their intended purposes. Any use of Steemit or Steemit Content other than as authorized in these Terms is strictly prohibited and will terminate the license granted herein. This license is revocable at any time.


So that's what we got.

Now, there are also issues of communal property. Like, I don't think that dude who posted the penguin meme could DMCA us if we did the same. It's not his meme and it existed well before his post on many other platforms.

So, any lawyers in the house to expand on this?

I wont support this because its no doubt hyperkiked and will ban any of our memes, only approving kosher ones and creating an anti-white propaganda factory. I called it, you can cap it now.

Isn't it worse if the kikes profit off of the memes? Internet 2.0 wihere all memes must be purchased, monetized, authorized and tracked.

That's the rub, beauty about the platform is that all posts are part of the blockchain. Posts can not be removed. You can edit your content, & AFAIK, you're the only one who can edit your post.

That's one of the primary draws, the inability to censor as they do now.


Why the hell has this shit not been deleted?!

Good idea OP

I wanted to see what their game was first.

Fucking the NWO by using our strengths to upend their chief weapon & armor, money.

And if it is a threat, best to address it now before it goes mainstream.



>(((profitting off of memes)))
Am I missing something? Am I retarded or something? Is there any reason this is being entertained?

Is this a meme itself?